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The Headbox

by Scarecrow

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© Copyright 2009 - Scarecrow - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; gag; cuffs; headbox; F/m; bond; oral; sex; cons; X

Note: Although the story gives quite explicit details for the construction of the headbox, I haven’t (yet) made one. If someone wants to try it out and give feedback, I’d be interested to hear how it worked. Otherwise, I’ll get around to making one and then be able to correct the design if necessary. Scarecrow.


It was a box, just a box hanging from a chain, but the implications sent a thrill down Paul’s spine. He had spent each evening of the week working on the project. Paul worked as an engineer. He was used to ensuring that every last detail was perfect and, in his workshop, he had the tools to do the job right.

He had started with a Teak plank 35 cms wide and 2 cms thick. First he cut four pieces 35 cms long, they were exactly square. Then he cut two pieces 31 cms long. The two shorter pieces were fastened with screws to 2 of the square pieces to form the sides of the box. Finally the last 2 pieces were screwed to the top and bottom to form a cube. Next he cut a circular hole 15 cms in diameter in the middle of the bottom of the box.

Paul applied a layer of clear varnish to the box and left it to dry. The next evening he cut the box in half, from top to bottom, leaving him with two halves, each with a semicircle cut out. He screwed bracing all around the inside joints to strengthen the box. He then put a lip around the open sides of one half so that, when the box was closed, it would be a snug fit. Finally he varnished the inside.

The following evening, after work, Paul attached the hinges. These went at the top of the box, the side opposite the hole. The hinges were fastened with bolts that went right through the wood. They couldn’t be removed from the outside. He made sure the hinges were secure and that the box closed correctly. Next came a pair of hasp and staples. These went on each side of the box to hold it shut. Again bolts going through the wood held them securely. Once padlocks secured the hasps it would be impossible to open the box without the keys. Next came a ring bolt on the top of the box. This also went through the wood.

The next thing Paul had to do was to provide an air supply. Since this was going to be a head box, Paul didn’t want anyone suffocating inside it. He had given the matter some thought and reckoned that he had the answer. He drilled two holes on the sides towards, what would now be, the front of the box. Then he inserted a piece of black plastic hose from one side to the other and cut a hole in the middle. When the box was closed the hole in the hose would be just under the wearer’s nose and allow a free flow of air without allowing light or sound in.

The last thing was padding. Paul had bought a pure down pillow. He ripped it open and filled both halves of the box with the down. He then covered the down with lycra which was fastened to the sides of the box.

Now to test it. Paul closed the box over his head, the lycra-covered down enfolded him cutting off all light and sound from outside. He closed the hasps, but didn’t fasten them with padlocks. This was a first test after all. Although the box was quite heavy, Paul found that he could handle that fine. Breathing too was not a problem, the air flow was adequate and the down didn’t seem to be blocking the hole in the plastic hose. The packing around his face was so tight that he couldn’t open his mouth at all. He tried grunting, the sound was just absorbed into the down. Perfect! Paul sat down in a chair and left the box closed. He wanted to ensure that everything worked as he had planned it. After some time of darkness and silence Paul opened the box, it worked as it was supposed to.

There was one final test before he could put it to use properly. He went into the living room and hung a chain from a hook set into one of the ceiling joists. Paul knew that the hook and chain would support a weight of at least 200 kg. He then padlocked the ringbolt in the top of the box to the chain. The box now hung a head height, his head height. Once again he closed the box over his head and clipped the hasps over their staples. Then he slowly lifted his feet off the floor. He monitored himself as his full weight was taken by his head in the box. Was there any asphyxiation? No. Was there any cut off of blood supply? No. Was he comfortable? Not really, but it was bearable. Was it safe? Yes. Okay then, the final test was passed and he could go ahead with his plans.

Tonight was Friday and his girlfriend, Sally, would be coming around for the weekend. Paul and Sally spent most weekends together. Because of their work they didn’t have much opportunity to see each other during the week, so they made up for it when they could. Monday would be a holiday so they would have a long weekend to spend together. The only complaint Paul had about Sally was that she was uninterested in bondage. She would never let Paul tie her up and she wouldn’t make love with him if he was tied up. What she did love, however, was tickling and teasing him when he was helpless. She would torment him for hours before, finally, untying him and then they would fuck like rabbits! Quite often when Sally arrived she would find Paul in some form of self-bondage and, usually, quite incapable of releasing himself. It always gave him a special thrill to be totally dependant on her to get free. He liked to blindfold and gag himself so that he had no way of knowing what Sally would do next, and no way of making suggestions.

Tonight was going to be special, the first of many times (he hoped) with the box. By now it was just after six-o-clock. Sally usually arrived at about seven. It was time to start getting ready. First Paul fetched his sin bin, as he liked to call it, from the bedroom. He took out the padded leather blindfold and ball gag, then a waist-chain with handcuffs attached and finally a spreader bar with locking ankle cuffs. The last items were a pair of earplugs. Although the blindfold, gag and earplugs were really overkill, Paul wanted to have the full sensory deprivation experience this first time. He checked that all the keys were there and that all the locks opened and closed smoothly. Then he put them all in a bag labeled “Keys” which he put on the coffee table about 3 metres away. He hung a padlock from each of the staples on the sides of the box.

Having stripped naked, Paul locked the chain around his waist with the open handcuffs at the back. He inserted the earplugs and then hung the blindfold and gag around his neck. Positioning himself carefully, he locked the spreader bar between his ankles so that they were about 70 cms apart. He put the ball gag in his mouth and tightened the strap. The time now was just after half-past six, Sally should be arriving in about half-an-hour. Next the blindfold went on. Now for it! Paul slowly closed the box over his head, The fact that his mouth was held open by the ball gag increased the pressure a bit, but not too much. He closed the hasps, and then locked them shut with the padlocks. His hands went behind his back and, with practiced movements he locked his wrists into the handcuffs.

Paul stood in the middle of his living room waiting for Sally to arrive. Although his legs were held apart by the spreader-bar his feet were flat on the floor. The chain holding the box, however, meant that he was kept in that place until he was released. Sally should be coming quite soon. He wouldn’t know she was there until she touched him, with the earplugs and the down padding in the box he wouldn’t hear the key turning in the lock. The only sense he had left was touch. He waited for her touch.

Sally was feeling angry. She admitted that part of her anger was with herself for not having the guts to tell Paul that she was breaking up with him. The rest of the anger was directed at Paul. Sally felt he took her for granted too much. He was a typical engineer – not really interested in people – the only thing that excited him was his latest project. That and bondage. Sally hated the bondage. Oh the sex was good after she untied him but she always wondered whether he was making love to her of one of his bondage fantasies.

So, instead of going to Paul’s house for the weekend, Sally was going to a farm in the country, With Paul. Another Paul. Paul from the office, who made her feel special, and wanted and … all the things that engineer Paul didn’t make her feel. She knew she should have phoned him, Paul, the engineer, damn this was so complicated, to tell him that she wouldn’t be there but she hadn’t been able to pluck up the courage. Paul, office Paul, had invited her out to his cousin’s farm for the long weekend and she had agreed to go. She had meant to phone Paul and tell him but somehow had never got around to it.

Now Paul was coming to pick her up in a few minutes. The hell with him – the other Paul, the engineer – and if he had put himself in one of his silly bondage positions, well he would just have to get out by himself. As she opened the door of her apartment her friend Joyce was walking past. “Hello Sally, are you off to Paul’s place for the weekend then? You naughty thing!”

“No, Joyce. I’m off to a farm for the long weekend, with Paul. Another Paul, Paul from the office.” Sally replied. “Isn’t your Paul disappointed not to be seeing you?” Joyce asked. “Well …” “Ha, you haven’t told him have you? You’re just going to leave him hanging, aren’t you? That’s not very nice!” Joyce could be a bit overpowering at times.

“Well, I …” “Tell you what, I’ll tell him since you’re too scared to.” Joyce tossed her long black hair over her shoulder. “I suppose you really want to break-up with him but you don’t know how to do it, so you’re just going to run away into the countryside?” By now Joyce was inside the front door. “Just give me your key to Paul’s place and I’ll drop it off there and tell him over the weekend.”

By now Sally’s conscience was beginning to get to her. What if Paul was tied up and couldn’t get loose? Well then Joyce would see what she had to go through and maybe would understand better. “Okay Joyce, do that. I’d be really grateful, but I must warn you Paul can be a bit … Well he can be a bit … Well don’t be surprised when you get there.” Sally could feel herself blushing. Just then she heard a car hooter. “Oh, there’s my lift. Here is the key. Don’t leave it too long will you?” Sally grabbed her case, gave Joyce the key and ran out to the car.

“Gotcha” said Joyce quietly as Sally disappeared down the hallway. Joyce had had her eye on Paul for some time. She really liked the somewhat withdrawn techie type of man. Being naturally dominant she found that they made very good lovers, if handled the right way. She guessed, from hints that Sally had dropped that Paul was a bit kinky and she had a pretty good guess what that kink was. She lived three apartments away from Sally and the two of them used to have coffee and chat some evenings. It was she who had gently maneuvered this other Paul into Sally’s life. Now she had her chance with the engineer.

Almost as soon as Sally had left, Joyce started to prepare herself to visit Paul and let him know that his life was going to change a little bit.

Paul was beginning to get uncomfortable. Although he had no idea of the time he felt that Sally should have arrived by now. Maybe she was just admiring his handiwork and making him sweat a bit. He tried moving his legs and immediately felt the chain jerk the box. Once again, the knowledge of his helplessness brought Paul’s erection up to full hardness. In the complete dark and silence of the box all he could do was stand and wait.

Joyce was completely entranced. This was even better than she had hoped for. When she arrived at Paul’s house she had knocked on the door and, getting no reply, let herself in. The sight that greeted her was wonderful. There was a naked man, she presumed it was Paul, with a huge erection, standing in the middle of the living room. His head was locked into some kind of a box that was chained to the ceiling. His hands were cuffed behind his back and his feet locked to a spreader bar. He obviously could see and hear nothing since he hadn’t reacted in any way to her entrance. He was utterly and completely helpless. Joyce closed the front door and slowly walked around “her” new sex toy. Oh, she was going to have so much fun!

She noticed the bag on the coffee table labeled “Keys”. “Clever boy to leave them somewhere obvious.” She thought. “Well, let’s see what other toys he’s got to play with. He’ll keep for a while, he’s not going anywhere.” Joyce searched the house, including the workshop where she found the rest of Paul’s toy bag. Hoods, gags, an arm-binder, bondage mittens, leather cuffs, Paul had quite an impressive collection of kit! Joyce was sure she could make good use of it all. By the time she had brought all the stuff into the bedroom, which had an impressive four-poster bed – wonderful anchoring points, it was about nine-o-clock. Paul was getting a bit restless. He probably had no idea of the time but might be getting a bit worried that something had delayed Sally. Maybe it was time to let him know that he was not alone.

Paul was by now definitely worried. He knew it must be some hours that he had been in this position by the tiredness in his legs. His jaw was also aching a bit from the gag. The only other time Sally had been this late was once, when she hadn’t come at all and he had been forced to destroy a beautiful pair of leather cuffs to get free. This time, if she didn’t come, there was nothing he could do. Suddenly he felt something. A hand grasped his, by now flaccid, cock and started to fondle it. “She’s here!” Paul thought. Almost instantly he was standing to attention again. The hand continued to pump slowly up and down. Next he felt a pair of lips close around his cock and a tongue started teasing him. “Sally’s never done that before!” He thought. The mouth continued to stimulate him, bringing him closer and closer to climax. Just when he was about to cum, it stopped. Paul groaned in frustration. He was so close. He tried to stamp his foot, a bit ineffectually with the spreader-bar, but that brought an instant slap on his bum. “Who is this?” Paul wondered wildly. Sally had never treated him like that before. “What is going on?” Of course, in the silence and darkness, there was no answer.

Joyce was enjoying herself. The silly boy had hardened as soon as she touched him. He had reacted very quickly when she sucked his cock and she had only just stopped in time before he came. When she stopped he had tried to stamp his feet in frustration, which looked so funny, but she slapped him all the same. It was important for him to know who was in charge here. She was going to make him spend the night in his bondage so the handcuffs would have to go. There was too great a chance of damage with him lying on them. First she put his hands into a bondage mitten, the kind that held each hand in a separate pouch but kept them together. Then she locked leather cuffs around each wrist and fastened them together, before doing the same above the elbows. Of course his elbows couldn’t get very close together but it meant that he was, if anything even more securely bound. Whilst she was doing all this, Paul was jerking around as much as he could, obviously very confused.

Now, having removed the handcuffs and the waist chain, she unlocked the box from the ceiling chain. She led Paul into the bathroom and made him sit on the toilet. She had to push his cock down between his legs and hold it there so he could relieve himself, which he did, eventually. She led him back to the kitchen, slowly waddling along because of the spreader-bar between his ankles, and sat him in a straight-backed chair. Getting some rope, she tied him firmly to the chair. Finally she opened the pad-locks and took the box off Paul’s head. Joyce wasn’t really surprised to see that Paul was gagged and blindfolded inside the box. She also noticed the ear-plugs. These engineering types were all the same. If it was worth doing, it was worth over-doing!

Paul moved his head around, relieved to be out of the box. He grunted questioningly. “Can you hear me? Nod your head if you can.” A strange female voice asked. The voice was quite muffled by the ear-plugs but audible. Paul nodded. “Do you know who I am?” He shook his head no. “Do you enjoy bondage?” Stupid question, Paul thought as he nodded his head again. “That’s just as well, because you are not going to be set free until Monday evening.” Paul’s cock jumped to full erection again at that thought. “I see you like that idea!” Paul nodded again. Who the hell was this woman? And where was Sally? What had happened to her? He wondered.

“Right, Sally asked me to come around and tell you that she wants to break up with you. She’s gone off into the country with some guy for the long weekend. She didn’t have the gumption to tell you herself so she asked me to do it. It’s just as well I came around tonight or you would be really in trouble. I think she doesn’t enjoy the bondage games much. I, on the other hand, enjoy them a lot!”

Paul sat and slowly absorbed all of this. Sally had broken up with him? But he was going to ask her to move in. She didn’t like the bondage? Maybe he hadn’t really understood her at all. But this lady did enjoy bondage! Who the hell was she? The voice was vaguely familiar but he couldn’t place it. Paul knew that he wasn’t very good with people, he never had been. And now she said he was going to be tied up for the whole weekend! He grunted and slowly nodded his head. The way he was trussed up he had no choice in the matter. She certainly knew about bondage kit the way she had secured his hands and elbows before taking off the handcuffs.

“Right, you are probably thirsty and hungry?” He nodded. “I am going to take the gag off so you can have something to drink. If you try to make any noise, I’ll just put it back and you’ll get nothing until the morning. Understand?” Paul nodded again. This woman knew just how to control him. He felt, strangely, very safe. He felt the gag straps being unbuckled and then the gag pulled from his mouth. Whoever this was, was very experienced, because she wiped the drool from his mouth and chin before putting a straw in his mouth so he could drink. Paul didn’t realize how thirsty he was until he finished the glass of water.

Next he felt a spoon tapping his lips. He opened his mouth and got a spoonful of cereal with milk. He didn’t dare to try and say anything, this lady sounded as if she was serious. When the food was finished he was given more water before the gag went in again. As he felt it pushed between his teeth, Paul gave a groan of dismay. “If you don’t like it you shouldn’t have gagged yourself in the first place.” He heard, as the straps were pulled tight and buckled. Then the box closed over his head again and everything went completely silent.

After Joyce finished feeding and watering her new toy, and locking him back in his head box, she sat for a moment deciding how she was going to take things forward. This boy was obviously into some serious bondage, what with the box and the other gear he had. He probably hadn’t had a chance to use much of it, given Sally’s conservative nature. Well that would change. This was just the sort of situation that Joyce had dreamed about. She had a man to play with, and one who enjoyed being played with. He had no idea who she was and, at least for the time being, she intended to keep it that was. By now it was getting quite late, bed time in fact.

Joyce untied Paul from the chair and led him to the bathroom so he could relieve himself. That done she took him through to the bedroom and secured him, on his back, to the bed. She tied a rope from the ringbolt on the box to the headboard before attaching his hands to the top corners of the bed. She left his ankles in the spreader-bar, just tying that to the foot of the bed. Through all of this Paul’s erection kept its hardness. “He really does enjoy this.” she thought. “And so do I!” Stripping off, she slowly lowered her very wet pussy onto his engorged cock.

Predictably, Paul came very soon after Joyce started fucking him, His hands clenched and his buttocks heaved up and he stayed like that while he spurted into her. It seemed like he was having a very good orgasm. Once he had subsided, Joyce started to work on him again with her mouth and fingernails and he was soon hard again. “My turn.” Thought Joyce as she rode him to one of the best orgasms in her, fairly experienced, life.

Paul felt his new lover slowly ease off him after she had, quite obviously, cum very nicely. He felt something wipe him clean around his groin and then she got into bed and snuggled up to him. He felt frustrated that he couldn’t put his arms around her and tell her how much he had enjoyed the evening, but he didn’t have any choice in the matter. As he drifted off to sleep he thought “I wonder want tomorrow is going to be like?” His cock stirred and hardened at the thought.

Paul woke to the feel of his morning glory slowly being engulfed. He realized he was still tied to the bed, in the same position as last night. Slowly he felt a pussy rise and fall as last-night’s lover took up where she had left off. It didn’t take long before Paul came again – the combination of this unseen woman and the bondage brought him to a climax very quickly. However, just like last night, she didn’t stop stimulating him until he was hard again and she was able to take her pleasure. She cleaned him up and then left him alone.

Joyce was feeling good. A really good orgasm last night and another one this morning! That was the way to start the day! She gave the house a thorough check over. If she was going to spend a long weekend here then she wanted to know what was in stock. As she suspected, she would have to get a few things. She started making a list. Suddenly she realized that she had left Paul alone for a while. If she knew men, and she did, he was probably desperate to go to the bathroom by now.

This time, when Joyce sat Paul on the toilet, he didn’t need a second invitation to relieve himself. He really had been desperate. She took him to the kitchen and, after securing him to the chair again, removed the box from his head. This time, after taking the gag out, she said “If you want to talk, now’s the chance to do it. I won’t punish you, but I also don’t promise to answer all your questions.”

Paul moved his jaw around to get rid of the slight strain there. Eventually he asked “Why are you doing this? Not that I’m not enjoying it, but why?” “Because I enjoy it, of course. I enjoy sex and I enjoy dominating a man but I don’t think it should be a one-way street. He must enjoy it as well.” That set off the conversation. She wouldn’t answer any questions about herself. “It makes it more fun to be mysterious.” She said. “Just think of me as a mystery woman who’s got you in her power.”

After some time Joyce asked Paul if he really enjoyed wearing the box, did it match his expectations? “Oh yes!” he responded enthusiastically. I really loved being in it. “Good.” said Joyce. “Because you are going to be spending a lot of time in it. But you will have to make one minor change. I can’t feed or water you whilst its locked on your head.” They discussed this shortcoming and decided what to do about it. Paul would mount a ball gag inside the box with a tube through it.

The tube would go through the front of the box and have a clamp on it. If Joyce wanted to give him water or food, although that would have to be soup or something mushy, she could unclamp it and he could suck through the gag. “That should do it.” said Joyce. “Now I have to go of and buy some things. I’m going to let you get free so you can make the change we’ve discussed. You’ve got everything you need?” Paul nodded yes.” But! When I get back I want to find you in the same position as when I arrived last night. Do you understand?”

Yes Paul understood. The last thing Joyce said to him before putting the box back on his head was “Remember, its up to you. If I return and you are not in the same position as last night I will turn around and walk out. And I’ll never come back.” Paul nodded and grunted his assent around the gag. Joyce then led him back into the living room and locked the box to the chain from the ceiling. She had put the padlocks through the hasps but not closed them and she tied the wrist cuffs together so that Paul would be able to get free after she had left. It would probably take him about five minutes.

After he had released himself completely Paul sat, naked, on the couch. Who was this woman? She certainly had fulfilled his fantasies and seemed to enjoy doing so. There was no question that he was going to do what she had commanded. The thought of her walking out of his life now was just not worth even thinking about. He also realized that he had, probably, been a bit stupid with Sally. He could have ended up in real trouble if this Lady hadn’t shown up.

Suddenly, Paul realized that he had been day-dreaming and that time was passing. He did NOT want the Lady, already he was starting to think of her with a capital “L”, to come back and find he hadn’t done as he was told. He had a quick shower and then, still not bothering to get dressed went into the workshop and made the modification to the box that they had discussed.

Finally, just before one-o-clock Paul made himself some lunch, this would probably be the last solid food he would eat at least until Monday and the thought excited him again. He then locked on the waist chain with the handcuffs and prepared to put himself back into bondage. Next came the spreader bar, the ear-plugs and the blindfold. Now when he put his head into the box the ball gag was waiting for him. There was a hole drilled through and a flexible tube out through the front of the box. A clamp held the end of the tube closed.

Paul eased his mouth around the ball and fastened the strap, his head was now held into the front part of the box. After checking that his breathing was still okay, he closed the box and locked it shut. His wrists were quickly secured into the handcuffs. Again his was absolutely helpless, dependant on the Lady to release him when-ever she felt like it.

He waited for her touch.

Joyce had had a very pleasant morning. She had packed a few things into a case for the rest of the weekend and then done a little shopping. The smile that was permanently on her face had caused a couple of people to give her a knowing look, but she didn’t care. She was going to have a great weekend and, possibly, many more to come. Finally at about half past one, after a good lunch, she returned to Paul’s house. She opened the door and saw that he had done what she asked. He was, again, locked into the box with the spreader bar holding his feet apart and his hands cuffed behind his back. In the front of the box was a tube, clamped closed, for food and water.

This was definitely the start of a beautiful relationship!

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