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High Chair

by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2001 - sin_dy - Used by permission

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Ewe wouldn't believe how sheepishly simple my selfbondage plan was.  I took a short scrap of 2x4 and cut it to a "V" shape.  Then I screwed it to a flat board which was about 10 inches wide and 3 feet long.  The idea was to make a place for me to sit with the flat board under my bottom and my legs will go to either side of the 2x4.  I drilled a half inch hole in the board about 2 feet from the back end.  Then I screwed an eye bolt near the end of the flat board.  I locked a link on my handcuffs to the eyebolt.

I placed the board on the seat of a low backed chair and slid the board back so the cuffs would be sticking out from the rear of the chair and the hole I drilled would line up with the back of the chair.  Now when I sit down and my ankles are pulled back with a rope and lock my cuffs on I will be stuck.

Now for the fun part.  I fastened a couple of small screw eyes to the 2x4 and tied my vibrating dildo in place.  I placed another screw eye right in the middle of the underside of the chair seat and fastened my newly purchased rope-ratchet gizmo to it.  I made a slip knot in a 12 foot piece of rope but with a 2 foot end leaving the knot to use later to pull the loop off of my arms.  I tied this end to the same screw eye where my cuffs are fastened.

I leave the open loop laying on the board and thread the rest of the rope down through the hole in the board and under the chair and out to where my ankles will be.  Then I thread the end of the rope through the rope-ratchet and back up through the hole in the board.

The ceiling in my old farm house is high so I sit the chair up on the kitchen table.  This will prevent me from scooting my chair around in an attempt to find a way to free myself.  Now with all the preparations finished I go into the bedroom and strip.  I pull my favorite ball gag from my toy box and buckle it in place.  I grab a wicked looking butt plug and head for the bathroom.  From the medicine cabinet I get some KY Jelly and a length of dental floss.  From the kitchen freezer I get a "always ready string in the ice cube" and go about hanging it from the ceiling fan blade directly over the chair.  When the ice melts the handcuff key will swing down on its string to hopefully fall right into my hands.

Now working quickly I climb up into my bondage chair.  A little swab of jelly around my butt plug makes for an easy insertion.  I sit down on the hard board and the plug becomes immediately unconfortable.  Leaning forward I place an old belt through the rope loop laying at my feet and strap my ankles tightly together.

Flicking at my already sensitive nipples makes them swell so that I can easily tie the dental floss around them and down to the screw eyes that hold my dildo in place.  I'm so wet by now that the vibrator slips right into place.  I turn the black knob to an attention getting buzz.

The low back on the chair allows me to reach back with my arms and work the slip knot up to my elbows.  By pulling on the free end of the rope coming up through the hole I manage to pull my ankles back under the chair and tighten the slip knot around my elbows.  I can hear the click click of the rope-ratchet taking up slack and not giving any back.  I pull hard and with each click a thrill rushes through me.  Finally I can't do any more.  My elbows are almost touching forcing my breasts out and I can feel the tension on my nipples.  I drop the free end of the rope back to the board knowing the ratchet will hold and never let go.

My hands find the handcuffs and I carefully determine where the key holes are before clicking them on.  Six clicks to each wrist and peel the little nail away from the tape stuck to the board to double lock my cuffs.  I can't believe how smooth it went.  One moment free and now I'm in tight and very unconfortable bondage.  Nothing to do but wait and enjoy my vibrator which by now has caused a small puddle of wetness to appear on the 2x4.

I can't turn my head far enough to see if the ice has melted much.  Oh well wait and enjoy.  Probably be about 45 minutes more till the key drops.  Sitting up high like this I can easily see out the double kitchen windows and anyone driving up to the house could see me sitting here all bound up and breaking out in a sweat.

My arms are beginning to ache already.  I can feel my fingers trying to go numb.  I shake my hands as best I can.  I know it is the elbow rope cutting off circulation because it has happened before doing hogties.  I was struck with the fear that I may not have enough feeling to feel the keys or find the key holes. 

My vibrator was doing a good job keeping on the edge of an orgasm but with my attention drawn to the numbness I just couldn't do it.  Finally I heard the key drop down and instinctively looked up at the fan directly overhead.  I noticed the blades swing around ever so slowly and the key on the string drifted out to the side of my chair completely out of reach. 

Suddenly I knew there was no chance of escape.  My worst nightmare was coming true.  A feeling of total helplessness came over me and this emotion coupled with the stimulation from the vibrator sent me through a series of orgasms that seemed to go on for 5 minutes.  I jerked and shuttered and gasped for air riding each wave to the fullest.

After sitting there limp and exhausted for an indeterminate amount of time I got my wits together and tried to figure away out of my predicament.  If I bounced the chair around on the table I might be able to touch the key.  Maybe not.  I might get a chair leg off the edge and break some bones or kill myself.  Suddenly an inspiration hit me.  The rope I had pulled on was just laying there.

I couldn't move my hands much.  I felt for the rope being very carefull not to lose it from my numbing fingers.  I worked the rope up through my fingers untill I had a couple of feet dangling down and then started swinging it back and forth slowly and deliberately until it bumped the string.  It must have been beginners luck.  The string with the key moved around slowly and bumped the side of the board.  I stuck out my fingers and pulled on the string until I had the precious key.

I could hardly find the key hole in my cuffs.  My fingers were not responding and my feeling was almost totally gone.  After what seemed like forever I managed to unlock my cuffs.  Then by leaning forward and pulling on the tail of rope from the slip knot I managed to free my elbows.  Just moving my arms around in front hurt a lot.  I savored my pain and pleasure.  I delighted in it.  I didn't want this to end. 

I turned up the vibrator to maximum and flicked both my nipples as hard as I could and once again reached back and locked on my handcuffs.


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