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Holiday Hogtie

by Wishful Husband

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© Copyright 2013 - Wishful Husband - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; lingerie; gag; cuffs; gift; hogtie; discovery; bond; tease; toys; sex; climax; cons; X

Our traditional at home holiday plans had changed, and we were obligated to travel to my in-laws. My Husband and I were quite disappointed since our past Christmas were very enjoyable (see past stories). We decided we would exchange our gifts and have our own celebration when we returned.

Two days after Christmas on our plane ride home I asked my Husband is there anything special you would like for Christmas?

Responding in his usual responses “Just you dear”

“I know that dear but could you elaborate on that?”

“Well dear I was dreaming of you, dressed in your Christmas garter belt and stockings, tightly hogtied and ball gagged in front of our Christmas tree. You would be my Christmas toy for the day.”

“Well I guess that will have to be up to Santa, were you a good boy this year?”

After our long plane ride home we returned home in the early evening. My impatient and horny Husband wanted to get started right away, but I was much too tried from traveling all day to take on my Husband.

“Now dear you must be patient and wait for Santa to come, remember good boys can wait?”

“Well I guess I can, I am sure it will be worth the wait?”

My Husband quickly unpacked, got into bed and quickly fell asleep.

After unpacking I decided to take a nice hot bath and get myself ready. After my relaxing bath I fixed my blonde hair into a pony tail which would keep it out of the way. Then I put on my red velvet, trimmed in white fur garter belt, followed by my very expensive nude colored stockings. Pulling them up and attaching them to my garters, making sure they were extra tight and adjusted just right. When your hands are tied behind your back it is impossible to adjust your stockings or move you hair away from your face.

Slipping on my red high heels I spun around in front of the mirror. I have long legs, 34” hips, an ample ass, a small 24” waist and 36Cs. A great rack in the perfect outfit, all for my Husband's holiday enjoyment. I then turned the heat way up, put the tree lights on and rounded up my bondage gear.

Sitting down in front of the tree I tightly tied my ankles together with some red stain ribbon. Taking another piece I cinched it between my ankles leaving about 2 foot piece behind my ankles which I then thread and tied off on the center chain link of my white fur covered handcuffs. Opening my mouth I stuffed my 2 1/4” red ball gag in, pushing it behind my front teeth and then buckling the strap behind my head, Then getting up on my knees and reaching behind me I tightly locked the handcuffs around my wrists.

Now I was completely helpless and with some difficulty I was able to get off my knees and onto my stomach hogtied and ball gagged in front of the Christmas tree. I cannot think of a better Christmas gift a wife can give her husband. Surrendering my body to my Husband and giving him total control of it, letting him use me as his own sex slave.

I was now stuck on the floor tightly hogtied and ball gagged for the rest of the night. Rolling on the floor straining against my hogtie hoping I could loosen it bit. Trying to find a position I was comfortable in, rubbing my clit into the carpeting. I was getting myself all worked up, wondering what my Husband would do with me, would he be gentle or rough?

I was just settling down and getting sleepy when I heard my Husband, “Oh my God it is so warm in here where are you Honey?” Hearing him walking out of the bedroom he entered the living room.

“Oh my Santa has been here and has delivered on my Christmas wishes.”

Bending down he ran his hands around my breasts and began to massage them. Working his hands further down he rubbed my ass and inner thighs, then moved to my pussy which I already had gotten soaking wet.

“Oh my it very moist and wet down there we must do something about this?”

“Mmmrphrph mmmrphrph”

My Husband left the room and came back with a bag, rolling me on my stomach, he went to work. Taking out a black leather strap, he very tightly strapped my elbows together. Unlocking my hand cuffs he replaced them by strapping my wrists together. Then he untied my ankles and told me to cross my ankles which then he tightly strapped. Taking out a long piece of rope he cinched it around my ankle strap and then forcing me to bend my legs back until they touched my ass, he took the rope and cinched it around my wrist's strap. Then he ran the rope back around my ankles and then back up and cinching it around and tightly knotting it at my elbow strap, it was so tight it made my back arch.

I have never been hogtied so tightly while having my legs spread wide open. Checking over his work he noticed my ball gag strap was a little loose.

“Oh my we can't have that ball loose in your mouth,” he then re-buckled my ball gag making it extra tight. I must admit I was not very comfortable and with great effort I struggled to roll on my side.

I glared at my Husband and let out a muffled scream.

“What's a matter someone doesn't like the wrapping job?” Taking off his pajama bottoms he laid down on his side next to me. On my side with my legs wide open he slide his cock into my very moist muff causing me to let out a muffled moan.

“Oh you like it now?” Laying on his left side he used his right hand to grab and hold my ass while he pushed his cock deep into my love tunnel while he ground his pelvis into my clit. It didn't take too long before I reached a very intense orgasm, which caused my pussy's muscles to contract around my Husbands cock causing him to explode a large load in me.

Getting up with a huge smile on his face “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did?”

He then pulled out my black leather collar with the O ring and buckled it around my neck.

“You can't be a Sex Kitten without a collar on, can you?” He then began to give me a very sensual massage, while mainly paying attention to my private areas. It made me very aroused, causing me to roll around, pulling and straining myself against my hogtie. Noticing my Husband's had gotten his large hard on back he rolled me on my back and with my legs spread he slowly entered me. He then gave me a very slow and gentle screwing while depositing another full load in me.

It was around 3:00 am and I could tell my Husband was getting tied. “I think it's time we went to bed and get some rest and you know you are going to have a very full today tomorrow?”

Untying my hogtie and unbuckling my ankles, he helped me to stand up. It was such a relief to be let out of that super strict hogtie. I guess I must of put on a little show trying to stretch out and bending over in front of my husband. Picking up my leather leash my Husband clipped it on the O ring on the front of my collar. “Nothing like a Sex Kitten on a leash?”

Very funny, “mmmrphrphrph!!!!

“I think it might be a good time to open one of your presents from Santa?” Reaching down under the tree he picked up a small package and ripped it open. “Look Kitten it's a furry white bunny's tail?”

It was a little more then just a tail, it was attached to a large anal plug. He then applied a generous amount of lube to the plug. I tried to back away, but he grabbed my leash and pulled on it, forcing me to bend over at the waist. Gently he shoved the entire plug deep into my shapely bottom, it now looked like I had a cute little bunny tail.

“Honey I always told you,that you had a great tail?”

“mmmrphrphrph,” he's always such a wise guy when I have a ball tightly strapped in my mouth.

“Let's go to bed,” pulling on my leash, I had no choice but to follow him. Walking in high heels with your arms and elbows strapped behind your back, and not to mention an anal plug stuck deep into my Butt is no easy feat. Lucky for me my Husband took it nice and slow, I think he enjoyed the show of watching my bunny tail wiggle around while I walked.

Entering the bedroom my Husband pulled back the bed coverings. He then helped me up onto the bed and assisted me in laying down on my side. Slipping off my high heels he then tied my leash to one of the rails of the head board. He then crossed my ankles and tightly strapped them together. Pulling out the rope he used to hogtied me I assumed he was going to hogtie me again, I got upset and started to thrash and kick my legs.

“Now, now Bunny, don't worry I am not going hogtie you again.” He then wrapped the rope around my strapped ankles and tied it off to the foot board of the bed. “ I am trying to be considerate here, I don't want you rolling off the bed or getting up before me now?”

On my side this new position I had a little wiggle room but my ass felt completely full while I was wearing this ridiculous bunny's tail. My Husband then slid in behind me and then pulled the covers over us. Wrapping his arms around, his hands roamed all over my private areas.

He then started spooning me from behind rubbing his cock against my soft furry bunny's tail. It didn't take too long before he was rock hard and slipping it back into my love hole. He then gave me a good humping and exploded into me again.

I was totally helpless in my own bed, my wrists and elbows tightly strapped behind my back, a large ball strapped into my mouth, my ankles tied to the end of the bed, my neck leashed to the head of the bed. With my ankles crossed and strapped together and my Husband cuddling me from behind, it allowed him open and unlimited access to my tired pussy.

Once again it didn't take him very long rubbing his dick against my tail to become erect again and before I knew it slipping it back into my muff. Pumping me until he released another load I began to worry how many times could he keep this up?

As he continued to spoon me from behind, “Well Bunny I can now understand why Bunnies can multiple so quickly” Before I knew it. he slipped his rod back into my cum filled pussy, all I could do is let out a frustrated muffled moan.

“My goal Bunny is to fall asleep with my cock inside of you, but once I am in, I really can't control my self. I bet you can't wait to see what new toys Santa left for you, and what plans I have for you tomorrow. Once again Santa out did himself again.”

Mmmrphrph, mmmrphrph, mmmrphrph

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