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Hanging Around The Garage

by Billdo

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© Copyright 2014 - Billdo - Used by permission

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Sophie had been planning this for days. She'd frozen the key in a big glass of water, bought three big tubes of silicon-based lubricant and blocks of wood, and so forth. Being 1pm, she only had to check her design and then the rest of the afternoon was hers.

She'd chosen her garage as the best place because if someone came over, they'd never look there and just assume that she was gone. In front of her, and secured as best she could manage, was her latest adventure in a series of what she considered "weird" sex games. This time it was a pole standing about 4 feet tall with a 3 inch metal bulb at it's top. The idea was that she would stand on top of the blocks of wood and be forced to endure the enormous thing slowly sliding into her as her legs lost strength. Eventually, the huge metal ball would enter her and she'd be stuck on the thinner few inches below it until the key melted and she was able to release her hands and climb off of the toy. The thinner part was almost 2 inches wide for the first 3 inches but then stepped out to 3.5 or more inches almost immediately for the rest of its length.

After testing the height carefully, she spread the blocks about 3 feet apart on opposite sides of the pole and nailed them to the piece of plywood that the pole was mounted on. She couldn't control the height of the pole, so she had no choice but to give herself something to stand on. She retrieved the key and it's long string, which had already been measured, and secured it to the nail hanging in the rafters for just this purpose. As the last thing she would do before she mounted her pole, she took all three of the tubes of lubricant and laid on her back on the cold concrete floor. With her ass in the air, she placed the tip of the first tube to her opening and squeezed slowly.

The feeling was not entirely unexpected, but it still caught her by surprise. As the lube fell into her open pussy, she could feel the coolness collecting in her tummy. She squeezed the last bit from the first tube and grabbed the second to do the same. With the third tube, she only got about half of it inside her before it squished out of her hole. She set the tube down and carefully placed her fingertips over her pussy and then slowly climbed to her feet, making sure to lose as little of the thick lube as possible.

She shut her legs together tightly and grabbed the handcuffs which had been sitting on a table near by. She closed one cuff tightly around her wrist and then waddled, to keep her bottom closed, the few feet to the nearest block so she could stand up onto it. At this point, she knew she'd lose some lube but she had put so much inside herself that it didn't really make a difference so she stepped up onto the 6 inch block, immediately feeling some dribble out and hit the ground.

She reached up and was able to grab an old pull up bar that hung just low enough that she could get it on her toes. This was her escape plan once the cuff key melted and swung down within her reach. With trepidation, she put her other foot on the opposite block, spreading her legs wide and feeling more of the lubricant slide out of her and plop on the ground.

Now, with the pole nudging against the bottom of her pussy lips, she carefully lifted herself up a bit further and settled on top of the metal ball that capped the pole. It felt huge and she was beginning to think that she wouldn't be able to get it inside but she'd come this far and wasn't going to back down now. Worst case, she would hang suspended atop the ball by her pussy until the key melted. Either way, she was sure it would be a lot of fun.

Sophie looked up once more at the key to make sure it looked in place and then gingerly released the pull up bar and put her hands behind her back to click the other cuff into place. The ball immediately settled half an inch inside her pussy and she whimpered quietly. With a click, the other cuff was locked in place and she wasn't going anywhere for what she assumed would be an hour or so.

It didn't take more than 5 or 10 minutes for her calf muscles to begin to weaken. The ball, which was already pressing painfully into her most tender area, was supporting much of her weight and every movement caused her to slide just a little further inside. Sophie tried to relax, but was quickly beginning to feel like she'd bitten more than she could chew this time. "What if really hurt myself?" she thought. "What if it's just too big and I tear something? Maybe this was a bad idea..."

Suddenly, her left calf cramped and she could no longer support herself as she landed flat footed on the block. She let out an agonizing scream as her lips swallowed the biggest portion of the metal ball and punched a path into her stomach. A big gush of the greasy lubricant pushed out around the ball and shot down onto the ground. She tried to bring her cuffed hands to the front to protect herself from the pain, but was abruptly stopped by the angle. As the tears flowed, she slowly let her aching right leg down until she was standing relatively comfortably on the blocks.

The pain was intense. It radiated through her entire body. Through her tears, she tried to see if there was any blood but all she could see was the thick pole sticking out from her distended lips. She looked up at the key then down at the ground and it hadn't even began to melt yet. There wasn't a single drip below the ice.

And so she stood, completely unable to move or relieve her badly stretched pussy from the awful pole.

For what seemed like an eternity, she stood there as the pain turned from a sharp throbbing to a dull ache. Every once in a while, she'd look at the pole to check for blood or up at the key which had finally began a very, very slow drip.

Without warning, the right block teetered and tipped out from under her. She yelped and tried to pull her legs together to hold the block from tipping over. As she did that, she pushed the bock below her left foot hard enough that it shot completely out from under her and she lost both blocks, sliding inches down the pole and over the 3.5 inch wide part. Her screams weren't as loud or long as you'd expect, but she did scream.

Her pussy was now stretched over the part of the pole that was wider than the ball on it's top but she unexpectedly stopped her relatively slow slide and hung there, her toes scraping the ground while she kicked wildly for support. She felt what could only be described as a punch in her ribs as she came to a rest with her full body weight suspended on the huge metal ball that was now making an obvious bump in her upper tummy.

She froze, unsure of what to do. She wanted to try to slide down a little further and stand on her toes, but there was no doubt in her mind that the thing wouldn't go any further into her body. She gently brought her fingers to her ass and touched the pole where it entered her. It felt huge and her skin was stretched so taught around it that she was sure if it got any bigger she'd just split in half. She began crying again.

After a few minutes of being afraid to move, she carefully stretched her left leg down, toes out, to brush the wooden board that held the pole up. She could touch it if she leaned and really stretched, but it did her little good. So like this she hung for over two hours. Her stomach was the biggest pain, followed closely by her over stretched pussy lips. She was certain that she'd be ruined for life and no boy would ever want her after they found out how loose she was.

And so her thoughts raced until something cold and hard smacked her in her upper back. The key! Finally, she could release herself and ...she couldn't reach the key. No matter how hard she twisted or turned her hands, the key was barely out of reach. All Sophie succeeded in doing was feeling the ball push her internal organs around and her aching pussy clench painfully around the pole. She resumed her crying in earnest this time, struggling desperately to reach the key. Unfortunately for Sophie, nothing in the world would put the key within her reach.

She hung there, suspended by her tortured pussy, unsure of what to do. She was in a lot of pain but it was manageable. More than anything, she was scared. She hung for what felt like another hour before it occurred to her that she might be able to rock the thing loose.

With that thought, she gently swung her legs forward and then backwards, trying to build up some momentum. Her pussy lips and vaginal canal responded with sharp pain since she was essentially using them to try and break the pole lose from it's mount. She ignored the pain as best she could and continued to swing. The rocking continued for several seconds until she heard the board begin to crack. She took one more mighty swing and the pole broke lose, sending her face first to the ground.

With her hands still locked behind her, she only yelped briefly before banging her head on the plywood and knocking herself unconscious.

As she came around, Sophie was completely confused. She was laying on her stomach in her garage with a splitting headache. She tried to touch her head but was unable. She did a mental check of her aching body and became aware of the intense aching between her legs. The pole! She slid her fingers past her ass and sure enough, the pole was sticking lewdly out of her like a tail.

Her headache forgotten, she tried to pull it lose with her fingers but couldn't get a grip. Frustrated and desperate, she tried to grab it with her feet but the angle was just wrong and it remained firmly planted in her backside. Running out of ideas, she struggled to her knees as best she could with the giant pole protruding from her pussy. She found it next to impossible to kneel more than part of the way up because when she tried, the stuck pole prevented her.

Still, she was able to slowly work her way to her feet but was forced to stand hunched over with the pole dragging on the ground. She wiggled her butt as hard as she dared and ever so slowly, the pole slid out. All at once, she reached the slim part right under the ball and could get the pole to go no further. Her pussy ached and felt strangely empty down there. She tried to continue to shake the pole but the ball was making it very hard so she slid her fingers down the metal pole and found the little ledge that marked where it go so much wider. With that, she used her finger tips and pushed with her her tummy as hard as she could and the pole grew and grew. After several seconds of stretching painfully, the ball popped lose and the pole clattered to the floor followed by several plops of the lube.

She immediately ran her cuffed hands between her legs and wasn't surprised to find that she could fit four fingers inside herself without any trouble. She ran her fingertips around her hole and it felt like it gaped open at least 2 inches wide.

With some patience, she was able to use her cuffed hands to open the garage door into her home and then limped into her bedroom to fall asleep. As she passed her living room, she saw that the clock read 11pm. In her groggy mind, she understood that she'd had the horrible pole inside her poor bottom for 10 hours. She wanted to go to the doctor but knew she couldn't. What would she say? "Hi, I tied myself up and put a huge pole in my pussy for 10 hours and it really hurts."? She collapsed onto her bed, still cuffed and aching terribly, and feel asleep.

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