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Having been married for over 40 years my husband, Techster, and I still enjoy playing adult games that are heavy on the BDSM side. I, for one, enjoy the feeling of being helpless and teased and tormented until I beg for sex.

Sometimes I decide to “live dangerously “ by placing myself naked in inescapable self bondage knowing that I must wait for Techster to “discover” me and do whatever he wants to do to me, it can range from oral sex, to electrical stimulation of my clitoris. The waiting by itself is erotic as all hell because thoughts of what will happen to me are running thought my head!

I am his “toy” he does whatever he wants to do to me. I have been teased for and hour or more when I get “super horny” and start begging for sex I get “cooled down” with a spanking that calms the hornies. Then he will start all over again slow well lubed fingers on my clit, small high-speed vibes in both my pussy and butt.

Today I decided to do something using 4 elements, 2 of which I had never used before and put myself in self-bondage so Techster could discover his naked sex toy/ slave girl.

The items used: A spreader bar between my ankles. Fuzzy, padded handcuffs would be locked to my Ring of steel collar. Now for the first of the 2 elements that I had never done before, namely an ass hook. New item #2 a gadget called a “rope ratchet” with about 15 feet of smooth nylon rope. A “rope ratchet” lets you pull a rope though it one way but it will not let you pull it back unless you trigger the release. So you can put yourself in bondage but if you can’t release it. You are stuck until someone helps you. It is great for self-bondage.

I started by attaching the rope ratchet and rope to a strap that was hooked over the top of our metal garage door.

Personal preparation:

First: I put my hair up in a braid with a length of ribbon woven into it, this was for Techster because I know he’ll find something interesting and erotic to do with it!

Second: I stripped and deliberately placed my clothes so he would see them when he came in the door.

Then I started my bondage preparations by locking the handcuffs to my collar. Next I buckled the leather cuffs that were attached to the spreader bar around each ankle, these spread my ankles about 2 feet apart, which left my pussy and clit well exposed for Techster’s pleasure. I threaded the rope under my collar and tied it to the ass hook. It took a bit of wet sex lube and the ass hook slid easily into my butt. Then I pulled on the free end of the line with the rope ratchet and tightened up on the hook.

Finally I locked my wrists in the cuffs.

And there I stood the perfect captive:

My wrists were cuffed up against my neck exposing my breasts, my ankles were spread apart exposing my sex. The upward pressure of the hook kept me against the cold metal door and the fact that the rope was under my collar meant I could not bend over.

Now all I had to do was wait for Techster to get home from work. Just the anticipation of what would happen had me feeling horny and I could feel the juices flowing as my pussy started to get moist. Finally after about 30 minutes of waiting I heard Techster’s truck in the driveway.

He smiled as he opened the door and said, “Gee I wonder what I can do for amusement this evening?”

He came over and made me shiver as he ran his hands up and down my body, bent over and licked each nipple. Then he began massaging my clit.

“This is too much fun, you need a little torment!”

With that he went to the laundry room and returned with some clothespins. “Here these should add some torment for my sex toy!”

He sucked and tongued each nipple, when they stood out and were hard he snapped a clothespin on each one.

“Now let me get out of these dirty work clothes and take a shower. Please wait for me. Don’t go anywhere!”

There is something erotic as hell when one is helpless, tormented and waiting for what will happen next. We’ve been married over 40 years and I still love these games. After 15 minutes Techster returned. He was naked, except for the CB6000 male chastity device that was locked around his cock.

He had several vibrators, the tens electro- stimulator and a large ball gag, “You look like you are bored and need some stimulation. Since we want it to be a quiet event I’ll start off with the gag!”

The rubber ball of the gag filled my mouth as he buckled it behind my neck. Then he knelt down and hooked one of the tens leads to the ass hook and clipped the other end to the triangle piercing that I have around my clit.

“Now my prisoner, this is an interrogation! Tell me where you hid the key to my cock lock!”

I shook my head, “No!”

“You will tell me or you will be tortured. Make it easy on yourself and tell me now!”

I shook my head ”No!” one more time.

“Ready to ride the lightening?” He asked as he hit the pulse switch on the tens unit.

The pulsing was true sexual torture and I stood on the edge of an orgasm for several minutes. I could feel my sex juices starting to flow then my clit started squirting.

Techster shut off the tens unit, ”We don’t want to waste an orgasm this early in the game. Now tell me where you hid the key.”

Again I shook my head, “no!”

He lubed a rabbit type vibrator and slid into my moist sex.

“One more time! Where is the key?”

I shook my head, “NO!”

Then He did it!

He switched the vibrator on full bore plus a pulsing stimulation with the tens unit. I could not scream or make anything other than a well muffled “oomph” I could not wiggle without the ass hook starting to hurt.

“Will you tell me where the key is?”

This time I nodded “YES!”

He removed the gag from my mouth, “Where?”

I laughed as I told him, “It is in your wallet. In the hidden compartment where you keep your secret cash!”

He ran over and opened his wallet, “Damn! That was a good one!”

He pulled the gag out of my mouth.

Next he unlocked and removed his chastity CB6000. “I’m going to release the rope ratchet from your ass hook so you can kneel and give me the best blow job ever. What do you think about that?”

“Great!” I replied, “Now I get the chance to have you beg for sex! Did you know my husband is a horny 70 year old who doesn’t need Viagra, Cealis or any of that shit!!”

“Let’s check that out!” Techster laughed as he released the rope ratchet and helped me to my knees.

“Now lets set you up for the perfect BJ.” He chuckled as he removed the rope from the rope ratchet, slid it from under my collar, pulled my head back so I was looking at the ceiling and tied the rope to the ribbon in my braided pony tail hairdo.

Next he stepped forward and put his cock in my mouth. My goal was to tease his cock slowly and gently. I started circling the tip with my tongue, then I started sucking that moved his cock back and forth when I felt his cock get hard I stopped.

“Why did you stop?” he asked as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I replied, “Remember you were the one who said we don’t want to waste an orgasm. Now free me so we can head for the bed and not waste this special 70 year old moment.”

It only took a second for him to remove my restraints and we ran to the bed where we enjoyed a “sacred senior moment!”

Take a hint my senior friends don’t be afraid to be a cowboy play and ride hard!

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