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Holly’s Obstacle Course

by GaggedUtopia

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Holly’s Obstacle Course

Having practiced self-bondage for years now, Holly had noticed that it has become a routine for her.  She would come home from work and make herself something to eat, catch up with the news and if she had nothing planned, tie herself up.  Granted she would think of different variations to make it more exciting, but after a while, it felt like she tried them all.  After realizing all of this, she decided that she would do something to change it.

Holly wanted this adventure to be something new, but couldn't think of anything that she had not tried yet.  The stories on the Internet didn't seem to be much help either.  She was just about to concede her desire to do something new, when it hit her.  Why not make my townhouse into an obstacle course!  Thinking back to all the times she was bound on the floor trying to get to the keys, even the smallest of things seemed huge.  A pile of clothes, stairs, closed doors came to mind.  She started writing down all kinds of ideas and decided that she would do it this weekend.

The week started to drag by, but Holly was glad that she waited.  Her excitement for her adventure building and new ideas kept popping into her head.  One new idea was she was going to dress the part of a damsel in distress, so she stopped by an adult store and picked up some latex panties, bra, gloves, garters and some sluttish fishnet stockings.  As Holly was paying for her items, she spotted a vibrator that she had not seen before.  This one had the ability to turn on and off automatically and had different duration settings.  She just had to have it!  It would be perfect for her adventure this weekend.

It was now Saturday morning and it was time to get started.  Holly had made the preparations the night before, so all that was left was to have some fun!  The plan was simple, but was going to take her a while and a lot of effort to get free.  Starting out in the bedroom, she would have to make it out into the hall, down the stairs and into the living room where one of the keys will be.  The key unlocks a key that locked to a chain in the spare bedroom… upstairs.  Once that key is obtained, then Holly has to make it back down the stairs and unlock the handcuff key and then she will be free.  It sounds simple enough, however, many little obstacles have been setup to make it that much more difficult.  To start with, all windows will be shut and all lights off.  This still wont pose much of a problem during the day, but when it starts to get dark, getting around will be very difficult.  Scattered around the floors are several of the “humane” mousetraps that have a sticky surface.  Avoiding them will be hard during the day, but at night, that's a different story.  If the mousetraps were not enough, she scattered a number of tacks around and pushed them into the carpet so they are hard to see unless you're on top of them. 

Holly stepped out of the shower and started to dry off.  Once her long brunette hair was dry, she started to get dressed.  Holly has a very small body, only being 5’ 2” and having nice, but far from large breasts.  Men often mistakenly overlooked her because of this.  Holly was attractive, but with the body of a 13 year old at age 26 she was never overwhelmed by men asking her for dates.

After sliding on her stockings, she sat there for a minute, already very turned on by the thoughts of what was to happen.  She almost wanted to just lay back and bring herself to orgasm like she normally does, but wanted to finish the plan.  Next was the dildo.  After setting the controls to activate every 10 minutes for one minute at a time, she slid it slowing into her pussy.  The latex panties, garters, gloves and bra were next to go on.  They felt so nice on her body and she felt sexier then ever.  Holly walked over to one of the mirrors “It's too bad that I am not dressing this good for my boyfriend, if only I had one” she whispered to herself.  “Enough of that, today is suppose to be fun” Holly said with more authority.  With that, she grabbed her high heels and strapped them on.  She wanted to use the other heels that were more comfortable, but knew she could kick them off.  Plus, she could lock these on, which she did.

Now it was time to start packaging herself up.  Holly picked up the chastity belt, but thought that it might be nice to have plug up her ass as well.  Having her toy box right there, she grabbed one, lubed it up and put it in.  While strapping the chastity belt on, she pulled it as many notches as she could before locking it on.  Next was the bondage belt, which she locked on.  The keys to all these locks are in her backyard somewhere.  There is a small fence there, but nothing that will hide her if she went back there.  The idea was to lock her heals, waist belt, chastity belt, gag and hood on with separate keys and she would have to find them all in the backyard when it became dark.  To make matters even worse, the grass had not been cut in a couple weeks, so it was very tall.  To get the keys back there, she blindfolded herself last night and tossed them out the window one by one.

Holly picked up her favourite penis gag, it always aided in her fantasy of being captured and forced to pleasure her new Master.  She strapped in on tight and locked it on.  Next she got on her knees and then strapped her legs together.  She could still move each limb, but would be able to walk at all.  She could also feel the heels press into her ass when she tried to squirm around.  “Almost done” she thought. 

The smell of the leather hood is still intoxicating, even after being used for the past year.  After it was on, she pulled her long hair though a small opening in the back of it that giving the look of a pony tail.  After the hair was through, she laced it up tight, applied the posture collar and locked it on.  Without the keys, she would be able to get to the gag or strings to release the hood.  “The vibrator is going to turn on any minute, if I don't lock myself up soon, I know I will go over the edge and wont get the nerve to do it after” she thought.

After pulling herself onto the bed, she laid down on her stomach, threaded the handcuffs though a loop in the back of the belt and locked the left cuff on.  Making sure she had the nail in her hand, she locked on the right cuff, and using the nail she engaged the double lock on the cuffs so they couldn't tighten any more.  Holly tossed the nail onto the floor and laid there enjoying her helplessness.

The Adventure Ahead…

Fighting against her bonds, Holly indulged herself in her favourite fantasy.  She started to suck on the gag in her mouth and dream that it was real and satisfying her Master.  Just then, the vibrator kicked on and she was in utter bliss.  Already deep in her fantasy, it didn't take much time at all to bring her over the edge.  Fighting as hard as should could against her bonds; she was submerged deeper and deeper into shear pleasure.  So engrossed in her massive orgasm, she feel off the bed with a loud THUMP!  Catching her breath, which was difficult due to the hood and gag in her mouth, Holly rolled onto her side.  “That was incredible!  I wonder why though, I have tied myself like this many times… with the exception of the clothes.  Maybe it's the anticipation of my fun that lies ahead!” she thought.

“I guess I should start getting the keys and get my hands free.”  With that, Holly started to squirm to the stairway.  Almost completely out of breath, she made it without any trouble.  To aid in her decent she had tied a rope to a table so she would fall.  The last thing that Holly would need would to fall and hurt herself and never be able to get free.  She grabbed the rope and eased herself down the stairs.  It took a while, but knew that the hard part was coming back up the stairs.  She made it to the bottom and started to squirm to the key in the living room.  Looking ahead, she saw the barrage of mousetraps laid out like a minefield. 

“Ok, all I have to do is take my time and I wont hit any of them.”  They would mostly just be an annoyance if they did stick to her, and would hurt like hell when she took them off.  Moving ever so slowly, Holly made it past most of them… then the unexpected happened.  “Mmmmmphhhphph!” she screamed.  One of the tacks poked though her bra and right into her nipple.  While she screamed, Holly rolled over as a reaction to relieve the pain on her tit.  What was worse is the tack was still there!  After taking a minute to calm down the vibrator kicked on.  “This is going to be harder then I thought… defiantly more painful!” she thought to herself.  She moaned into the gag as the pleasure in her cunt took away the pain of the tack.  She was very close to going over the edge again, when the vibrator shut off.  “Son-of-a-Bitch!  If only it was another few seconds.”

Continuing on her way, she knew she needed to get the tack out of her nipple.  She squirmed to a doorway and slid her tit next to the edge until it popped out.  “Mmmmmphph!” At least it was not as painful as when it went in.  The key was in her sights, so Holly moved over to the key.  Once there she went to pick it up.  “Oh my god!” she thought.  “One of the mousetraps is stuck on my hands!”  She tried to pull it off, but with her hands cuffed like they were she couldn't get enough leverage.

“What am I going to do.  Without my hands, I wont be able to get myself un-cuffed.  I guess I should worry about that when I get to it.” Holly thought.  Using her free fingers she grabbed the key and stuck the edge of it to he trap.  After securing the key, she made her way back to the stairs.  “Oh shit!  Without my hands I can't use the rope to get back up the stairs.  I have to try anyway.”

Using the stairs to prop herself up, Holly started to walk up the stairs with her knees.  One step at a time she started to climb up the stairs.  On the fifth step the vibrator kicked in again.  Trying to stay steady, she moaned into her gag.  For the first time in her life she didn't want to orgasm.  Holly tried to fight it, but she felt the first wave starting to overcome her.  Her tight restraints, perilous condition and gag in her mouth was making it that much harder to concentrate on staying still.  Just when she gave up hope and was about to accept the orgasm when the vibrator shut off again.  “I better make it up the stairs this time, if I don't, it's going to be a fast trip down them” she thought.

On the final step, the vibrator kicked on yet again.  This time however she gave into the vibrator and laid back and started to suck on her gag again.  Within seconds Holly was enjoying wave after wave of pleasure.  For a moment she thought that she was going to die like this.  The orgasm that she was having right now dwarfed her mind blowing one from earlier.  The vibrator had clicked off minutes ago, but Holly was still recovering.  A few minutes later, she was ready to start again, but the damned thing started up again!

Since she was starting to get tired, she just laid on the floor and enjoyed its sensations.  After the minute was over, it shut off and she started on her way again.  Making it to the spare bedroom, she pulled the key off the trap and unlocked the next key.  Sticking the new key to the trap, she was on her way again.  Before she started however, she started to notice that her shoulders and jaw were starting to hurt quite a bit now.  “Its only going to get worse, I had better get moving.”

Making her way back over to the stairs, Holly decided to wait for the vibrator to kick on before she made the trip down.  It also gave her a little time to think how she was going to get back down.  “Maybe if I try and hold the rope and just make a controlled fall… that might work.  I don't want to try walking back down the stairs, just in case I fall backwards.” 

The vibrator kicked on again and she just moaned with the pleasure it gave her, even if only for a short while.  It wasn’t enough to bring her over the edge, but she didn't care.  Holly was on a mission to get herself free now.  Moving over to the rope, she grabbed it with a few free fingers and started to slide down the stairs.  Unfortunately she didn't take into account that her gloves gave her absolutely no traction on the rope what so ever and started into a free fall.   Thump..Thump..Thump..Thump… all the way down.  When she hit the floor she tumbled a bit, but was not hurt, just a bit disoriented.  “Well that was interesting.”

Positioning herself on her side again, the journey to her freedom started once again.  She looked up the stairs and saw something that almost brought a tear to her eye.  The mousetrap had stuck to one of the stairs when she fell and ripped off!  What luck!  Holly was just about to continue on her way when she remembered they key to her handcuff key was still on the trap.  “Fuck!” she thought.  Luckily it was only a few steps up. 

Getting on her knee's again, she made it up the stairs and grabbed the key.  A quick slide down to the ground and she was on her way… AGAIN!  She moved past the mousetraps and as was home free.  As fast as she could, Holly raced to the handcuff key.  One last thing she had forgot however.  Several tacks that she had purposely put around the key impaled her breasts.  “MMMMMMmmmmphhphphph!” she screamed.  Holly was sure that somebody would have heard that one.  Jumping onto her side again, she looked over at a mirror on the wall and saw several tacks sticking out of her breasts.  “Just great, I already destroyed my new bra and my tits probably look like raw meat by now.” she thought.

Sliding over to the handcuff key, she unlocked it and then proceeded to unlock her handcuffs.  Holly reached around and pulled out the tacks in her breasts.  Pain shot through her tits as the pulled them out one at a time.  Next she un-strapped the straps that held her legs together and stretched them out.  “Mmmmmmm that feels so good to be able to do that.”  The pesky vibrator started up again.  She was ready for another orgasm and deserved it!  Massaging her breasts she laid there and enjoyed the feeling in her pussy.  Closer and closer she felt the orgasm coming.  Just then, it shut off again and with the chastity belt on she couldn't do anything about it.

“Well shit… I have got to get this belt off before I go nuts!”  Holly looked outside and it was starting to get dark.  Over the next hour she was teased over and over by the vibrator locked inside her.  Once it was dark out, she started to look for the keys outside.

“This must look just wonderful.  Here I am, half naked, heels, hood and gag.  If somebody tried to grab me, they could probably do it.”  Without her even realizing it, she started sucking on the gag again; getting very turned on by the fact she was so exposed.  Still searching for the keys and deep within her fantasy again, the vibrator kicked on yet again.  Holly collapsed on the ground, totally engrossed in her orgasm. 

Minutes later she came to, brushed herself off and started to look for the keys again.  After almost a half hour of looking, and a few orgasms, she found one set of keys.  Holly tried to unlock her collar, but no luck.  Next she tried the heels, but again, no luck at all.  It turned out that they key was for her belt.  “Well that sucks” she thought. 

Over the next few hours, she found the keys to her collar, heels and gag.  There was still no sign of the keys for her chastity belt.  Unfortunately, Holly was very tired and needed some sleep from all her workout today.  Dragging herself up the stairs to her bed Holly laid down to go to sleep.  The vibrator was doing a good job keeping her awake, but after a while, her exhaustion took over.

After waking up the next morning, she found herself sore all over.  The vibrator battery had died over the night, but now she had a bigger problem.  Desperately needing to use the bathroom, Holly got up and raced out to the backyard.  With only a robe on, she resumed her search again.

Hours had passed and still no luck.  Holly was starting to give up, but knew she couldn't.  The belt that she used had just as much steel as it did leather and she couldn't cut it off.  Just then her neighbour came out.  She had lived next to John for a few years now, but never seemed to have an interest in her, usually because he is never without a girlfriend.  Holly had hinted a few times that they should go out, but John never seemed to take her up on it.

“What are you doing out here Holly?” he asked.

“I lost something the other night and I am just seeing if it was out here.” said Holly.

“Oh, what was it?” asked John.

“Just one of my hoop earrings” she responded.

“Ok, well if you need some help let me know.  I'm going to be back here setting up the grill.  I figured that you might be missing some keys.  I found them yesterday in the yard when I was cleaning things up.” he said.

“Can I see those a minute?” Holly asked.

“Sure.” John replied.

However, John just held them up for her to see and didn't actually give them to her.  John suspected that something was up; he had seen her outside for the last hour and saw her walking inside last night.  He really didn't get a good look, but knew it was Holly.

“Are these yours?” he asked.

Becoming very flushed and noticeably embarrassed she responded with “Yes, they are.  I didn't even know they were missing!  Thanks for finding them.”  She held out her and to accept them.

“What are they for?” John asked… this time with a smile.

“Just a small safe I have inside, can I have them now?” she said, starting to get agitated.

“Tell me what they are really for, or I throw them into the barbecue fire right now.” John said.

“Um…err.. what?” she uttered.

“I know that they are for something more important, or you would have been our here last night.  I saw you, now what are they for?” he demanded, but still maintained his smile.

Holly was almost in a state of panic.  Her heart was beating like crazy and she didn't know what to do.  If she told him, god knows whom he would tell.  If she didn't tell, then she would have to deal with the pain in her stomach area and would surely get worse, if not kill her.

No able to keep eye contact, “It is very important that I get that key, please give it back.  I can't tell you what it's for.”

John just looked at her and slowly shook his head.

“Alright then.  You have to promise that you wont tell anybody, it has to be a secret.” she pleaded.

“We will see, you're the one who needs the key.  I don't need anything.” she said.

Why was he being like this?  John has always been shy and kept to himself.  Now he is just being an ass.

“Ok.  Will you at least promise to give me the key if I tell you?” she asked.

“Sure” replied John.

“It's for a belt that I am wearing.  I locked it on and need the key to get it off, it's quite painful, can I have the key now?” she asked.

“What kind of belt?  A chastity belt?” John asked, but in a kidding voice.

“If you must know, yes.”

“Wow, I was only kidding!  Why don't you come inside and you can explain it to me.  Then I will give you the key.” said John.

Holly didn’t have much of a choice, so she followed him into his townhouse.  After all these years, she had never been inside his house, and it was very nice for a single guy.  Most places that she had seen are messy or have nothing to make them interesting.  They both sat down on the dining table and John made some coffee for them.  Holly didn't drink too much as her bladder was already full.  She explained how she was into bondage, and her whole adventure since yesterday. 

“Can you please give me the key now?  I'm in pain, and need to use the bathroom really bad.  I'm begging.” she pleaded.

“Ok, but I have a condition first, actually a couple of them.  Your going to go over to your house and bring back handcuffs, posture collar, gag, rope and many leather straps.  Once you bring the back here, I'm going to tie you up and your going to suck my cock and get me off.  Then I promise that I will give you your key and you can use the bathroom.” said John.

With a smile on Holly’s face, she got up and went over to her apartment.  Would her neighbour be her new Master and fulfil her fantasy?  Would she ever get free?  Holly started to feel like a little girl on Christmas day.  She went home and gathered everything he asked for, plus a lot more and put it into a bag.  She dragged the bag back over to his house and John closed and locked the door.

“Very good my little slave” John said with a smile.

“Anything to please you Master” she said back, with her head down.

The End?

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