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Home Alone

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2006 - Ralph - Used by permission

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Home Alone – A Weekend of Self-Bondage Play

I recently had that rare opportunity to indulge in satisfying several of my ideas.  I live with my wife and young adult son, so I don’t have as many chances to indulge myself as I’d like.  My wife doesn’t approve of my play, and it isn’t the kind of thing most people share with their children, no matter how old they are.  To my amazement, events came together so that both would be out of town from Friday until Sunday.  I was scheduled to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, but figured there would still be time to have some fun.

I got off work around midnight on Friday, made a brief stop on the way home, and arrived at my now-empty house shortly before 1am.  The night was perfect for what I wanted to do: temperature in the low 40s, dew on the ground, and dark.  I’d been wanting to do this for a while, but since it included handcuffs, and they can be rather loud when you want to be quiet, I had held back.  I parked the car on the rear parking pad, went into the house, and got my full bondage kit out from its hiding place.  I keep a small set of supplies hidden but available, with the full kit, stuffed into a large duffle bag, stashed away.  The full kit has plugs, straps, and assorted toys, and also holds more rope, cuffs, gags, and locks.

I needed to use up some time to make sure the neighbors were asleep.  I live in a 60 year old townhouse community, with the homes connected in groups of 7 or 8.  One of my neighbors is a young boy who I would expect to look out the window if he woke up at night.  To use up a little time, I turned on the computer, set up a webcam, and hung some sheets from the basement ceiling slats to hide the clutter at my desk.  Then I cruised the Web and various chat rooms.

Around 2:30am I figured it was time to begin setting up.  I pulled out a piece of rope about 2 feet long, folded it in half, and wrapped it around the base of my cock and balls.  A few more loops and I had everything snuggly wrapped up, with the balls separated and stretched away.  For what I wanted to do, I pulled the ends back between my legs.  The good leather cuffs went onto each ankle, and I selected a double hasp to go between them.  Next came the rope around my waist and through my crotch, keeping it in place, with a loop in the back for a lock to slip through.  I set the handcuffs against the ropes, put on the lock, and clicked it shut.  Once I was ready, this would keep my wrists in the small of my back, unable to reach my ankle restraints. 

The thought came to me that I may not be able to turn my hands enough to get the key into the lock, so I got down on the floor, made sure the scissors were close, and did a trial run.  It was perfect.  I could get the lock opened, but it would take some time.  Next I put some clothes on, picked up my keys and supplies for them, and stepped out the back door.  I have a walk out basement, with an enclosed deck over the back patio.  This gives me some protection from possible viewers.  One neighbor has a 7 foot tall privacy fence running half way down the yard, and the other has an above ground pool. 

With my car parked on the pad and a common grassy area across the alley, the only real fear was being seen by my neighbors, who could look down into the yard.  The key to the lock holding my handcuffs on went into a black film canister.  I set a white box in the yard about 15 feet from my back patio and dropped the canister near it.  The next step was to tie the handcuff key to a length of rope, then hang it from the joists supporting the deck.  I made sure the key was high enough that I couldn’t reach it until the lock was removed, but still low enough that I could get it down.  The final step was to take the house key and hang it from a flagpole support extending from the wall of the deck, leaving me reaching up to almost my limit.

With the keys in place, I went back into the house and once again stripped.  The ankle restraints were quickly connected with the double hasp.  I took the loose ends from the cock and ball rope and pulled it up to my waist in the back, tying it off at a point where my fingers couldn’t reach once the handcuffs were on.  This pulled me downward, somewhat uncomfortably.  On the spur of the moment, I decided to lube up a medium size butt plug and put it in, just as a bit of discomfort.  The head harness with leather gag insert was next, then I could turn off the lights and let my eyes begin adjusting.  I moved toward the door, made sure the locks were facing downward, and slipped on the handcuffs one at a time, letting them ratchet down snuggly against my wrists.  Open the door, step out, close the door, and I was committed to getting the keys.

The hasp and D-rings on my ankle restraints made more noise than I had expected, so I took small steps, swinging my legs around to keep the connection taut.  I moved out to the white marker and knelt down.  With my hands in my back, I had to drop onto my side and squirm along the dew-wet grass hunting for the black canister with the key to the lock.  I found it disappointingly soon, opened it, and pulled out the key, hoping I wouldn’t drop it in the grass.  The disappointment at finding the key quickly faded as I lay in the yard fumbling to get the lock off.  Finally it opened and I removed it.  That was when I remembered there was one other thing I should have tested before moving outside.  I couldn’t get enough momentum going to get my feet under me.  I lay in the yard for several minutes, trying to gain my feet, without success before I realized that with my wrists free I might be able to reach the hasp at my ankles.  Sure enough, with a bit of a stretch I could reach and remove it.  Now I could stand up, but my hands were still behind me.

I walked back under the deck, bent over, and backed up to find the handcuff key.  This took several attempts and I loved the feel of the cool air brushing over my naked skin.  I got the key loose, opened my cuffs, then stepped back out from under the deck and reached up for the house key, aware that my naked backside was fully stretched out against the shadows under the deck if anybody was looking.  After getting the key and returning to the basement, I removed my bindings and decided to indulge myself in a bit of release.  I again set up the webcam, picked a chat room, and took my handcuffs.  One end went on my right hand, the other locked around the base of my cock and balls, holding them snug and keeping my hand close.  When I was finished, I did a basic cleanup and headed to bed with ideas for the next day.

I awoke on Saturday and began making my plans right away.  I do three kinds of self bondage.  One kind is release denial, like my trip to the backyard or when the release is delayed or removed some distance.  Another is situational, where I’ll do something for a set time, but can remove it whenever I want to.  That was the plan for my next game.  The third kind is posed bondage.  For some reason, I’ve been struck with the idea of photographic records of my escapades, and there have been several cameras in my history.  My current camera will take continuous pictures as long as the shutter button is pressed, and I’ve come up with a small device consisting of bent wire clothes hanger and a large headed bolt that will slip onto the camera for those continuous photos.  I find this much better than racing a 10 second timer, which was my staple for many years, but I don’t want to have to go back and delete hundreds of pics later.  The result is that my release is close by, but hidden, and once the photos I want are taken I can get free.  At a later time I can return to the pose with a more substantial timing mechanism.  The pose was my plan for the last two games of the day.

So, with breakfast done I set up for the situational bondage.  It was fairly simple.  I took the webcam and computer up to the bathroom, set the camera on the shower head looking down, and selected a chat room.  After that, I applied a ball gag, stepped into the tub and tied my feet together, and ended with a good wrapping of my wrists in front of me.  Turn on the water and take a shower as usual, except that it’s much more difficult with hands held together.  I had to take a shower brush to do most of my body.  When I was done drying off I removed the ropes and gag and put on a shirt and pants.  I always enjoy a bound shower and will likely do it again if I get the chance.

After a brief debate with myself, I decided this opportunity was too rare to let go and I called out from work.  Now I had the rest of the day.  Some of it was wasted wandering around the Web, but I wanted to get the pictures while it was daylight so the repeating flash wouldn’t draw attention to my house.  I wanted a pic of me that conveyed my enjoyment of bondage, in a fairly vulnerable pose, but hid my identity.  With the sheets as a backdrop, I moved a chair into place in the middle of the basement floor. 

Setting the camera is always the hardest part.  After a few tests, I finally got the coverage I wanted.  I put on one of my most recent purchases, a full hood with snap-on eye cover and snap-on gag with leather insert.  I tied this on, leaving one side of the eye cover open so I could see what I was doing, and wearing only that and my leather wrist and ankle cuffs, started the camera and got onto the chair, kneeling on the cushion and facing the rear. 

Ropes fastened to the front leg of the chair went through the loops of my ankle cuffs, then wrapped around my leg to hold it to the side before being pulled back to the front and tied off.  The same was done to my other leg.  At my angle from the camera, the spread of the legs wouldn’t be obvious, but the ropes would tell the story.  I bent over the back of the chair and locked one wrist to a pre-positioned ring tied to the rear leg of the chair.  After that I snapped the eye cover fully into place and locked my other hand to the far side of the chair.  The keys were hidden near my far hand, but until I pulled them out I was actually moving in full restraint, imagining my backside open to whoever might want to abuse it, with my cock and balls hanging between my spread legs.  After a reasonable time, I pulled out the keys and released myself.  The photos could be edited later.

There was one other pose I wanted to do.  I’d tried it once before, but had not had the results I’d hoped for.  I collected my supplies and headed up to the master bedroom.  After pulling the covers up from the foot of the bed, I was ready to set up my restraints.

The concept for this pose was “feeding time”.  I had on my leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and would also use the harness gag with a D-ring on the top.  The gag is removable, which is critical to my fantasy.  I tied ropes to the tops of the posts at the foot of the bed, leaving a loose loop with rings tied at the farthest extent.  I’m not very flexible, but measured these out for maximum spread of my legs.  Another rope ran between the lower end of the footboard legs, tied together so they would be behind my back.  The rings tied to this rope were near the legs of the bed.  A much longer rope was tied to the headboard and brought to the middle of the bed, with a loop extending down so the rope made a rather large Y on the bed.  A double hasp was attached at the base of the Y and it was snugged up so that when attached to my head harness it would hold my head back.  Since no tie is complete without cock and ball restraint, I added a length of rope and wrapped it several times around the package until I could feel the snugness. 

Once again, I set the camera and started the repeat shutter, then sat on the floor at the foot of the bed.  My legs were quickly restrained with the help of a couple of double hasps, then I secured my head.  The gag in my mouth made swallowing even more difficult, but that was how it was supposed to be.  My hands were restrained with single hasps fastened to the cuffs and locks connecting the closed end of the hasp to the rings at the base of the footboard.  The keys were within reach, but a held the pose for a while, straining against it and imagining someone coming in and removing the gag from my head harness.  With my head held back, I’d have no choice but to feed on whatever they offered through the opening where the gag had been.  The ultimate thrill of bondage for me: not being able to stop whatever somebody else wants to do to you.  And in my position, somebody could even step on my cock while shoving their crotch into my face.  Once the thrill passed and the disappointment of not being able to carry out the fantasy returned, I pulled out the keys and released myself.

There was one other impromptu that I did later in the evening.  I had the webcam on again, and got the idea.  I tied my ankles crossed, added a waist rope with crotch rope, and tied my legs up so they were bent at about a 90 degree angle.  Caught up in the moment, I added a cock and ball rope and slipped a vibrating shaft into my butt, held in place with a ring looped onto the ropes from my balls and tied behind me.  I pulled out the gentler clothes pins and put 3 on each nipple, 2 on each ball, and  4 running up the underside of my shaft.  Before I could back out, I added a vibrating ring to my shaft head, turned on the vibe in my butt, added 6 stricter clothes pins to my belly, and tied my hands behind my back.  The vibes almost made me lose my mind, mostly because the one on my shaft had low batteries and couldn’t take me over the edge.  I hoped to hold this position for a while, but my hamstring cramped and I had to start pulling out.  As punishment, I lit a candle and put 50 drops of wax onto my chest, belly, cock, and legs.  Then I went ahead and allowed myself release again.

As always, the weekend ended too soon.  I had to clean up, put things away, and returned to work as scheduled on Sunday afternoon.  I don’t know when I’ll have another chance like this past weekend, but I do know that when it arrives I’ll have more ideas to put into action.



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