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The Hired Help’s Play Toy

by Steff

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© Copyright 2015 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; boots; corset; gag; toys; insert; inflate; outdoors; cuffs; stuck; caught; M/f; emb; anal; climax; cons; X

My name is Lynn Bush, no relation to the former president. I grew up near a mountain town in Arizona with my dad. He is a big time nuclear engineer and gets paid big time bucks. We live on a 100 acre plot of land about 10 minutes from a small town of about 1000 people. The land has a stream running through part of it. The flat area has about 30 acres of woods and the rest of the land is mountains. The house, nothing short of a mansion in size is set on the edge of the woods. There is a smaller house on the land built next to the mountain where Rick the grounds keeper and handyman lives. Rick has been working for us since my father employed him from a juvenile rehabilitation program from New York about 8 years ago. Rick turned 18 after working for us about 5 years ago. Since he was such a good worker and turned his life around Dad kept him on.

I spend my time going to college online, exploring the land and self-bondage. Because of my father’s expertise he traveled a lot and since I had turned 18 he started leaving me at home. That gave me lots of time for my unconventional interests. With father’s work schedule I was able to get things delivered to the house without him suspecting anything. Since the house was so large I had my own little wing I had plenty of space to store my ever growing collection of toys. Using my allowance I was able to get a lot of things.

I was kinda sad when my father told me he was going to work on a job for the Navy and he would be gone for a whole year. Due to the classified nature of the work and the fact that he was going to spend about half the time at sea we decided that it would be best if I stayed home. He left a couple of days later. Since it was finals week I was busy however I was looking forward to all the self-bondage time I was going to get. Finally I was finished with my finals and it was time to play.

I woke up the following morning and since it was such a nice day outside I would do some outdoor self-bondage. I waited until Rick left for his part time job then I got started. I started with a red latex catsuit. The suit covered me from my feet to my neck and ended at my wrists. Next I put on matching red latex knee-high boots. These boots didn’t have heels since I wear them outside during bondage sessions and the land around the house was difficult to walk on in heels without being tied up. I stuffed lubed up plugs into my pussy and ass then I zipped the crotch of the suit as much as I could around the inflation hoses. My black latex steel boned corset came next. I was able to lace it tight enough that it took 5 inches off my waist. The top of the corset pushed my breasts up making them stick out. Since I had already tucked my hair into the suit I put the matching red hood on. The hood covered my whole head and face but had openings in the nose and mouth for breathing and openings so I could see. Over the hood and around my neck I put a posture collar on. The collar was tight and ridged enough that I could not turn my head at all.

Once I was dressed it was time to decide on the bondage I wanted. First I stuffed an inflatable cock gag through the hood’s mouth opening into my mouth. I pumped it up until my mouth was really full and I knew I could not remove it. I disconnected the inflator value so I could not deflate the gag until I returned from my walk. I then inflated both the plugs inside my crotch to a level that I knew would get uncomfortable the longer I kept them at that level. I set the computer program that controlled the vibrators to a random setting but to increase the overall intensity after the first 30 minutes. I walked outside but left the door unlocked since I had no keys with me. Lastly I locked cuffs onto my wrists, reached around behind my back, reached up to about mid-back and hooked the cuffs to a waiting lock already hooked to a D ring in the back of my corset. Once both cuffs were in place I closed the lock. My arms were now locked behind my back about half way up to my shoulders until I got back inside the house and to the key.

I started walking toward the woods and after about 10 steps the vibrators turned on inside me. I jumped in surprise but continued my walk. The weather started to turn and it started to rain a little, about the same time the intensity of the vibrators increase drastically. It didn’t take long for them to push me over the edge to my first orgasm. The intensity of the orgasm had me leaning against a tree riding out the wave of pleasure that washed over me.

The orgasm subsided but the vibrations in my crotch did not. I continued to walk further away from the house but the rain increased and so did the intensity of the vibrators. This time the orgasm that rocked me sent me to the ground as my legs gave out. All I could do was struggle, wiggle and twitch as the orgasm continued to work its magic on me. This rocked my sense of reality until all I knew was ecstasy. Finally the orgasm stopped but the vibrators continued with their torment. As I rolled over and attempted to get back to my feet I squeezed the inflation bulbs for the vibrators. They both increased in size as a result. Despite my best efforts I squeezed the bulb twice more before I got to my feet.

After the last orgasm I decided it was time to head home. Unfortunately I did not get far before the vibrators forced another orgasm on me. Again this on sent me to the ground writhing in ecstasy. This orgasm continued for a long time. During that time all I could to do was twitch, wiggle and scream into my gag. The orgasm finally ended as the batteries in the vibrators died. By the time I had recovered enough to think the vibrations had stopped all together. This time by the time I was standing the plugs had inflated enough that they were getting really uncomfortable. I hurried as fast as I could towards home.

By the time I made it back to the house the rain was really coming down and I was glad I had decided to wear latex and not leather today. I walked to the door and when I tried to open it I could not. Since my hands were wet and I could only awkwardly reach the knob with one hand I could not turn the handle. I tried for about 10 minutes before I gave up and decided to wait until the rain stopped and my hands dried.

After about 5 minutes of waiting I noticed Rick’s car pull up the drive heading toward his house. Because of the rain I didn’t hear the car so since I didn’t have time to hide I just stood still hopping he would not see me. I was not that lucky. He looked right at me and then turned the car and parked in front of me. I was glad I had a full faced hood because I knew I was blushing really badly.

Rick got out of the car, ran over to me and asked if he could get that. I nodded then he opened the door and followed me inside.

“Did you do this to yourself?” he asked.

I nodded “yes.”

He circled me a couple of times then said, “I will make you a deal. I will not tell your father about your games if you promise to make sure I am around and in a position to find you if you get stuck again. I will be your safety person.”

Again I nodded “yes.”

“Now since it is still pouring rain outside,” he said as he grabbed one of the inflation bulbs between my legs and squeezed it causing the plug in my pussy to enlarge. “I think I should get to play with my new toy.”

He circled me a few more time before he said, “If this is what you want then nod if not then shake you head and I will stop.”

When I nodded yes he turned me around, bent me over a table and told me to stay. He unzipped the crotch of my catsuit and deflated the plug in my ass. I heard him unzip his pants and then he forcefully shoved his cock into my ass. Because of the force he was using the plug in my pussy shook with each thrust. After just a few thrusts I was getting worked up so when he shot his load into my ass I came at the same time. This orgasm was the most awesome thing I have ever felt. The pleasure was mind numbing and it increased every time Rick thrusted. I just laid there on the table twitching uncontrollable.

When my orgasm finally stopped I felt that the plug had been inserted back into my ass and he was inflating it again. He stopped when I groaned because it was getting painful. Then both vibrators turned on to their highest setting.

“Yes I changed the batteries when you were otherwise occupied,” Rick said. “I also hobbled your ankles so it will take you longer to find and get to your release. I will come over in a few hours and make sure you are free and ok.” He kissed my gagged mouth and walked out.

Like he said my ankles were tied in a hobble so I could only take about 6 inch steps. It took me hours to get across the house, into my playroom and release my wrists. During that time I had 2 more orgasms, each one stronger then the last. Once my arms were free I deflated both the evil devices inside me and removed them. I collapsed on the floor and fell asleep.

I woke up to a sore mouth and realized I had slept still wearing the latex suit and hood plus the gag was still fully inflated. I groaned and got to my feet. I removed the gag and the rest of my outfit. After a long bath I cleaned the stuff I used and began to think about my next adventure and the possibility of getting Rick to tie me up from the start.

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