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His First Mistake

by Jazzman

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© Copyright 2020 - Jazzman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; caught; gag; blindfold; bond; anal; cons; X

With the end of the school year and before any summer camps started, it was hard to do anything sexual with the kids hanging around the house. Finally, summer camp started, my wife and I could play.

One day I was in a mood for some solitary enjoyment. The wife had an appointment that day so I could play. I got the toys out and got naked. First I put on my combo cock ring and ball stretcher. Next I locked cuffs around my ankles and secured them to the foot of the bed. Next a strap around my knees. After laying down and getting comfortable, I locked cuffs around my wrists, then a strap attached to the headboard and attached a pair of handcuffs to the strap. Carefully, I placed the keyring on top of the head board along with my phone. I then gagged myself and put my blindfold on. Then feeling around I looped the handcuff through my wrists cuffs.

There I was secure and enjoying the helplessness. Lost in my thoughts, the phone rings and I jump. This causes the keys and phone to fall off the headboard and out of reach. After struggling to get free, I realized I was stuck and would have to wait for my wife to come back. She unknowingly is my back up. I put a note on the garage door telling her I'm stuck and to rescue me. Her reward was for me to be her play thing.

After what seemed to be hours, I hear my wife's car pull into the driveway. The door opens and then silence. Struggling to hear anything I finally hear the sound of a zipper being pulled. Then someone grabs my dick and my wife is whispering in my ear that I'm a naughty boy and she is going to enjoy herself.

First, she removed the blindfold so I could see her. There she was, a leather goddess. She told me she suspected I was planning something and that she bought the outfit to surprise me. So there she was, a normally submissive person, a dominatrix.

She put the blindfold back over my eyes and started stroking my dick. She then said she was going to enjoy playing with her toy. She pumped my dick faster and faster and just as I was about to cum, she stopped. Once the feeling died down, she started pumping again. She repeated this I don't know how many times, but I was whimpering and begging for relief. She stopped and let me rest, or so I thought.

She releases my legs but then jacks them above my head and attaches them to the head board. So there I was, my ass exposed, waiting for what was to come next. I didn't wait long, for she started to smack my ass. After a while I was begging for her to stop. She did and was rubbing it to soothe it. But that was a trick.

She climbed onto the bed and I felt a stick touch my ass. But it wasn't a stick, it was a rubber dildo. My wife said I have a cute butt and she is going to enjoy fucking it. I begged her not to but being gagged it sounded like go, go not no, no. Slowly she inserted it into my rear end and then pulled it out. Then back in it goes. Back and forth, getting into a rhythm. She grabbed my dick and stroked it. Before too long, I'm cumming all over my chest. Soon after, my wife cums. She then gets off and snuggles up to me. After she recovers, she releases my legs but reattaches them to the foot of the bed. She said she didn't trust me not to play with myself or grab her and tie her up.

So there I was just laying there, exhausted and used, but happy. Soon, she takes the blindfold and gag off. After my eyes get used to the light, I see my wife smiling at me. She said that I should get stuck more often. I replied that she should get stuck.


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