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Her Gift

by Lash Sartay

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© Copyright 2001 - Lash Sartay - Used by permission

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Marie and I had been seeing each other for a couple of months by now. So far things had been going pretty good. Marie is a good looking woman, smart and makes good money as an attorney, but the best part about her is she is insatiable appetite for sex. Sometimes I think she will wear me out or break me, I‘m not sure which. And she has yet to refuse anything. We regularly have anal, oral or sex in potential view of others and when she comes she does it is with moans, screams and shudders. But yet she has not asked anything of me outside of sex. That is what brings me to this story.

Her birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something special for her. One night, while surfing the web, I found a collection of self-bondage stories. The thought occurred to me that Marie might enjoy a wrapped present. My only problem was if I could get all I needed in time for her big day in a week.

I found some bondage sites selling equipment and made an order to be over-nighted to me. The stories all talked of an escape tool and a key frozen in a cube of ice seemed to be the most common tool. A string was tied to the key so when the ice melted the key would be suspended within reach. I found an old padlock and put its key in an ice cube tray before going to bed. I left work early and on my way home I picked up some chain, additional pad locks and eyebolts. I found the box on my front step from the bondage company in the next couple of days.

I live in the suburbs north of the city in a small but comfortable house with a covered porch in the back. I decided to put myself on the porch, that way I could place the eyebolts in the ceiling joists without having to patch a wall or ceiling. I fed a length of chain through the eyebolt and also placed a small screw eye next to the bolt to hang my escape key. I would take a couple of hours for the ice cube to melt so I hung it from the screw eye. I also prepared a letter indicating that there was a present on the porch and taped it to the front door. Before starting I took a shower, shaved and applied cologne. Although the thought of being totally nude was good, I thought it might be better to put on a black thong that she seemed to like.

Now it was time to wrap her present, she would arrive in a half an hour and was rarely late. The box contained all I ordered. I locked the leather ankle cuffs to both feet and clipped a spreader bar to the cuffs. This would limit my movement and keep me exposed for her. I also put leather cuffs on my wrists. The stories I read all seemed to include the use of a ball gag and blindfold and I had ordered those too. The ball gag was a little uncomfortable once I strapped it on but very effective in preventing me from calling out. I picked up the blindfold and pad lock and made my way to the porch hobbled by the spreader bar. I positioned myself under the eyebolt and pulled the blindfold over my eyes. The bindfold fit easily and felt secure.

Now was the moment of truth, as they say. Before allowing any time to chicken out, I reached up and clipped both of my wrist cuffs to the chain with the padlock. The click of the lock seemed to echo across the porch. Everything seemed secure and I settled in to wait her arrival. I began to think about everything, trying to assure myself everything was in place, not that I could do anything about it now.

OH SHIT. I had turned the porch lights on to put the bolt in the rafters.It wasn’t dark but I needed the additional light in the shade. Soon it would be dark and I would be spotlighted for all my neighbors to see. I struggled with my restraints for a few minutes until I was convinced that my bonds held me fast. And to make matters worse, I started to feel drips from the ice cube on my head.

Marie, please don’t be late tonight!

Part Two

Well I’ve finally settled into my restraints for the wait for Marie. By now I’ve become use to having my hands tied above my head to the eyebolt in the rafters of my covered porch and my legs spread by the bar. Even the blindfold and the ball gag provide me a feeling of comfort. But I’m not looking forward to nightfall when the porch light will surely announce my presence, virtually suspended in a black thong, for all my neighbours.

But I find myself getting more excited as time goes on. Marie, what will she think of her present, the note on the door should provide some warning, but yet… Suddenly I hear a voice yelling “Dakota”. Dakota? The neighbour’s dog! The neighbour’s dog must be lost and they are out looking for it.


Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Hopefully they won’t come back here. Why would they, the yard is fenced, but my back yard abuts a small area of forest. All I can do is stand and wait.


I think I hear only one voice, a girl’s or a young woman’s. Maybe if only a few people or better yet only one person is looking for the dog my chances of remaining undiscovered are good. Damn, what time is it, surely Marie should be here by now. I hope it isn’t dark yet. It’s early October and the days are starting to get shorter. I realize that I also forgot that it’s getting colder now, and I feel a little chilled.


She’s getting louder, must be getting closer to the house. Could it be my neighbour’s wife, the voice sounds too young. They have a daughter, who attends the local community college, could it be her? She’s a little mouse of a woman, not particularly attractive and frankly I haven’t paid much attention to her. I don’t even remember her name. Who would I prefer find me the mother or daughter. I don’t think the daughter has had a date yet, should she see me she might become alarmed and bring others. Yet the mother might find my actions concerning and give me trouble in a misguided attempt to protect her daughter.

“Dakota, Dakota….”

Shit, who ever it is, it sounds like they’re right in front of my house. I hear a noise, it sounds like the gate latch. Funny, the latch can be locked but I’d never thought of doing that before. I‘m beginning to wish that my neighbourhood had a higher crime rate. Maybe I wouldn’t be in this position.


My god, it sounds like she‘s right in front of me. I’m as still as I can be and breath, maybe she won’t notice me.


Shit, she must have seen me. “Mr. Sartay, are you all right?” I can hear footsteps on the stairs to the porch. “Mr. Sartay?” I can’t even respond, the ball gag allows only murmurs. I begin to struggle with my ties again, but there is no relief, I’m held fast. She must have stopped; I can’t hear footsteps any more.

“Mr. Sartay, I like the get up. Doesn’t look like this is something a burglar would have done. Am I interrupting something?”

I hear her walk past me to the door and pause; she must be looking inside the house. Then I hear her move past me again, down the stairs and through the gate. Oh no, is it what I feared, is she calling for help. I hear the gate again, she must be coming back. It sounds as if she’s taking the stairs at a run as she comes back up to me.

“Well, no one else seems to be around and only your car is in the driveway. Could you be waiting for your girlfriend, Mr. Sartay? I like her little red Mustang, and if this is a normal weekend she should be showing up soon. I’m glad I skipped physics this afternoon, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this for the world.”

All of a sudden I feel a touch on my thigh, it feels like an electric shock and I jolt against my restraints. “Hay, hay don’t worry Mr. Sartay, I won’t hurt you, at least not if you behave”. I feel her fingers lightly brush up my thigh towards my crotch. When her hand crosses the pouch protecting my cock and balls I involuntarily jump again, but as I jump I notice that I’m as hard as a rock.

“Hmmm, I like the feel of that, but I’ll let that wait for later, Mr. Sartay.”

Once I’m quiet again she continues to brush her fingers across me and moves until she is directly behind me. I feel her finger under the string that runs down through the crack of my ass and I feel a slight tug. “This gives me an idea, I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere Mr. Sartay.”

Now who’s she kidding, I hear her crossing the porch to the stairs and she is soon out of the back yard again. Now what?

After a few minutes I hear the gate open again. “I went to get some of my toys Mr. Sartay, you seem to be missing some essential items. Now don’t worry they haven’t been used much, only on me and I keep them clean. Now this might sting a little bit but I’m sure you’ll learn to enjoy them.”

What is she talking about, frankly its exciting not to be able to see what she is doing. I feel a finger on my nipple, teasing and tickling it and all of a sudden it feels like something has bitten it and won’t let go. I groan into the gag but it just comes out muffled. Then I feel her teasing my other nipple. What is she doing? Then I feel a bite on my other nipple. How can she bite both nipples at once?

“How do you like my nipple clamps? I made them from alligator clamps my dad had in his toolbox. I even attached them together with a small chain, see.” I feel a sharp tug on both nipples at once and again groan into the gag, she must have pulled on the chain. “Now for the real fun, I only got this last week so I hope you enjoy, I haven’t even tried it out on myself” she says. I feel her grab both sides of my thong and jerk it down. Once my cock is free it springs up and slaps on my belly. I don’t remember being this stiff since I was a teenager.

“Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you” she says. I feel what seems like a light kiss on the head of my cock and then a wet tongue starting at my balls and then moving slowly, deliberately up my scrotum, along the shaft of my cock to its head and off. “Delicious”. If it weren’t for my hands tied to the rafters I would fall. From my knees down my legs tingle. I feel her get up and move behind me.

“Now try to relax Mr. Sartay, if you haven’t done this before it could be painful but I‘ll use lubricant to make it easier for you”. I feel her part my butt cheeks and start probing until she finds my asshole. She stops only to push back in a moment later with what feels like a wet finger. This time her finger penetrates my asshole and I immediately begin to try to move away. “Now Mr. Sartay, if you don’t cooperate I’ll have to take more drastic measures”. She probes again and again I wiggle away. I’m amazed I can get away tied like this.

“Well Mr. Sartay, you asked for it, and luckily I came prepared”. I hear her move back in front of me and bend down. She grabs my balls and gently pulls them down to stretch my scrotum. Next it feels like she is tying a soft ribbon around my scrotum, above my balls. Once the ribbon is wound fairly tight she releases my balls and ties the ribbon behind my scrotum, between my legs. I feel her get up and move back behind me. She reaches through my legs and pulls the ribbon down and back.. “Now maybe you’ll behave”.

As she starts to probe my asshole again I feel her pull down on the ribbon and my balls. I bite down on the ball gag from both the pain in my balls and the pain in my asshole. Once she has my asshole lubed she removes her finger. Next I fell a blunt pressure against my asshole. Even though the object moves in easily the pain of my stretching asshole makes my eyes tear. Just when I think I can take it no more the pressure eases and I feel the object pop into place. “So how do you like by new butt plug, well I guess it’s yours now”. She releases the ribbon and stands up.

“Just one more thing to do for my buddy over here” she says as she walks back in front of me. “I hope I wasn’t too hard on you”.

I feel her bend down and untie my scrotum. She then lightly massages by ball sack and takes my cock into her mouth. I can hardly hold on and arch towards her as she licks and sucks my cock. I explode into her and she chokes but continues to suck my cock. I eventually stop cumming and she licks my cock and balls before getting up.

“Now to wash you up before your girlfriend gets here, wouldn’t want her to suspect anything, would we?”

I hear her walk into the house and run the water. She then comes out and washes me with a wet washcloth. After she returns the washcloth to the kitchen she comes back to pull up my thong. Once that is done she slowly walks around me, apparently inspecting her work.

“Mr. Sartay, that was fun, I hope we can do it again some time. Let me know when you’re in the mood again, I’m sure you’ll figure out a way.” I hear her move off the porch and down the stairs. “Oh, Mr. Sartay, if you see Dakota would you send him home? Thanks.”

Marie where are you!!!!


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