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Hashtag Challenge

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2023 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Amy was the quintessential poor little rich girl but with a twist, she loved fetish and bondage. Amy’s parents had set her up with a nice home and an allowance that allowed her to live a very comfortable lifestyle. The beautiful girl had never been made to work or earn a living so her only pastime had been shopping and partying.

Now in her mid-twenties Amy sat around most days shopping on-line buying everything she found interesting. When a past girlfriend had introduced her to bondage, she found she liked it a lot. Amy had since invested all her time into exploring the lifestyle, even spending time as a slave to a wonderful mistress.

When her interest faded in being the woman’s slave, she began entertaining herself by practicing self-bondage. Amy had all the tools and toys to restrain herself as strictly as she wanted, often locking herself up for days at a time.

She had found a hashtag challenge site directed at the more adult fetish interests. For almost a year she had been competing with others online to complete the challenges. Amy never lost a challenge; she had become addicted to the challenges because they played to her fetish interests and filled her boring days.

The last challenge she had completed was to walk through a church during a service wearing only a clear vinyl dress, she had added a head harness gag and steep high heels. The challenges seemed to come in waves of themes, this wave had been all about clear vinyl, gags, restraints, clothing etc.

Amy of course would immediately buy anything included in the challenge so when the clear vinyl theme started, she shopped for two days finding everything made from the transparent material. Amy spent her days wandering around her home almost always gagged, wearing tight corsets and tall high heels.

She loved the feeling of being bound and gagged tottering around her home posing for the multiple cameras mounted throughout. The group would often find her live streaming in some awkward position struggling through the house to get her keys. During her challenges she would go to whatever location days in advance planting cameras where she knew they would be able to record her, returning after the challenge to get the cameras.

The church was a very large building with a huge congregation, she chose it because during her scouting she found it had a small alcove behind one of the confessionals. She knew she could arrive early using the hidden space to remove her outer wear exposing what she was wearing for the challenge and make her way to the exit during the service.

When she was ready, she strapped her tallest clear stripper heels on her feet, locking wide vinyl cuffs around her ankles. Amy liked adding to the challenge, partially because she enjoyed it and to make it more difficult for the others to top her. The clear corset was laced as tight as she could stand pushing her bare breasts up proudly and making her pant for air.

The wide vinyl collar was buckled and locked around her throat forcing her head to remain erect so she couldn’t hide her face while showing her compressed skin underneath. The head harness was clear vinyl like everything she would wear today, it had multiple straps that would all be locked tightly. This time she would close all the straps over her long red hair just to make sure it was obvious she was wearing it. 

The draw to the gag/harness had been the large panel that would cover her lower face completely, that had made her smile when she saw it. The panel showed her mouth stretched open by the clear phallus mounted to it, holding her mouth open in the perfect O shape. Amy used the largest locks she could fit in the buckles, each one shiny chrome and shaped like a heart again, just to make sure it was clear it was locked on.

Amy giggled each time she thought about the churchgoers’ reactions, sliding her hands into the clear gloves before shimmying into the extremely tight vinyl. The dress covered her from neck to ankles with long sleeves squeezing every part of her tightly. The dress would hobble her ankles, limiting her to very short steps while it showed her bulging breasts and bare pussy.

When the dress was fully smoothed out Amy locked wide vinyl cuffs around each wrist, locking her in the tight vinyl until she returned home where her keys would be waiting. Amy admired her compressed body loving how the limited stretch of the vinyl tightly squeezed her thighs together following every curve of her body. Humming behind the gag as she stroked her body noticing how the corset had all but disappeared under the dress.

Amy was ready to drive to the church knowing she would have to hide for a few hours before the service was in full swing. She pulled a long robe over her outfit, the robe had been specifically purchased to be left behind, and headed to her car. The drive was uneventful, she had learned to drive fully bound during one of the first challenges often thinking she was a better driver bound than she was free. 

Amy could see the parking lot was empty so she parked near the door she had planned to exit through, grateful to be able to straighten up from the crushing corset squeezing the air from her lungs. Amy carefully shuffled around the outer edges of the church chuckling to herself as her heels clicked loudly on the hard floors. Amy reached her hiding place, backing herself into it as far as possible and sitting on the partial wall.

After an hour passed, she heard movements getting nervous knowing the church was being set up for the service. Her cameras were all triggered to record when they sensed the small RFID tag in her hair and would record her entire walk through the church sending the videos straight to her phone in her car.

Amy thought about what could happen wondering if someone would try and help her or if the cops would be called. As the butterflies in her stomach grew bigger, she wiggled out of the robe tossing it on top of the small confessional forcing her to go through with her challenge. The corset and vinyl seemed much tighter the longer she sat thinking about what she was about to do.

Amy sat gasping through her nose, sweating in the clear vinyl as the church filled and the service started. The anxious woman sat waiting until the leader asked everyone to lower their heads and pray to get up and quickly locking the thin chain between her wrists. The chain had been a last-minute idea exciting her when she had thought it up.

The church was quiet except for the light organ music that was drowned out by the loud clicking of her heels on the floor. Amy rounded the confessional walking across the front row of pews turning to her right to head for the door. As she walked, she watched the cameras seeing the little red lights come on as she neared them scanning the pews as she walked. The tight hem and steep heels restricted her speed so it took a long time for her to reach her turn.

The longer she shuffled the more people looked up from their prayers, some gasping while others smiled. Amy deliberately waved her bound and encased hands to make sure the cameras recorded them chained together. By the time she reached the back of the church everyone was watching her and two men were following her out.

Amy waved at one of the men as he opened the door letting her walk out in the sun mumbling something to her about ‘shameful’. Amy chuckled because she noticed the bulge in his pants and carefully walked down the long stairs thankful, they were short steps. The drive home was more fun with her adrenalin flowing and the vinyl feeling much tighter but she managed.

Arriving home, she looked at her timer seeing she had a few more hours before she could unlock everything. Amy downloaded her videos laughing as she quickly edited them, almost orgasming as she watched her encased body shuffling down the aisle like some kind of fetish bride. Amy was shocked at the amount of fog between her legs, almost completely hiding her bare pussy underneath. 

Under each compressed breast were rings of fog and when she saw the view of her back, she could see her ass was clearly outlined by the lines of fog under the vinyl. By the time Amy could get her keys she had finished editing the video showing her walking from front to back fully encased in clear vinyl gagged and hobbled with her hands chained together.

She downloaded the video knowing it was much more daring than the other two that had already been downloaded. Both the other videos had been done with very few people in the pews, and one had only walked across the back before exiting. Like most of the challenges no one acted on them until at least three or four of the members had accepted the challenge to make sure it wasn’t a wasted effort.

While Amy unlocked the cuffs and head harness the responses to her video poured in. When she sat down again to drink some water, she laughed at how well received her video was. This had been the part that made her addicted to these challenges, the positive attention from the other members gave her a feeling of accomplishment she had never felt before.

She thought about sending it in too early knowing the remaining challengers could use it to one up her but she had been too excited. As the reviews continued to come in, she remembered her first challenge and how stupid she had been. The challenge had been to lock yourself in a hogtie for twelve hours.

There were no rules given on tension of the tie or what you had to wear but she wanted to outdo everyone. Immediately she had set up her cameras, at that time she recorded and live streamed. She set her timer for fourteen hours to make sure she had enough time to get into position and set to binding herself. Lying out all her gear she thought she would need before flushing herself out.

Amy had no idea when she hit enter on the computer she started streaming immediately, the time setting only controlled the recording so the entire group got to watch her naked as she restrained herself. When she was done, she was stringently hogtied, her wrists pulled past her ankles. Amy had used a one-way strap attached to the leather straps around her knees to pull herself into a very tight hogtie.

Amy had added a small waspie corset laced very tight along with her ballet boots locked on by the leather cuffs around her ankles. The ankle cuffs had been attached to the strap around her upper chest and pulled as tight as she could. Now Amy was held in a severe arch with her thighs and pelvis supporting her.

In her preparations she had gotten excited buckling a tall posture collar around her neck then buckling a huge cock gag into her mouth locking all the straps of the head harness. At the last minute she decided she needed to be filled front and back quickly inserting a large vibrating plug in her ass. The large vibrating cock slipped easily into her damping pussy both being held in by the steel cables of a chastity belt.

Amy was already on the verge of an orgasm as she carefully clamped her pierced nipples moaning as she adjusted them tighter. As she fondled herself stroking her bulging breasts the entire group had logged on to watch. Feeling she would explode Amy quickly wrapped her wrists and ankles in the leather cuffs locking each and got into position. It only took Amy a few minutes to pull herself into the tight hogtie and lay moaning testing her bonds.

When the recording started Amy thrashed and twisted in her hogtie giving the group a good show of how well she was bound and that she was truly helpless until her keys were released to her. The group was enjoying the show watching her struggle and twist listening to her moaning around the gag. After about an hour Amy turned on the vibrators setting both to low desperately wanting to build up to a series of massive orgasms.

While she struggled Amy flexed enough for her body to rock forwards onto her pinched nipples making her twist and thrash violently. When she settled back onto her hips and thighs, she realized she no longer had the remotes for the vibrators. Amy frantically tried to look for the remotes having the tall collar stop her from turning her head. The bound woman struggled to twist her body in an attempt to locate the remotes dragging her pinched nipples several times.

In her overheated condition Amy thought if she pulled herself into a tighter arch, it would keep her from dragging her nipples. Amy started pulling on the tail of the strap to her ankles drawing them up towards her head a few more inches. Amy was concentrating on her attempt at making herself more comfortable and started pulling on the tether to her knees.

When she was done tugging and yanking on the tethers Amy relaxed hanging limply in her bonds when she felt herself rolling forwards. Amy squealed as she fought her bonds as her helpless body rocked forwards putting her body’s weight on her pinched nipples. Amy thrashed and twisted, finally finding a position where her body would rock back onto her thighs.

Whimpering as the pain from her nipples eased, she tried to relax again feeling herself rocking forwards. Amy readjusted her position and settled back onto her thighs whining loudly around her gag as she realized she would have to maintain her body's tension to stay off her nipples. The group watching had been mesmerized by her daring self-bondage congratulating her for her courage.

As Amy tried to maintain her position the group were taking bets on how long she could maintain where she was and if she would be able to roll onto her side. Amy twisted slightly trying to focus on the large timer on one side of the bed. Another loud squeal and more thrashing happened when she realized she had only been bound just shy of an hour. 

Amy was shocked, she would now slowly be vibrated in her extreme hogtie for another eleven hours! More twisting and thrashing happened as Amy tried to find a flaw in her bondage rocking forwards several times onto her screaming nipples. The group loved the action of the helpless woman with only a few of them realizing she had over done it and had left herself no alternative release method.

Amy eventually rolled onto her side whining loudly as the tight clamps shifted position but was able to lay still and wait out her release. The group could now see her stomach and how tight the short corset really was. They also commented on the tight straps around her legs and wondered if she would be able to free herself.

Amy had been bound, gagged and teased for thirteen hours when the keys dropped on the bed. She was able to struggle the few inches to the keys fighting to get around her ankles to reach them. The group was still watching when she tried to get her numb hands to work cheering her on as they watched her struggles.

Amy was getting scared as she flexed her fingers trying to get them to wake up when the massive orgasm slammed through her helpless body. An exhausted Amy lay gasping around the gag for another hour after the orgasm making the group begin to worry she was stuck. When Amy started flexing her fingers and hands again the group cheered just able to see one hand then the other work their way to the front of her body.

Amy’s first task was to unclamp her nipples screaming loudly behind the gag as she rubbed them until the pain eased. After that it only took Amy a few minutes to be free of her restraints and she sat in front of the camera unlocking her head harness and collar. Amy smiled to the group scanning the comments before waving goodbye, rolling over to her bed and going to sleep.

Amy wore her vinyl clothes and corset, her church clothes, for another day before reluctantly removing the dress and shoes. The following day she returned to the church looking for her cameras seeing none of them remained where she had placed them. Shrugging her shoulders she turned to leave when a tall man stopped her by the door. 

He held out a bag to her as he said, “If you ever want to talk, God’s always available,” pausing for a moment before finishing, “Just not at this church.” Releasing his grip on the bag. Amy found her robe and cameras in the bag and laughed all the way home.

The hogtie challenge had been her first victory and since then she had increased her competitiveness until she was taking real risks. The church challenge led to the mall challenge, the challengers were to be overtly gagged, tall posture type collars with their nipples clamped.

Amy had added ballet boots then wrapped thin chains around the bases of her breasts. She ran more chains diagonally across each breast pressing tightly on her clamped nipples. She wrapped another chain locked tightly around her corseted waist with the long tail doubled between her legs.

Lastly her hands were cuffed in front with a four-inch chain connecting them together while her ankles were chained together with twelve inches of chain. A clear vinyl dress squeezing her tightly ran to her knees keeping her thighs crushed together. Amy had planted her cameras a few days prior then wearing the same robe she strutted proudly on her pointed toes into the bathroom.

Alone Amy quickly finished her outfit making sure she buckled the harness as tight as possible before slipping the shiny padlocks in each. The short chains were locked in place giving Amy no choice but to get to her car since her keys were still at home. The bound woman strolled through the mall ignoring the stares concentrating on her breathing and balance.

Amy had made it through the mall, having just gotten to her car when cops showed up. Amy didn’t have any keys with her to remove the harness or cuffs so she was taken to the police station. Amy spent several hours typing on her phone answering their questions and refusing any assistance cutting her bonds off.

Amy was finally released with a ticket for public disturbance and taken back to her car, having been bound and gagged for over ten hours. When she got home, she sighed seeing her ice release knowing the way she had set it up she would be forced to remain bound, gagged and highly frustrated until morning.

To Amy the victory was wonderful, no other videos even came close to being as daring as hers and she basked in the attention of her achievement for days.

The next few challenges were ones she performed at home remaining bound in some way or another for up to two days straight.

Her favorite of these had been the chair challenge, she was to bind herself to a sturdy chair in front of a large window. The challenge was simple: the challenger was to remain bound and gagged in full view of the uncovered window for two days. With no stimulation and no release until time had elapsed.

Amy quickly added to the challenge lacing her clear vinyl corset first before chaining her breasts, something she had found she liked very much. The woman’s catheter was inserted, she knew the enema would keep her comfortable for the duration but she always had to pee before she was freed.

The hose for the catheter was taped to the inside of her leg, the clear tube would almost be invisible under the seam of her clear suit. Amy stroked her corseted waist humming to herself letting her hands roam upwards to her chained breasts. Amy wanted to run a chain between her legs really enjoying the last time she had done that but figured someone would call foul saying it was being used as stimulation.

The skin tight catsuit was slithered into leaving her body trapped under the clear vinyl and perfectly on display. Amy already had a heavy steel bondage chair having used it many times in the past. The chair was mounted to a heavy base and once she was secured to it, she wouldn’t be able to touch anything but the base so she couldn’t move it at all.

Once the chair was in front of her large picture window in the front of her house, she secured it to the floor and set up her cameras. Two cameras were put outside the house facing the window with three more in the house, right-left and center of the chair, the last two were facing her just inside the window. All would record and stream the entire thing live showing her setting up and securing herself.

Amy had laced her clear ballet boots over the catsuit’s ankles, locking wide steel cuffs over both. She had wanted to stay in the clear vinyl theme but the chair needed certain cuffs to be able to use the auto latching links on the chair itself. The chair had mag-locks on all the connections so restraining herself was made simple.

As she continued her set up, she became more excited deciding to lock the head harness on already. It was her favorite, clear vinyl with a panel covering her entire lower face showing her mouth being held open by a large clear phallus. Adding her normal shiny padlocks, she ran her hands over the harness before going back to work.

The steel chair was adjustable, she fully spread the leg rests, latching them in place. The rests would force her to sit with her legs spread wide open, unable to cover herself if someone spotted her. Giggling as she thought of that, she raised the arm rests latching them in place so her arms would be secured straight out from her shoulders.

Amy had only used this position for her arms and legs once before, the position with her arms and legs spread wide made her feel intensely vulnerable. Now she craved that feeling again since there would be no other stimulation, she hoped it would make her time pass quicker. Now that the arm and leg rests were set, she opened all the U-shaped cuffs propping each open as wide as possible.

The restraints on the chair were made of thick steel about two inches wide, essentially U-shaped with one end hinged to the chair. The other ends of the U’s were flattened so that the mag locks would engage if they ever got close to the base, pulling them completely closed. The design of the restraints made it possible for the occupant to close each only having to push back against the ones over the last arm making them swing forwards.

Amy was panting in excitement as she prepared the straps, remembering the last time she had secured herself to the chair with a plug and vibrator trapped inside herself. Giggling again she tottered off on her toes returning a few minutes later with her steel chastity belt locked firmly around her waist.

The belt was just another part of her evil plan, the keys to the belt had been dropped in her time safe. The safe had started out as a plastic snack safe before she had a metal box made to replace the plastic one, she had broken. Unaware when she set the timer that it was still in ‘days’ mode, she punched in seven-two. 

Amy had wanted just to extend her time, helpless to stimulate herself, thinking she would force herself to wear the suit, corset and chains a little longer. She had actually entered seven point two days, something she would find out later and be both angered and excited over. With her body locked in the tight vinyl she wrapped the tall posture collar around her throat. 

Collars had become something she craved, the feeling of her head being held immobile and with the clear vinyl collars being able to see her skin crushed under it was exciting. When she would over tighten the collar the feelings of her breathing being restrained had become something she wanted to feel all the time. 

The collar was closed, the twin straps pulled snug at first then after a few minutes Amy hummed around the gag pulling the straps until she got the sensation she was wanting. Amy was so aroused at the idea of her collar being strapped this tight for forty-eight hours she didn’t even consider the dangers of it before locking each buckle.

Amy stood looking at her reflection in the large window, she could have been smiling as she studied her encased body but no one would have known since her mouth was stretched so wide under the panel. 

She stared at the chains already making her breasts turn red, running her hands over them pressing the chains in slightly. The steel belt looked wonderfully symmetrical with the chains and cuffs around her ankles getting a giggle as she thought about the idea.

She stroked the tight collar, adjusting her twin pigtails sticking out of the harness keeping her mouth sealed and spread, moving her compressed tongue against the phallus filling her mouth. Amy tiptoed to the front of the chair looking at the small “seat” she would be forced to remain on for the duration wondering if she should place the small pad there.

Deciding against it, not wanting to give herself any more sensations then was possible she turned and backed into the waiting chair. At the base of the legs there were small tubes welded to each, these tubes were to hold her high heels. 

She carefully raised her left leg lowering her heel into the tube making sure it was fully seated in the tube before repeating with the other side. Amy grunted into the gag from her corset and belt as leaned forwards she closed the wide bands of steel around her ankles.

She quickly closed the shackles above and below her knees and across her thighs. The chair was already energized so the bands slammed into place with a loud clank. A thoroughly aroused Amy continued closing the bands of steel across her lower torso above and below her chained breasts.

She stopped to check everything was alright before carefully closing the wide band around her neck. There was little adjustment in the band’s stop to keep from choking her and with the collar she was unsure how tight it would be.

Amy felt the band pull tight around her neck waiting for a moment before squealing slightly at how it fit her perfectly. She wiggled and tried to twist, finding she was indeed trapped and helpless, already closing the U-shaped band across her forehead.

Now she could only look straight ahead out of the large window getting excited about being on display for so long. Lifting her left arm she pushed it back against the open bands feeling all four of them snap closed around her vinyl coated arm.

Amy sat for another long moment making sure everything was alright before raising her right arm into the bands, hearing and feeling them slam closed around her arm. Amy sat panting for a moment testing her bondage feeling how exposed and helpless she was beginning a long period of pure panic as she fought to free herself.

Amy sat staring out the large window panting for air letting her panic attack fade and started chuckling into her gag. The people watching commented on how well she was bound, and how much fog was already developing inside her suit.

Amy had just gotten her breathing under control when suddenly everything outside the window brightened up. Amy cursed and struggled as she realized she hadn’t turned off the outside decoration lights. 

The lights lined the flower box under the window normally not affecting anything but with the window curtains fully open the extra light illuminated the room she sat in giving her an odd glow.

Amy could no longer see out of the window, the light being brighter outside made her side a near perfect mirror and she could only sit and stare at herself as she tried to struggle. Amy admired her clear vinyl form thinking how incredible she looked and wondered if anyone was standing outside staring back at her.

Amy knew the lights would turn off at twelve o’clock so she waited anxiously knowing it would only be a few hours in her overexposed state. When Amy opened her eyes, the light was gone and she could see outside again figuring she had drifted off.

Amy sat thinking, “This is going to be a long two days.” Regretting not hiding anything to occupy herself with inside her. The next issue Amy found was when the sun had fully risen, she was being slowly roasted.

The sun coming through the glass seemed incredibly hot on her vinyl covered skin and droplets of sweat could be seen clearly on the cameras. Amy sat gasping and whining for however many hours it took for the sun to retreat behind the roof and she wished she had turned the A/C down before she had started.

The long hot day was only interrupted occasionally by her brief struggles, Amy was able to helplessly watch the world carry on. She had seen her neighbors leave for work thankful her house was the furthest down the road and set off the street.

The frustration was intense towards the next evening making Amy whine during her struggles. During one of her fits Amy had stopped struggling and sat gasping with her eyes closed whining. 

When she opened her eyes, she squealed under the gag seeing a person actually leaning on her front window. The person had his hand over his eyes looking in the front window watching her closely.

Amy’s eyes were frantically looking around as she thought about what she should do, snapping to the realization she could do nothing. The person watched for a long time before turning around picking up his bicycle and riding out of her yard.

“A kid!” Amy said to herself suddenly thinking about all the scenarios that could happen. He tells his parents who call the cops; or he tells his friends and she would suddenly have an audience of young boys watching her. 

Every scenario ended the same way, she remained trapped and watched, or official people break in and try to free her. The frustration Amy was feeling had now tripled as her mind played out each option arousing her as she sat sweating, helpless to change whatever the outcome was.

The evening came slowly with the lights turning on again leaving her glowing in her self bondage. Amy was starting to feel how uncomfortable the small seat really was and her shoulders and legs were complaining badly.

Amy had drifted off again, waking to see the whole front window filled with shadowy figures all with their hands over their eyes, staring at her. She sat quietly thinking her mind was playing tricks on her until she noticed several of them moving.

The captured woman assumed correctly that her visitor from earlier had indeed told his friends and they had now gathered to watch the woman struggle, spread wide and helpless, in the chair.

Amy wanted to try to shoo them away but found being helpless to stop them increased her arousal. Amy tried to be seductive and move her hips or anything, finding that other than her hands she couldn’t move anything, frustrating her even more.

The boys got to watch her naked body sealed under the tight clear vinyl shift and struggle for a couple of hours. Amy was shocked when they all seemed to just turn around leaving her trapped and strangely, she felt lonely. 

Amy was too excited to sleep watching the front yard after the lights went off even seeing some people that looked like they were jogging past her home. Amy couldn’t see her computer but everyone watching was giving her compliments on her determination.

Amy watched the sun rise preparing herself for another hot day knowing she was much closer to being freed than yesterday. The helpless woman sat being slow roasted again pulling at her restraints as sweat ran freely under her vinyl skin.

Amy saw a figure approach her yard stepping over the curb and walk straight up to her window peering in. She watched helplessly as her new visitor held up a notebook and she read, “Are you ok?” the next page read, “Give a thumbs up if answer yes.”

Amy held up her thumb watching him flip the page.

“Do you need help?” Amy thought it was a stupid question since she had already said she was ok.

Amy tried to shake her head “No,” but couldn’t move enough to be seen by him. He quickly scribbled on another page.

“Thumb up if you need help.”

Amy sat motionless as he watched her for a response. When she did nothing he flipped to another page and wrote out. 

“Did you do this to yourself? Thumb up if you did.”

Amy immediately flipped her thumb up, regretting it because now she had just told a stranger she was alone. 

He was writing again holding up the notebook, “Ok, I’ll check in on you tomorrow.” Turning and walking away from her window leaving her to sit and roast alone wondering when she would be released.

Amy sat pulling and twisting in her wet vinyl skin beginning to wish she had set the timer for another day. By the time the sun was not shining directly on Amy she had struggled until she was out of breath because of the intense heat.

Amy hung in her bonds panting thankful the temperature was dropping trying to remember when she had set the timer. Amy was too exhausted to think clearly and sat enjoying the feeling of her sweat dripping inside the tight vinyl.

Amy wiggled and twisted inside the clear vinyl desperately trying to arouse herself loving her nipples slipping around. The group watching the live feed were going nuts watching her seductive twisting and moaning.

Amy had accepted she was stuck no matter what time it was and slowly opened her eyes squealing when she saw a figure standing in her window leaning against it. She only took a second before she noticed one hand was above his eyes and the other was down at his crotch.

Amy could only see the silhouette but knew from its motion he was masturbating to her and her struggles. Amy closed her eyes again, snapping them open when the loud banging scared her.

As soon as her eyes were open the banging stopped and he was leaning his head on the hand over his eyes again. When she closed her eyes a second time more banging happened and she could barely hear him screaming, “Keep them open!”

Amy stared, gasping at the figure suddenly feeling very vulnerable and helpless becoming scared at the idea of being totally restrained and alone. The figure continued its self-pleasure watching her eyes become more frantic.

Amy watched as the figure convulsed and shook against the window causing her to struggle hard against her bonds. The figure waved its hand at her before slowly turning and walking away.

The sudden rush of the strange situation and being relieved he was leaving made Amy’s body react in a massive orgasm. The built-up frustration and helpless feelings exploded through her body leaving her whining and moaning desperately fighting for air.

Amy sat motionless until the loud alarm sounded and she felt the pressure around her body relax. It took her an hour before she was able to lift her arms high enough to slip them from under the steel loops.

Amy slowly moved her encased body whining from its stiffness until she was free of all the restraints of the chair. Amy was happy she had accepted the challenge but really wanted to close the drapes over her window.

Amy struggled on her pointed toes to close the curtains whimpering under the gag at each movement surprised she was so sore everywhere. With the curtains drawn she staggered to her release, finding her mistake and whining again.

Amy would be trapped, sealed for the next five days in the clear vinyl, corset, toe boots and collar. For her the worst part was the chastity belt not allowing her to stimulate herself when she wanted.

Amy whined loudly as she rubbed her chained and bulging breasts squealing when she rubbed just a little too hard. Amy stood motionless letting her mind work through her issues before slowly walking to the kitchen and mixing up a very basic batch of liquid nutrients.

Amy forced the thin stiff plastic tube under the panel struggling for several minutes before it slid into her gaping mouth using her tongue to guide it towards the back of her throat. The liquid draining slowly down her throat felt nice, easing her dry throat only taking a small amount before her crushed stomach felt full.

Amy removed the large syringe from the tube leaving it inserted suddenly feeling the exhaustion from the past two and half days hit her. Amy walked slowly, almost zombie-like, to her bedroom collapsing onto her bed.

When Amy awoke, she found she had slept for about thirty-six hours leaving her a few more days trapped in her suit and restraints. Her breasts were complaining and her body ached but she wasn’t ready to give in and try to cut herself out.

Amy had also forgotten her cameras had been set to stream live leaving them running allowing the members to watch her shuffling around her house. She mixed up another batch of her liquid food adding some pain reliever to the mix being surprised how little she could force into her throat before her stomach complained.

Amy shuffled around her house cleaning it and putting everything away reading the comments of the members relishing the accolades. Amy suffered through her time trapped in her vinyl skin being caught on camera trying to stimulate herself with the cameras recording several fits. 

She had made it through her timer mishap and sat relaxing in the hot bathtub smiling as she thought of what the next challenge might be. Removing the extra tight corset had left her in pain so she had laced her rubber corset on as tight as she could easing the pain.

Amy had also found removing the large gag was painful. Locking another O-ring style on made her feel better. The last item she had found caused her pain to be without, were the ballet boots, the pain from trying to stand without them forced her to lace another pair onto her feet.

Amy accepted it might be a while until she felt comfortable enough not wearing a corset, gag or ballet boots hoping it would be a long time before she would even have to try to be without any of them.

For the next few months Amy had found no reasons to remove any of her favorite items any longer than to replace them with another. She had decided to try the skin tightening cream on her torso thinking it might relieve some of the pain she was feeling.

The cream definitely tightened the skin of her abdomen reducing the skin puckering under her tight vinyl corset. Amy had no idea that continuing to wear the gags, especially the larger ones, were making her muscles adjust, stretching and shrinking them.

The longer Amy wore the gags, corset and ballet boots the harder it was going to be to stop. Each of her new challenges had included at least one of her new daily wear items, sometimes two making it easier for her to keep wearing them.

Amy completed three more challenges including wearing a mouth sealing gag with no breaks for two months. She added to the challenge by adding a corset to it with another member adding minimum five-inch-high heels.

The group had started using the key moderators as key holders, each participating member would lock the challenges onto themselves then send their keys to the moderators. The keys would be held until either the members begged for the keys or the time had expired.

Amy gleefully locked wide steel cuffs with tongues that ran down the front forcing the wearer to remain in high heels over the tops of her ankle high ballet boots. The boots Amy had chosen for this challenge were her latest creation having ordered the custom boots made from clear vinyl.

Other boots she had worn in the past made from vinyl had stretched considerably making them unwearable. These boots were made from much thicker vinyl with less parts allowing her feet to be fully exposed. Amy loved the new boots wearing them for two weeks before the challenge. 

The super tight vinyl corset had become her daily corset, with it no longer feeling overly tight so she had ordered another one. The day before the challenge was to start her new corset had arrived. The new corset was two inches smaller made from much thicker layers of clear vinyl having all its seams lined up so most of the panels are crystal clear. 

Amy enthusiastically laced the new corset, she hurried to lace and lock it because the deadline for the challenge was coming up and she still needed to send the keys in. Amy pulled the laces as tight as she could, trying to lock the steel belt around her waist.

The belt had been from one of her early chastity belts now being used as just a belt to keep her locked in her corsets. Amy found she couldn’t close the belt around the new corset pulling the laces much tighter making herself gasp under the increased tension.

Amy tried again but the belt still wouldn’t fit, in frustration Amy grabbed her newest chastity belt knowing it was much easier to adjust. The belt wrapped around her narrow waist easily making her squeal, squeezing it tight.

Amy was so excited she didn’t even think about loosening the laces first reaching between her legs pulling the crotch strap up snapping it to the belt. In her excitement she locked the attached thigh cuffs around her legs, grateful she could start the challenge.

Wearing the belt and corset wasn’t new for Amy so even when she tried to walk to the box to send the keys off in them almost tripping from the thigh cuffs only made her laugh. The keys to the belt, ankle cuffs and just to be sure the keys for the gag harness were dropped in and the box sealed.

The moderators had agreed that keys to the participants' gag harnesses could be left within reach to reduce possible issues. Everyone had agreed if the wearers could have a camera posted on the keys during the challenge, they could keep the keys to the gags.

Amy didn’t need or want the security wrapping the box in tape before carefully setting it outside and texting the delivery service. Amy stood gasping behind her door walking to her computer typing in her group she had mailed the keys in.

The group all commended her on her accepting the challenge and as usual being so enthusiastic as they all commented on her extremely small waist. As Amy watched the comments suddenly realizing she had locked herself into her chastity belt for a minimum or two months and that’s if everyone else quit at the end.

Amy started gasping for air feeling her narrow waist shuffling to her room taking her tape measure finding out her waist was two inches smaller than her previous corset. She didn’t understand why it felt so much tighter but felt better knowing it wasn’t that much smaller.

Amy had become an expert on covering whatever restriction she had forced herself into. There were limited reasons for her to leave the house, having everything she needed delivered regularly. 

But even she liked to get out of the house every now and then so she had learned how to make herself look normal. The ballet boots and shoes were normally easy, just a long pair of pants but now with the thigh cuffs she was limited to skirts and dresses only.

It took Amy a few days to get fully acclimated to the new tighter corset, even after contacting the corset builder and learning the construction of the corset was twice as thick as her old one. Now she understood why the corset felt tighter than it should have.

Amy decided to go out to a club she liked one evening wearing a skin tight latex hobble skirt with a full-face hood covering her face except for her eyes. She had a wonderful night tottering around on her toes enjoying the limited steps from the thigh cuffs and dress. 

Amy liked not being able to speak in public especially when the gag was covered, and since this wasn’t a fetish club her attire was very noticeable. She was asked to dance many times going out on the floor wiggling and twisting in her rubber swinging the long pony tail hanging from the back of the hood. Her night ended with a text for her car and her wiggling out of the club.

Amy struggled for the first six weeks regretting the chastity belt and the custom gag covering and sealing her entire lower face. After the sixth week Amy had stopped struggling against her restraints learning from the group two of her competitors had dropped out of the challenge. 

When two months had passed it was Amy and another woman still encased and locked. Amy had accepted her position learning to love the new corset. Part of what excited Amy about the corset was how stiffly it held her forcing her to be careful with her exertions.

The corset even after two months had not loosened its grip or stretched any as far as she could tell. Amy had already decided the new corset would remain on full time enjoying how her skin had adjusted and the small puckering had now disappeared completely.

After an additional three weeks locked up Amy decided to antagonize her opponent by live streaming her during a typical day. The stream showed her cleaning herself and her home while wearing her tight hobble dress.

She sat relaxing with her ballet booted feet up showing her crushed toes in the clear boots. Eventually showing her sleeping peacefully before waking and stretching demonstrating how good she felt. It took two days of her live streaming to convince the other woman to submit.

When she received notice that she had won the challenge and her keys were being sent back to her, Amy received a new challenge. It was an extended time challenge using only a chastity belt. Amy was intrigued having never seen this type of challenge issued before finding no one in the group that could tell her anything about it.

Amy received the invitation with the rules and requirements giggling under the gag when she saw she would be required to buy a new chastity belt set. Amy called the company that was to build the set, answering all the questions and giving them dimensions.

During her conversations she asked about her corset being told to call another company they worked with regularly to get set up with what she needed. She called the company giving them her measurements and requirements.

All the talking was difficult for Amy, she had to force her jaw to work properly, really having to concentrate on her speech. When she was done, she was excited by the thought of her new gear and the prospect of sending away her keys again.

With her gag harness locked on making her more comfortable Amy wrote to the group accepting the challenge and waited for others to join. The days excitement made Amy want to go out so she slipped into another latex hobble dress with long sleeves and a tall collar.

After she had wiggled into the dress Amy pulled contrasting shoulder length latex gloves up her arms locking heavy steel cuffs over them at her wrists and above her elbows leaving the small snap clips dangling from one of each of the cuffs. Just for fun she connected a short chain to the ankle cuffs she now wore constantly since the long challenge.

Feeling very aroused knowing she wouldn’t receive the keys to her belt for another week having been thinking about the orgasms she would have when she got them back. Amy pulled a thick rubber hood over her head pulling her hair out the small holes on either side. 

Amy smoothed out the rubber giggling at the small perforations over her eyes. She had never worn this hood outside and never very long inside because of the tiny holes she was to breathe through.

The hood was very tight and restrictive making her like it a lot so tonight she was going to wear it out. She locked a tall collar that matched the cuffs around her throat. The collar also made the tab for the zipper of her dress unavailable and locked the hood on until she arrived home and removed the collar.

Amy found the short chain between her ankles had been misjudged, limiting her much more than the hem of the dress would have. Normally her time at the club was invigorating but tonight she struggled with the unusually small steps she could take increasing her exertions. 

It only took a couple of hours before Amy was ready to go home having been unable to take in enough air from the hood and tight corset. When she waved off her current dance partner, she turned to leave the floor, deciding to go home. He quickly yanked her arms behind her back, clipping the dangling snap clips to the other cuffs.

Amy was struggling with her new bondage desperately trying to reach the clips on her wrists as he pulled her back to the dance floor telling her, “You’ll leave when I say you can.” Amy wanted to fight back but knew she couldn’t so she concentrated on her breathing, hoping he would unclip her arms.

Amy was panting as she wiggled and twisted, turning around noticing the asshole wasn’t dancing with her anymore. She stopped moving, looking around as she eased her way off the floor and headed to the door.

Reaching the door, she whined to the bouncer, turning her captured arms towards him, wiggling and squealing. He told her to leave or go back in the club ignoring her pleas for release. Amy was stunned, going back into the club slowly walking around until she found another woman dressed similarly to her.

The woman watched her walk up to her commenting on her dress hearing only a slight whine from Amy before she turned her back and started wiggling her bound arms again. 

“Honey if you want help from me, you’ll have to convince me you’re not trying to escape from someone.” The woman said. Amy whined loudly nudging her towards the man that had clipped her arms together whining loudly again almost out of strength.

“Oh, that asshole, no wonder you’re asking me,” the woman said, spinning her around and quickly unclipping her arms. Amy waved before bowing slightly as she turned and walked away quickly texting her ride and went and stood by the bouncer to wait.

Amy’s last challenge

When Amy got home, she found an email saying her keys would not be returned until her new set and corset had arrived. Amy grunted into the gag, she had wanted out getting angry because it was going to be another month at least before everything showed up.

Amy spent the month dressing herself up every day streaming her daily struggles and self-bondage trials. Not once during her time locked did she remove the boots, ankle cuffs or the short chain.

Her gag harness had been changed a few times with the next larger gag being forced into her mouth making her wonder if she would ever be able to go without a gag again. Smiling, she locked the intricate harness as tight as she could, dropping the keys into her box set to open when the keys to the current belt arrived.

Amy had thought the keys would be there by the end of the following week suffering through nine days of the mouth stretching gag before her jaw adjusted. When the keys didn’t show she was told there was a delay with her new belt so it would be a few weeks longer.

Amy also found out another person had joined the challenge wondering if they had been told more about it. By the time the new set arrived Amy was desperate to be released from her chastity. She had never gone over three months with it locked around her waist and was ready for some fun.

The corset arrived a few days later and she excitedly inspected it loving how it felt even heavier than her current vinyl corset and somehow it looked clearer. Amy inspected the shaped cups of the corset wondering why the vinyl was so soft, finding the small holes for her nipples in them.

Amy could only think the cups of the chastity set were designed to fit over the vinyl leaving her nipples in contact with the steel, smiling as she thought of how that would feel.

She received an email about her, being ordered to immediately fit the new corset and belt. She read she would be required to stream herself installing the set or she would forfeit the challenge. Amy wasn’t happy about the rules but her desire to win made her agree and a few minutes later there was a knock on her door.

Amy checked her camera seeing a man walking away leaving a small box on her step so she waited until he was gone before opening the door and retrieving the box. It was her keys so she quickly stripped out of her belt and corset leaving her gag and boots on as she stood in front of the camera.

She streamed her lacing the new corset on seeing instructions she was to close the corset completely. The corset felt wonderful as she struggled to close it, having to hook the laces to the eyelets she hadn’t had to use in a long time.

When she finally had the corset closed, she stood panting watching the next set of instructions pop up. Following the instructions, she stepped into the steel belt sliding her arms through the straps of the bra that was chained to the belt.

Amy was getting nervous about the corset, it was indeed much tighter than her previous corset and much stiffer. But her arousal and the idea the small box had her keys inside it made her continue to lock the belt and bra.

Amy still figured she could always take it off before sending the keys away again so she fought the bra to get it settled onto her body before locking it. The belt was easier until she went to slide the steel phalluses into herself, finding even though they appeared small the steel was difficult to get inside herself.

With the phalluses inserted Amy closed the belt squeezing it firmly until it latched sending waves of scary feelings through her body. Amy closed the thigh cuffs that like the belt and bra were very tight around each thigh smiling behind her gag at the four very short chains attaching them together.

With everything locked Amy read, “Now you will be sent the rest of the rules of the challenge, enjoy.” 

The live steam stopped making Amy immediately grab the box that said “KEYS” on it and rip it open finding inside only a note attached to a key chain. “You have accepted the challenge, you will receive instructions.”

Amy pitched the box, screaming behind the gag taking her first step, showing her that she was severely limited by the chains of the thigh cuffs. Amy stomped around in a small circle gasping as her hands roamed frantically around her compressed body.

As Amy calmed, she could feel the steel phalluses inside her knowing they were only for flushing herself out but already wondered if she could use them. Shuffling to her room she grabbed her strongest vibrator dropping herself on her bed and moaning as the phallus drove itself in a little deeper. 

The stronger the vibration the more they hurt her making her scream into her gag until she lowered the intensity. The vibrations started to feel good so she lay back panting as her arousal increased. After a few minutes of being teased Amy turned the vibrator up one setting only letting it run for a moment before slowing it again.

Amy figured out quickly that she could only use the vibrator at a frustratingly slow speed, being able to only increase her frustrations. Amy pulled and thrashed in her restraints until she heard her doorbell again.

After looking outside, she found another box on her step. Opening it, she read it was the cleaner for her corset and that she should apply it daily using the applicator it came with. Amy threw it across the room mad and not caring about keeping her corset clean.

As Amy calmed down, she noticed her nipples felt strange from the pressure on her breasts and tapped on the steel cups giggling at how it felt on her nipples. “This I may like,” she thought to herself tapping harder until it became painful. 

Amy was furious, she didn’t want to be trapped for months in the steel and vinyl again contacting the group learning they had nothing to do with the chastity set. Two days later Amy had calmed some, still feeling betrayed but much more comfortable.

Amy was still wearing her gag and ballet boots as she normally did but the loose collar of the steel bra was chafing her neck. Amy had taken her clear vinyl collar fighting it until she was able to get it under the steel collar.

Amy had been right, once the tall collar was under the steel, she could work the steel collar in between the clear straps of the collar. The collar would be tighter than she would normally wear it but feeling better than just the steel she buckled and out of habit locked it.

The only drawback with wearing the vinyl collar under the steel was it pulled the steel collar upwards tugging on the steel cups, especially if she leaned backwards. The chains connecting the bra to the belt were another annoyance taking her another week before she got used to them.

It was over a month after she had been locked up when Amy received a letter explaining the challenge.


Thank you for accepting the soul mate challenge.

The challenge is to see if you can find your soul mate before the time allotted runs out.

Your soul mate is locked into a similar device, both participants have the keys for the other’s device.

When participants are close enough to each other the chips in their devices will read the others and open a small chamber, allowing access to the others key.

The devices both participants are wearing are made from indestructible materials so forcefully removing them would be difficult. 

If any attempts are made to cut devices the chips will be destroyed locking both participants in their devices permanently.

Both participants will receive clues to the other's location during the following months.

If at any point the participants find each other the opening of the panels will be their only sign they have met their soul mate.

The care of their devices is participants responsibility alone with both being aware there is another person’s fate at stake.

If the participants don’t meet in allotted time, power for release chips will decrease to the point of being nonfunctional with no way to recharge or power up the chips the remaining participants will be unable to remove devices, ever.

Good luck just remember, everyone has their soul mate out there somewhere.

Amy’s head started spinning causing her to stagger backwards dropping the papers as she fainted falling onto the floor. When she awoke Amy screamed as she felt the bra and belt knowing it hadn’t been a dream.

Amy struggled to look for the dropped letters, the stiff collar and chained steel collar with the extremely firm corset made bending her torso and neck impossible. Crawling around frustrated her even more, fighting the thigh cuffs, making her grab the pages before pushing herself into a chair.

The next page read:

Participants should be leery of possible electric shocks or anyplace with electromagnetic fields i.e., night clubs with laser lighting or strong speaker system, hospitals or clinics with MRI machines etc.

No vibrators of any kind should ever be applied to the unit, the motors in vibrating units develop EM fields and the vibrations themselves can damage the microchips.

Any additional equipment used with devices must be maintained as described by the manufacturer to keep devices working as required.

Each clue will bring the soul mates closer to each other but none will give all information making the participants have to continue to play the game.

If and when participants find each other what happens after is totally up to them but participants must continue to search for the other for this experiment to be successful.

The power supply for chips is between eighteen and twenty-four months, if participants haven’t found each other by twenty-four months then the soul mate experiment is concluded.

Your first clue: Your soul mate is of the opposite sex.

Please continue to monitor your mail to receive your next clue.

Amy screamed into her gag again as she frantically flipped the pages over seeing nothing else written on them. “He’s a man that’s a big help!” she mumbled behind the gag. It took a few days for Amy to accept she was stuck thinking about it constantly.

A month after the first letter arrived, she received another box. Amy ripped open the box finding four steel cuffs made like her chastity belt. Amy read the paper in the box grunting when she was finished.

You will apply these devices to yourself now, immediately on receipt you will log on to showing you have obeyed.

If participant complies promptly, they will receive another clue to who or where their soul mate is. 

If participant declines to comply no more clues will be sent to either party and search is over.

Amy immediately locked the cuffs around her wrists, shuffling as fast as she could to her key box and removing the ankle cuffs she had been wearing for long. As soon as her ankle cuffs were removed, she snapped the new ones around her ankles.

The habit of locking her cuffs over her boots made her not even think about it and she shuffled back to log in the site. It seemed to take much longer to log into the site making her stand on her toes wondering why.

Amy had no idea the system was being hacked and the operator of the site now had access to all her computers, cameras and phone. Amy stood waiting for a response, eventually the computer displayed “Raise hands.” Amy raised her hands showing the cuffs.

“Step back.”

Amy stepped back slowly turning for the camera thinking how degrading this was for her to be forcefully examined.

“Has participant been cleaning corset as described?” Amy turned her body to nod “No”. 

“Participant in violation of rules, no clue offered this month.” And the screen went blank.

Amy stomped her pointed foot grunting to herself “I should have lied.”

Amy retrieved spray bottle and instructions reading to spray liberally over surface of corset letting liquid set for minimum of ten minutes before buffing to shine. Amy started with her back twisting her arm around spraying blindly feeling the temperature change on the corset.

Amy sprayed the front of her corset feeling the temperature change in the front making sure she sprayed the top of the bra letting the liquid seep under the straps and cups of the bra. After waiting ten minutes she rubbed the corset with the provided towel. 

Amy stood in front of the mirror admiring how it did seem to brighten up the clear vinyl considerably. Amy went to contact the group again; signing on, she found she no longer had access to any fetish sites or live streaming groups other than

Amy screamed in frustration stomping off fighting the short chains between her legs hammering her fists on the steel plate. During her fit she heard the computer beeping; turning to it she saw the message: “Stop hitting the steel, you could inadvertently damage the microchip!”

 Amy stopped in her tracks realizing she was being watched looking around slowly at all the cameras mounted inside her home.

“Yes, you are being watched, do not attempt to disable any of the cameras or clues will stop.”

Amy felt faint again realizing she was now trapped in a steel chastity set with no keys and no way to remove it being monitored by whomever had captured her. Amy was grasping for anything as her head started spinning and she fell to the floor.

Amy woke lying on the floor, struggling to her pointed toes suddenly feeling better. Amy wandered in front of the mirror and stood staring at the image of herself. Amy admired her narrow waist line and toned legs even liking the look of her gaping mouth.

Amy stared at her hands running over the steel plate sealing her realizing she was enjoying the situation she was in. She always kept herself sealed and locked anyway so it was no different than her normal day.

With her revelation her breathing steadied and she was no longer anxious from being locked in the strange steel. Amy went and used the cleaning fluid making her corset shine again, deciding to start to reduce the size of her gags so she could look and speak normally when she was to meet her soul mate.

Over the next two months Amy had heard nothing from the service or the group, she had adapted as usual to her confinement, cleaning her corset and gear regularly. Her reduced gag training had tapered off when she returned to her clear vinyl gag harness, missing the coverage of the panel.

Amy was watching TV with her ankles chained together, not seeing the point in not using the chain since she couldn’t separate them very far anyway. Three days before she had locked her wrists together using four links of a heavy chain enjoying learning how to use her cuffed hands.

Amy still wore her largest gag having locked all her keys into her lock box for one month desperately trying to ease her growing boredom. The only places she could go out in her current state was to clubs and since they all were dangerous for the microchip, she didn’t want to risk it.

Her computer beeped telling her she had a message so she shuffled to see it was another clue. She grunted as she read it telling her the city where her soul mate resided. The message also reminded her that if her soul mate had started the search for her, he might have left the city already.

Amy sat wondering what his device would be like, she had read that devices for males aren’t very effective unless it was a full belt. She wondered how it would be for him to be locked in a full belt and have to cover it all the time. 

It had been three months since she had locked herself up and only knew the city and state of her soul mate, making her think it could be a year or more before she got enough information to actually find him.

Since accepting the challenge Amy had learned to control herself having been a good girl, she had received clues every month and knew vaguely what he looked like and what he did for a living. Amy spent most of her time walking on her treadmill challenging herself to increase her distance walked every week.

Amy’s daily restraints had increased as well, now she wore a latex hood stretched over the collars. When she was feeling frisky, she would stretch a rebreather hood over her head and face then lock her cuffs to the arms of her treadmill, having it set to free her at a certain distance.

This had become her new hashtag challenge, every week she came up with a new challenge and sometimes her benefactor would give her one. The last one she was required to do forced her into her latex hobble dress with rebreather hood.

She had been ordered to lock her wrists to the large O-ring on her collar then forced to walk ten miles without stopping. The service had control of her treadmill changing the incline and speed forcing her to stop multiple times.

It had taken Amy four days of being trapped in the tight latex and panting through the small hole in the hood. Thankfully she could still feed herself through the hole but she had to hold her breath while the tube filled the hole.

When she finally completed the challenge, she unlocked her cuffs from the collar and pulled the hood from her head. Amy collapsed on her bed still encased in rubber with her hands cuffed together sleeping for twenty-four hours. When she woke, she immediately started on her treadmill again wearing her latex and leaving her wrists cuffed for another week.

Amy was enjoying herself, the personal and forced challenges were filling her days keeping her distracted from her frustration. The first six months went by quickly with her only learning that it was a man, what city and state he was in and what he did for a living. 

Amy had gotten lost in her training, submitting to every request and challenge the service required from her. Between challenges Amy introduced even more restrictions onto herself now wearing her latex dresses and hoods every day.

When she seemed to be getting bored the service would order her to chain her hands behind her back. She voluntarily would drop the keys into her lock box setting the time blindly and spend her days bound in clear vinyl, latex and steel walking on her treadmill with her hands chained behind her back. 

One month she received a picture of her soul mate, it was blurry but at least she knew his hairstyle and that he had a beard. It was the twelfth month of her challenge when she got her final clue.

The clue had been the location of a restaurant, and a time he would be told she would be there but neither were given a date and his first name was Jim. She would need to stake out the restaurant every night at that time to try and spot him. 

The service had told her that no more clues would be given and that if she didn’t find him in the next six months, she would remain locked in the chastity suit permanently. Amy loaded up her car with all the gear and clothing she could fit into it, planning on staying in the town where the restaurant was located for at least the next six months.

Amy drove to the apartment complex she had found that was across the street from the restaurant wearing her latex dress and full gag harness with a latex hood covering her face. She timed the long drive so she would arrive late so no one would see her arrive. 

Driving in chained together ballet boots was difficult but getting out to fill her car with fuel during the day was the most interesting part. After the long drive she shuffled carrying as many of her bags as she could to her new place falling asleep immediately dreaming of being free of her belt and bra.

For weeks Amy watched the restaurant, going to eat there every night at the same time, she would only remove her gag harness in the parking lot and wear a long dress to cover the remaining gear. As soon as she got to her apartment, she would lock the gag on and chain her wrists and ankles.

One evening in the elevator she noticed a man looking at her wondering if her belt was showing or something. She wiggled and twisted trying to adjust her dress. Amy began seeing the man often both riding the elevator to the same floor. One evening the man asked her what her name was. 

Amy was reluctant to speak since her speech was slurred badly from the gag training but she managed to say “Amy.” He got a strange look on his face making her think it was because of her speech forcing her to hurry to her apartment.

About an hour later she was fully gagged and chained when someone started knocking on her door. The person was relentless so she finally opened the door slightly only showing her eyes from behind it. Seeing the bearded man from the elevator standing there, she heard him say, 

“Hi, my name is Jim.”


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