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Hogtie Admission

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Angie lay in her favorite position thinking about the conversation with Jim she had yesterday, as she pants around the large ball gag she had strapped tightly between her teeth. Angie tries to look around even though she was wearing the rubber blindfold and smiling as she tugged at the rope connecting her wrists to her ankles wondering how long she has before the cutters will drop nearby. She couldn’t help but still feel slightly embarrassed at the admission of her favorite bondage position or the fact that she had told him so freely and so quickly after meeting him.

Jim had a way of making people feel very comfortable around him, when he wanted them to, and she had liked him from the first time they met. Jim had asked her about the artwork on her arm as he admired her petite body and firm ass under the tight skirt she wore, and she told him the story behind the picture of the beautiful woman dressed all in black. Yesterday they had met again when they both had stepped outside to smoke and starting chatting, him sitting on the top of the stairs looking down at her through the steel bars of the railing. While he sat looking at her he smiled broadly and when she asked him what he was smiling at he said he thought she looked good behind bars.

Angie blushed since she had been having the same thought about the bars imagining them the bars of a cage and that she was locked inside with him sitting close to it teasing her with the key. Jim quietly asked “If he could ask her a personal question?” Angie looked at the toes of her high heels and very quietly uttered “Yes, ok, what do you want to know?” thinking he would ask her about her cup size or something like that. “What’s your favorite position to be bound in?” he asked quickly looking straight in her eyes with no emotions showing on his face.

Angie was staring straight into his eyes lost in them as she said “Hogtie”. Jim smiled and nodded his head making her shift her weight and look down again as she wondered why did she just admit that. Jim came down the steps and stood very close to the now very nervous girl and asked, “I had hoped you liked those type of things, now do you just like to be hogtied or is there something you dream about how it’s done?” Staring into her eyes again he had her transfixed with his eyes and she began telling him what she dreamed about.

Angie’s dreams were simple but very detailed and he stood looking at her face while she admitted to him what she had always wanted and how she wanted to be tied. Jim listened carefully, smiling as she shifted her weight on her spiked heels as she nervously talked about how tight she wanted it to be and that she hoped she could stand the tension for the length of time she had asked to be left tied and struggling. Jim listened until she was finished and smiled as he turned back towards the steps and said “Maybe one day I can make you dream come true” and disappeared into the door leaving Angie staring at the closed door thoroughly aroused and stunned that he had just walked off.

Angie groaned around the gag, the pain from her nipple clamps snapping her out of her thoughts as she arched her back a little further to ease the pressure on her breasts. Angie had not seen him today and wondered where he was or if she had scared him away. The thoughts of what they had talked about made her horny all day so when she got home she stripped all her clothes off before taking the largest ice block she had already frozen two loops of rope into from the freezer. She tied her safety scissors to one end then reached up and hung the ice release from the ceiling hook in the living room.

Running to her bedroom Angie opened her toy chest and sat looking at her equipment taking in the aroma of the leather and latex packed neatly inside and pulled out the transparent latex panties and her vibrator. Angie stood and slid the vibrator deep inside her damp pussy, humming quietly as it slipped in easily then pulled the panties up her toned legs and snugged them against her pussy sealing the vibrator inside herself.

Quickly grabbing the clover clamps she pinched her firm nipples with the hungry clamps behind the piercings going through her nipples she then pulled on the chain connecting them seating them firmly into her soft flesh. Looking at herself in the mirror she stroked her aroused body as she studied herself. Her breasts were not large but she enjoyed their firmness and for only one reason she wished they were bigger, so she could bind them and watch them bulge and turn colors like ones she had seen on the internet. Angie couldn’t afford implants and was unsure if she really wanted them that much anyway. Now that she had her nipples pinched tightly and her pussy filled Angie picked up the premeasured lengths of rope she used regularly. She always liked the soft yet firm rope and the way it was easily knotted. Sitting on the edge of the bed she tied her ankles together.

After looping it several times around her ankles she ran the ends under the arches of her high heels then used those ends to cinch the loops tightly. Angie wrapped more around her legs above and below her knees cinching each tight before tying several knots keeping them in front and out of reach once her hands were tied behind her back. With her legs tied tightly together she wiggled back to the chest and withdrew the gag and blindfold. Sitting on her folded legs she arranged the pre-tied loops of the soft rope behind her wishing she could bind her elbows together.

Angie had never been happy with the results when she tried to do herself so she settled for having her wrists tied and cinched tightly to her ankles. Stuffing the large ball behind her teeth and pulling on the strap until she is sure it wouldn’t slip. Angie wrapped the thick rubber blindfold around her head buckling the strap holding it tightly against her eyes before taking the second strap that fit under her ears and buckling it even tighter. The thick rubber of the blindfold would block out all light and being pulled this tight makes it impossible to rub it off her head.

Reaching back Angie struggled to get her hands into the loops of the soft rope making sure the locking slip knotted rope already connected to her ankles stayed over the loops. With the slip knot in between her wrists once her wrists were inside the loops she could twist the rope connecting her wrists to her ankles closing the loop between them. Angie slipped the other wrist into the remaining loop and pulled hard on the rope cinching it as she twisted and pulled harder on the rope until it had been drawn tight trapping her wrists tightly together. The loops trapped her hands with one palm facing out and the other facing in. Angie moaned as she felt the rope tighten and tried to twist her wrist so it was facing the other but the rope had already cinched her too tightly to allow her to turn her hand. She knew she was stuck like this until she wiggled her way to her release and hoped she wouldn’t have to wait too much longer for them to drop.

Angie was now hogtied sitting on her folded legs and leaned forward bringing her bound feet off the floor as she stretched her fingers to reach the remote for the vibrator. She liked this vibrator partly because it’s remote was smooth and without looking at it she couldn’t tell what button she was pressing. It had also been made like a key fob so she could attach it to a bungee cord that she would hook low enough to reach. Angie could reach up unhooking it then pull it down but when she let go it would pull away from her and stay out of her reach.

Grabbing the remote while she was balanced on her knees then leaning back Angie thumbed it several times. As the pointed toes of her high heels hit the floor one shifted to the side making her loose her balance and roll to one side stretching the bungee cord as she fell. The cord stretched until it yanked the remote out of her fingers and held it several feet above the floor. Angie grunted as her shoulder hit the floor, and quickly rolled onto her stomach pressing hard on her clamped nipples.

Whining around the ball wedged deep into her mouth she pulled herself into a tighter arch to relieve the pressure on her breasts and tested her bonds. Angie pulled and yanked on the ropes sinking all the knots and wide bands of rope into her skin. She found she had done her normal expert job of restraining herself and was stuck in a snug hogtie. The heels of her tied on shoes were just over her wrists keeping her shoulders pulled back and her welded together legs folded over straining the ropes that she had cinched so tightly.

Angie settled into the ropes and relaxed her body and slumped in the forced arch. After the stabbing pain from her nipples faded some Angie could feel the vibrator running on its lowest setting and moaned loudly. She started pulling on her bindings violently knowing she would not be able to have the multiple orgasms she had hoped she would be forced to have and in turn it would make her time in bondage feel much longer.

Realizing she could do nothing to change the vibrator settings, knowing it had been pulled well out of her reach, she settled back down and lay gasping thinking “Well at least I will have a huge orgasm once I’m free”. When she remembered having used the large ice block and that meant she would be teased and kept near an orgasm for four to five hours instead of the one or two hours she normally would be trapped. Whining again she struggled for several minutes before relaxing and hanging limply in the ropes panting accepting that she was stuck and would have to deal with her frustration.

Angie struggled for over two hours blindly moving her bound body towards the place where the scissors should be dropping. Her frustration from the weak vibrator and the ropes holding her in the hogtie making her moan as she inched her way along. Adding to her frustration the chain for her clamps would get caught under her every foot or so pulling on the tender buds pinched so tightly by the cruel jaws of the clamps. This would force her to roll to one side and try to flip the chain up as high as possible then roll onto her stomach and wiggle herself forward until the chain pulled tight again.

The constant struggle with the ropes and chain had made her sweat profusely. The constant frustration had made her stop several times and struggle desperately until she was out of breath then lay almost weeping and whining around the large ball filling her mouth out of extreme sexual frustration. Lying quietly after another bout with the chain Angie was wishing she had worn one of her collars and attached the chain to it keeping it out from under her body.

Angie began dreaming about Jim standing over her whipping her not letting her rest prodding her to keep moving. She dreamed of how much harder it would be to move with her elbows tied tightly and her hands pulled tightly down between her ass cheeks. Her building orgasm suddenly slammed into her body making her fight desperately until her body tensed. Angie screamed into the gag until she laid motionless and purring exhausted by the huge orgasm.

Angie was completely spent and had lost all her bearings. When she finally had enough strength to move again she righted herself and thought about the slow buzzing of the vibrator making her frustration feel like it would never stop building. The thought of being tormented forever forced her to scream into the gag and thrust herself forward pulling hard on the clamps. The pain making her wince as she tried to make the clamps pull off but was unable to stand the pain of them pulling on her piercings and had to roll over. Lying on her side again and letting her tender nipples spring back up and grunting as she rolled over onto her pinioned arms. She continued the roll until she hit a table and stopped to figure out where she was. Knowing what direction she needed to go Angie began worm crawling to her release point.

Angie had been bound well over five hours when she reached the spot where her release should have been and lay panting on her side. The clamps had shifted again and were now pulling her nipples to one side and were screaming with pain as her sweat covered chest heaved. Angie was too exhausted to care and lay struggling slightly in her dark world against the ropes that now felt much tighter as she waited for the scissors to drop unaware they had already dropped.

Angie’s orgasm was so close but she could do nothing to push it over the edge and lay grunting wondering how long she had been bound. Her hands were pulling at her bonds searching frantically behind her, as she flexed her body. The bound girl slowly pivoted around in a tight circle when her hand felt the thick rope hanging from the ceiling and quickly pulled the scissors up to her waiting hands.

With only one hand facing the correct direction Angie fought to cut the rope holding her hands so close to her ankles and grunted a sigh of relief when her legs finally fell back away from her hands. Twisting and pulling against the coils surrounding her sore wrists she pulled her hands free of them. Reluctantly reaching around and quickly unclipping the clamps from her nipples yelling loudly as the pain surged from each one and laying back and whining until the pain faded.

With her hands free Angie drug her welded together legs back to the bed room still wearing her gag and blindfold. She reached up grabbing the remote and started to press the buttons until her pussy was being shaken violently. The desperately horny girl reached behind her stuffing her free hand back into the coils twisting them making the coils tighten. She rolled and cried as her climax quickly washed over her body making her scream in ecstasy until she felt it slipping away. Angie collapsed after the orgasm and fell asleep still bound and gagged completely sated. The vibrator hummed inside her for another thirty minutes before fading away leaving her asleep in peace.

Angie awoke struggling with the ropes then untwisted her wrist coils and pulled her hands free of it removing the tight rubber over her eyes and prying the large ball out of her mouth. Sitting on the floor rubbing her sore jaw for a few minutes before untying her legs and dashing to the bathroom to remove the inert vibrator and relieved herself. Before climbing into bed Angie wrapped her thick posture collar around her neck slipping a lock through its keeper then used her leather stirrups to lock the high heels on again. Angie was almost ready for bed as she strapped the waist belt of her leather chastity belt around her and pulled it tight.

Before pulling the crotch strap through she eased her rubber panties down and slipped another vibrator with its attached battery pack/controller into her pussy then pulled the panties back up. Angie yanked the crotch strap tight making sure it separated her ass cheeks and pressed deeply into her rubber covered pussy before locking the two straps together. Laying back smiling Angie knew she would have to go to work tomorrow and get the keys to open her leather items. Since no one is ever there on a Saturday and she had done much worse before she was not worried about getting caught and fell asleep dreaming of the drive to work.

* * *

Angie woke later than she had wanted to but quickly dressed in a short leather skirt and loose blouse. Before slipping another lock through the top button hole of her shirt she clamped her nipples again and locked the chain to her collar. Angie closed her shirt and locked the collar of it making it very difficult to remove the clamps and slipped into her car and drove to work. Arriving Angie was worried when she found the main gate that she didn’t even know still worked was closed forcing her to park in the busy street.

She checked her appearance in the mirror and swung her locked on high heels out of the car door hoping no one would notice and walked as quickly as she could in the heels and tight skirt towards the buildings front door. Half way to the door she saw a group of people forming in front of the door so she turned right and headed down the alley. It was a much longer walk but maybe she could avoid the people on the street as she walked as quickly as she could.

The rear door was getting close when suddenly she heard someone calling her name, looking up she saw Jim standing on the steps smiling at her. Angie blushed and slowed her pace waving at him as she shook her hair forward hoping to cover the tall collar and walked to the back door of her building saying “I’ll be right back”. Angie struggled with the door lock before finally opening the door and ducking into the darkened building.

Angie headed towards the break room to retrieve her ice cube with the key inside it when she heard something and stopped and listened. Hearing it again she walked quietly towards the noise and screamed when Jim popped up from around the corner. Angie jumped back before realizing who it was and hoped the darkness of the shop would cover her collar poking out of the locked on blouse. Angie asked him what he was doing in here Jim answered “I wanted to talk to you and also get a closer look at that collar”.

Angie blushed as her hands instantly went to her neck trying to cover the thick leather when he moved behind her lifting her hair and tugging gently on the lock before stepping back in front and saying “I was hoping you would let me make that dream of yours come true”. Angie shook her head smiling answering “What now?”. “Sure, why not no one is going to be here anytime soon are they, and besides looks like you have already started without me” Jim answered.

Angie turned away walking towards the break room wanting to say yes but also wanting to remove the leather items she was already wearing before letting Jim see her body. Angie was scared if he found out the way she was sealed inside the leather and latex it would be too much for him and he would pull away. Angie also wanted to be helplessly bound tightly in her favorite position. Angie continued to debate the situation as she walked away from him finally turning to speak and couldn’t see him anywhere.

Angie frowned thinking he had left and went to the break room and searched the cluttered freezer for the small block of ice. Unable to find the cube Angie went to turn on the lights and squealed again as she saw Jim sitting in one of the chairs smiling. “What are you looking for?” he asked. Angie smiled and shook the lock at the back of her neck, “In the freezer?” he asked surprised “Yes, I froze it last week and now I need it to remove the collar” she answered.

Jim smiled again and said “Well I think you can wait awhile” and swung a large coil of white rope onto the table. Angie smiled shifting her weight again as she began to get aroused by the idea of him tying her up at work. “If we are going to do this here there has to be rules” she stated. “I’m listening” he responded as he started to un coil the rope. “First if anyone comes in you have to release me right away, second if at anytime I sing or hum happy birthday you have to stop and release me, and third you can leave no marks that can’t be covered up and nothing permanent”. Jim smiled and said “Agreed” they both stood staring at each other until he stood up and said “Undress” Angie smiled and said “I can’t” as she pulled on the lock in the collar of her blouse.

Jim walked up and quickly yanked the collar open and said “Now you can”. Angie winced from the pain in her nipples from him pulling on the chain to the clamps. “Get undressed” he said again more firmly this time making her start to unbutton the rest of the blouse and pull it from her body revealing her clamped and pierced breasts. The tight skirt was next and as she stood up he noticed the chastity belt set deep into her rubber covered pussy and smiled as he walked around her inspecting her from all angles. Jim asked “I suppose the key for this is in the freezer too?” Angie nodded “No” lying when she said “Home”. He pulled the control for her vibrator out from under the crotch strap and looked at her asking “Kind of defeats the point of the belt doesn’t it?” she said “It’s a reward if I make it all the way home without releasing anything”.

Jim smiled and said “I think you’ll earn that reward today”. Jim took a coil of rope and walked behind her and started wrapping it around her elbows and gently pulled them until they were touching. He was waiting on her to say something to stop him from pulling them so close together but she said nothing.

He continued to pull on the rope before wrapping them several more times and cinching the rope then knotting them tightly. Angie was standing perfectly still, her eyes closed and head leaned back slightly savoring the feeling of her arms being tied so tightly together. She felt Jim wrapping the long ends over her shoulders and crossing them under her breasts then being pulled tight eliminating any possibility of the ropes slipping down her arms.

Jim moved to her ankles and tied them tightly together repeating the procedure four more times as he moved up her legs welding them together. Jim wrapped several coils around her chest above her breasts pulling them very tight before wrapping the loose ends over her shoulders back to the ropes behind her. Repeating with wrapping more ropes around her chest under her breasts pulling the rope so tight that Angie gasped as the air was forced out of her lungs. Jim tied the ropes over her shoulders again before stepping in front of her and smiling at her serious face and closed eyes. He forced three short ropes under the wide bands running across her chest and pulled each until the bands were pinching her breasts forcing them to bulge out from the tight ropes.

Angie moaned out loud as she felt the pressure of the ropes squeezing her small breasts hoping he was planning to use the ropes to complete her arm tie like she had dreamed about. She didn’t think there was a way to use her small breasts as an anchor point for her hands but hoped he would try. Jim tightened the ropes further and knotted them watching her firm breasts begin to change color and moved behind her again. Jim began wrapping more rope around her wrists cinching them tightly together then taking the long tails and pulling them up to the ropes cinched tightly around her chest.

Jim pulled them hard as he tied them to her chest ropes pulling her hands tight towards her pussy forcing her to arch her back slightly. Angie moaned again as she felt her hands being pulled down and pulled on her arms and felt the rope pull on her breasts and smiled thinking he had found a way to make her breasts able to be used the way she wanted. Jim walked around the thoroughly bound woman teetering on her tall high heels.

Jim watched her panting as she struggled slightly in the ropes holding her then reached for her and sat her in a chair saying “Wait right here” and walked off leaving Angie helplessly bound sitting in a chair in the darkened shop. Angie tried to look down but the tall collar would not allow her to see her bound breasts as she wiggled and twisted trying to find a weakness in the ropes and finding none. Each time she flexed her body the rope between her legs running to the ropes around her wrists would pull harder on her bound breasts. Her breasts were starting to throb making her forget the clamps still pinching her nipples that stood out proudly from her bulging breasts.

After a few minutes Jim returned and said “It’s not what I would normally use but it will work” as he showed her the large roll of black tape he had in his hand. Jim sat her up straight in the chair and peeled some off the roll pulling her hair into a tight pony tail and used the tape to hold it firmly on top of her head. Peeling several more strips off the roll he used them to seal her mouth shut and then put two over her eyes.

Angie tried to twist her head to get him to stop when he covered her eyes but he continued telling her if she didn’t stop he would make it worse only encouraging her to struggle harder. He took the roll and started wrapping her head with the tape covering her eyes and moving down until her whole face was covered. Jim continued to wrap under her chin and over her head until only her nose and the long pony tail was left uncovered forcing her to gasp through flared nostrils. He tore off the roll and said “There now I think you are ready” and raised her up laying her on the cold floor on her bulging and clamped nipples causing her to whine through her nose and try to struggle onto her back.

Jim held her on her stomach and quickly pulled her welded together legs up towards her firm ass. Jim looped the rope from her ankles through the ropes around her elbows. He began cinching them together until Angie was grunting from the severe arch she was being forced into. Once Jim had her legs immobilized he continued to feed more rope through the ropes on her legs and chest increasing the tension on her body.

After Jim had her legs secured completely he rolled the grunting and struggling girl onto her side. Jim pulled the rope connecting her wrists to her breasts tighter making her arch even further. The added tension increased her helplessness noticeably as he rolled her back onto her stomach crushing her bound breasts under her weight. Angie was now in full fight mode and lay yanking and pulling on the ropes until she was exhausted and lay panting.

Jim watched her struggling from a nearby chair and when Angie calmed down Jim told her when she reached the wall directly in front of her he would turn on the vibrator. He added if she didn’t move fast enough he would use whatever he could find to punish her for not trying. Angie heard him but was lost in her own thoughts of finally being bound stringently by someone as she flexed her arms and legs feeling she had almost no movement available to her.

Angie smiled under the tape covering her face feeling she had achieved her dream and suddenly it hit her she had not set a time limit but was relieved when she remembered her safety. Angie began to struggle hopefully towards the wall, Jim swatted her bare flesh with the handle of the fly swatter making her squeal under the tape each time he hit her. When Angie finally hit the wall with her head and felt him turn the vibrator on but constantly turning it up and down teasing her into a fit of frustration. She muffed and groaned desperately trying to push herself over the edge cursing Jim for not letting her cum. After an hour passed of him teasing her he gave her another challenge and told her if she completed this one he would guarantee she would be allowed to cum.

Angie listened to his challenge shaking her head no after the first words were, “after I leave”. Angie did not want to be left alone completely helpless and naked in her work place and vigorously shook her head no. Jim finished saying what he wanted her to do and then added “You seem to think you have a choice in this, I wasn’t asking, you will do this or you will be right here Monday when everyone comes in”.

Angie could hear his footsteps fade as he walked away from her leaving her humming and shaking her head. After a few minutes of struggles she knew she could not get out of his ropes and started slithering towards the office he had ordered her to go to. The thought of being helpless, truly helpless and being ordered to do something and having absolutely no choice appealed to Angie. She squirmed and wiggled her way forwards each pull on the ropes connecting her legs to her elbows reminding her of how helpless she was. The ropes running between her legs were sending waves of pleasure though her distracting and arousing her further.

Even the tight rope splitting her pussy that was so painful at first now seemed to be a friend as it rocked back and forth teasing her. As her submissiveness swelled inside her she continued struggling not for freedom but to please him. Angie heard someone talking and froze, only her panting could be heard as she strained to hear what was being said. She could make out “emergency” then heard “call everybody”. “Shit!” Angie mumbled under the tight tape not having any idea of what kind of emergency might have happened that everyone would need to be called in. Angie was in panic mode her mind raced as her body fought to free itself only making all the knots tighter as she pulled and yanked desperately fighting for freedom.

Angie’s mind was spinning with what ifs and she had to think of something to say. Angie began to think up lies remembering the office he had ordered her to go to was not used by anyone at this time. She thought if she could get there she might be able to hide until everyone goes home. Squirming and twisting harder Angie bumped her way along the wall until she felt the opened door and pushed and rolled herself into it.

Angie still had no idea if anyone had seen her or if they were standing above watching her struggle or not but she rolled over again ignoring her nipples screaming with pain. Finding the door she pushed it until it closed leaving her inside what she hoped was the empty office and out of sight. Angie struggled to get herself as comfortable as she could trying to remember if there was any furniture in this office or not.

Jim had told her he would be watching through the open blinds of the office and when he saw her I would come and release her but only after he turned her vibrators on high and let her orgasm a few times. Now Angie hoped he didn’t see her because she couldn’t remain quiet if she was forced to orgasm and she knew she would because the whole experience had aroused her almost to an orgasm already.

Angie laid still panting and listening for any strange noises when she felt her pussy start to vibrate slowly. Angie grunted under the layers of tape as she started to struggle again. After a few minutes of struggling Angie could feel her pussy start to shake harder and she shook and tossed her head back and forth while she grunted “ooo…OOOO”. Angie knew he had to be near to start the vibrator and couldn’t understand why he hadn’t seen her coworkers but quickly lost track of her thoughts as he turned it up again making her moan and shudder as her orgasm grew very close.

Angie was thrashing and moaning loudly as the orgasm washed over her restrained body forcing her to pull and yank on the ropes making the climax seem to go on forever. Angie was lying gasping, her energy spent from her orgasmic struggles and all she could think about now was her breathing. Angie continued to pant through her nostrils as she started to wonder why he wasn’t releasing her. Forgetting about her coworkers Angie started moaning and struggling while she twisted and turned on the floor banging herself against the wall and door.

Angie was getting exhausted and still had to get home to release herself and whined while she desperately tried to get any of the ropes loose. Several hours later Angie still lay on the floor, she was now motionless as she had been for days it seemed to her and was trying to figure out what had happened. Suddenly she felt herself being picked up and stuffed into a large bag then quickly carried out of the office then the building. Angie was freaking out thinking someone was stealing her while she was helpless to stop them and grunted and thrashed in the bag after she felt herself being dropped onto the floor.

Jim slammed the trunk closed and ran to his door and sped off with his captive in the trunk. He drove for about twenty minutes before parking his car in the garage and yanking Angie out of the trunk. Jim carried her bound body into his house dropping her on the floor and grabbing a beer from the fridge and sat down next to the squirming bag. “Well that sucked!” he exclaimed loud enough for her to hear him through the layers of tape. “You want to get out yet?” he asked her next. Angie twisted and whined she did so he unceremoniously dumped her out of the stifling bag and watched her roll to her side then back on her stomach.

The clamps held firm as she whined and rolled back and forth only calming when she felt his hands on her legs holding her upright. Jim made short work of the ropes holding her legs together carefully unfolding each and messaging the feeling back into them. Lifting Angie to her feet he guided the still bound and hooded girl to a chair and asked if she wanted her head uncovered. Angie enthusiastically shook her head she did and Jim began the slow process of removing the tape from her head.

An hour later Angie sat blinking as her eyes got used to the light, her mouth was still tightly sealed and her arms were still welded together and tied tightly to her back. Angie looked around and saw Jim coming from the bathroom and moaned and twisted in her seat. “Calm down” Jim said. “Let me explain then I will release you” Angie growled behind the tape over her mouth and sat back to listen. Jim told her about the others coming in and making it impossible for him to free her and how he had to wait until they were all gone before he could come get her.

Angie sat listening only waiting until he freed her and she was going to smack the shit out of him. When she heard him say he had to break in and steal her out of the business before the cops showed up. Angie sat panting through her nose as he finished his story and apologized and reached up and removed the tape sealing her mouth. Jim gave her some water and asked if she was mad, Angie croaked she was until she heard the whole story. The two sat looking at each other before Angie leaned onto Jim’s shoulder and asked if he would make her cum again.

Jim started to untie her arms but Angie pulled away, looking down she asked if she could keep her arms tied. Jim smiled and said “Yes and much more if you would like” Angie smiled back and said “I would like whatever pleases you”. The two spent the rest of the weekend with Angie still bound while they made love and within a few months Angie moved in with Jim and was now kept tightly tied more than she wasn’t loving every minute she spent with him bound or not. Jim kept her hogtied as much as possible knowing her affection for the position and over time Angie could hold the tightest hogtie he could place her in overnight and never felt as cared for and loved as she did when he would fall asleep with his hand across her arched back leaving her to struggle to find a comfortable way to spend the night in her tight hogtie.

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