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Have Fun

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2004 - sin_dy - Used by permission

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Occasionally I have to attend meetings in St. Louis, which is about 150 miles from home.  I always dread the long drive and this trip was no different.  Drive up in the afternoon, check into the hotel, find something to eat, watch some television, try to sleep and try and look well rested and alert in a boring meeting the next day.  Little did I know this trip would turn out different.

After checking into the hotel and finding my room, I called my husband.  During our normal chit chat I sensed he wanted to tell me something but was holding back.  As we ended the call he said, "have fun", and hung up.

I used one of the two double beds as a place for my purse and suitcase.  I figured I would get out my clothes I was going to wear the next day and lay everything out across the bed.  Might as well put my little makeup case in the bathroom as well.

As I unzipped the suitcase and it fell open, I was shocked, suprised and suddenly very happy, all at the same time.  My husband had stuffed a big pile of rope right on top of my clothes.  Now thats real love.  Now I know what he meant by "have fun".

I started going through all the ropes and laying out the different lengths in various piles.  My mind automatically sorted  the ankle ropes from the knee ropes and waist ropes.  This is fun!  Long ones and short ones.  I was surprised just how much rope there was.

I realized I had better go get something to eat before going any farther into my evenings adventure.  This will give me time to carefully work out a bondage plan.  I had trouble concentrating at dinner.  I passed on dessert and quickly returned to my room.

I decided on a very tight and strict chair tie and lucky me had a sturdy chair with a normal back and rungs in all the right places.  All us selfbondage experts look carefully at how furniture is constructed.  This thought made me laugh out loud.

What I am doing in these clothes?  Quickly I stripped and removed my jewelry.  Its just not warm enough in here so I turned the heat up to "eventually sweat".  I moved the heavy chair into position with its back near the side of the bed with the ropes.

I repositioned the lengths of rope so I could get a hold of them after I sit down.  One more thing.  Turn off all the lights.  I wasn't totally in the dark because some light came in through the window from the parking lot lights.  All is ready.  Now I must control myself to go slow and easy.  I want to really do this chair tie right. I wasn't worried about escaping.  I have aways been able to escape ropes.  Not necessarily easily or quickly, but with enough patience I always can.

Sitting down, I wound about five to six turns of rope around my ankles.  I used another fairly long rope to cinch the coil and I worked the long strands of the cinch rope back under the chair to the lower back rung.  Scrunching down I managed to wrap the cinch rope around the rung and then pulling on the rope my ankles were pulled back under the chair seat.  I tied off the rope to the rung.  I always tie my knots three times.

Coils of rope went below and above my knees and this time the extra length of the cinch ropes were tied to the front chair legs.  Now I can't move my knees from side to side.  I worked two more ropes under my legs and pulled them back into my crotch and out the back of the chair and then around in front of my waist where they were tied.  I was firmly anchored to the chair and felt very turned on.

More ropes were criss-crossed around my chest, seperating my breasts and again going around the chair back and tied off tight in front.  I tied any left over rope in a dozen knots or so, just to make escape more fun.  Now for the tricky part.

I managed to work a rope up around each arm above my elbows.  Two seperate ropes that crossed behind the chair back, around the front and ending up behind me.  As I pulled out the slack, my upper arms were pulled back and together.  I tied off these ropes to the back chair rung.

Now at this point I have the free ends from the ankle cinch rope at the back rung.  I also have the free ends from the arm ropes tied to the same rung.  I can just bearly reach to grab my last needed rope off the bed.

Knotting the ends together, I twisted the rope around my hand to form a snug coil for my wrists.  I slipped both hands into the coil and had to work each strand over my knuckles until finally the rope popped into place around my wrists.

Now I felt like I was trapped pretty good but I went on to finish off a perfect chair tie.  Reaching down I got hold of the ropes that were tied to the back chair rung.  With some effort, I flopped the loose rope ends between my wrists to cinch the coil.

Over and over I did this.  First a rope over one way and then another rope over the opposite way.  Then I would tie the loose ends in a knot cinching my wrists coils tighter and tighter.  This action also pulled my hands down to the lower chair rung.  I finally used up all the rope.

I was heavily perspiring, partly from the room heater but probably more from excitement.  I had done a great chair tie!  No escaping this quickly.  I just sit and enjoyed the feeling.  I squirmed and tugged for several minutes just to savor my predicament.  If only I had a vibrator stuck down there.  Next time!  And a gag.  I should have used a gag.  Next time!

Eventually the time came to free myself.  I could tell it wasn't going to be easy.  I played around with my wrist cinch rope knots for about ten minutes as my fingers were growing numb.  This is harder than I thought.  No doubt about that.  I need something to cut these darn ropes.

Remembering my purse was on the bed, I reached back feeling for the bedspread. My fingers just brushed the spread, so I jerked the chair real hard and managed to get it in my grip.  Now the delicate job of pulling the bedspread towards me and get the purse without it falling off the bed.

Darn heavy old spread.  Carefully, ever so carefully I worked the purse over near the edge of the bed and got it to topple over, spilling some of its contents.  I felt for my finger nail clippers but found a small sissors.  I had completely forgot about those.  I soon found out they were extremely dull.

I worked and worked at the ropes.  I sweated and sweated.  I worried about the marks on my wrists the next day.  I gave up trying to get those sissors positioned just right to cut my wrist ropes.  I need a mirror to see what is going on back there.  I changed my tactics and began to gnaw away at the ropes going to the chair rung and the chair back.

One by one, I cut the ropes and finally got to the point that I could lean forward and got my arms over the chair back.  By twisting around and straining, I cut the ropes holding my knees to the front chair legs.  It took about one hour just to get free enough to stand up.

I got all untangled from the chair and hopped carefully to the light switch and to the full length mirror near the bathroom.  Now I could see how to hold the sissors and cut the wrist ropes.  Ten or so minutes later I am totally free but exhausted.  I turned down the heat and fell across the bed and instantly fell asleep.

I woke up cold but happy and promising myself that next time I would give myself a special treat of a vibrator and a gag.  And for being so thoughtful, I am going to give my husband a VERY special treat when I get home.

P.S.     No discernible wrist marks the next day.


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