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The Head Cheerleader

by JCB

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Panic was starting to set in. I could see that the night sky was becoming lighter. Dawn was near. I should have been able to release myself by now. Did I miscalculate how long it would take the ice to melt? Did it get stuck?

All I knew at this point was that I was dressed like a cheerleader and bound to the field goal post of the practice field for my college’s football program. The same practice field that would be used by dozens of football players in about an hour or so.

I’d been planning this for weeks. Getting caught was not in that plan. Sure. I wanted to play with the risk of being caught. But I didn’t really want to be caught.

What would they do when they do catch me here? Just release me and allow me to go? That would be the best scenario. Would they call the cops? That would be the worst case. Not only would I get arrested; I’m sure this would make the news, too. I could imagine the story going viral and making its way around the world. Just great.

Then there was the third scenario. The fantasy scenario that has raced through my mind. The reason I posted a sign above me that said, “Make me your HEAD cheerleader.” They wouldn’t call the cops but they wouldn’t let me go, either. I would have to pay a price using my mouth, which was held wide open by a ring gag.

No. None of that could happen. The keys would drop soon. I know they will. They will drop and I will have learned an important lesson.

I said I’ve been planning this session for weeks. But I’ve been doing self-bondage for years. So I’m no newbie at this. One of my favorite bondage scenarios involved tying myself to a pole in my basement. I would lock my ankles and wrists together behind the pole. This forced me to kneel and wait for the keys to fall to my hands.

A few weeks ago, I had ordered a cheerleading uniform that matched the same ones my school’s cheerleaders wore every Saturday during football season. I usually included crossdressing in my bondage. It always adds a little more excitement to a scenario.

The first step for tonight was to make my body as hairless as possible. I’ve shaved my body before but I’ve never kept it smooth full time. I knew it would take a couple hours to finally get it to where I was satisfied. I followed that with a long hot bath to try to relax before continuing with my preparations.

Following the bath, I began to dress starting with a pair of athletic panties that matched my uniform. My junk would still be obvious with them, but the uniform’s skirt would hide it pretty well. Next came a sports bra that would hold my false breasts. They gave me a nice B cup look. I slid on a pair of ankle socks and white tennis shoes. I finally slid the uniform over my head and down my body. A quick pull on the zipper closed the back.

I took a look at my body in the mirror and thought I looked great. I especially had to admire my smooth legs coming out from under the skirt. They were definitely my best feature. I think a lot of girls would kill to have these stems.

I wasn’t quite done yet. I still needed to put on a little makeup. Not too much. Just enough to make my face appear more feminine. My face was then completed with a small washable tattoo of my school’s logo on my cheek. A blonde wig then sat on top of my head. It was done up in a fashion similar to what a cheerleader might do and completed with a bow.

My look was done. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. I always wanted to be a cheerleader. Not a male one. I wanted to be one of the girls. I guess tonight would be closest I would get to be one on the side of a football field.

It was already past 1:00am when I grabbed my bag of bondage gear and headed out the door. The ice release was thrown into a thermal lunch bag to keep it from melting too much before I began my session.

I arrived at the practice field around 1:30 and parked my car in the empty lot nearby. Looking around, I couldn’t see a single sign of life in the area. There was some traffic on the road that traveled about a half mile away. I didn’t expect that to be an issue. It was really dark but enough light that I could see what I would be doing. I grabbed my bags and walked over to the field and the goal post that would hold me hostage for the night.

The first thing I did was to set up my release. It was just a thin sock full of ice cubes that would hold the key ring. I tied it to the back of the goal post. The keys would fall directly to my hands when the ice completely melted. I knew from past experiences with this much ice that it would take it about three hours before I could release myself.

Then came my sign. I’ve never actually been with another guy before. I’m not even attracted to guys. But, I’ve been wanting to experiment with cock for some time now. Not sure if that makes me bisexual or not. Of course, I’d rather try it in a different scene under my terms.

Next, I laid a blanket at the base of the post, the area where I would be kneeling. The next thing I pulled out was a can of bug repellent and sprayed all my exposed skin. The last thing I wanted to be was dinner for all the bugs.

I then got my leather cuffs out of the bag and wrapped them around each wrist and ankle. Four small padlocks went through each buckle. A short chain was padlocked to my left wrist cuff. This was then followed by a ring gag being placed in my mouth. I debated whether to use the gag. I knew my jaw would be hurting after a little while and I would be drooling like crazy.

After one final check to make sure my release was where I needed it, I knelt in front of the post. I crawled backwards until my back was against the post. My legs were to each side of the post. I took a deep breath. This was the point of no return. I’ve gone too far to chicken out now.

I took a larger padlock and threaded through the rings of my ankle cuffs. Deep breath and click. Grabbing the last padlock, I hung it off the chain already on my one wrist cuffs. I swung my arms behind my back and the post. I closed my eyes and took another deep breath as I felt for the ring on my right cuff. My hand were actually shaking at this time as I was fumbling to get the final lock into place. The sound of the final click sealed my fate. I was now stuck here. And I couldn’t be happier about it right now.

I closed my eyes and just imagined being caught. My fantasy was to be given a choice. They could call the police and have me arrested for trespassing. Or I could become their “head cheerleader”. I would have to spend every practice here. I would be tied to this post and be the reward for the team. Well….. my mouth would be the reward.

I also imagined it going beyond practices. Forced to go to parties and give every guy a blowjob. Getting late night calls from a player who couldn’t get lucky with some coed. I was the team slut. Supporting the team one cock at a time.

Of course this made me horny and hard. I really wanted to get off. Trying to pull at my bonds to get my hands. Maybe I left enough room to slip out. Nope. I was truly stuck. I guess I’ll have to jack off to my dreams later on.

This is what was hard part of this kind of self-bondage. The wait. With no stimulation of any kind to keep your mind busy. No other person to enjoy bondage with. Time just drags by. Waiting for the release to finally come.

I just spent the rest of the night admiring the sky. It was a beautiful night. So many stars to admire. I was also trying really hard to keep from drooling all over myself. Slurping it back was nearly impossible with this gag.

And time just ticked by. My jaw began to show more and more discomfort. I tried to see if I could work out the gag with my tongue, but it wasn’t going to budge from its position between my teeth. My knees weren’t exactly happy at this time, either. Should have worn some knee pads for this.

And that is where I began this story. Time may have been dragging, but too much time had dragged by. The sky was getting brighter and I was running out of time. I pulled on my restraints to the point that I was hurting myself. This can’t be happening. That’s when I heard the sound I’ve been waiting for. The sound of the keys falling and landing next to my hands.

I grabbed them and struggled to unlock the padlock between my wrists and finally the ones between my ankles. I removed the gag as quickly as I could from my mouth with stiff and painful jaw.

Throwing everything I had with me into my bag, I ran to my car as quickly as I could.

I tossed the bag onto the passenger seat, started the car up, and sped away from the practice field. As I drove up to the stop sign at the main road, a couple of cars drove by on their way toward the practice facilities. No doubt that they were coaches arriving. I had missed being caught by just a few minutes. That was way too close for me. I told myself that I would never do anything like that ever again.

I would finally make it home and passed out on my bed still wearing the uniform and the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I slept for the entire day. Dreaming up some more bondage fantasies. Maybe I shouldn’t say that I would never do it again just yet.

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