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by sin_dy

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© Copyright 2001 - sin_dy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; cuffs; honey; ants; cons; X

Beep beep beep beep, as my alarm clock goes off right on time.  Two in the morning already.  I was sleeping so soundly.  Get up?  Do I have to now?  Then my fantasized Mistress yelled at me.  "Get up slave!  Now!  Strip off that nighty!  Do it now!  Get those panties off! 

I obeyed my imaginary Mistress without hesitation.  Standing naked, at attention, I had to listen to the string of offenses I had committed. 

"It is time for your punishment slave.  Hold out your wrists." 

I locked on a pair of handcuffs, then poked the little double lock hole with a small nail.  I had left the keys out in the barn loft on top of a pile of old hay bales earlier this evening.  I wouldn't want to tempt myself into an easy escape. 

"Now get your ass outside.  Take that jar with you." 

I picked up the big jar from off the kitchen counter and carefully opened the door to the darkness outside.  I could feel the warm moist air surround me as I stepped out on the grass wet with dew.  August and high humidity.  Just enough star light to make my way to my punishment place.  I could barely see the glow of the white ropes.  I worked up a good sweat driving those two stakes in the ground.  I drove them in deep and angled them so the ropes wouldn't slip off. 

After I did the stakes, I threw a long chain over the big limb directly above the stakes.  Then I locked the chain ends together with a combination lock.  I put the open shackle of a second combination lock through a link in the chain to be used later tonight.  Now when my ankles are tied, I can just reach up and touch the chain overhead.

And now here I am ready to take my punishment.  "Spread your legs slave!  Wider!  Now tie the ropes tight to each ankle."  I did as ordered, wraping the ropes around several times and tieing three really tight knots.  "You know what to do slave.  Now do it!"

I picked up the jar, opened it, and pitched the lid aside.  I could smell the sweet honey.  I stuck my forefinger in the jar and rubbed my finger and thumb together.  Should I?  "Do it!"  The voice commanded.  I dipped my finger once more and rubbed some honey on each nipple.  Two fingers into the honey pot this time and then direct to my slit.  I worked a generous amount deep inside me and all around my pussy lips.  I sit the jar on the ground and stuck my whole hand in and reach my cuffed hands around to touch my ass.  I rubbed another generous handfull all over my bottom, reaching back between my legs.

No turning back now.  I dipped handfulls of honey and smeared a thick coating from my toes to my waist.  More.  More.  I worked in a frenzy and rubbed the golden nectar over my arms, shoulders and neck.  Before I knew it, my entire body dripped with sticky goo and glistened in the star light.  Turning up the jar, I let the remaining honey cascade over the top of my head, running through my hair, seeping into my ears and running down my back into my ass crack.  Honey drips off my chin onto my boobs.

I reach up and locate the open shackle just waiting for my handcuff chain.  With my legs spread apart so wide, I can just barely touch the lock.  I shuffle my feet a little and with some straining, and with slippery fingers, manage to snap the lock shut.  "Now slave suffer till dawn." 

My punishment has begun and I am being held captive for hours.  The feeling is almost indescribable.  I can feel the honey running down at a snails pace.  It slowly drips off my elbows to my tits.  It sort of tickles and yet feels so sensual. 

"Don't let the creatures of the night get you slave.  See you in the morning."

My imaginary Mistress leaves me alone, but what did she mean creatures of the night?  I'm stretched so tight and wide if anything comes around what would I do?  What could I do?  Nothing.  Minutes passed by slowly.  All at once I felt something strange.  Something sort of like a tickle, but not exactly that either.

On my foot.  Something crawling on my foot.  Ants!  I can feel it crawling up my leg.  Higher now near my waist.  It stopped.  Another one starting up my leg.  My gosh is this my punishment?  Soon more ants were crawling up my other leg and some worked their way all the way to my hands.  I could feel them on my back and neck.  Some investigated my bottom.  Several spent time around my nipples.  I shook my head violently as one crawled around my face.  I could just tell they were black and about a half inch long.  I sensed a string of ants now moving rapidly up both thighs and settling in around my pussy area.

I was overwhelmed with emotions and started to have and intense orgasm.  I shook in my cuffs and my legs stayed stiff as boards as I went through a series of climaxes.  Totally spent, I hung limp from the overhead chain, breathing hard and whimpering.  Oh how I wanted this punishment to end.  If  I had just shut off the alarm and stayed in bed.  But then I would never know this moment and experience this wild kinky ride in selfbondage.  I had to do this.  I had no choice, did I, oh imaginary Mistress of the night.  Punish me please. I hang here accepting my fate.

Finally, I can detect the sky getting brighter.  By now dozens and dozens of ants have checked out my private parts.  They haven't missed a square inch of me.  At least they haven't bit me.  Just crawling and crawling.  I now have enough light to clearly see that my entire body is covered by big black ants and other indescribable yucky bugs.

I suddenly go into another earth shaking string of orgasms.  I almost pass out this time.  Finally my breath returns and I work at opening the combination lock.  I squash ants around the lock with my fingers as I try the combination.  Failed twice but as they say the third time is a charm.  I painfully lower my arms and just stand there gasping.  I'm cold and have to pee.  I'm almost too tired to untie my ankles.  I just stand there and let go, peeing like a man.  Splattering into the honey jar below me.

My body, especially my legs, hurt so that I can hardly bend over far enough to untie my ankle ropes.  Why did I tie so many knots?  I'm a mess with all these nasty ants and the honey.  Their stuck everywhere.  Some still crawling.  Many must be dead.  My keys.  I have to get these cuffs off and take a shower.  But my keys, of course, are still in the barn loft on top of an old stack of hay bales.  Slowly I drag my legs and move on painfull steps toward the barn.  Now up the ladder to the loft.

Bits of dirt and hay are stuck to the bottoms of my feet.  In the loft, I climb the pyramid of old bales to the place where I stored the keys.  My foot stumbled and I kicked a bale out from under me and fell forward upsetting everything.  I tumbled down among the old bales covering myself in a dusty mixture of dirt and rotted hay.  The mountain of bales just avalanched and tumbled everywhere.  Some broke apart.  Some fell down through the floor opening, knocking down the ladder.

I lay there exhausted, crying, smeared with honey, sprinkled with ants and rolled in hay stubble.  Oh no my keys!  Where did they go? 

"Are we having fun yet slave?  Finding your keys will be like looking for a needle in a hay stack.  HA Ha ha ha ha ha."


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