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The Horse

by Techster

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The Horse
A mechanical engineers experiment with self bondage and automated release
By: the techster

After my first experiment with the stocks I decided to try something new and more portable. I began with the “bondage horse” concept but did some careful measurements so it would be very secure, not like the “one size fits all” approach of most bondage furniture makers. I experimented with the legs of the horse and discovered that most bondage horses are nothing more than modified saw horses and lack the secure restraint and stability that a pro-domme really wants. 

The legs of the super horse were at a much shallower angle and longer than most bondage horses. The rear legs also has a 1 by 2 inch oak stiffening bar that ran from the bottom of the rear legs to the top of the forward legs. This design coupled with the wide stance and the cross braces that ran from the bottom of the left rear leg to the bottom of the right rear leg made the horse very stable. I also wanted to include both genital restraint and at the same time have my balls and penis restrained and exposed for maximum torment.

This concept led to a 16 inch wide top plate or deck. There were customized cut-outs or reliefs in the sides for my legs and a “V” shaped hole, located on the centerline of the top plate of the horse.  The point of the “V” towards where my head would be. This would be for my genital clamp. Using a router I cut slots for the slide that form the lower restraint plate. This retraint plate has a “V” shaped cut on its forward edge. That way when the plate and the cutout meet the “V” closes to as small a size as needed. When I trigger the self- bondage system this plate would be slide forward clamp my genitals and thus guarantee that my back and buttocks would not move.

The “V” clamp is attached to a small spring that pulls it back or releases it, and to a stainless steel cable that is attached to a small bucket that is filled with ice cubes pulls and keeps it shut until all the ice melts. I measured the distance between the bottom of my chin and the top of my penile shaft. This distance was 27 ½ inches. At the 27 ½ inch dimension I cut a rectangular cutout in the top plate of the horse for my face. After a little “fine tuning” by actual fitting I rounded the edges of that cutout and the top edge of the “V” genital restraint with a ¾ inch radius router bit. 
Lastly I then sanded and finished the top plate with Marine epoxy.

Testing time:

I then tested the genital restrain by filling the bucket with two ice cubes lying down on the horse and releasing the ice bucket. There were five small holes in the bottom of the little bucket to allow the water to escape as the ice melted. A salad bowl on the floor caught the drips. I then discovered the genital restraint worked better than I could have ever imagined. I could not reach the bucket to empty the ice cube it and free myself. Due to the way the sliding plate was mounted I could not get grip on it to release myself. The genital restraint plate held my cock and balls so securely, tightly but not painfully that I could not move or put my hand between the top plate and my body in an attempt to release myself. I just lay there in the 50 degree temperature of the workshop, cold, naked and completely immobilized.

The cutouts for my legs worked as restraints as well. I could move my feet but my lower legs were trapped forward of the legs of the horse and I could not extend them past. My arms just swung free as I lay there ready for the switch. I waited for the ice to melt. The cutout for my head was also a great success. I could not get a handhold on the smooth finished legs of the horse to push myself up so the weight of my body kept my face securely in the hole. Because it kept my jaw shut the horse also had a built-in gag. 

Did you know that it takes 68 minutes and 35 seconds for two ice cubes to melt when the outside temp is 50 degrees?

Finally the ice melted, the genital clamp slid back freeing me and I declared to first experiment a success. I then began designing self-latching restraints for my head and arms. For my head I designed a hook of stainless steel rod. In the interest of my comfort I covered the hook with the same type of insulating foam that was used on air conditioners.  There was a small bucket attached to it with holes drilled in the bottom for the ice weight that would close it. At the level of the top plate there was a 1/8 inch hole drilled where a trigger crank was installed. When the genital clamp was triggered, the descending weight would pull the trip lever out allowing the ice weight to pull the neck restraint down.

Likewise the wrist restraints were made to be weighted by ice. Each wrist restraint was made from an “L” shaped piece of steel that pivoted on a small rod in two “U” shaped brackets that were attached to the legs of the horse. The long leg of the “L” had a “V” shaped cutout in it so that it would trap my wrist against the leg of the horse.  Of course these had a small cup welded to each of the short ends of the “L” to serve as a counterweight and make the wrist restraint when weighed with the ice cubes a one-way trap. Each of these little ice buckets were made with holes in the bottom again to allow the ice to melt and the water to escape eventually freeing me. 

I had faith that the ice weighted restraints would release me eventually, so I decided to try this fiendish device out one night when my wife was working second shift. As soon as I got home from work I emptied the icemaker ran out to my workshop and “loaded” the restraints. I closed the shades and blinds on both windows and undressed. I placed my wristwatch face upon the floor below my face so I could keep track of time. I lay down on the horse, pulled the pin which triggered the genital and head restraints. Lastly I stuck my wrists down into the wrist clamp. I tried to struggle. It was no use all of my restraints really worked very well. I was now in total restraint. I was absolutely immobile, gagged and completely helpless. 

It was then I realized that in my haste I forgotten to lock the workshop door. I also had no way of knowing was that my wife would finish her work early and come home to surprise me. 

She did just that. When she saw me lying there she only said,” This is even better than the last one? Let me see just how immobile and silent are you? Let me see, now where did I put that riding crop?” All was quiet for quite a while I heard her leave for about 15 minutes. “Today is your lucky day. I didn’t find the riding crop, but I did find this neat vibrator and a nice fresh willow switch in the backyard.”

She didn’t waste a word she lubed the vibrator and worked it into my exposed anus. She switched it on as she said,” And now for the real fun. Let me know if this hurts too much. I’m going to teach you that if you are going to experiment like this, for safety reasons I want to know about it!”  With the vibrator buzzing in my ass she started whipping my back and buttocks with the switch. To my relief she stopped after about 10 minutes.
“How about it big boy. I think you’ve earned your lesson for today. Besides I’ve always fantasized about being a captive. My turn.”

She released my wrists, then lifted the buckets that held the genital and head restraints. Finally she removed the vibrator. As I got up rubbing my sore buttocks she undressed lay down. “OK show me how this thing works.” I ran to the kitchen, loaded the ice buckets and set the head restraint. Then placed her wrists in the wrist restraints. I could not think of how to immobilize her buttocks. Then I saw my carpenter’s “C” clamps. I taped up the small end on the clamp with a plastic electrical, lubed it with  KY and slid through the genital restraint opening and into her vagina. I then tightened the screw. Her motion stopped abruptly.

I though it best to let her cool down for a while before I returned the favor she had done for or rather to me. I went into the kitchen and washed the vibrator in antiseptic solution. About ½ hour and one cool beer later I walked out to the workshop and slipped the vibrator through the genital restraint opening into her vagina and switched it on. She wiggled briefly and than lay silent. I took the willow switch and as I said, “Here you go a return for the favor. Remember this is your wish!” I lay twenty crimson stripes across her tender buttocks.

Then I realized that still needed more torment so I got two alligator clips from my toolbox and placed one on each of her nipples. Now she really writhed in pain, but again stopped very quickly as the reality of the restraint caught up with her.
Then I took mercy and released her. “Well what do you think when the tables are turned and you are the victim?”
She hugged me and said, “Let’s adjourn to the house I want to see if this has affected your stamina.” She tossed our clothing over her arm, reached down grabbed me by the balls and led me into the house. Fortunately it was dark out and the neighbors and the children were asleep.

Now all I have to do is figure out a way to top that. 


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