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Here is what i did the other week

by Scott

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© Copyright 2004 - Scott - Used by permission

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Here is what I did the other week...

Sat on the floor and took two leather cuffs and attached them to my ankles with a padlock. Before closing the lock I took a pair of handcuffs and place the chain of them into the lock. Now I have a pair of handcuffs secured to the back of my ankles and my ankles are bound together. Being they were not tight together I wrapped them in duct tape to keep them close as possible. Next I took a leather belt and wrapped my knees together. 

Now that my legs are secured time to work on rest of body. I took a length of rope and found the center and placed it at the back of my neck. I made sure to offset the length of rope hanging so one was longer than the other. I took both ends hanging in front passed then under arms and tied them in a knot at center of back between shoulder blades. I took that rope that was left after the knot, passed it through the lock and pulled the rest back up to the knot I just made. I tied it off so that rope was very tight holding my knees right to my ass. If I pulled legs to make them straight I would be pulling shoulders back and that was not physically possible to arch my body any further. All this was done while lying on my side on the floor.

I then placed an oversize gag in my mouth and added foam ear plugs. I placed leather cuffs on wrist, closed them but did not lock them on. I then added blindfold over eyes followed by a leather head harness. Now I cannot see, cannot hear and cannot speak. Movement is very limited to just about nothing but rolling, standing and walking are impossible. All that was left was to secure my wrists. I reached back grabbed one of the metal cuffs and passed them through the hasp on my one wrist and then clicked the cuff shut. That hand was now secure and then did same with the other. Now I am totally helpless. I should also say I had added about 5 cock rings through the shaft of my cock. I bought them extra small and had to use lube just to get them on my cock when I was not hard.

Now I am all bound and secure rolling on the floor and the excitement is sure growing as well as I. Within seconds after being locked in I am rock hard and realizing that my effort was a success, I am helpless.  For me the worse thing is cumming while in bondage. Once I do there is nothing more I want to do than free myself. Sure enough I had built up so much excitement that as I was struggling I could feel it rushing over me. I just moaned into my gag, as if anyone would hear me, " please oh no please don't let me cum." I tried best I could to hold back but no such luck I exploded right onto the floor. So sure enough I had to get free.  The key locking my ankles tighter was on top a sofa table so my feet were going to be staying bound. The key for the handcuffs was even in a worse spot. That was on the dinner table. No way of unlocking myself unless I could get the keys and being bound as I was it would not be easy.

I used my fingers to try and unwrap the tape around my ankles not easy at all. I struggled and struggled, stretching my fingers just trying to lift the tape to unwrap it. I had to stop and keep resting as it was not easy. I finally was able to undo the tape with my fingers and trying to pull apart my ankles. OK so not ankles are still locked I am a little better off but not much. My next attempt was to remove the rope. My thought was that if I could remove the rope I could at least straighten my legs out and use my legs to pull the key off the sofa table and that would pretty much ensure my freedom.

I used my fingers to reach up my back as far as possible to reach the knot. I was able to touch the knot but that was about it. I worked and worked at the knot. Pulling and pushing the rope through the knot. However, after trying for what seemed like hours I found out I was not going to be able to undo the knot. I was truly at the point of accepting my bondage and enduring it the full amount of time I had planned. It was very frustrating to say the least. I tried pulling and yanking at my wrists to break the leather cuffs on my wrists. I tried to twist the ankles so I could maybe break them. They were too tough for me and I was in no position to get leverage. I even tried to slip out my wrists but I had them so tight it was not going to happen this time.

I did an awesome job to say the least so all I could do was roll around. I had been in bondage since midnight and had no idea what time it was. I had planned ahead of time with a friend that they would release me. They however did not know what they were doing. I told them on their way to work early in the morning to stop by my house. If all went according to plan they would be at my house at 2:30am. Two and a half hours in a tight hogtie gagged and my entire body arched. All I could do was wait. I kept moaning into my gag, "please free me please let me go. Please I am so sore." Hoping that my invisible non existent Mistress would free me, but it was me who did this and I was suffering a fate that I inflicted unto myself.

I was finally released only to find out that they had overslept and it was now three in the morning and I had been like this for three hours. Do I regret it? Hell no and I only wish I could find someone to share this fun with me who enjoys it. If there are any LADIES interested in getting to know me or share ideas for each other to try feel free to email me. I would love to share many thoughts of Self bondage fun with you.

What do you think? Should I send it to Gromet? I never wrote a story of mine and was inspired by yours, except mine is 100% true.



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