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Hole in my Bag

by Thomas Denny

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© Copyright 2001 - Thomas Denny - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; spandex; pantyhose; bagged; stuck; cons; X

Nothing to do tonight. I've been divorced so long it seems like forever. So I do what I usually do when I'm bored and horny. I get the ropes and pantyhose out of the drawer and get ready to have some good intense orgasms. Self-bondage can make me have the most intense orgasms I have ever had. I don't know if it's the straining against the ropes are just not having any control. It's just great.

Tonight I felt like added a little something to it. I decided to put on a pair of tights and leotards. There's nothing like having that feel of material against my body and the tight crotch pulling against my penis. The only bad thing is it can make me orgasm quicker. I picked out black tights and a black long sleeve spandex leotard. Black is my favorite color as far as tights and leotards.

I went to the bedroom and slipped them on and put my penis down between my legs. The further down I can tuck it between my legs the easier it is to orgasm. The tight crotch of the leotard holds it in place. I walked around the house in my outfit for awhile looking in every mirror to see how I looked. I was already getting hard so I knew it wouldn't take long for that first burst of sperm to come shooting out. I just couldn't decide how to tie myself up.

I decided to live dangerously and use a giant trash bag to put myself in. You have to be very careful with this one so you can always get air in the bag. I'm not real short, but short enough to fit in one of those big leaf bags you can buy. I went back to the bedroom and sat down in the middle of the bed. I had everything I needed close at hand.

I tied my ankles together as tight as they could with a pair of pantyhose and put a piece of tape around the knot so it wouldn't be so easy to untie them. I opened the trash bag and crawled in feet first finally kneeling on the inside of the bag. Everything I need I pull inside the bag with me and I already have another pair of pantyhose wrapped around one of my wrists so I won't lose it.

Now the tricky part. I get the open end of the trash bag and twist it together from the inside. It sounds hard but it's not. Then you can just tape the twisted part and it will stay closed tight. Now I can't see anything, believe me those bags won't let any light in and they are hot. I slipped my spandex hood over my face and down underneath the neck of my leotard. By this time I have to be careful not to have an orgasm before I'm ready which happens all the time. I get so excited and just the slightest movement makes my legs rub together and I don't last long squeezing my penis that tight.

Now all I have to do is put my hands behind my back and put the other hand in the loop of the rope. Then I wrap the excess around the middle of the rope and put a piece of tape around it all. Now I'm completely tied up with no place to go. It's really very simple. However, it can be scary. If it takes a lot to make you have an orgasm it seems like your going to run out of air. Nevertheless, that's part of the excitement.

This time once I was tied up I lay there for a minute squeezing my legs together and getting that sperm to start moving. I got up on my knees and squeezed some more and I could feel it running up my shaft and out into the crotch of my leotard and tights. Warm, wet and sticky. It was so good and it felt like I was never going to stop. I was moving around a lot in my little bag. And sweating. I was drenched from all the moving around.

I think I moved too much. I couldn't find the twisted part of the bag. I can usually feel it with my head if I don't move around too much. I was trying to find it and I guess I moved too much. I fell off the bed and hit the floor. Now I was really lost. I panicked and couldn't get my hands untied. The more I tried the tighter the rope became. Somehow during all my moving around I managed to move the bag just enough so when I stretched my legs out again my foot was able to tear through the bag.

Cool fresh air finally. It felt so good on my sweat soaked tights and leotards. It took me another couple of minutes to work my way out of the bag. Nevertheless, that's still half the fun of it. Once I got out of the bag I was able to get my feet loose. However, I still couldn't get my hands free. This wouldn't be the first time that had happened. I made it up on my feet and followed the wall into the kitchen to get a knife.

The easy part was getting in the kitchen. The hard part was opening the drawers and finding a knife. With my hands tied tightly behind my back it's almost impossible to grip anything. However, I finally managed to get a knife. Getting back down on my knees I put the knife between my feet and squeezed tight trying to hold on to the knife. It took a little time to cut through the rope but I did. I also had another orgasm kneeling on the floor squeezing my legs holding on to the knife just about the exact time I cut through the rope. I was already so wet it didn't make any difference.

I got up enough energy to stand up and pulled my hood off and immediately saw that I had forgotten to close the kitchen and dining room curtains. If anyone had happened to walk by or be in the garage next door they had seen me put on a good show. Oh well too late to worry about it now. I was so worn out that I just walked back to the bedroom; my leotard and tights were making squishing noises every step I took. I laid a towel on the bed so my sperm wouldn't leak down to the mattress and went to sleep. The only bad thing was that I was so sticky went I woke up. It was shower time fully clothed in my tights and leotard, of course.



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