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from the Halloween special 2008

Lisa just shut off the TV. She just loves those ghost hunting shows, especially on Halloween. It’s about 10:00PM, and the kids have stopped ringing the doorbell a few hours ago. With a big stretch as she gets off the couch, the butterflies stir in her belly. Tonight is her planned adventure.

The house, or you could call it a manor, just beyond the turn of the street, about a quarter-mile away, has long-rumored to be haunted. What with the spiked iron fence, broken windows and gables galore, it fits the typical horror story house to a tee. No one’s lived there for years. Perfect for her self-bondage game.

Lisa goes into the closet to get her magic bag of toys and goodies, and removes a few items to take with her. A few lengths of rope, handcuffs, ballgag, locking collar, vibrating chastity belt, two clothespins for nipple clamps, Ben-Wa balls and a few small locks. Always safety conscience, she leaves some spare keys on the kitchen table (cuz’ you just never know). She throws her toys in a plain brown paper bag and heads out into the darkness of the night.

The walk down her street is uneventful; just a little loud with the stilettos she’s wearing. These are the stilettos with the ankle strap that won’t come off without unbuckling them. An integral part of the wardrobe. As she’s passing the few houses between hers and her “haunted” destination, she’s noticing the unseasonable warmth of the night for the end of October.

Finally, minutes seem like hours in her walk, she arrives at the rusty gate of the manor. She gives a look both ways to see if anyone is around. With it being a some-what elderly neighborhood, she’s not too concerned about being sighted. Her clit begins to dance in her pants as she walks up the stairs to the door. Surprisingly, the door is unlocked, but extremely heavy to push open. One more heave and she’s in. Ahhhhh….

Lisa drops her bag on the table right in front of the door, and uses her butt to push the door so that it’s slightly ajar. “Don’t want anyone to see the door open from outside”, she thinks. Now, she can stop for a second and take in the aura of the house, and contemplate her games. The house is extremely quiet and dark. The only light is from a streetlight a few dozen yards away. As she walks around the first floor, her ghost hunting shows come to mind. She begins to ask silly questions like “Is anyone home?” and “What is your name?”, and giggles when she gets no replies at all. “See, this place isn’t haunted at all.”

In her mind, Lisa wanted to play a few simple and safe self-bondage sessions. She wanted to feel the excitement of being bound in an eerie environment, but not with the restrictions of other sessions she’s had in the safety of her home. So, without any more hesitation, she goes back to the table and empties her goodies. First, something simple. Just handcuffs. Putting the handcuff key on the right corner of the table, she fastens one cuff (making sure the keyhole is towards her fingers) on her left wrist, and then, behind her back, her right wrist is secured with an echoing click. All of her sexual energy is stirring while she walks around the house cuffed. Her high-heeled stilettos click with each step. Click, click, click……

As she wanders down a dark hallway, she felt her ankle sink. Her heel wedged into a hole in the hardwood floor, and she’s stuck. Click, click….

“What’s that noise? Hello?”, she yelps, while she’s fighting to regain her mobility, which is a little difficult while handcuffed. After eight or nine tugs, She finally gets enough leverage to pull herself out of the hole, and she stops…..and listens…… Nothing. “Hello?” she yelps again? Nothing. Nothing but the silence she heard when she first arrived here. “It must have just been an echo of my shoes”, she convinces herself. “No more going down that hallway tonight.” Lisa turns around and heads back to the table, wanting a little more bondage.

As she approaches the table, she hears a very faint sound of some small metal object moving. Faint enough to convince herself that she didn’t hear anything. But, when she got to the table, she didn’t see the key. Looking around, on the floor and amongst her toys, she finally spies the key on the left corner of the table. Grabbing the key to unlock the handcuffs, she starts to tell herself that she’s not crazy and that she left the key there in the first place. Silence, again. She stands there for a full minute, really wondering if she should continue, but the heat in her pussy and her burning love for bondage, especially self-bondage, far outweighs any fears that she has right now. And besides, this house isn’t really haunted.

Her next little session is also going to be simple. But this time, she’ll be topless. Off goes the shirt and bra, exposing her 34C breasts and pencil eraser nipples. Her clothes are unceremoniously thrown on the floor by the door. Before she gets started, she pulls down her pants and her already wet panties, and inserted the pair of Ben-Wa balls into her hot pussy. Up go the pants before she touches herself any further. She then puts the handcuff key on the table (“It’s on the right corner”, she emphatically reminds herself), and puts a padlock key on the kitchen floor, two rooms away.

For this session, she starts to frog-tie her legs (ankle to thigh). The thick collar goes on around her neck. Before she buckles and locks the collar, she makes sure the links of the handcuffs are gathered on the locks hasp. “Click” goes the lock, securing the collar. Lisa put a clothespin on each protruding nipple, and she’s ready. Her hands lift high, and then in back of her neck, feeling for the cuffs. One wrist secure, and then the resounding “click” traps her other wrist. She is now kneeling in the front room, legs bound with rope, hands secured behind her neck, and her gorgeous breasts standing out proudly.

Her freedom course has to be through the front room, across the foyer, through the dining room and across to the other side of the kitchen. Easier said than done when you’re waddling like a duck on your knees and toes. Each mini-step (if you want to call it that) causes her breasts to sway back and forth, intensifying the burning of the clamps on her nips. And with each mini-step, she feels the Ben-Wa balls moving inside her, rolling and wobbling, and making her drip with excitement more and more.

Lisa makes it through the front room, but then realizes that the carpet has been cushioning her knees. She’s now staring at bare, worn, and splintery hardwood flooring. At the second she continues her journey, she hears the slow spooky creak of a door opening upstairs. Stopping dead in her tracks, she again yelps “Hello?”, with nothing but a silent reply. Nothing like a little motivation to get me to the kitchen.

Moving faster, breasts swaying, balls wobbling, and desire burning, Lisa endures the scrapes and pains and wood slivers to waddle her way to the kitchen. By the time she reaches the key, she’s quite winded, but extremely excited. She looks down at the key on the floor, and figures that the only way to get the padlock key is to roll her bound body onto the floor, onto her back and feel for the key. “Ah, there it is!” She fidgets with the key and unlocks the padlock, freeing her still-cuffed hands from the back of her neck. Untying her legs, she stands and stretches and moves to the table to get the handcuff key. “See, there it is! Right where I left it”. Freeing her hand, but leaving the nipple clamps on, she heads for the upstairs to investigate the noise she heard earlier.

She hadn’t been upstairs yet, so she’s a little curious, and a bit apprehensive, of what up there. The stairs must have been beautiful when this house was alive, but now they’re weak and creaky and probably a bit dangerous. Musty and dusty carpet lines the center of the stairs, with bare hardwood on either side. As she arrives at the last step, she’s amazed at the vast width of the hallway. There are ten rooms, five on each side. Each room is empty, except for an occasional table, chair or other clutter. With that, she has an idea for her next adventure.

Lisa scurries downstairs as fast as her stilettos allow. With each stair, her nipples ache in burning pain, but not enough to remove the clothespins. She wants this delicious pain to last. She grabs the various keys, returns upstairs, and puts them in different rooms, trying not to look at what key she leaves where. Delirious in excitement, and forgetting the fear of the mysterious noises, she starts Act III.

This time, Lisa decides to go au natural. She removes her pants and now-drenched panties, but puts her heels back on. While keeping the Ben-Wa balls inside her, she puts on the vibrating chastity belt. She loves this toy! She found this at the last Fetish Fair she attended. Turning on the vibrator, she puts it on and locks it in place. Nice and snug, and it’s not coming off without the key. Again, going with simple (but effective), she ties her ankles with the rope. Next, she puts the ballgag on, and pulls real tight, and adds a small padlock. Realizing that she still has some rope left, she ties it just above her knees. Her last step is the handcuffs, behind her back.……….

Her freedom is now one flight of stairs and several rooms away. With the darkness, she realizes how vulnerable and exposed she is. And in this condition, she starts hearing the noises again. “Click”. “Click”.

The sound of her heels that she had heard earlier echo somewhere in the kitchen area. Now she’s feeling scared, and extremely aroused with the vibrator buzzing away on her clit. She has to get upstairs and she’s feeling the urgency to get out of her self-indulged bondage. Little baby-steps are all she can afford right now. About a minute later, she’s facing the tall staircase, and realizes that she’ll have to go up on her ass. She turns around, and sits on the first stair. Reaching for the next stair behind her, she lifts her ass up one stair, then lifts her feet up one, and repeats this all the way up the staircase.

By the time she reaches the top, Lisa thinks that if she can reach and untie her ankles, that’ll help her move a little faster. So, she sits on her ankles and reaches down, but just can’t reach the knots. She then rolls onto her stomach and gets into a hog-tie position, to no avail. However, the pressure of the clothepins on her nipples against the floor and the vibrator hitting her clit just right starts to bring her close to an orgasm. It’s then that she hears the door creak that’s right in front of her. Quickly, she turns her head and watches the door close. Her heart is now racing. She knows that no one is here, so she struggles to get back with the need to get free. She shimmies down the hallway to the first room that she left a key in. Leaning against the doorframe, she props and pushes herself back to a standing position. Baby-steps get her into the first room. She gets to the table where she had left a key and found the key to the ballgag padlock. That key is useless right now. However, in amazement, she sees a knife on the shelf below the table! Reaching for it, she’s able to twist and cut the rope around her ankles, but just can’t get into a position to get the rope above her knees.

As she rises with a little more mobility, she is suddenly hit with a wall of cold air. Remembering what she saw on the ghost hunting program, it could be a ghost manifesting itself. The feeling she remembered most is how cold her pussy got; almost as if a cold ghost’s hand was touching her pussy, even through the chastity belt! Panic is now setting in as she hears footsteps just outside the door. She moves as fast as she can to the door, and finds nothing in the hallway. “Oh my God! I gotta get out of here!”, she thinks. Walking with tied knees as best she can, she starts heading towards the next door when the door quickly slams, inches away from her face. Turning to reach the doorknob Lisa finds the door locked, with one of her keys inside the room.

“Get out!” The soft but ghostly voice whispers in her ear. That’s it! She’s out of there!! She can’t take the sounds anymore. She gets to the stairs, shimmies down the stairs, and heads out the front door, hitting a massive cobweb on the way.

She tries her hardest to get home as fast as he can without being seen. She only had to dodge one car coming down the street. Finally, she manages to get in the house, and struggles over to her kitchen table where the spare keys were. “Handcuff key. Padlock key. Dammit! No chastity belt key!” She frees herself, except for her chastity belt, which is still humming along with no end in sight. The clothespins are carefully removed, with a blood-rush of pain.

Totally exhausted, Lisa goes to bed, knowing that she has to go back into that house tomorrow to get her stuff, and the key to her belt.

Morning comes, with the batteries to her vibrating belt spent. Lisa dresses and heads over to the house. The manor looks so different in the daylight. As she enters, she heads right upstairs to the rooms with the keys. The first thing she notices is that all the doors are opened. As she slowly approached the room where the door had slammed in her face she found the chastity belt key. The door was locked shut last night, she thought.

As she gathers the rest of her stuff, the light in the kitchen goes on. Haunted????


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