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A Hogtied Journey

by Gstyle

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© Copyright 2011 - Gstyle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; zipties; collar; corset; gag; hood; nipple; hogtie; torment; anal; toys; climax; true; cons; X

So I began my little session by putting on my pantyhose, corset, and of course my 6" heel knee high boots. Having laid everything out I decided to use the ice-key-stocking release mechanism and set the drop area on the other side of the room... time to start the fun!

First I began by making a bikini-style harness tie around my chest.... after which I just couldn't help but put my clover clamps on.... I didn't plan to use them during my session but I figured as long as I'm just getting started, I'm naughty and deserve the punishment anyway. I continued to lay out the toys to tie myself up, and suddenly got a bright idea... running to my toy box I grabbed my 6” dildo and a wooden dowel, added some tape and presto, a dildo on a stick.

Taking my spreader bar, I attached the dildo on a stick to it in a perpendicular fashion making a "t" and then set that aside for the very, very near future.

Next came tying my ankles and my feet... whenever I have heels on my feet I always like to tie everything close together... no real explanation for why I like the feeling, but I'm sure everyone hear knows what I mean. I then took off my clover clamps that I've been wearing for about 10 minutes now... they had reduced themselves to a dull ache and just for the sake of taking them off I grabbed my largest ball gag and shoved it in my mouth screaming out seems to help when the blood rushes back in and, sure enough, I bit down hard and screamed when I pulled both off my nipples... not going to lie, I think I almost came on the spot.... and now at the very least had some very wet pantyhose.

Back to the spreader bar with attached dildo on a stick... so for this session, I suddenly had a feeling that I wanted to feel really dirty and slutty... once again, I think you know what I mean. For the next part I had to do everything lying down on my stomach as it gets a little complicated. I placed everything I would need to the left and right sides of my body and continued... taking some lube I lubed up the dildo and, well, like I said, I wanted to feel dirty and slutty... so rather than putting the dildo in the normal spot... I shoved it right in my bum (well not right in, I had to ease it in, but you get the idea)... just pulling my pantyhose down to just above my knees and leaving them there... I ran with a small fantasy that I had been grabbed off the street, my pantyhose pulled down and truly violated...

Lets get back to the part where I'm getting tied up, so now the spreader bar with attached dildo on a stick is in my ass and I proceed to tie my knees to the spreader bar pulling my legs apart... at this point i'm really turned on because there's a dildo in my ass and my super sensitive post-clover clamped nipples keep rubbing against the carpet... part of me wanted to just climax right then and there... but no, I always have enough will power to continue with the session, as the orgasm later is always better! So I continue by putting on my posture collar, blindfold, hood and then my bit ball gag. I then take a length of rope and secure my feet to my chest harness making a hogtie and then just because I'm such a deviant, I placed clothespins on my nipples again because I knew that even though I would immediately knock them off wiggling my way across the room... it would hurt like hell and make my nipples even more sensitive! Good thing my gag was on!

Anyway, before I could change my mind I moved as quickly as possible securing my elbows together using a long zip tie method and then tied my wrists... taking a moment to carefully tighten and then cut the excess on the zip ties followed by placing a lock on the giant scissors and then tossing them in the opposite direction of the key. I tossed them as well as I could given my current situation, and so I became truly bound, gagged, and helpless. Now keep in mind that I just did all of this while lying down on my stomach and, most of it, blind, gagged, and deaf... I'm pretty proud of that.

And there I am.... hogtied on the floor in my 6" heel knee high boots, pantyhose pulled down to my knees like a dirty whore, my black corset on and tight along with a 4" posture collar keeping my head straight... my bondage consists of a bikini harness, my elbows tied, wrists tied, ankles/feet tied to my chest harness, hooded, gagged (and drooling...mmm) and to top it all off, my legs are forced apart by a spreader bar and now with every movement I make towards the key a dildo on a stick is going to fuck me in the ass as it moves back and forth (I made sure to put a lot of lube as I'm devious and like a little pain, but there was no way I was going to have a dry dildo trying to move inside of me) I've never cum from something in my butt, so I knew in all likelihood, I wouldn't achieve orgasm on my little journey... it would just be pure pleasuring torture.

To top all of this off, I have to make it across the room, grab the key and bring it back to the scissors on the, what will become, opposite side of the room. I moved all my furniture and everything out of the way to make a giant open play area, but despite having no obstacles, I was blind, deaf, gagged, posture collared, hogtied, and being ass fucked... to say I quickly became disoriented is an understatement... then again, to say I was simply aroused is ALSO an understatement

I knew I would find the area where the key was hanging by finding the puddle of water from the dripping ice... I used 4 cubes which normally means about an hour and a half to two hours until the keys drop... fine by me as it was going to take a second for me to make it over... this is where I realize something that was both horrifying and amazing... normally when I'm hogtied, I use a combination of wriggling, squirming, and ROLLING to make my way across the room... with the spreader bar spreading my knees apart and sticking out to the sides of me, it wasn't impossible but extremely difficult to roll over on my back and then roll back over on my stomach... so suffice to say, I would not be moving as quickly as I had originally planned.

I started to squirm and wriggle my way over to the keys, rolling was just far too difficult. Immediately the clothespins that I had been laying on were torn off my nipples and that caused a sudden flash of pain and pleasure. Meanwhile the dildo in my ass was moving in and out, fortunately not massive thrusts, but a few inches of travel here and there by the dildo over a 3 hour period, as I squirmed and often times lifted my ass to try and use my legs to move faster, resulted in quite a helpless, pleasurable, and frustrating feeling,

Eventually I got to the keys which dropped not long before I got there... at least, I think they did... I was just ecstatic that I had found them so quickly, not to mention the sudden pleasure wave and shock that came over me when my nipples came in contact with a puddle of freezing water... Now with the key in hand, it was time to make my way back over to the other side of the room to find the locked up scissors... this is the really hard part because I'm so disoriented when I can't see, hear, or really even feel around very well that I hope that I find the scissors within a short period of time. Fortunately my play area was not massive in size, but still, when moving only a few feet is difficult given my tie, moving a few feet tied like I was and with an intruder in my back door... kind of an indescribable feeling... it's definitely a love/hate thing...

I did find the scissors though as I had made it a point to toss them in the opposite direction but alongside the wall of the room so I knew if I found the wall I could inch alongside the wall and eventually find them, which I did. Putting the key into the lock and unlocking them was very difficult though as my arms had gotten very tired and I had to stop and rest for a bit before I could even unlock the scissors. Cutting the zip tie on my wrists also proved difficult... I've done it countless times in the past, but each time it's never as easy as I'd like it to be... cutting my elbows free was easy.

After my arms were untied I pretty much just lied there with my arms spread out to let the blood flow return and all feeling to come back... it's an interesting feeling to just lie on the ground, arms spread out, still hooded, gagged, and violated. Also, did I mention that my feet were extremely stiff because even though there was no weight on them in 6" heels, they were still contorted in a 6” heel position.

Prior to starting my session, I had plugged in my Magic Wand, which sat on the opposite side of the room from the key and on the opposite wall from where I had tossed the scissors. Desperately needing relief I pulled myself over, still essentially hogtied with my legs tied to my chest harness and my spreader bar still banging away... along the way I grabbed my clover clamps again because I decided if I got to pleasure myself, I'd have to punish myself too... you know, to keep the balance.

Once I got to the Wand I pushed myself up, balancing on my knees, my head leaning against the wall to hold me up. I applied the clover clamps to my nipples which had become pretty raw and sensitive from rubbing on the ground for the last few hours, not to mention the torment I put them through prior to even that. In my rush to Pleasure Land I had forgotten what would happen if I balanced on my knees like that with a dildo on a stick in my ass, of course it bumped into the ground and thrust itself deeper than it had the whole session... and amazingly it ALMOST made me cum... with everything built up, so much tension and denial, I think a breeze could have brought me to orgasm... but not necessary because that's what the Wand was about to do and do it did.

I was hit so hard that I think I may have blacked out... that or I was just that disoriented, regardless I started shaking uncontrollably which in turn caused me to, I guess bounce? uncontrollably on the dildo. I don't know how many orgasms were strung together, counting was not going to happen, it might have just been a big continuous one, but either way, it made the entire session worth it... after the last of the waves passed through me, I dropped the vibrator and laid down, still just with my arms untied as I didn't have the energy to do anything else and fell asleep for I think 20-30 minutes, once again, yet another new experience for me… waking up, momentarily forgetting the circumstances of how I passed out, and suddenly realizing I'm blind, hooded, still posture collared, and still gagged and my jaw ached soooo badly, and again, the friend in my bum still just hanging out... thank god for petroleum jelly lasting indefinitely....

I quickly untied the rest of myself... at this point the dildo fell just right out of my ass, which I'm not going to lie, I suddenly felt like such a whore with my ass becoming so loose... I almost picked up the magic wand again. I decided against it though as I still had no idea what time it was or how long I had been tied up or asleep.

Can’t wait to do it again!


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