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Hard Encasement

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Whew! Jane stands gasping, the walk up the stairs was much more strenuous than she thought it would be. Holding onto the railing with her gloved hand she lets her head clear and gasps for air. Jane’s feet are already hurting from the six inch heels she strapped on this morning while she was feeling daring. Since the hard plastic of her “corset” won’t let her bend far enough to reach her feet and the tight skirt is keeping her knees so close together making it impossible to raise her legs high enough to reach them either. The skirt is under the corset keeping it firmly around her waist she so has no way of removing any of them, that had been the idea. Now Jane is starting to regret choosing these items since she won’t be able to remove them for the next twelve hours at least. Jane smiles as she thinks about being trapped in her clothes for the day and reminds herself that this is what she had wanted and turns and struts into the building with the tiny steps her long tight dress allowed.

Jane is a beautiful twenty something that was brought up by a woman that still believed women should always wear corsets and the restrictive clothing of the twenties. Her mom always served her father devoutly, followed behind him and never spoke unless she was spoken to first. Jane never heard a cross word from her towards him and he seemed to truly love her and indulged her way of life completely.  Jane had even heard him getting made fun of for having married the strange woman that thought she lived in the 20’s. Jane’s childhood was filled with corset’s, long dresses and gloves. As she grew older the corsets severity and the dresses restriction increased until she was always covered from just below her chin to the pointed toes of her button hole shoes.

The shoes had started out with a one inch heel and by ninth grade were up to three inch. Jane had no other shoes to wear being told a woman should always be able to walk correctly in heels. This and many other strange sayings were drilled into Jane’s head making her believe that her mother was correct in her way of thinking. Jane followed her mother’s every demand and her constant training of how to make a man feel in charge and happy. By the time Jane had graduated high school she was the image of the perfect submissive woman she had been trained to be. Proper poised in perfect posture and agreeable to almost anything a man or an elder said or did.

Jane was always in tight dresses that kept her feet close together and her knees even closer and covered her completely to her chin in heavy layers of fabric over her diminutive waist. The collars of her dresses and shirts were reinforced, since she had a habit of slouching her mother had said. Mother had constantly reinforced them making Jane’s neck look long and thin and difficult for Jane to turn her head. All the restriction and training had at least one good side effect Making Jane feel very comfortable in situations where controlling her breathing while being under stress with the ability not to panic was needed. It also had inadvertently given her a deep seeded need to be restricted and dominated. The dominated part had not been discovered yet but she had indulged her need for being restricted since she had gone away to college and found the internet and now could restrict herself all she wanted having learned how to cover it up.

Jane was a modern girl through and through but the training her mother had beat into her showed in the ways she acted. Especially when she was around men and the way she kept to herself learning to satisfy her needs without bothering anyone else. Since her parents deaths she had amassed a huge collection of corsets and tight clothes to augment the ones her mother had left her. In the last year she had worked up the courage to buy some latex and leather items opening a whole new side of her. Jane had gotten a job as an operator at the information desk of a large corporation. The job made it possible to not only please people but be able to wear whatever she wanted as long as it looked professional on the outside. Since she very seldom had to leave her desk she could restrict herself as much as she desired. No one ever knew how difficult it was for her to actually move and breath under the layers of clothes she wore. Jane had started wearing makeup in college and now could make men’s hearts melt with her long red hair and full lips and stunning green eyes. She always kept her hair pulled up and her makeup toned down and hid her eyes behind large glasses she didn’t actually need only dressing up when she was feeling especially frisky.

Jane walks to the desk and relieves the night operator and takes her seat. Removing her long kid skin gloves, knowing she very well might not leave the desk until she is relieved in the evening. Part of her training as a child was to control her bladder and had trained herself to take in fluids and food slowly during the day limiting her need to take bathroom breaks. Her mother’s voice could still be heard “Your needs are not to be forced on the men around you”. Now she could sit for twelve hours or more without the need to relieve herself. Jane’s food intake was minimal due to the severity of her corsets and she had long ago been taught how to exercise with her corset on to keep her body firm and healthy. Even though she didn’t show her body or the great silhouette her body had, normally preferring to keep the slightly dumpy plain look. Now at her desk she sit perfectly straight, her knees held crushed together with her tall high heels sitting next to one another answering phones and people’s questions in a professional tone.

Jane always enjoyed her personal confinement wishing she could wear her long gloves attached to the sides of her corset that would force her to keep her arms at her side to make her feel more comfortable. During the last year of college Jane had read about submissive and dominate personalities and learned that her mother was a true submissive. Jane could never remembered her father showing either of them his dominate side and wondered if they had a much different life when she was not around. Jane decided to go to the house they had left her and dig around to see if she could find anything to answer her questions about them and their private life.

Jane had worn her firmest corset today and sat constantly adjusting herself in her chair unable to find a position that didn’t force the front of the strong busk into her pussy making it arouse her and distract her from her duties. The tension of the thick latex skirt under the loose twill skirt over it made her unable to separate her legs very far or for very long. This made the sweat seep into the two layers of nylon hose she wore under it. Jane sat uncomfortable and unmoving for the next eight hours working on the design of her new corset in between phone calls and questions. She called it a corset but it was really several hard shell back braces with pieces of orthopedic torso braces mixed together making it infinitely adjustable by layering over one another. She had been working on its design since she had been in college and now had most of it completed. Now she was working on the tightening and securing systems and once the final pieces she had ordered came in she might have it working. Jane dreamed about finally be able to have a corset that not only held her rigidly from crotch to neck but could encase her for weeks or months at a time.   

One of Jane’s biggest irritations was her ample breasts, though most women envied her large firm mounds she found them to be in the way of getting the perfect corseted figure. Even her mother had been critical of them when she would lace Jane into her corsets saying how much they made her look vulgar. Even when building her own corsets Jane could never really get them to not push up and was always mad when she would lace a tight corset over them crushing them almost flat. Jane had never being able to stand the extra compression required to crush them properly and had to loosen the corset which to her was a sin.

The new “corset” would be able to conceal her natural assets by its shape and construction and force Jane to adapt to the added constriction by not being able to be loosened. Accepting a package Jane stood on her high heels stretching her body while she reached over the tall counter. After signing for it she found it was to her and carefully opened the box and found the parts she had been waiting for letting out a small squeal as she looked at the micro electric motors she had ordered. These had been advertised as high torque and would be more than strong enough to move the small levers under the plastic until they latched. The only thing she had asked for was that each needed a different power source so she could use one for closing the corset and another for opening it. Then she could lock the opener up or send it away and be unable to release herself from the confines of her corset.

The motors would mount in the crotch of the corset and powered the steel latching arms that when levers turned would pull the panels of the corset together squeezing her torso until she turned off the power. Her goal was to be able to close it completely but that would mean an extra three inch reduction around her waist. It would also mean compressing her torso from her neck to her pussy another inch or more before it would finally latch keeping her enclosed under the layers of plastic and steel. When power was applied to the other motor it would force the levers the other direction opening the corset and allowing her to not only release herself but adjust the corset as needed. Jane had designed the corset to cover her pussy with a curved plate of layered plastic and steel. It had a wide band that would run in between her firm ass cheeks before joining the corset’s back. This meant not only was it compressing her torso but sealing off her pussy and ass making her stop masturbating until she was released.

 Jane had started masturbating in high school, getting caught once by her mother. She had been punished for weeks after by being forced to wear a steel chastity belt that rubbed her roughly and made her feel like she was wearing a diaper. After that she had been told it was the work of the devil and hadn’t touched herself until her second year in college. Now she seemed to be driven by it, with the thought of the steel belts available filling her with dread and would make her clothing choices difficult but with the new corset it would solve both problems.

Jane sat smiling as she remember getting fitted for the braces, asking the doctor to fit them the way she needed and double the thickness for her. She knew him from his practice being in the building and had heard some gossip that he often made fetish pieces for people so she had gotten to know him finally asking him to make the braces for her. Jane knew he indulged her only because he wanted to get next to her naked body but she didn’t care. When he wrapped the warm plastic around her corseted body she felt especially aroused. The corset she had worn for the fittings wrapped only around her waist pulling her in by over six inches making her breasts heave with each breath.

This was another thing she hoped to solve with her new corset. Her crushed breasts would be fully encapsulated as well as being held tightly under the thick plastic making Jane appear to not be breathing under it. During the sessions with the doctor he had sealed her into three layers of the plastic from the base of her neck and over her pussy and ass. After he had applied the cups she had made to crush and hold her breasts he had made her wait three days before “having time” to cut her out of it. During those days Jane had enjoyed being sealed inside the thick plastic even though her breasts had hurt badly. Jane hadn’t been able to evacuate her bowels either but she suffered through it and was very happy with the results.

Once she had the inside of her new corset made she had him fit her with another covering the first layer with a layer of neoprene from a wet suit. The neoprene would leave enough of a gap between the plastic parts to fit the working mechanisms into. Letting him wrap her again, this time she waited three days before contacting him. Jane had been enjoying the feeling of being sealed inside layers of hard plastic. Once her cut her out she used her education in design to create the sections that would be moveable so she could adjust it and came up with the needed levers and supports to make it all pull together around her. Her design had originally been that once it latched it couldn’t be unlatched sealing her inside the tight plastic and steel forever. Jane quickly decided that wasn’t practical for health reasons so she made it removable that’s why she required the two different power sources.

 Jane performed her duties proficiently even being as distracted as she was but couldn’t wait to get home and complete her project. As her normal leaving time passed she received a call from the night shift girl saying she was running late and would be there soon.  Jane agreed, naturally, and sat staring at the box as she continued shifting in her chair. Three hours later Jane had become uncomfortable in her clothes, her feet hurt and her breasts were screaming with pain. Now Jane’s feet water logged and her legs completely soaked and sliding annoyingly under the tight dress she waited for her relief. The night girl arrived Jane was gracious and stood pulling her long gloves up her arms and turned on her sore feet and went to leave knowing she wouldn’t have time to fit the new motors tonight. Deciding not to take the stairs and rode in the elevator to the garage, the elevator stopped and a man got in, Jane automatically lowered her eyes and stepped back.

The man looked at her for a moment then said “Why are you still here?” Jane looked up and saw the buildings manager Mr. Thomas. He was someone she had often dreamed about sharing herself with. Jane had never said anything since it wasn’t the woman’s place to show interest in a man and told him about the girl being late. “I really appreciate your staying, I need to look into getting you a raise and talking to the other employees about calling the office not you when they are going to be late”. Jane smiled and told him she was fine with covering for them. The two rode in silence for the next few minutes, when the elevator stopped Mr. Thomas held the door for her and motioned for her to leave first. Jane stood there looking down fighting the urge to refuse to go ahead of the man as she stepped quickly past him and headed towards her car. Mr. Thomas stood watching her walk noting her tiny quick steps and how rigidly she walked before turning and going to his car.

Jane was out of breath by the time she had reached her car, the struggle with her dress and shoes on top of her anxiety for walking in front of a man made her feel light headed. She stood next to her car door unable to distinguish which key should fit the door in her dizziness.  Mr. Thomas drove up seeing her standing there and stopped and asked if she was ok, Jane turned and smiled then felt herself falling and caught herself against her car. Mr. Thomas jumped out and ran to her holding her up on her high heels for a few minutes before she straightened herself up and thanked him. “Are you sure you’re ok?”  He asked, Jane wasn’t but she said yes and opened her door.  Mr. Thomas asked if he should drive her home but she refused thanking him as she started her car letting him close her door and walk back to his car and drive off.

Arriving home Jane started working on her new corset, forgetting her embarrassment and quickly had the motors installed and tested them several times giggling as she did. Around midnight Jane finally stripped out of her work clothes. Removing her corset was always a challenge for her fighting her emotions about removing it or not. Jane climbed into the hot shower dreaming of Mr. Thomas as she began to masturbate. Stopping herself she quickly climbed out and dried off while walking to the table where the new corset was sitting and said “No time like the present to test it out”.

Jane opened the hard shell fully then stepping into the cold plastic slipping the evacuation tubes into her damp pussy and ass before pulling it up to her chest. Jane kneaded her breasts into the cups before attaching the power to the corset and felt it close slowly around her body. Jane was feeling very aroused as the plastic tightened on her body making her continue to let it tighten until she could no longer catch her breath. Her breasts were screaming with pain again so she turned off the power. Jane stood in front of the mirror staring at her perfect body, the hard whitish plastic covering her from neck to pussy making her reach down and try to feel her damp pussy only feeling hard plastic making her smile at her own chastity.

Jane walked around her apartment on her toes twisting and bending as far as she could letting her body adjust before hooking up the power and closing the corset a little further making her gasp again. Jane studied the corset in the mirror noticing the small lines that showed it wasn’t fully closed and thought “I could try it, if it’s too much I can always reopen it”. She went to the table inserting the power cord and listened to the motors whine as they pulled the plastic closer together. The increasing tension making Jane moan and throw her head back as she felt her body being slowly crushed until finally she heard a loud click. The motor’s noise changed pitch and she opened her eyes to see her body sealed inside the hard plastic. Jane squealed weakly running her hands all around her body and desperately tried to catch her breath. Jane walked around again and started to get light headed and lay back on her bed not wanting to open the corset yet and lay gasping for air until fatigue and lack of air made her fall asleep.

Jane awoke the next morning whining as she reached for her sore breasts and felt nothing but plastic and sat up smiling. Looking at the clock she had plenty of time to get ready and moved to the table to release the corset and start getting ready for work. Jane decided to take it easy on herself today since she had suffered so much yesterday. Plugging the power in she heard the motor spin but felt nothing moving. Jane checked to make sure she had the right unit plugged in and ending up plugging in the other one and hearing the same noise. Stunned and slightly scared Jane plugged the first one back in and listened to the motor run and knew that the noise should be different and started to panic as she realized something had broken inside the corset and she was now locked in it.

Jane smiled slightly at the idea of being helplessly sealed inside the corset but continued to panic since she wasn’t ready to wear the corset full time yet nor did she have the clothes she needed to fit her new figure. Jane started banging on the plastic as she powered the motor listening for any changes hearing nothing. Jane had to sit down as her gasps were now getting too shallow and she knew she needed to calm down. Sitting Jane collected her thoughts and decided she had no choice but to wear it to work and since it was Friday she would have all weekend to figure it out hoping she wouldn’t have to cut herself out and ruin the corset she had worked so hard on.   

Jane was concentrating on her breathing as she went to her closet and tried on several “work” dresses having each literally fall from her narrowed hips and cursed herself. Digging in her closet she found a long leather dress that laced up the back and clumsily stepped into it and pulled it up yanking on the laces finding it would cover her and looked like it fit correctly. She was unsure of wearing leather to work but since it had long sleeves and covered her completely she thought it would be ok. Jane moved to her shoes gasping as she tried to bend to slip some on her feet deciding to loosen the dress and put her shoes and hose on first. Stepping out of the dress Jane could feel the plastic pushing on her pussy and the small tube twist inside her and smiled at her arousal. She snapped at herself about not being able to control her feelings is how you got into this mess to begin with.

Feeling better about her situation and hornier than she would admit Jane pulled the high waisted latex leggings up her legs smoothing them out before steeping into a pair of six inch heels. Jane buckled them tightly around her ankles while crossing her feet on her knees to be able to reach them. Walking around her room she smiled and stepped back into the dress and carefully this time pulled on the laces along her back making sure the extra leather folded neatly before tying it off. Looking at herself again she thought she needed something as she admired her tiny waist and much smaller chest feeling she finally had her breasts under control. Ignoring the pain they were in as she wrapped a wide belt around her adding definition to her narrow waist and hips and covering the hanging laces behind her back.

Jane stood gasping deciding she needed to do her hair and makeup to match the dress and shoes so she took the small steps the dress allowed and moved to the bathroom. Jane applied her makeup and styled her hair down around her face and shoulders, the red hair and dark red lip stick made her green eyes jump out and she smiled as she tried to control her breathing. The dress held her knees together stretching tightly across her thighs as it climbed up her body showing her small waist and small breasts under it. The long sleeves fit her snuggly as did the collar but it fit her mood and she smiled. She stepped quickly grabbing the tubes she would need to relieve herself on the way out putting them into her purse and shuffled to her car.

The steps had been a real challenge making her hang onto the rail as she slowly eased down them, the tight dress and corset making her struggle with each step and caused her to pant the entire time. Reaching her car Jane was glad to be able to sit and hoped she could calm herself and her building arousal. Sliding in behind the wheel Jane gasped loudly as the plastic pulled on her pussy and ass making the tubes move deeper into her while it rubbed them arousing her further. The sensations were making her pant harder as she struggled to get her legs into the car.

Sitting behind the wheel Jane tested her ability to work the pedals and found the dress did hold her legs closer together than others she had worn making it difficult to reach the pedals. Jane started the car and drove slowly around the parking lot getting used to the dress before entering the road and driving to work. Jane gasped and struggled with her breathing all the way to work. The position she was sitting in and the struggle to use her welded together legs had made her work hard. When she parked the car she leaned the seat back and caught her breath before sliding out of the car and walking slowly into the building. The night girl was surprised to see her early and said “Wow, you look great, I figured you would come in late since I did last night”.

Jane breathlessly thanked her and said “Things happen” then asked her to please be on time tonight so she could see her friends. The girl smiled and said “I’ll be early, thanks again” and quickly left Jane alone in the small office. Jane stood panting before moving to the chair and sat down only to jump back up again as the corset pulled the wider tube in her ass deep into her again making her squeal. Easing into the chair Jane slid her leather and latex coated legs under her desk and started answering the phones. Jane kept busy with work until lunch having only slight difficulties with her breathing. She had started feeling her breasts complain about being so compressed inside the plastic and often caught herself rubbing them through the leather dress only frustrating her further. She could now feel the sweat running down her legs inside the tight latex tickling her as the rivulets moved downwards. Jane forced herself to eat several snack bars and was talking to a delivery guy, who unbeknownst to her was trying to pick her up when Mr. Thomas came to her window. He smiled as he said “You look like you made it home alright”. Jane smiled as she looked down and nodded.

Jane was standing and Mr. Thomas eyed her before saying “Going out tonight?” Catching Jane off guard Jane quickly answered “No” then remembering her outfit she blushed and said “I just like to dress up now and then”. Smiling at him she watched him studying the normally mousy girl and said “Well you definitely dressed up today, you look fabulous!” Jane blushed more and gasped “Thank you!” as she watched him turn and walk off. Jane sat down panting again feeling her pussy dampen and her heart start beating harder leaning back as she felt her head get dizzy. She sat gasping until the phone rang again and she calmed herself and answered it. Jane spent the rest of the day adjusting her breathing and ignoring the pain coming from her breasts and chest.

Even though she felt much better Jane was still happy when the night girl showed up early. Thanking her she slowly walked away in her tight dress towards the bathroom to relieve herself before her drive home. Jane walked back past her window and said “Have a good night”. After wrestling with her dress and latex leggings she was out of breath again as the night girl stopped her and said “Mr. Thomas wants you to come see him before you leave”. Jane grunted knowing his office meant a long walk around the building and really didn’t want to struggle with her dress and shoes that far. Jane’s training made her turn and walk towards the elevators and thirty minutes later she was standing outside his office door panting as she tried to calm herself.

The long walk had aroused Jane again. While she walked she had thought about him and with the tubes moving around inside her and the tight corset keeping her gasping she was getting more aroused. Her thoughts of being trapped in the hard plastic and wondering if she could get out of it tonight or not was keeping her on the edge of an orgasm so when she arrived she was red faced and sweating. His secretary came up next to her and opened the door before Jane was ready but she managed to walk in and sit down in front of his desk. Realizing she hadn’t been told she could sit Jane jumped back to her feet and smiled at him. Mr. Thomas wasn’t used to people showing this kind of respect so he sat for a second before standing and pointing to the chair and said “Sit please”. He watched the gasping Jane sit down.

With her torso and chest covered completely by the plastic no one could tell Jane was panting so he acted like nothing was wrong and sat down himself. He began telling her he had looked into her credentials and thought she would be much better suited for a different job in the company he had been told about. Jane sat smiling not able to understand what he was saying due to her concentrating on her breathing. Mr. Thomas sat looking at her waiting for a response before finally asking if she was alright? Jane continued to sit and smile as her head had started to clear answering him she was ok but asked him to repeat what he had said.

Mr. Thomas smiled and repeated himself and this time Jane thanked him but told him she was happy where she was and liked helping people. The two chatted for several minutes before he told her he had to go to a meeting but he was going to tell the office manager about Jane anyway so they could meet and Jane could hear her offer and get all the information first before making a decision. Jane smiled and got up and shuffled out of his office desperately trying to get to the elevator quickly. She was caught by him at the elevator as she was going down to the garage. He rode with her holding the door for her again and watched her wiggle out to the garage enjoying her strange walk and sexy sway.

Jane barely made it home, after parking the car she fought the tight dress to climb the stairs almost passing out before she got to the top. Jane fell on her bed and quickly went to sleep from exhaustion. Waking very early in the morning she went to the kitchen and ate a small meal before stripping off her leather and latex. She started looking at her plans of the corset to figure out what had happened when she heard her alarm going off. She hadn’t made any progress freeing herself so she decided to call in sick wanting to figure out what was wrong before going to work again. After calling in she continued to slide small tools into the opening under the first layer but could not get the levers to move.

The corset had been designed to be serviced from the inside so she had very little space to get into it from the outside. The fact that she couldn’t see what she was doing made her frustrations worse and by eight o clock in the morning she was thoroughly frustrated and needed a break. Taking her strongest vibrator Jane lay on her bed and held it tightly against her plastic coated pussy. She lay listening to the loud noise and only feeling a slight vibration in her pussy finally throwing it to the side and jumped up pacing until she was gasping again and sat back down.

Jane was now very frustrated and dug out the two pairs of handcuffs she had bought once when she had read about bondage and it had aroused her. Taking the cuffs and the vibrator to the kitchen she plugged in the vibrator and laid it on the table then grabbed two dish towels from a drawer and sat down in the chair. Locking her ankles to the cross bar forced her knees far apart as her heels forced her ankles to pull against the cuffs. She took her belt and strapped the vibrator to her pussy then turned it on high and stuffed one of the towels into her mouth before wrapping the other around her head silencing her. Jane was so frustrated she was ready to try anything to ease the feelings of her wanting pussy as she sat on the hard chair unable to feel it under her ass through the plastic covering it.  Jane reached back slipping her arms through the slats of the back of the chair and quickly cuffed her hands together. Jane sat struggling for air and freedom as the vibrator hummed loudly.  Jane sat pulling against the steel around her wrists and moaning loudly behind her gag Jane struggled for hours before giving up and sat gasping with her head hanging on her chest.

Jane was stirred by her phone ringing and decided to free herself when she suddenly noticed the keys to the cuffs sitting on the table in front of her. Staring at them for a few minutes before she tried to reach around and finding her arms stuck between the slats allowed her little movement and began struggling again. Jane was gasping for air and calmed herself then thought “I’ll just stand up and turn around and get them”.  Jane tried to stand and dropped back hard on the seat as the tight cuffs twisted into her ankles making her whine and realize she had really trapped herself. Screaming and thrashing now Jane was struggling for all she was worth before blacking out and sat with the vibrator humming loudly while her head hung low. Waking Jane struggled again until she got light headed and stopped to calm herself. Her pussy had been getting vibrated for hours now and was getting sensitive to them and soon had her panting and twisting in the chair as her first orgasm approached. Jane fought for another hour before it finally slammed into her body making her scream into the thick gag and twist in her cuffs finally leaving her sweating and panting in her plastic corset still cuffed to the chair and unable to free herself.

Jane’s phone rang several more times teasing her with how close freedom was and making her whine as her pussy kept her on the edge of another orgasm for hours before letting her cum again. The orgasm made her black out but this time she awoke to someone knocking on her door. Jane was still groggy when she heard her door open and saw Mr. Thomas walk around the corner and come to her quickly untying the gag and asking if she was ok? “Turn it off!” was all she could say making him reach across her and yank the plug from the wall silencing her tormentor. He was looking at the cuffs when she gasped “The keys are on the table!” He grabbed them and uncuffed her hands then ankles letting her jump up and run into her bedroom leaving him on his knees in the kitchen.

While Jane fought with what to do in the other room he sat in the kitchen and figured out what had happened. He had read about self bondage before but this was his first experience with it and sat smiling while he waited for her to come out. Jane was pacing in her room and got mad and stomped out and said “Yes, I did that to myself just like this!” She said as she banged on the plastic “And now I can’t get out of this either!”

He sat staring at her smooth plastic covered body as she stood in front of him in only the corset and high heels. Jane was gasping and started crying turning to go back to her room “Just fire me and then you can leave”.  

Mr. Thomas caught her and said “No one’s getting fired, why don’t you calm down and tell me what happened”.

Jane turned to his chest and buried her face in it while she wept telling him what had happened and why she had been tied to the chair. After twenty minutes he sat her down and started looking at the plans she had on the table and quickly said “I’ll bet it broke here” pointing to a lever on the drawing.

“That’s what I thought but I can’t seem to reach it” Jane answered. She handed him the makeshift tool and pointed to where it was on her body.

He leaned her back before carefully inserting the tool and started moving it around feeling where it was and what it was hitting then finally pushing hard. Suddenly Jane’s corset popped open making her fall off the chair and squealing as she jumped up and quickly slipped her wet naked body out of the plastic. Jane hugged him then turned to rub her sore breasts not even caring that she was naked.

He sat down and watched her prance around the room before handing her a shirt and said “Why don’t you get dressed so we can talk about your future”. Jane smiled and slipped the shirt over her head and the two spent the rest of the evening talking about their lives, both agreeing they would spend more time together and ended up falling asleep on her bed. Both realizing that they had found the one person they had been looking for and both dreaming of keeping her locked in the hard plastic.

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