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Holly’s Hotel Session

by The West Coast Comet

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© Copyright 2009 - The West Coast Comet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; hotel; rope; zipties; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

Holly carefully heated the nylon rope knot over the stove. She got it hot enough to be sticky, but not catch fire. That’s just right, now the knot can never be untied. She was tired of the knot slipping or opening when she was playing ‘her game’. Six loops will easily fit her wrists. When she slide a zip-tie over the loops, it made a perfect cinch that would hold her hands comfortably without release until she cut the zip with the side cutters. She made a similar loop for her ankles.

Holly was a slender brunette that had nice breasts. At least, she thought they were nice, kind of perky and uplifted, with long nipples. When she was aroused, her nips would stand out more than a half-inch. Holly’s job as an insurance adjuster kept her on the road most of the time, so her social life was pretty much a total disaster. She had tried the bar scene, one-night stands, and so on, but nothing seemed to satisfy her as much as a good self-bondage session.

Tonight she would check into the hotel in Atlanta, have a light dinner and put herself in restraints until morning. She had packed her ropes and zip-ties carefully in the suitcase this morning, and thought about the coming evening throughout the flight. She also carried one of those old fashioned clocks, the ones with the large exposed hands. Once in her room, Holly put the clock up high on the metal rods forming a shelf in the closet, high enough that she could not reach it if her hands were not free. She set the time, and hooked the wire cutter over the hour hand. The keys would not drop to the floor until at least 4 am the next morning, when the hour hand pointed downward, dropping the cutter. She would not be able to release herself until then.

Holly then sat on the bed and began her bondage. She inserted a set of Dutone balls in her pussy. These are similar to Ben Wa Balls, but provide more stimulation, these were going to stay there all night so she wanted it comfortable. Holly wanted the slow stimulation of these gentle friends. She put her ankles into their loop and clicked the loops with the zip-tie. Now she was at the point of no return. She did not bring a knife so until the cutter dropped, she was stuck.

She slipped under the covers, and turned out the light. She pushed her wrists into the last set of loops. She liked to have her arms higher on her back, so she pushed her hands through the loops in opposite directions. She did not hesitate. Click, click,click, and she was in heaven for the next few hours.

In the dark, her mind seemed to focus more intensely on her predicament. The balls in her pussy clunked with each move as she struggled in her bondage. Progress toward her first climax was slow, but inevitable. Were her hands free, she would have immediately brought herself to climax. That was exactly what she didn’t want. It is the slow, building and building to her climax that creates the high. She could not achieve this high without being bound and forced to wait. She knew she could no longer stop the torrent of orgasms that would soon hit her.

She fell into a deep sleep after a string of intense orgasms, still bond hand and foot. She liked to wake up this way. It was sort of a pleasant reminder of the intense experience the night before. The next morning she wiggled over to the closet and found the wire cutter on the floor. She was able to clip the zip-ties. She was quickly free of the ropes, and in the shower.

Good God she was a sticky mess, but totally satisfied.


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