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Here, Kitty

by Soloist

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© Copyright 2002 - Soloist - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; cat; cons; X

The woman stood looking down at the bed. The bed was mostly covered by a sheet of plywood. Mounted to the plywood were four eyebolts and three straps. Next to one of the eyebolts was the remote for her VCR. The key to the padlocks she would be using was held away by the ice cubes in the glass on the night table. There was plenty of ice, it would be quite a while before the key was released. Everything seemed ready. She put her ballgag in her mouth, strapped it in place, and put on a pair of latex gloves. She was about to satisfy a fantasy that had been nagging her for years. Her legs felt weak just thinking about it. 

She lay down on the plywood and padlocked her ankle cuffs to the eyebolts near the foot of the bed. She then positioned her butt on the upper strap. She had to work her body up the plywood, stretching her legs to do it. She buckled the strap over her hips, across her belly just above her pubis. Next she buckled each of the remaining two straps across each thigh, just below her pussy. She pulled the three straps as tight as she could. Testing, she found that she could move her hips no more that about an inch in any direction, anchoring her cunt in place. 

She then tore the thin latex panty she had been wearing and pulled off, placing it in a zip lock bag. The aroma emanating from her cunt and clit area told her she had to hurry from this point as the smell might attract attention. She stripped the gloves off and placed them in the bag and sealed it, tossing it off the bed. 

She quickly reached for the eyebolts near the head of the bed. She had to struggle to stretch her arms enough to snap the padlocks locking her wrist cuffs to the eyebolts. She was now well stretched and immobile. Her whole body was tingling with anticipation. 

Finally she took the VCR remote in her hand and pressed the play button. She heard her recorded voice calling, "Here kitty, kitty, din-din!" 

The cat came up the stairs into the room, jumping up on the bed and stood surprised at the hard surface. Smelling the 'Fancy Feast' the woman had smeared on her pussy and clit area it started sniffing its way down her body. The animal's whiskers sliding across her stomach and down the inside of her thighs brought a heavy gasp from the woman as her very skin rippled. The cat stepped over the woman's legs until it was between them, it's nose investigating her. Then the cat began licking at the smeared bits of Fancy Feast. 

When the tongue like a miniature wire brush hit her flesh she knew she was in terrible trouble. It produced a pleasure/pain like she had never even imagined. She screamed into the gag as all her muscles went into spasm. Almost at once she went into an orgasm that did not end. Relief finally came when she fainted. 

But then she came to with the cat's tongue investigating every nook and cranny of her looking for bits of food. Also her flesh was impregnated with the smell of the food and the juices flowing from her cunt had the smell and taste of the kitty-treats she had pushed up her cunt earlier. The terrible tongue continued licking the entire area. There was no escaping the unbelievable torment. 

As the woman slid in and out of consciousness the room was filled with her silent screams. 


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