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Happy Anniversary

by Techie

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© Copyright 2007 - Techie - Used by permission

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Keeping marriage boredom from settling in after 35+ years is always fun and challenging. My husband, Techster, has always been a willing and fun subject for my erotic and bondage experiments. I enjoy seeing him helpless with his most private parts and that nicely shaped butt of his fully exposed for my pleasure (and his torment).

In honor of our anniversary (35+ years) I thought it would be fun to design and build a heavy all steel restraint system. This system would combine a collar with a spreader bar and a linking bar that would force him to stand and waddle/walk bent over so that nicely shaped butt is available for my viewing and torment. I started with the spreader bar his ankles would be kept 22 inches apart, that way he could waddle/walk, but only slowly. The cuffs of the spreader would be formed from 1/4-inch thick steel bar 2-inches wide.

Now for the sneaky part.: Techster sleeps very soundly and one morning when something awakened me I decided it was a good time to work out a design. I carefully measured his ankles and made a cardboard template for the ankle cuffs. I traded with the welder and blacksmith at work for 12 X 1 litre cans of Foster's Ale. When they figured out what they were making I explained, "It is a little anniversary surprise for my husband." When I left work the matching pair of ankle cuffs were on the front seat of my car. (and the brown bag containing the Fosters was missing).

The next part of the project was the collar. I "rescued" a piece of 2-inch wide 1/4-inch thick stainless steel flat bar from the scrap bin at work. This piece was about 36-inches long. I cut off 2 pieces 12 -inches long. At home I used Techster's metal bending press to form two semi-circular pieces. Techster has a 17 inch neck so I bent the last 1 inch or so of each end of the collar to form a tab. Using his drill press I drilled a hole in the centre of each tab. These tabs would be used to bolt the two pieces together forming a heavy steel collar. I planned to use self-locking machine bolts to hold the pieces together- no locks. The self-locking bolts required a socket and wrench to tighten them. These nuts are impossible to unlock with ones' hands.

First I went to a local leather craft shop to get some lamb skin to cushion the inside of the neck collar and ankle cuffs. Next I went to the local home improvement store and bought two pieces of aluminum conduit pipe, a 3 foot length of small chain, a small padlock, a box of assorted length and size bolts and lastly a box of lock nuts. One of the pieces of conduit tubing was smaller than the other and would slide inside of the other. The pieces of the conduit were in 8-foot long lengths. When I got the pipe home I cut it into the lengths I had planned to use.

A 5-foot length would become the lower sliding pipe assembly and the smaller piece would be used to connect the collar to the lower slider and the spreader bar. That way I can control the amount to which Techster has to bend over exposing that cute butt of his. To make the connections to both the collar and the spreader bar I flattened each end of the slider by clamping it in a vise. Then I used Techster's drill press again and drilled a 1/2-inch hole in each flattened end of the conduit pipes. To make the adjustments I slid the pipes together and drilled a series of 1/4-inch holes 2 inches apart. This way I could use a small bolt to control whether he stood erect or bent over.

To preserve the "Heavy Metal look" I used a piece of 3/4 inch thick reinforcing bar to make the spreader bar. Two pieces of angle steel with 1/2-inch holes drilled in them were welded in the centre of the bar. I drilled holes in each end of the spreader bar to attach the ankle cuffs. Now the device looked like and upside down "T". Next I cut a 1-foot long length of the large pipe, sanded the burrs from the ends and slid a loop of the chain through it this chain would be wrapped around Techster's balls and then locked to the sliding pipe.

This neat a restraint device demanded nothing but the best in hand/wrist restraint. I bought a new hinge type handcuff at a local law enforcement supply store. These cuffs would restrain his hands. These were very expensive, top quality cuffs, the first set of this type we have ever owned. They would close very easily and lock almost silently with no effort. To insure I had complete access to his back, butt, and balls I planned to lock his hands in front of him with the palms outward.

Using a heavy duty automotive trim adhesive I glued the lambs skin inside of the collar and ankle cuffs, after all I didn't want him cut and bruised from the edges of the metal.

My first experiment with the cuffs, collar and spreader bar was a disaster when I was trying it out on myself to make certain everything worked the way I had planned it. I was nude with my ankles in the spreader bar and the collar, loose as it was locked around my neck. I was admiring the look of the device in the full-length mirror in our bedroom. Not thinking I put the cuffs so my hands were palms out between the bar that connected the bar and my body. I accidentally bumped the bar and locked my wrists into the cuffs. It took about 5 minutes using a pencil in my teeth on the wall mounted telephone for me to dial my kinky friend, Stephanie, and have her come over to unlock me.

When Stephanie arrived she took a look at me and said, "Well I just know you want to test this rig. Turn around and put your head against the wall in the corner of the room."

Suddenly I was stung by a belt as it crossed my back, butt and backs of my leg. "Stop, please stop! " I pleaded.

"Oops. It looks like I forgot something." Stephanie as she stuffed my panties into my mouth and wrapped a belt around my head and buckled to hold them in place. "There now. If you want to test this let's test it right. I will stop when I want to and when your bum, back and thighs are a nice shade of red. Call this pay back for that pair of stocks you left me trapped in and then called my husband to complete the torment."

"Try to move and get away."

My back, butt and back of my legs felt like they were on fire as she continued her torment for nearly 10 minutes. I struggled, wiggled but could not get away. Did you know that when you are trapped in a corner, even with nothing holding you there, it is impossible to get your brain to realize that escape is as simple as walking into the whip.

"I think that's a good design." Stephanie remarked as she unlocked the handcuffs, released to collar and released the spreader bar. I released the belt and spit out the panties. This still left me with the taste of my own sex in my mouth. I thought to myself, "Now I know why Techster enjoys giving me oral sex, I taste sweet."

I passed Stephanie a tube of lotion. Pointing to my rosy back and butt I asked, "Please put some lotion to ease the sting."

My body cooled as I stood there as she massaged my tender skin. It was then that Techster called told me he was stopping by "Nancy's Nook" our favorite adult toy store. "I've ordered a special surprise for you. Do you want anything special from either here or the grocery story for our anniversary?"

"No." I answered, "I already have a special treat for you."

Stephanie left to make dinner. I took the device apart and hid it under our bed. I dressed out into the living room.

When Techster he gave me a deep kiss and a friendly slap on the backside and I was glad I had my panty liner I could feel some leakage as I gasped. Techster laid two packages on the table. This first was a long, beautifully gift wrapped package on the table. "For you, lover, Happy Anniversary. I feel you've earned this very kinky gift."

The wrapping parted easily as I dug through. The box opened to reveal a pair of tall studded black boots, a red ball gag with a leather belt for locking it in place, a studded leather mini skirt, fishnet hose, a riding crop, a pair of average quality handcuffs, a purple and red corset and of course long leather gloves.

"Wow, a perfect dom outfit!" I exclaimed.

Techster pointed to the door, "I have another surprise, open the second box."

Again I tore through the wrapping of the very large box and discovered a load of disposable cups, dishes, forks, napkins, a cake and at the bottom a flyer that read, "Come one come all to the X-rated celebration of our 35+year anniversary. Techster and Techie."

Techster knelt in front of me, "Will you be my dom tonight?"

"Of course!" I replied. I pointed to the bedroom. "You go in there and strip for me while I dress for you. I promise I'll be right there to give you your surprise."

In spite of some sensitive places I quickly stripped and dressed as the Dom. I walked into the bedroom and Techster was waiting for me the size of erection showed me he was eager to proceed.

"I've been planning for this." I remarked as I pulled the device from under the bed. Using a wrench and socket I secured the ankle cuffs and spreader bar, Next I lifted the collar up. I tightened the bolts attaching it to the sliding bar.

"Now I want to expose that neat tight butt of yours. Bend over."

Techster bent over and when he reached the right position I locked the sliding pipe in place with a long bolt and lock nut.

"Now please put your hands in front of the tube, palms out."

Techster eagerly complied and I locked his wrists in place.

"Now for the ultimate restraint." I said as I took the small length of pipe out from under the bed, wrapped the chain around his balls, pulled it snug and locked it to the sliding pipe, "With this in place you must stay bent over or however I set you cannot rock forwards or backwards to escape the whip."

The excess chain I used as a leash to lead Techster out into the living room. I locked the chain around the banister of the stairs so he would not wander off and be in plain sight of all of our guests. I gave him a deep kiss.

Techster looked at me and said," This sure beats what I had planned. I had planned for a dom scene. This beats that. What next?"

"I'm going to use a red laundry marker and write our anniversary number on your butt. At the end of the party we will spank you until your butt gets so red that the numbers disappear." I said as I put the gag in his mouth and tightened it. Next I wrote the numbers 35+ on each cheek of his butt.

As Techster stood there nervously fidgeting I got out the folding table and set it up in our living room. I put emptied the party box. I placed the cake, dishes, plastic forks and cup on the table. Next I got out the soda, whiskey, rum, and some Ice.

"Well I'm ready. Are you?" I asked as I rubbed a piece of ice down Techster's back and along his balls.

He nodded, "Yes." I removed the gag so he could greet our guests. I buckled the gag loosely around his neck, "That's for later."

I stood back and admired my creation, Techster in full bondage, bent over to expose his back and butt, his balls in a chain that is attached to the sliding pipe. He looked entirely too drab, some color was needed. The ribbons from the gift box that my dom outfit came would work very well. Tied around his cock the glitter ribbon in a big bow added some colour. The rest of the ribbon was cut into 4 pieces. One piece was tied to the back of his collar. Two of the other two pieces were tied around each ankle. Taped to a dildo the last piece formed a pretty bow in the middle of his butt.

The doorbell rang, Stephanie and her husband arrived. Stephanie was dressed in an outfit that was made of many small chromed chains. Her arms were chained to her sides, little bells jingled from each nipple clamp and a large bell jingled from her clit clip. Soon Rod and his fiancée, Michelle, appeared. Rod was dressed as a slave in a set of stocks that was locked around his neck and hands, His cock and balls were contained in a locking stainless steel ball shaped chastity device. "Nice touch." I laughed as I pointed to the ball.

Michelle nodded," I had it custom cast for him. Helps keep him focused on my needs."

Our neighbors from across the street were next to arrive. John was a retired military man and his wife. He was dressed in a full camo uniform and she was dressed as his nearly nude prisoner. She was restrained by a chain that went around her neck, her wrists and then her ankles, forcing her to bend over. "You have to show these rebels who is the boss." Her husband said jokingly as he led her into the living room.

"Where is Andrea?" I asked. "Usually she is early to any party."

No one had seen our local mistress of kink and her husband all day. Andrea was a small, beautifully shaped young woman who always dressed or had herself displayed in such a way that she was guaranteed to be the centre of attention.

Ten minutes the door bell rang. It was Mark, Andrea's husband. "Can someone help me bring this toy inside?"

Everyone helped Mark wheel a tall box on wheels into the living room, "Perhaps you are all wondering where Andrea is?" He asked. Everyone pointed to the container. "You're all correct. Let me reveal Andrea in electrical torment." He snapped off the cloth cover and there was Andrea. She was spread eagle by a series of padded cuffs, a shiny rod obvously went into her ass, a metal collar was locked around her neck.

"Hi everyone, Happy Anniversary Techster and Techie. Nice outfit Techster."

Techster nodded saying, "Techie's creation."

I released the lock on the chain so Techster could walk around and greet our guests. I put his favorite drink, Rum and Coke, on a tall table with a straw.

Andrea continued, "Mark and I have been experimenting with electrically stimulated orgasms. See the shiny rod up my bum and the wires going to my labia and clit. Well they are connected to an electronic computer that Mark designed. That battery in the bottom of this cage powers the unit. While you are looking at the bottom of the cage I should point out that my orgasms are quite strong. To avoid a mess I am catheterized. Any leakage goes into that container next to the battery. Any questions?"

Techster spoke, "Speaking as one who is also on display, may we see a demonstration?"

"Of course!" Andrea answered, "But first Mark will add help muffle the sounds. I get rather noisy."

Mark put a red ball gag in her mouth and strapped it tightly. "Ready. Techster take this pencil in your teeth and press that red button on the side of the cage."

Mark held out the long unused yellow pencil, Techster gripped it in his teeth, waddled over to the cage, looked at me. I said, "Do it!" He pressed the button.

As Andrea started wiggling Mark explained, "This is the result of several weeks testing. Andrea has been a willing subject. The computer cycles current through three different connections one is from her labia to her clit, the second is from her labia to her bumhole and the third and strongest is from her bumhole to her clit. A complete cycle takes 5 minutes and is designed to proceed slowly step by step with a 15 second rest in between to give her time to rest and anticipate the next event. The grand finale is when all connections interact with varying voltages, currents and frequency in cycles per second. And now I give the Andrea great orgasmic show!" He switched on several lights that highlighted Andrea as she wiggled and humped. One could easily see her smiling as she was tormented to orgasm and beyond.

Our guests and Techster watched Andrea as she was put through the cycles. Finally she was still, Mark removed the gag and kissed her. "Are you OK?"

"Yes, but may I please have a soda?" Andrea begged.

"OK, then I will go to extreme cycle and release you." Mark said calmly.

"AfterAndrea finishes her drink we try and extreme cycle. This time she will wear nipple clips that will provide tensional, vibratory and electrical stimulation. Do not worry, there is a chance that she will pass out. If and when she does I will release her and we can admire her for the rest of the evening."

Andrea finished her drink, Mark placed the clips on her nipples, the gag in her mouth and pressed the button. This time Andrea struggled, thrashed and showed us all why she was catheterized as she nearly filled the container. Finally she arched her back and passed out. Mark had obviously planned for this and put an airway in her mouth and taped it in place to insure she could breathe. Next he spread out the cover of the cage on the floor released her wiring, her ankle cuffs, removed the electrode from her bum and with military man's assistance laid her our on the floor. He observed her to make certain she was breathing and said, "Lets put her on the sofa so she can rest for a while. Careful of the catheter."
Andrea was laid out on the sofa and slept while the party resumed.

At midnight I announced as I led Techster back over to the bannister and locked his collar and ball restraint to it," Now for my grand finale. It won't be quite as stimulating as Andrea, but we will get to watch Techster wiggle a bit. See the 35+ numbers on his back and butt. We will walk around in a circle we will each use the riding crop, a wooden paddle or a switch to show our appreciation for his putting up with me for 35 plus years. The numbers are in red ink so when his arse gets to right shade the numbers will appear to vanish." I paused to put the gag in his mouth.

"Don't be in a hurry or strike too hard or the numbers could vanish too early and deprive Techster of his pleasure." With that I laid a crisp swat with the crop across his butt. I stepped back for the next person to proceed. We all worked with just enough strength to make Techster's torment last about an hour. At the end of an hour Techster's endorphines must have kicked in and he was enjoying the rush, I noticed that through his gag he was smiling. Then the numbers vanished as his butt turned bright red.

I put away the instruments of torture and ordered, "Now let's all enjoy the party. Release the prisoners and slaves and let's party down."

Techster stood up and rubbed his tender back and butt. "I'll be sleeping on my stomach tonight." He laughed. He gave me a strong kiss and hug and whispered," Enjoyed it, but how can I top this for you." in my ear.

About 4 A.M. the party broke as our revelers headed home before daylight revealed their states of dress and undress. Andrea woke up and relieved of her catheter then she and Mark headed home. As they started to go out of the door Techster asked. "What about the cage?"

Mark and Andrea smiled, " Happy Anniversary. That stays we will come back next weekend and show Techie how to enjoy it."

Techtser and I put the cover on the cage and rolled it out into the workshop. Techster took me into the bedroom and gave me a firm demonstration of his love. I slept with my head on Techster's back dreaming of my turn in the cage.



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