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Happy Accident

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; leather; hood; cuffs; boots; gag; bfold; straps; chast; toys; insert; cast; bond; oral; sex; denial; climax; cons; X

Julie called me at work just as I was getting ready to go home asking if I would come by tomorrow morning to help her into a “situation” normally this would come up in the evening or the weekend and meant that she wanted me to come by and help her into or a out of some form of bondage. I explained that I would have very little time in the morning and she said she would have everything else ready and it wouldn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes. I laughed and said ok and hung up thinking about the last time I got a mysterious call from her.

Julie had asked me to come by after work and to use the key under the mat to let myself in if she didn’t answer the door, I had to work a little late so I showed up about an hour after I would normally and received no answer when I knocked so I got the key and entered her apartment. Looking around I saw her nowhere and headed towards the bedroom, after looking in the bedroom and finding nothing I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down to wait on her to arrive, Julie is a real “free spirit” and sometimes doesn’t always think about other people when something comes up.

Finishing my second beer I was about to leave and turned off the TV and heard something out on her patio, looking through the glass door I didn’t see anything at first then to the left I saw a strange shadow and slid the door open and found her tied in a tight ball tie, squatting in the corner of the patio sweating profusely, it had been over a hundred degrees that day and she looked like she had been outside through it all.

I stepped out and chuckled, the noises made her jump and begin to whine. I could see her legs had been frog tied then strapped together, the heels of her leather ballet boots, her favorite shoe, keeping her bound body pressed hard against the wall. I could see the wide leather strap between her legs covering her pussy and knew she used the leather chastity belt to hold her favorite vibrators in her like always when she practiced self bondage. Her legs had straps around her thighs that wrapped around her torso, over and under her arms, looked like there may have been six of them, man she really wanted to be held tight, I thought to myself as I continued to examine her restraints, her beautiful face was covered by a thick leather hood with her strawberry blond hair flowing out from the small hole in the top of it.

Another strap was hooked through the D-ring at the top of the hood and had been looped under the straps on her knees and pulled tight forcing her head to stay bent towards her knees pinning her face against them. Julies arms were pinned to her back by more straps and had leather cuffs above her elbows chained together keeping her elbows tight against her sides, her wrists were also in leather cuffs that had been locked together in the small space between her ankles and her firm ass, I stood amazed at the complexity and complete helplessness she had achieved and wondered how she had planned to free herself, looking around I found a key hanging from the rail of her patio.

The problem seemed to be she couldn’t get to it and until I removed the hood and probably a large gag I would not know how she thought she would be able to move bound as tightly as she was. Julie had quieted and sat struggling in a puddle of sweat and if I knew her, other fluids as I returned to the fridge and got another beer and went back out and sat down in a chair on the patio and leaned back taking a drink and said, “Man it was hot today…wasn’t it?” More struggling as a muffled grunt and what possibly could have been cursing could be heard from her before I took my foot and pushed her onto her side.

Julie squealed as she fell to one side and once she was on her side I said, “Show me how you were going to get out of this”

Julie grunted and whined as she struggled to move, slowly turning herself and scooting her balled up body towards the railing, I finished my beer and went for another and watched her slow progress and said, “Should I come back tomorrow? Or are you going to get loose anytime soon?”

Julie grunted and whined and stopped moving. I sat down and nudged her in her lovely ass admiring the leather strap splitting it noticing the base of the large plug hidden under it and noticed the battery pack stuck firmly under one of the straps holding her legs together. Pulling it loose with the intention of replacing the batteries instead noticing it was turned off and flipping the switch to high and hearing the hum of it running and her moaning learning she had not been using it as a vibrator, until now.

Julie moaned and grunted as she struggled towards the rail again, the sounds she was producing were now loud enough to be heard by someone nearby so I grabbed two of the straps holding her legs to her chest and hoisted her up and carried her inside dropping her on her side as I turned to close the door. Julie was moaning and whining as she struggled around in a small circle, I let her struggle until her moans changed pitch and I quickly turned off the vibrator hearing her moan and curse me again I think.

I grabbed her balled up body and jerked her up to her ass leaving her leaning against the couch and unstrapped her head from her knees letting her lean her head back and moan some more. I unlaced the hood and carefully pulled the damp leather up over her head showing a beautiful but sweaty red face looking up at me with a large gag stuffing her beautiful mouth, I knew this gag, it was shaped like a large cock and when strapped tight forced a good portion of it down her throat, another of her favorite things was giving head and her sucking on this monster gave her plenty of practice.

Julie’s eyes were still closed as she shook her head making her hair fall around her face before looking up at me and smiling, she knew she had me wrapped all most as tight as the straps holding her, all she had to do was flash those green eyes at me and I would do anything for her. I reached behind her head and unbuckled the gag letting her work it out of her mouth herself, and work it out she did by slowly pushing it out and sucking it clean as she did making my dick almost explode as I watched her carefully spit it out onto her knees leaving the huge cock laying directly in front of her face.

I was sitting across from her and she smiled and said, “What took you so long to find me?”

“I wasn’t looking outside?” I replied.

Julie was flexing her jaw and neck making me want her more and said, “Well are you going to let me go now?”

I looked into her green eyes and nodded no. She made a pouty face and said, “What do you want me to do to earn my release?”

I smiled and said nothing yet, “I want to know how and when this started and how you figured on getting out?”

She laughed and said, “Ten this morning and I was supposed to get the key hanging but once I leaned back my heels dug in and I was stuck, I couldn’t move enough to either side to fall over and wiggle to the key, OK? Now will you let me out?”

I smiled again and said, “It’s past seven, you’ve been bound for nine hours what if I hadn’t made it over tonight?”

She made the pouty face again then licked her lips knowing she was going to get another speech on safety but instead I grabbed her hair and pulled her towards the chair I was sitting in while dropping my pants, she moaned loudly as I dragged her bound body across the floor and inserted my cock into her mouth.

Using her hair to hold her on her pointed toes and not giving her enough slack to be able to pull her head back far enough to get my cock out of her mouth she began sucking and moaning as she bobbed back and forth on my cock. It only took a few minutes until I pulled her down tight on my cock and exploded into her mouth as she purred and continued to suck me dry. Once finished I let her go and watched her roll onto her trapped arms then fall to one side laughing. I pulled my pants up and stuffed the key into her hand and said, “Release yourself” as I walked past her to the bathroom to clean up.

Returning I found Julie wrestling with the straps holding her in the tight ball and rolled her over onto her back and unbuckled the straps allowing her to stretch her legs away from her chest showing the tight clamps that had been pinched between her body and knees, Julie moaned and said, “Thanks” as she lay there her legs still frog tied and her elbows still bound close to her sides, the strap between her legs now pulled deep inside her and asked, “Can you turn the vibrator back on now?”

I smiled and stuffed the cock gag back in her mouth before hooking her cuffs together in front of her and turning the vibrator on full and leaving the apartment listening to her moans as I shut the door and drove home. Arriving in the morning I let myself in and found a note, “Please finish my right arm and leave me I’ll call you later at work, I’ll remove what I want to later, thanks”

I walked into her bedroom and found her sitting on her bed, her feet laced tight in her ballet boots, the leather chastity belt around her waist and already pulled deep into her pussy, the chain from her clamped nipples looped through the D-ring of leather collar that was keeping her head tilted back slightly while she suckled the cock gag in her mouth. The surprise was her left arm was wrapped in what looked like a cast from a doctor from her first knuckles up to her arm pit holding it firmly at just shy of a ninety degree angle.

I stopped and looked at her noticing the bowl of water next to her and several packages in a box, moving closer she looked at me and smiled and handed me some instructions which I read the brief instructions and said, “What about under the wrap?”

Julie handed me a roll of pallet wrap about six inches wide with a small handle. I understood and quickly pulled on the latex gloves laying there and wrapped her arm from her fingers to her arm pit only using about two layers before dipping the fiberglass roll into the water and squeezing it a couple times like the instructions said and began wrapping her hand working quickly up her wrist and back to her fingers again.

Three rolls later Julie’s arms were now both wrapped in the red fiberglass, her right arm was at a ninety degree angle unlike the left but other than that they looked identical, I peeled away the plastic on her fingers and rubbed the cast feeling it warming as I smoothed out the cast until it was set firmly. Julie was humming as she lay back with her arms folded across her stomach. I could see the remotes stuck under the waist belt of the chastity belt and asked, “Are you sure you want me to leave you like this?” she grunted once for yes so I said, “OK, before I go...”

I grabbed the leg irons and locked them around her ankles clicking them closed and said, “I’ll keep the key to these” as I left the apartment, the legs irons would not keep her from walking if she needed to get out of the apartment but would keep her in the apartment so I could have some fun when I got off work tonight.

All day long I thought of Julie in her cuffed ballet boots and how horny she would be since I had also kept the key to her chastity belt so not only would she still be naked she would be locked into the belt and even if she vibrated herself to a dozen orgasm’s she still couldn’t remove the belt and that alone will make her horny as hell and ready for me when I got there.

Julie on the other hand had laid on her bed for another thirty minutes letting the casts set fully before sitting up, as the clamps shifted position she grunted at the new pain and smiled behind the gag. Reaching for the remotes Julie struggled with her casted arms to get the correct angle to be able to reach them and work them out from under the tight belt.

For the next hour she struggled not being able to reach them and flopped back on the bed grunting from the clamps shifting again, reaching for the clamps she squealed when she realized she could not reach them either as her red casted arms were sent flailing wildly as she fought the casts wishing she had not tightened the clamps so tight but really thinking that this was a happy accident. After catching her breath Julie tried to unbuckle the gag and found that too was out of reach and lay on her bed laughing at her stupidity, she wanted to spend the day in her arm casts but now has to stay in all her additions as well with no way to stimulate herself and also knows Mark will be horny as hell and in no hurry to release any of her added restraints when he arrives.

Julie paced around her apartment occasionally stopping to try and reach her clamps and grunting in frustration each time she failed to reach them, as the day passed slowly for her she tried laying down but her frustration and arousal kept her from getting comfortable and kept her mind racing on ways to get herself off. Around lunch Julie was trying to rub the remotes loose from the belt when the phone rang, she tip toed to it and giggled again when she tried to reach it and was stopped by the thick casts.

The machine picked up and she heard Mark’s voice saying, “I looked up the casting material on line and was wondering on how you planned to cut them off?” “I’m assuming you don’t think regular cutters will work, it said when the cast is as thick as what we used you need an actual cast cutter to remove it, well I’m sure you researched this all yourself and have a plan, call me when you get loose.”

Julie did have a plan she had bought the shears the site that sold the casting material had sold, she quickly moved to the instructions and read, more than four layers requires a cast saw, she squealed as she dropped the sheet and held up her arms and desperately tried to bend them not even making the thick fiberglass creak with her efforts. Finding the box for the cutters she wrestled with it until she finally had it opened and found that with her casted hands she couldn’t even squeeze them much less make a dent in the fiberglass encapsulating her arms. Julie was more frustrated than ever as she paced her apartment for the next two hours banging her arms on anything enjoying the feeling of them being held so firmly and knowing she can do nothing about it.

Meanwhile Mark worked enjoying the thought of her desperately trying to free herself knowing with her hands casted the way they were she could not work the cutters and had no chance of freeing herself from the casts, in his research he had found that the cutters would work but are not recommended unless you have good hand strength. Mark had no idea that Julie would not be able to reach any of her added restraints or her remotes and when he got the message from her only able to hear muffled gag talk he just laughed and continued working.

Julie had become overheated with frustration as she desperately tried to get herself off and found no way to do it and even tried going outside only to find out that she couldn’t turn the door knob finally opting to go out on her patio and get some sun and relax while she waited for Mark. Julie lay back on her tanning chair and was finally able to calm herself enough to drift off to sleep, waking about five o’clock she jumped to her pointed toes and shuffled inside to cool off. She was very thirsty and stood looking at the cool bottles of water in the fridge wishing she could open one but knew even if she was able to open it the large gag would keep her from drinking it. Julie looked for her spare key ring hoping she might be able to remove the boots and ease the pain in her feet and legs but was unable to locate it and figured Mark had moved them.

Running a sink full of water Julie stuck her head in it and tried to swallow some only making herself choke and getting very little past the large cock she had strapped into her mouth, with her head and face now dripping Julie was even more frustrated and went to her cell phone and pushed Mark’s number again, this time Mark answered hearing her gag talking again Mark laughed and asked if she was ok and when she reluctantly grunted once for yes hearing him hang up. Julie was pacing again when she saw it was after six and knew Mark would be by soon and cheered up thinking he would help her achieve an orgasm or two before he would leave and just hoped he could figure a way to uncast her arms before then.

Mark had been looking forward to finding an overheated Julie waiting for him and willing to do anything he wanted so he would free her but had agreed to go out with the guys for a few beers after work and figured if she was still waiting for him now then she would still be waiting in a few more hours and went to get some drinks. Julie was pacing again after calling Mark several more times and getting voice mail and was beginning to wonder if something had happened to him since it was now close to nine o’clock and he hadn’t come by or called.

Mark was having a good time and waited until almost ten before heading to Julie’s apartment to have his way with her, entering her house Mark could see Julie asleep on her couch, her arms still wrapped tightly, feet still in the ballet boots and chained together but what surprised him was she was still wearing the gag, nipple clamps and collar. Julie lay on her back with her arms across her flat stomach panting through her nose as she whined and grunted in her sleep, Mark sat watching her as he finished off his beer and wondered what she was dreaming before coming up with a new idea and quietly standing and going to her room.

She likes long term bondage so much I’ll give her long term, he thought to himself as he found her leather hood and leather cuffs returning to the sleeping girl and carefully wrapping the cuffs around her wrists still in the cross pattern, then locking them together making it impossible for Julie to pull her bent arms apart and keeping her wrists locked securely in front of her. Working the hood down over her head and carefully lacing it very tight Mark had a hard time stifling his drunken laughter as he connected the collar of the hood to the posture collar with another lock.

Remembering the remaining casting supplies he thought of things he could do with it deciding just to wrap his own wrist to see how it feels and went into the bathroom, returning to the sleeping girl with his own now casted arm he decided to let her sleep and go home, he would come over tomorrow and release his friend and himself. Julie slept soundly until early the next morning awaking to total darkness and struggling with her cuffed together arms, after rolling off the couch she lay on the floor whining as the clamps still biting hard on her nipples awakened also and the pain radiated through her body.

Forcing herself up to her knees she figured out she was now wearing the hood and her hands were held tightly in front of her body and stopped moving listening to see if she could hear Mark. Waiting for a few minutes she began her struggles again grunting and cursing him under the tight leather before working herself to a seated position on the couch trying to figure out how he had done this and where he was.

Mark had passed out as soon as he got home not waking until Saturday afternoon and struggled with his aching head to the bathroom when he noticed the cast holding his left hand and wrist firmly in an awkward position and remembered what had happened last night. Mark raced to Julie’s apartment finding Julie struggling on the couch relieved she was ok and sat down to watch her struggle for awhile. Mark finally spoke when she calmed down asking her, “Are you ready to service me?”

Julie thrashed on the couch before struggling to her toes and began searching for him blindly swinging her casted and cuffed arms before finally calming again and stood panting in the middle of the room and nodded yes. Mark removed the chastity belt and slowly pulled the large vibrator out of her damp pussy, leaving the plug in her ass for her to remove later and led her to the bedroom when he pushed her to the bed removing her leg irons and securing her ankles to the corners of the bed. Julie was in heaven as she felt him tying her legs spread wide thinking she was finally going to orgasm, offering no resistance when she felt him unlock her wrists and then felt them being pulled as far as the casts would allow towards the head board.

Mark stroked her body softly kneading her breasts, the pain from the clamps making her moan loudly as he kissed her naked chest and stomach while his hand drifted to her wet pussy and played with her while he continued to kiss and lick her sweat covered body. Julie was now moaning and panting from all the attention she was getting and being completely helpless for so long and was building to a major climax quickly when Mark stopped and said, “I need a nap, it was a long night and I rushed over here to check on you so I’m going to go lay down on the couch for awhile then we’ll continue this.”

Julie froze until she felt him get off the bed and then tried to thrash wildly but unable to move hardly at all. Mark stood and got undressed as Julie thrashed and grunted waiting until the wild woman calmed before easing onto the bed and quickly slipping his hardened cock into her while he turned the vibrator still in her ass on high. Julie was immediately heading back to her orgasm, as Mark roughly kneaded her breasts and occasionally blocked her breathing hole all while pounding his cock in her, when Julie finally started to shake beneath him and scream wildly he continued to pump picking up the pace until he came all while kneading her breasts and helping her climax linger until he was finished and slumped onto her prone body.

The two lay gasping as the afterglow faded and Mark finally saying, “Well that’s round one, two more and we’ll start trying to cut you out”

Julie lay quietly listening to him and repeating her earlier thought of “Happy accident” over and over to herself as she smiled and waited for round two, no longer caring about getting out of the casts and hoping Mark wasn’t kidding about two more rounds.

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