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Helping Her into Bondage

by Jan Smith

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© Copyright 2004 - Jan Smith - Used by permission

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Helping Her into Bondage
by Jan Smith
Helping Her into Bondage by Jan Smith

I thought your readers would find this interesting. I started corresponding with Monica about a year ago. She had tried self bondage and liked it, but wanted more. We discussed who she could get involved in her bondage and how to feel them out. My Mistress got involved and between the three of us we made plans. To make a long story short a friend of hers "found"  Monica's E-mail address (we set it up) and wrote us. Monica knew that we were writing her friend, but her friend was unaware of this. My Mistress set it up with Monica as to how, where and when she should be tied and then told her friend so that she could "accidentally find her". It all worked out very well and Monica and her friend started to develop a relationship.

Here are the letters that they each sent us after Monica was "found". I think you will find them interesting.

Here is the letter from Monica

From: "monica monica" 
To: [email protected], [email protected] 
Subject: Yesterday 
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 15:06:48 +0000 

Mistress Beverly and Jan-- 

Yesterday was incredible. I felt everything I thought I would and much more. I went to the garage about 8:45 and began to set everything up. I tied a rope to a piece of wood that we use for hanging clothes. I then tied the rope to the handcuff chain. The ice cube and the key was within reach. I did not know if it would melt in time because of the temperature but I figured I could hold the ice cube in my hand to release the key if necessary. I wore just panties and two clothespins (stretched out...Thank you). Because of last time, I put a radio outside hoping that Karen would hear it and find me. 

I tied a scarf around my mouth and stepped onto the bench. I then blindfolded myself and reached up to the handcuffs. I thought I could stop now but I had gone this far and did not want to stop so I reached up and put the handcuffs on my wrists. I was stuck with nowhere to go. 

Immediately my stomach ached. It was like a thousand butterflies telling me what the hell have you done. I stood on the bench and waited. And waited I did. There must have been a dozen times that I thought someone was in the room with me. I tried to say, "Is someone there?" but there was nobody to answer. I need to find a better way to gag myself. My voice was actually quite clear. At least I thought so. 

It seemed like forever just waiting there but I finally heard Karen outside the garage. I began to feel like I was having a cold sweat.  I was so scared I cannot describe it. I wanted her to find me but at the same time, standing there gagged, handcuffed and topless...not the way to be found. But she did come into the garage and yelled, "Monica are you alright?" I said yes through the gag and asked her to let me down. I know this would have disappointed you but I really did want to be let down. She kept asking me if I was alright and I kept asking to be let down. She took the gag out of my mouth and asked who did this. I told I did and asked to be let down. 

Karen asked how and I told her that I have the key to the handcuffs in the icecube. She took the ice cube down and said she was going to melt it inside. I about froze with fear. She was now gone and I began to say, "Why the fuck didn't she take the blindfold off?" I wanted to see so badly. I tried to take the blindfold off with my arms but it did not come off. It felt like hours waiting for her to come back. I was surprised that she just did not crush the ice cube or stay with me but I was just thinking I wanted down. 

I knew she was back when I felt her hand on my ass. She gave me a very hard swat. I did not expect it and I screamed like I never thought I could. She told me to shut up. It really hurt! She kept asking why I did this and all I could come up with was "I don't know. It feels good." Not very original but it was all I could think of. 

She untied the rope from the handcuffs and I thought why she could not have done that before. She told me to put my jeans on and my sweater. I took the clothespins off. Even thought I had stretched them, they still hurt. Karen had to help me with my sweater because the handcuffs were still on my wrists. 

She led me back to the house. She made sure I walked on the grass, which was still wet from the rain. I do not know if she intended this but I took it as a form of punishment. When we got inside the house I kept asking her to take the handcuffs off. I cannot figure this out. I wanted her so badly to put them on me but when I was standing before her all I wanted was to get out of them. 

She then took the key and unlocked one wrist. I asked for the key so I could take them off completely but she told me to go get dressed. I went to my bedroom and found my spare key to the handcuffs and was trying to take them off when she came into the room. She surprised me when she pushed me down on the bed. I probably could have put up a fight but that would have defeated my intentions. So I put up a small struggle and found myself handcuffed with my hands behind my back. I was so wet at that point. 

But I was also scared. Strange to feel both. I started to cry. I know, why cry when this is what I asked for but Karen kept saying she was going to tell Lori and everyone I knew that I was a pervert.  That I was kinky and that I did this to myself. I really do not think that she would but it scared me and made me cry. Then she began to tickle me. I hate to be tickled because I cannot catch my breath. So there I was crying, laughing and trying to catch my breath. For me that was torture. She did not stop until I was having difficulty breathing. I just couldn't catch my breath because of what she was doing to me. 

Then I was surprised when she took the handcuffs off and turned me over. She stretched my arms above me and put them through my nightstand. There she handcuffed my hands. It was extremely uncomfortable as my right arm ran through the nightstand and I could not sit up or twist my body. She tickled me some more to the point that I was having difficulty breathing again. Then she took some clothespins off my nightstand and put them on my nipples. These were not stretched and hurt like hell. She told me she was going to leave me there until Lori came home and made a specific point of leaving my bedroom door open. And then she left. 

I yelled for her to come back but she left out the back door. I thought the bitch actually left me for Lori to find. I tried to free my hands but could not. The nightstand kept me from moving or twisting my body and I could not remove those damn clothespins from my nipples. I laid there for hours. I was hot as hell and need to orgasm. I was frightened like I never was frightened before. My breast were on fire and I could not do a thing about it. My hair was all over my face and there was nothing I could do about it. And I constantly thought about Lori finding me and explaining why I was not at work. I really thought Karen was going to tell everyone about my fetish. 

Then I heard the back door again. From the clock I knew it was not Lori and with much relief I saw Karen. But she merely said she should have left me for Lori to have found. She put the handcuff key in my hand and told me to call her today. I have not done that yet. I wanted to write this email and see if you had heard from her. Thank God you said it sounded like she liked it. 

During work and during the night all I thought about was Karen being upset and telling everyone about what happened. She really did sound upset when she came back. Would I be able to see what she wrote? 

Thank you for helping me. While it was the scariest time of my life it was also the most exciting. It really was what I had hoped for. I am also glad that it was a bit cold yesterday because I could wear a sweater at work. Short sleeves would not have been appropriate. The marks around my wrists stayed for hours. 

Thank you again. I will let you know what Karen says when I call her. 

Thank you. 


This is the letter from Karen

From: "Michelee Harvard" 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 19:38:43 +0000 

Monica was in the garage as you said. She had her hands in handcuffs, which were tied to the ceiling. She was standing on a bench and wearing nothing but blue panties. I must say I was a bit surprised by this and almost walked out of the garage. She had a cloth in her mouth and another around her eyes. And she had clothespins on her nipples. 

I was able to get to Monica's just before 10. I thought I might be too late but I wasn't. I knocked on the front and back door before going to the garage. I opened the door as quietly as I could and I heard a radio playing softly in the back of the garage. Her garage is separated so that there is a room inside the garage. It was there I found her. 

I couldn't begin to tell you what I was feeling. I went to her and walked around her. She muffled something a few times but for the most part she remained quiet. I just stood there for what seemed like hours watching her move. She kept putting her leg up towards her body. At first I thought she was stretching or trying to adjust her body but then I realized she was trying to use her leg to get off. 

It was then that I walked back to the door and pretended like I was coming from outside. I yelled for her a few times before I entered the garage. When I came into the garage I acted surprised and asked if she was alright. She tried to speak through the cloth but only mumbled. I stood on the bench with her and I pulled the cloth from her mouth. 

She babbled something about please let her down but I continued to ask what she was doing. She admitted that she did this to herself and wanted to be let down. I asked how and she said there was a key in an ice cube hanging near her hand. I took the ice cube and said I was going in the house to melt it with some hot water. I then stood and watched. 

She continued to move her legs up toward her body and kept swearing.  When I pretended to come back I asked her why. She did not have any good answer and kept asking to be let down. I didn't do it right away. Instead I slapped her on the ass as hard as I could. She screamed so loud I thought someone would call the police. 

I eventually let her down when I realized that she was actually shaking. I don't know if it was because of what was going on or if it was because she was so cold. She had goosebumps all over her body and nipples that stood erect. Did you know she was going to be naked? When I realized she had goosebumps I realized that it was quite cold in the garage. There was a thermometer outside the garage and when I took her inside it read 51 degrees. It was colder than that in the garage. The girl should have known better. 

When I took her down I removed the cloth around her eyes and it was the sorriest puppy eyes I have ever seen. I just undid the rope instead of the handcuffs. I made her put on her jeans and put the sweater over her cuffed hands. I walked her back into the house. 

She kept pleading with me not to tell Lori about this. About not telling anyone about this. I told her I didn't know what to think. I played it up good. I told her she was a pervert and that everyone should be told. Those puppy eyes grew even larger. 

She kept asking for the handcuffs to be removed. So I lifted her sweater and undid one of her hands. I told her to go get dressed. She asked for the key and I told her no. She went to her bedroom and I followed her shortly. I found her in her bedroom with another key to the handcuffs. She was trying to take the cuff off her wrist. I asked her what the fuck does she think she is doing. I know I startled her. She said she wanted the handcuff off. 

This is when I did something I didn't think I could do. I grabbed the key from her hand and said I will decide when the handcuff is removed. I pushed her on the bed and pulled her hands behind her and cuffed them. She started breathing heavy. I did not know if she was going to pass out but she just continued to breath heavy. I could tell she was starting to cry. I asked her if she was doing okay and she moved her head up and down. 

Then I started to tickle her. Maybe this was a bad time with her crying but I thought what better way to get her to stop. She started to laugh and cry at the same time. Her breathing continued to be heavy. I did this continuously for about 15 minutes. When I stopped she was like a dish rag. She couldn't move. So I undid the handcuff and spun her around on the bed so that she was near the end table in her room. I then cuffed her hands to the end table so that her hands were above her while in the garage. 

I found more clothespins on her end table and put them back on her nipples. I then told her I was going to leave her like this for Lori to find her. I got off the bed and cleaned up. I left her bedroom door open and made sure she heard the back door closing. 

It was so funny to hear her begging while handcuffed to her table. She kept saying she would do anything to keep me from saying anything or leaving her. When I closed the back door she screamed my name. It was just so funny to hear. 

I stayed in the living room taking care of some paperwork and phone calls until about 2pm. I pretended to open the back door and shut it again. I went to her bedroom and she was thanking me over and over again for coming back. I was going to tell her I was in the living room but she was just so cute thanking me. I told her I should have just left her for Lori and told her to call me tomorrow.  I put the key to the handcuff in her hand and then I walked out. 

She probably had enough time to get loose and get to work. 

I don't know about her but I had fun. I am sorry to tell you but I felt much more comfortable tickling her while her jeans were on. I suppose seeing her topless was no big deal but without jeans seemed to suggest something more. I did not have her call me Mistress. It just didn't feel right. I wonder what she was thinking while on her bed. I wanted to get close to look but I didn't put the blindfold back on. Next time. 


I hope you enjoyed the letters and maybe it will give some people some ideas
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