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His Trip

by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; Sbf; chastity; belt; collar; cuffs; chain; rope; noose; stuck; gag; spreader; breast; boots; exercise; torment; mc; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

Ever since Lisa and John married several years ago Lisa has been locked securely in her chastity belt and steel collar. Each has improved over the years until now Lisa’s belt and collar is custom made from stainless steel. The attached thigh cuffs and belt fit her perfectly maintaining complete security from any probing items that might try and penetrate it. When John has to travel for his job he leaves her locked in her steel sometimes adding a chain from her collar to belt in both front and back just to add to her frustrations. The chain makes bending even more difficult than with just the wider than normal waist strap of the chastity belt forcing Lisa to have to use her knees instead of bending at the waist.

When he adds her nipple locks with the thin connecting chain through her pierced nipples and attaches it to the down chain between her collar and belt the constant tugging keeps her moist during his absence. The tugging always makes her extremely horny to have him inside her when he returns. Lisa has always loved being kept under lock and key and constantly craves more restraints adding wrist and ankle cuffs from their large collection during the day making her struggle to complete her daily chores.

When Lisa discovered ballet boots she begged to have some and after several inexpensive pairs John finally had some made for her along with a pair of pony boots that held her feet en-point. Lisa loved the toe boots but didn’t care for the pony boots because they never felt as comfortable and she didn’t like how the pony boots had to be locked on to be worn. The toe boots she could wear until she tired of them and would remove them herself but the pony boots had locks, that like all the keys, only he carried. Once the boots were put on she might be forced to wear them for days before he unlocked them for her. Recently Lisa has been locking her hands together using the d-rings on the wrist and ankle cuffs that John had ordered for her that matched her belt and collar.

The wrist cuffs are never removed any more unless they and the collar are “inappropriate” for where they are going and the ankle cuffs are often locked over her toe boots. When Lisa is in a playful mood she locks short chains through the d-rings on them and forces herself to wear them the whole day until he arrives home to release her. Lisa once locked her hands behind her back causing her to not being able to complete her daily tasks forcing John to leave them locked behind her for three days to teach her a lesson.

While John is on his business trips Lisa would play self bondage games using rope and tape. Making sure she can release herself completely before he arrives home. Lisa knew she had been told not to play while he was gone and would be severally punished if he discovered her playing or worse if she actually got stuck. Lisa sat remembering when she thought she was stuck on the second day of a five day trip and how upset he would have been to find her bound spread eagle to the bedroom door with a tight blind fold and large ball gag shoved deep into her mouth. Lisa had taken four ropes and carefully measured then knotted each before tying them to her cuffs. After placing a noose around her neck and strapping her most powerful vibrator against the steel plate covering her pussy she pulled the ropes behind the door.

Straining she reached over her head letting the weights pull the ropes back as she teetered on her toes and forced the door closed locking the ropes in place forcing her to remain stretched on the other side of it. The plan had been to struggle for awhile then pull her left arm down drawing the rope to the knot allowing her to open the door. When Lisa had tested her trap she had not done it with all the ropes at the same time. Once the extra ropes were caught in the door frame they had caused the door to pinch the ropes much tighter not allowing her to pull her arm down. Lisa struggled playfully enjoying the feeling of the noose being pulled tighter around her throat and pretending she was being slowly hanged. When the strain of her long day of wearing the toe boots and the frustration of another denied orgasm made her knees shake she knew it was time to untie herself.

Lisa pulled at her release rope and nothing happened, tugging and yanking for several minutes until she was grunting and twisting against the ropes. In the process dropping her body to try and use its weight to free the stuck rope she had forgot about the snug noose around her neck and the movement caused it to tighten considerably. Now Lisa was in trouble, she could feel her heart beat in her ears as the blood tried to flow past the snug noose. She could also feel her face get numb and began yanking and pulling again as she stood with her back to the heavy door. She stood with her trembling legs stretched wide apart teetering on her toes with her hands pulled over her head almost reaching the upper corners of the door.

Stopping her struggles to catch her now restricted breath Lisa could feel her legs getting weaker and knew that if she didn’t get them back under her soon she would be forced to take her weight off them. Lisa tried in vain to look up but the blindfold kept her in the dark as she tested just how far she could drop to see if the noose or the cuffs would catch her first.

Letting her legs bend slightly she found the noose tightened only slightly before her cuffs supported her body and she relaxed her shaking legs as she thought about how to free herself. With the vibrator still humming against her steel encased pussy it increased her feelings of arousal as she hung limply from her wrists. She hung until the steel bands around her wrists began to hurt and she once again had to stand on her outstretched toes. Throughout the long night Lisa fought the different pains in her body as she struggled to ease each pain. Drifting off to sleep she yanked the noose as she her head and body fell forward.

Now Lisa was having real problems breathing as she tried to reach for the noose fighting the taunt ropes holding her arms over her head. Gasping and flailing Lisa felt her hands move towards one another as the ropes slid along the top of the door. Stopping her frantic motions to think Lisa began pulling her hands towards one another as she pulled down on them and slowly she could feel her arms dropping.  As the bound woman struggled the sun started to rise but she was still unaware of how much time had passed as she continued to gasp for air past the tight noose slowly choking her. Lisa was almost ready to give up as her strength was fading, but when her arm neared her chest it suddenly dropped. Realizing she could reach the door knob she quickly turned it and fell forward pulling the ropes from behind the door as she fell. After loosening the noose Lisa removed her gag and blind fold realizing how stupid she had been and swore she would never involve another noose in her self-bondage again.

Crawling into bed Lisa slept deeply with the ropes still attached to her cuffs and the vibrator strapped to her pussy until the phone rang. Hearing John on the answering machine she answered it pretending nothing was wrong as she untied the ropes while talking to him. Lisa continued to try to find ways to orgasm while she was belted only succeeding once during all the years she had tried but the thrill of knowing it was possible made her keep trying whenever she could. John’s next trip was going to be for two weeks and she desperately wanted to cum since John had not allowed her any release for the previous month. John instead had been making her satisfy him several times a week with her mouth leaving her locked in steel and unsatisfied. As soon as John told her of the upcoming trip she started working on things she could do while he was gone to achieve an orgasm. John, knowing her very well could tell she was up to something and waited for her to let it slip out what she was planning.

Two weeks before the trip John noticed that Lisa was wearing her cuffs chained together almost every day and figured something was going on when she asked if he would allow her to remain chained while he was gone. John had declined saying it would be too dangerous to leave her helpless for so long. Lisa had even begun implying she would cuff herself when he left and accept the punishment when he returned. In response to her vague threats John quietly ordered some items to make her wishes come true but with a twist. The evening John was supposed to leave he surprised Lisa by saying he would grant her wish and lock her up for the duration of his trip and maybe longer and told her to go into the “dungeon” or the guest room. John told her to put on what he had laid out for her and to wait for him. Lisa jumped up squealing and ran into the dungeon and quickly strapped the panel gag tightly around her face before buckling the blind fold on just as tight. Once she was done with the items Lisa stood on her bare feet waiting for him.

Lisa felt John enter the room and giggled quietly behind the heavy gag as she felt him unlock her wrist cuffs then relock them on to something that she thought was her spreader bar. John hoisted them above her head until she was barely touching the ground and left her to get his “surprises”. What John had used was the new wrist shackle he had ordered, this one had an eight inch square bar that connected the wide circles of steel mounted at an slight angle. The angle made it more comfortable to wear once locked in front or behind and would hold her wrists firmly in place. Lisa hung from the ceiling, excited that she would be restrained for the entire time and hoped it would be as much fun as she thought it would be.

Feeling John unlocking her thigh cuffs she could feel him pull long boots up her legs. The crotch high pony boots would keep her feet encased in the thick leather forcing Lisa to stay on her toes and the heavy leather would make bending her knees more difficult. The thick “hooves” not only raised her another three inches but were heavily weighted inside the platforms. The thick horseshoes made into the bottoms combined with the weights would add an extra twenty pounds to each foot. The thick leather continued up until it just touched her encased pussy where he worked the wide straps under her waist belt keeping them pulled up. John adjusted the tension on Lisa’s arms to keep her stretched while he tightly laced the boots from her crotch to her ankles, locking each metal reinforced strap on the boots until they were squeezing her toned legs firmly.

Lisa could tell she was wearing new boots and that she would be forced to stay on her toes and became slightly worried about being trapped in them for so long. She felt John doing something to her thigh cuffs before relocking the bands of steel around her thighs over the boots making them much tighter than normal.

Next John spread her ankles a few inches and she heard the resounding clicks as he locked the new spreader bar between her ankles. This bar joined the two heavy steel cuffs keeping her ankles about five inches apart with the joints at each end allowing her to “walk”. Lisa was now starting to moan as she realized he had more in store for her than she really wanted but could do nothing to stop him from locking two steel bands around the bases of her breasts making them bulge over the steel. Lisa squirmed in her new restraints while John finished dressing her by removing her normal collar and locking a much wider one around her neck. Lisa could feel the chain attached to it dangling in front of her and tried to struggle as John lowered her arms until he was able to lock the chain to the center of her wrist shackle. Lisa quickly found that the chain limited her movements to less than a foot away from her body and was unable to lower them much past her breasts.

As Lisa moaned and struggled John attached the chains from her collar to waist belt completing her restraints for the duration of his trip. He added the small pad locks to her nipples with a much heavier chain connected to them pulling them towards the floor before turning and leaving the room. Lisa was struggling with her restraints and tried to take a step finding that not only were the thigh cuffs much tighter but they had been locked almost directly together making her upper legs inseparable. She also found that she could only move her feet a few inches before the short bar between them stopped her. When she tried to stabilize herself Lisa found she had no heels on her shoes and almost fell backwards catching herself while she squealed.

The weight of the extra thick steel around her neck and the chains connecting  her neck to her waist forcing her body to remain in correct posture making her feel very top heavy. John had taken his bags to the car while Lisa struggled to remove her blindfold and stared at herself in the mirror feeling her pussy get wetter as she studied herself. Lisa pulled on the chains and looked carefully at her swollen breasts. She saw the pony boots and groaned knowing she would have to wear them until at least he returned when she noticed that she could not see any key holes in the wrist shackles. Looking closer she tried to turn the breast cuffs and could not see any key holes in them either and began to moan and thrash as John stood in the door watching her.

Lisa turned to see him and raised her bound hands trying to plead with him. John said “You wanted to be restrained while I was gone now you are, just now it’s my way”. Lisa moaned behind her gag as John continued “Did you really think I would let you do it the way you wanted?” “Silly girl if you were willing to accept the punishment for chaining yourself then what is the problem?” Lisa tried to step towards him finding it took much more effort to move her hooved feet the few inches she was allowed when John said. “If you are very good I might try to cut the cuffs off when I feel you have suffered enough. I have left you daily chore lists and will be checking on you through my computer to make sure you complete each one so don’t miss any”. With that John kissed her gagged mouth and left Lisa still struggling to remove her gag.

 John drove to the airport chuckling to himself knowing that all the cuffs did indeed have keys. The key holes were placed so that not only would the captive be unable to reach them they also made it hard to see them. Lisa wrestled with the gag for almost an hour after he had left before finally being able to unbuckle the tight straps with her hands held rigidly and spit it out. Lisa stumbled around the room getting used to her limited steps as she twisted and turned inside the steel holding her firmly. After wandering into the house Lisa thought at least she could still move and take care of herself.

Finding her lists she sat down to read them, the chains pulled her tight belt up slightly forcing her to sit perfectly straight. Unable to reach the lists from her chair she read them looking down making the wider collar dig into her neck as she read. The lists included her normal daily chores but also had exercise routines as well and when and where she would sleep describing how she would restrain herself each night that John would be gone. Damn it! Lisa yelled as she knew this would leave her very limited time to be able to “play” with herself.

Continuing to read Lisa found John had thought of everything even how she would relieve and clean herself as she read how to use the modified toilet. She read that he had stocked the freezer with frozen meals and moved the microwave to a lower table so she could reach it. Lisa grunted knowing John knew how much she hated frozen food especially when it was micro waved and figured he would have thought to remove any fresh food and unplug the oven. The fridge was full of drink bottles and pitchers of drinks making it look like she had enough for months making her even more nervous about how long she would be incarcerated.  

Lisa raised her legs and bent them as far as she could seeing that her ankle cuffs did have what looked like key holes and leaned back relieved that he could remove her cuffs when he wanted to. Lisa still believed her wrists and the steel around her breasts and neck would need to be cut off. Lisa also realized that if her ankles could be opened then maybe he didn’t intend to remove her other restraints making her moan slightly as her arousal rose from the thought of being held helpless for the rest of her life.

Lisa was squirming in her seat trying to get comfortable as she became frustrated by her inability to reach her nipples, the rigid cuffs making it impossible for her to get her hands close enough to touch them. Lisa was whining when she realized she would not be able to stimulate or ease the building pain in her breasts and started thrashing in her bonds until the phone rang. Lisa struggled to her feet and hobbled her way to the phone picking it up and hearing his voice saying “Why are you sitting there? Get started!” and hung up.

Lisa hung up the phone confused as she looked around the room spotting a small camera sitting on the top shelf and smiled and gave her master a little sexy pose as she went back to the list and found today’s schedule. She gasped when she found that not only was she to do her normal cleaning and vacuuming she had three exercises to perform, the list said instructions at each station. Lisa immediately started her cleaning chores fighting her new restrictions as she learned how to walk and finding that bending only with her knees only made things much more time consuming as well as having to walk stiff legged in the heavy boots. At the time specified she stepped onto the tread mill noting the modifications he had made to it.  

Reading the instructions while looking around the firmly mounted head harness blocking her view she figured out that she would need to slip her wrist cuffs onto the twin posts sticking up. After placing her hands she would need to bite down on the gag attached in the center of a wide metal band that would close around her head. Dropping her shackles onto the posts first she had to fight the chain attached to her neck to be able to slip the large gag into her mouth. Lisa tried to raise her hands finding the mag lock had already engaged and was unable to raise her hands off the posts so she struggled onto the gag. Leaning back as far as she could she was just able to slip her mouth over it. The gag filled her mouth, almost touching the back of her throat forcing her to bite down hard closing the strap with a clank around her head. The mag lock in the back connecting the ends snugly behind her head and making it impossible for her to pull away from the thick gag. The chain between her neck and wrists was pulled taunt while her elbows rested on the long pads supporting her body as the machine beeped and began moving slowly forcing her to take her limited steps.

Lisa was struggling to find a rhythm for her steps panting and moaning while the relentless machine kept forcing her to stumble and hop to keep up. Lisa was starting to be able to walk with the machine when she noticed the readout on the console saying it was set to run for one mile at variable speeds and would add two tenths of a mile for each rest period and for every minute of rest over two minutes. Lisa gasped and tried to struggle losing pace again as she hopped and skipped until she caught up. She knew there would be no “rest periods” this time because she had not grabbed the pause switch before locking her hands to the bar and could just see it dangling next to the unused handle grip.

After a quarter of a mile Lisa was gasping and moaning as her feet had gotten very heavy and were hurting badly as she toddled along intermittently struggling as she felt her strength fading. Lisa was approaching the half way point when the machine stopped the screen flashing “mandatory rest no distance added”. Lisa stood gasping as the sweat poured down her face and her legs shook and her breasts and nipples slowly stopped bouncing making her wince with each step. Lisa stood with her eyes closed feeling the sweat trickle down her body dripping off her stretched nipples and running inside the leather covering her legs making her feel even more aroused at her helplessness.

The tread mill started again moving slightly faster making Lisa move her bound feet quicker and within a few minutes she was gasping and whining as she struggled to keep up. Plodding along with her eyes closed Lisa was about to quit when the machine stopped and she felt the strap around her head spring open and she was able to raise her hands. Turning slowly she stepped off the machine with trembling legs and stumbled to the fridge and drank an entire bottle of sports drink as she sat at the table resting.

Reading her next duty Lisa finally got up and completed her task before heading to her next exercise station and carefully read the instructions before stepping into the automated rowing machine. Wiggling her hips until the seat pulled down on her and she reached for the “oars”. John had modified them to set closer together so she could reach them and Lisa noticed the mag locks attached to the handles. As soon as the steel around her wrists got near the oars they jumped to her hands and Lisa could no longer let go of them. Lisa placed her feet on the pedals realizing quickly that the horseshoes on the bottoms of her boots were now stuck as well when the machine started.

Lisa’s ass moved backwards as her hands were pulled forwards and she felt her legs drawn tight away from her body. After a few strokes Lisa was gasping , she had read if she did not give some resistance then each stroke would not count. She had begun to fight the pedals and oars and could see the counter begin to count down her strokes.

Lisa was pleased she did not have a gag because the bending and twisting made her breathe heavier than the treadmill and she didn’t know if she could have completed her exercise if she had been gagged. Lisa struggled with the machine for almost two hours before the counter reached zero and all the mag locks released. She leaned back and panted for several minutes until another beeping started. Lisa forced herself to her feet and drug them to the next machine.

The stair stepper had been sitting in the corner for years she had never used it and now it was beeping at her with a message must start in one minute and was counting down. Lisa quickly read the instructions and stepped onto the paddles feeling her feet being held firmly the second she stepped up on to it. Slipping the large phallus into her mouth and hearing the strap slam closed around her head she slid her cuffed wrists over the two pins and felt them being pulled down. The machine beeped again and said ten minutes added for delay of start time. Lisa grunted at the machine when it said go and the timer showed twenty minutes plus ten.

Lisa started pumping the steps and grunting at each pump from the effort it took her to move them having to stand completely on one foot to bring her weight to bear on the paddle for each down stroke. After ten minutes she was spent, gasping and drooling around the large gag as it choked her while it held her head firmly in place. Stopping to rest the machine prompted her to keep moving giving her a count of ten then it would add another ten minutes.   

Lisa fought through her exercises and was finally allowed to get something to eat and drink when something started beeping in the bedroom, she waddled her way to it and saw the clock on the guest bed counting down to bedtime. Lisa read the clock and it said thirty minutes to bed time. Lisa cursed John wondering why he was having her go to bed so early but rushed to the bathroom and cleaned herself out making back just in time to see the timer run out and say sleep only no pleasure. She grunted at it and lay down slipping the bar between her feet into the small clasp at the foot of the bed and making sure her collar was lying on the bar at the other end when the lights went out. Lisa tried to sit up and found the bar at the head of the bed was a mag lock and now held her neck firmly in place as did the small latch at the foot not allowing her to move.

Waking the next morning by the damn beeping Lisa stumbled out of bed and tried to stretch but found she could not due to the chains holding her so she went to the kitchen and fixed some breakfast. Lisa sat eating until she heard something beeping again and went to find it. The damn vacuum was beeping so she grabbed it and after wrestling her restraints to plug it in she vacuumed the house putting it away just in time to be beeped at again by the tread mill. This time she carried a bottle of water with her and grabbed the stop switch, only needing to stop it once before she finished. She carried on with her duties getting paged by different machines and cleaning equipment during the day until she went to bed even more exhausted then the day before.

By the end of the first week Lisa had adapted to her routine and was now finishing each exercise easier and quicker and even felt better about her chains. Laying in bed waiting for the mags to lock her down Lisa heard a beeping and looked at the screen saying one pleasure session earned. She had no idea what that meant and looked again as it said time starts now and suddenly the inert phalluses inside that had been driving her crazy all week and keeping her on the edge of a climax during each of her exercises came to life. Slowly they built intensity then started pulsing at different speeds until she was gasping and twisting in her chains as her orgasm exploded through her body leaving her screaming and thrashing on the bed.

Lisa was ecstatic as she lay in the afterglow purring and thanking John for being so good to her. The next day all the machines had increased their work out times making her struggle to finish each and exhausting her completely. Again by the end of the week she had once again mastered the machines and her chores and was rewarded again. John had called to congratulate her and they chatted briefly before he said bedtime and she hung up and dashed to the bed. Lisa lay waiting to go to sleep and thought about the next week and wondered how much the machines would increase waking the next morning and finding out that everything had now doubled and she would spend most of her day on the machines.

Lisa was now walking, rowing or stepping for six hours a day and cleaning the rest of the time. Lisa wanted to beat the machines and receive her reward but the treadmill kept taking her too long and when it was time for her reward she waited all night and got none. The next day the machines had increased her time again and she spent eight hours a day on them desperately trying to beat them but she was only just completing her chores before bedtime and was more exhausted each day. Waking the beginning of the forth week Lisa stopped to think it had been over the time John was to be gone. She began to worry figuring she had been alone a week longer than he had planned but when she heard the beeping she automatically went to whatever was calling her and performed like she had been trained to.

Now the machines were getting easier for her and she could actually jog in her boots and shackles beating all the machines the second day and receiving her reward she had been missing. Lisa’s life was now all about waking working out and sleeping only once a week did she vacuum. Her bathroom breaks were now once a day along with her meal times and at the end of the second month she stopped to look at herself. She could see her muscles were very pronounced in her arms and she could even see the muscles in her legs through the boots.

Lisa thought of nothing else but working out and sleeping for another two weeks, ignoring the phone when it rang not caring and not having the time to check messages. Finally John was there one morning and watched her ignore him and begin her routine, John followed her and watched in amazement her trim toned body work out finally stopping her in between machines and forcing her to look at him. He watched her face finally show some recognition as she smiled and asked where he had been but pulled away as the machine beeped and continued her workout. John reprogrammed all the machines to give her time in between so he could talk to her and explain. Lisa didn’t want to hear anything, she immediately dropped to her knees and started giving him head sucking him dry just as the next machine called her. John was stunned but let her continue to work out each day and service him when he wanted unsure if he should stop her training or not.

As the months continued to roll on Lisa still wore her chains and boots. John would have to slip her something to make her sleep deeply so he could remove the boots and clean her. She once woke up without her restraints and acted like a wild person until he locked her back up. As the months continued John had added an O-ring gag that was big enough to fit around his cock and the gags of the machines and Lisa wore it without complaint. Lisa’s body was now very muscular as her workouts increased each day, she no longer felt her breasts hurting or even noticed when John added weights to her wrists and around her ankles. All she wanted was to work out and get her reward. John stopped her one day and said he wanted to make love to her but when he tried to remove her belt she fought him. Lisa desperately trying to get to his cock so she could suck it but he stopped her and returned her to her work out.

John was desperate he wanted his wife back the amusement of her being chained all the time was gone and now he wanted to break her habit of using the machines. One night while she slept he removed all her restraints and her chastity belt, replacing her boots with some very tall high heels and forced her body into a tight leather sleep sack. John pulled the straps very tight then placed a tall very firm posture collar on her and filled her mouth with a large gag. Lisa awoke and struggled until she blacked out and that cycle repeated itself for days. John monitored her closely giving her food and drink when she would get too weak to struggle and by the second week she was starting to return to normal.

Lisa had agreed to remain calm if John let her free of the sleep sac so while she was sleeping John removed her from it using leg shackles and an arm binder to keep her under control. Lisa spent the next day able to move about the house but always drifting to the locked door of the “gym”. Lisa spent another week in the arm binder and shackles and other than still going to bed early and wanting to wear her pony boots all the time she was back to her normal submissive self.

John returned to work leaving her trapped in her arm binder, chastity belt and shackles for another week before she finally convinced him she was ok to release. After she had fucked his brains out still wearing the arm sleeve he was convinced she was ok. John felt extremely bad for what he had put her through and when he told her he was no longer going to lock her up while he was gone she broke down and begged him not to leave her.

John tried to explain he wasn’t leaving her but she was panicking so he did as she asked and locked her hands and ankles together leaving her pony boots on and gagged tightly during the day. Lisa had started cooking again and cleaning the house being the perfect servant that she and John had always wanted her to be and on her days off she would beg for the arm sleeve and larger gag. They spent the rest of their lives together, her bound constantly and even was allowed to start using the machines again keeping her perfect body firm. Lisa always made sure John was satisfied when he wanted her and John using the vibrating reward system on her when she deserved it, both happy with her service and the training she now craved every day.      


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