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Her Arrival?

by PeteZa

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© Copyright 2010 - PeteZa - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; cuffs; gag; timer; true; cons; X

The bondage and release method in the story is a description of my actual experience last night.


She will show up this time, I am sure of it…

I am getting things ready. Rope, cuffs, locks, a ring gag and the timer for the light. When she gets here she will expect me to be secure. I use the light with a combination lock and a timer as a safety in case her arrival is too late. The timer will make the light go off at midnight and back on at 2 a.m. If she shows up after 2 she will have to make due with vanilla sex.

I start with the rope. I use one length to tie my legs together. It is an artful pattern of diamonds down the front of my legs starting at a waist rope and ending with a two column tie on my ankles. I am sure to leave the knot at my ankles, out of the reach of my hands while standing.

The next length of rope I use to make a chest harness. Looping the rope back and forth around my chest, then over my left shoulder, around the front rope and back over my right shoulder makes a secure knot in the middle of my back. Excess rope from my chest harness is tied to a hard point in the corner of the room at chest height.

I put on locking leather wrist cuffs, locked with matched brass padlocks. Before locking the combination lock I check the clock. Ten minutes remain until midnight and lights out. I gag myself and lift my arms to the hard point. I spin the dial to be sure I can reach it and work it before the light go’s off. My clock is unlit, so once the light turns off I will be stuck without any way to tell time. Finally my wrists are brought above my head and, using the combination lock, connect my cuffed wrists to another hard point. When the lock is closed I take a deep breath. It will be too late to change my mind when the light clicks off. The clock says midnight.

She will show up this time, I think…

CLICK! The timer has turned the light off. It must be midnight. The timer is almost inaudible, but in my current bound state it is the only sound.

Time stands still. In an instant it has been an hour; In a minute it has been a day. My mind wanders, what if the light doesn’t come back on? I would have to wait until the sun came up, instead if two hours it would be more like six. My nervousness gives me an erection. I wish my hands could reach my penis, but I am much too securely bound for that. Drool is running down the front of me as if I were a Bull Mastiff eating treats. Why is my mouth so dry if I am drooling so much?

She will show up this time, maybe…

How long has it been? If only she would get here, the light would come on and time would move again. I would not be released, but it wouldn’t matter at that point. It will, or would, be so much more interesting to be bound and under her control. She would bring me to the brink of orgasm over and over just to amuse her self. Alternating with bringing me to the edge, she would use toys and her hand to get herself off and make me watch. When she is, or was, ready I could be let down from the wall to make love.

She will show up this time, I hope…

In my mind I can see her face. Her blonde hair and round cheeks being backlit coming through the door from the lit hallway into the dark bedroom, and then when she turns on the light and smiles my stomach flutters. Kissing her brings a puffy, soft mouth until she decides to bite, then her kissed bring sweet agony.

She will show up this time, actually, I doubt it…

Reality sets in.

The problem with her is that she is not real. Well not in my life any more any way. She is actually my ex-girlfriend. She knows she is invited back for an evening or two. I know she won’t be coming.

CLICK! The light returns.

My heart sinks. I no longer have an erection. Maybe next time I will have better luck.

She will show up this time, No She Will Not…


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