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Hard Labor

by Iron Daisies

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© Copyright 2010 - Iron Daisies - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; shackles; collar; chaingang; chast; naked; outdoors; denial; reluct/cons; X

“Faster Maggot!” the voice boomed over the loud speaker.

Sarah picked up another rock and loaded it onto the cart beside her. The crack of a whip sounded off in the distance encouraging her to continue her work at a brisk pace. As long as it was not her back getting the whip, she felt somewhat safe. Sarah picked up the handle of the cart and began to pull it as fast has her shackled bare feet would allow. This was her lot in life for the next thirty days. The judge had sentenced her to hard labor for her wrong doings.

When she got to the edge of the quarry bank, she began to off load the rocks onto the back of the waiting truck. The waiting guard eyed her naked flesh with contempt. He so much wanted to just fuck her right there on the dusty ground. However, her prison issued chastity belt with two well lubed plugs violating her with every step prevented any rape. As she got to the last rock on the cart, she knew it was time to get some water from the metal can. It tasted horrible having been in the hot sun and also in a rusty can for who knows how long. She had thought about drinking her own piss on an occasion or two as she had seen other prisoners do, but that thought sent shivers down her well tanned back.

“Back to work, scum!” came another voice as she set down the metal can for drinking.

Sarah picked up the cart handle and headed back to the rock pile. Looking up at the sun, she knew she had at least another four or five loads to get in before the sun went down. She heard several more whip cracks in the distance and the sound of a woman screaming out in pain. Back at the rock pile she loaded rocks as fast as her shackled hands would allow. The heavy steel shackles and chain allowed her about twenty four inches of movement between her hands. The chain between her ankles allowed for about thirty inches of movement. The heavy steel collar around her neck added to her misery. If only she had not stolen that frilly piece of underwear from the local shop, she would not be in this situation.

As she finished the next load, she heard several more whip cracks in the distance. These were a constant reminder of what could be happening to her. Fortunately she was able to make the quota of one truck load per day. She only needed one guard, sometimes two and they saw no reason to mark her up or injure her in any way to slow down her efforts. Back at the truck she heard, “you have five more loads today to make quota. Keep up the good work and you may get to knock off early. Ha ha ha”

She knew that there was no way she would get to leave early. The prison van did not arrive until 1800 sharp and all prisoners were kept working until it arrived. If a prisoner had not yet made quota by the time the van left at 1830, she would be forced to work on into the night until the truck was loaded and then would be shackled to the gate of the quarry in a humiliating position decided upon by her guard and left there until the van arrived again at 0530 with the other prisoners to begin a new day. If a prisoner talked to a guard in any way, she would be subject to as long of a time in the oven as he thought it necessary to curb her tongue.

The oven was a black metal box high on the edge of the quarry. As the sun warmed it up, the inside air temp would cause one to bake alive. Sarah had not spent any time in the oven, but had been on the detail to clean it out in preparation for another prisoner to use for a day for not making quota three days in a row. Sarah imagined with a shudder what kind of horrible things would go through her mind if she had to be locked in there.

At her spot to load rocks, she started to pick up the rocks she could handle and load them up once again. Picking up her pace a little she knew that the prison van left at 1830 sharp and being left in the quarry was not a good thing. She experienced this the second day of her sentence. She had not made quota and two guards were left behind to make sure she completed her task. They were not happy and made sure that Sarah was as miserable as possible while she finished loading the truck. They would not let her have any water to drink while she worked the rest of the day. That is the day she had thought about drinking her own urine. That day still scared her that any human being could possibly sink so low. Her guard then left her shackled to the quarry gate with her legs spread wide open and her tits mashed through the wire mesh that made up the gate. A couple loops of rope made sure she could not move her head to see anything other than what was directly in front of her.

Back to the truck with the cart as fast as she could go knowing that she would make quota again for the eleventh day in a row would be a good thing. Any prisoner who makes quota for fifteen consecutive days could be eligible for an easier position if one was available. “If you do not move that scrawny ass of yours any faster, I will use this whip on you,” the voice boomed out followed by a close crack of the whip. Sarah knew better than to speak, she just hurried along as fast as she could.

The day wore on like all the other days she spent in the quarry toiling away her sentence. She could hear muffled cries and whip cracks in the distance telling her that she had better not be like those worthless souls on the other side of the pit. Sarah did not stop for a drink of water on the next couple of loads figuring it would save her a few minutes worth of time. She thought about her friends and family who did not show up at her trial. She knew that when she was finally released no one would be there to pick her up. All of her possessions had been sold, other than the clothes she was wearing when she was arrested. She knew she would never be welcomed at home or anywhere in this area again and would have to walk to the next town or maybe even state in order to find a way to support herself.

Sarah got back to the truck with twenty minutes to spare to unload her last load before the prison van arrived for the night. Working quickly she managed to get the last rock onto the truck as she heard the sounds of gates opening and a van approaching. She dropped the cart at its spot and walked towards the van as fast as she could. Other prisoners who had made quota were doing the same. Off in the distance she heard more whips cracking and screams from other female prisoners.

Sarah opened the side door to the van and turned off the computer program controlling the sound effects and voices over the loud speakers. She then opened the lock box with the green light on top indicating that the computer program had decided she was done working for the night. Pulling out the keys for the shackles, Sarah set about removing them and piling them into the van. The keys for the chastity belt were locked safely in her bedroom back at her apartment. She grabbed a bottle of cold water out of the cooler and drank it down slowly before slipping into the jumpsuit she had worn in this morning. Slipping on her work boots she headed over to the truck she had just loaded up. Sarah fired up the big diesel engine and waited for the air brakes to come up before she headed into town.

At this rate, she would have the contract to provide rock to the local landscaper done in about sixteen more days.


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