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Hospital Walk

by Paneuf19

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The old hospital was dark. The faint aroma of antiseptic cleaners still lingered in the stale air. This disused four story, plus basement, facility was going to be my next self bondage venue.

A little back ground info just to set the stage for you. I live in rural Canada. In the small town in which I reside stands the above mentioned hospital. Here, the government owns an operates the regional health districts which over see the medical facilities in their area. The hospital in my town was closed two years ago in a politically motivated “stream lining” of the health care system. The bad news is we have to drive fifteen miles to the neighboring town for a hospital. The good news, for me anyway, is that I was hired to be caretaker \ watchman of the mothballed building. This means I have the keys and the right to enter and move around the empty building and grounds.

I have been planning this session for a while. During my many visits to the building, I have installed two boxes. One in the boiler room in the West end of the basement. This box is bolted to an old workbench and has a single lock hasp on it. The other box has four hasps, two on the front and one on each end. I fastened this box to a shelf in a room on the east end of the fourth floor.

The old hospital was a basic rectangle. The main entrance in the center with a lobby, reception desk and bank of elevators. At each end of the building are stair cases which go from the basement to the fourth floor.

My plan was this; in the box in the boiler room would be my clothes, my keyring with all the building, my home and car keys, the key to my handcuffs and the key to my leg shackles. This box would then be locked with a single padlock. The key to this padlock would be in the box on the fourth floor. That box, which you recall has four hasps, would be locked with eight padlocks, two on each hasp. The eight keys were placed as follows: the 1st key was taped to the east stairwell door in the basement. The second key taped to the underside of the reception desk in the lobby. The 3rd key was taped to the handrail half way up to the second floor in the West stairwell. The 4th the key was taped to the east stairwell door on the second floor. The 5th key I taped to a shelf in the nurse's station in the center of the third floor. The 6th key was taped to the back of the door of the third floor’s east stairwell. The 7th key was in a drawer of an old desk in an office at the east end of the forth floor. The 8th, and final key was taped to the fourth floor's West stairwell door. This would require me to traverse the full length of each floor in order to collect all the keys necessary to open the box and get the key to the box in the basement. I would then have to return to the basement and unlock the box there to release myself and get my clothes. My safety, backup keys were in an old shed at the back of the property. To get to them I would have to exit the building and cross about two hundred feet of open ground, fully exposed to anyone who happened by.

The time had arrived. At 1:00 am Wednesday morning I was standing in the boiler room of the old hospital. All the exterior doors were locked. The building was secure. I thought about my plan, and decided to put it into action. All the keys were in place. I took a deep breath. Lifting the lid of the box, I placed all my keys inside. I placed my bondage items on the workbench: one set of police issue double locking handcuffs, one set of leg shackles with a 10” chain, one ball gag, and one ball stretcher parachute with a 3lb weight. I stripped off my clothes, folded them and placed them in the box. I then closed the lid, engaged the hasp and clicked the padlock shut. Now, with or with out my bondage gear, I would have to move around the hospital naked and collect the keys to get my clothes. Otherwise I would have to sneak back to my house, through town, buck ass naked.

By this point, the thought of what lay ahead was getting me excited. My cock had risen to attention and it was all I could do not to just wank off right there. Before I lost control, I grabbed the shackles and cuffed them around my ankles. The 10” chain meant short steps and a tricky time on the stairs. I picked up the parachute and attached around my ball sack, then hung the 3lb weight on the ring. I inserted the ball gag and buckled it in place. I then took the handcuffs, ensured the key holes where toward my hands, latched the left one on my left wrist and used a small nail to double lock it. I closed my eyes, got up my courage, then put my hands behind my back and clicked the cuff around my right wrist. It took me a bit of fiddling, but I finally managed to pick the nail up off the work bench and double lock the right-hand cuff. Now it was time to set out.

The basement hallway had no windows, so once I had flicked off the boiler room light, by tripping the switch with my chin, I was plunged into total darkness. I turned my back to the door, found the door knob and pulled the heavy steel door open. It, like all the doors in the building, had a self-closer on it, so I had to catch the edge of the door with my heel and then, holding it open with my back, sort of shuffle around it into the Hall. I was now standing in the basement hallway. It was so dark I might just as well have been wearing a blind fold. The painted concrete floor felt cold beneath my bare feet as I turned left and started to shuffle my way down the hall. Being unable to see and not having use of my hands to feel ahead, meant that I often collided with the walls.

The hall way is 160’ in length, but it seemed like it took forever to make my way the east stairwell door. This door was easier to open, as it was fitted with a crash bar. I used my gut against the bar and felt my semi erect cock touch the cool steel skin of the door and slide across it as the door opened. Once through the door I grabbed the handle on the other side and eased the door shut. I didn't want to risk someone hearing noises coming from inside the place and calling the cops. Once the door was shut I felt around with my hands until I found the key. I pulled it free from the door and then pulled the tape off the key. I had clipped a small carabineer to the handcuff chain and I now clipped the key onto it. One key down, seven more to go.

Taking a 9” stair riser with a 10” chain between my ankles proved to be impossible so I realized I would have to go up the steps on my butt. The down side of this was that the 3lb weight attached to my parachute would have to be drug up the stairs, placing further stress on my already aching balls. The point of no return was long past. So I backed up to the steps and sat down. Ahhh, instant relief as the weight hit the floor and quit hanging from my balls. I sat there for a moment letting the lack of weight and the cool concrete of the step sooth my gonads. If I wanted to be out of here by dawn I needed to literally get my butt in gear. I reached behind me with my cuffed hands and found the next step, then lifting with my arms and pushing with my feet, I shifted my ass up one stair. As I proceeded to the next step, the weight made its presence known by catching on the edge of the stairs for a second, giving my stretched scrotum a painful tug. By the time I make the 1st floor landing my arms were aching and I felt like I had been gelded. My masochistic side found it to be a real turn on and my cock was once again rigid. I wanted to bring myself off right then, but the handcuffs prevented me from even trying.

Standing up was not easy, but I found if I sat on the 2nd step of the next staircase I could then more easily get to my feet. Once standing, I suddenly realized that due to the stairwell having floor to ceiling Windows at each landing, I would be easily seen by anyone who happened to look my way. Lucky for me, at that early morning hour, the chances of someone being out and about were slim. However the increased risk had my hard-on throbbing. I backed up to the door and found the door latch with my hands. As I did this I watched out the window for any sign of being seen as I was now giving the world a full frontal view. I pulled the door open and shuffled through into the first/main floor corridor.

The light coming through the plate glass walls of the entrance lobby made walking this hallway much easier. But the light also reminded me that while crossing the lobby and retrieving the key from the reception desk I would be on full display to anyone looking toward the building. This thought only served to make me hornier thus keeping my erection in full force. As I shuffled down the hall the 3lb weight swung back and forth tormenting my balls but also providing mild stimulation to my cock. Pain and pleasure, I was enjoying this bondage walk more than I anticipated. I reached the reception desk and stood looking out the front window wall for a few minutes. The street out front was quiet, but then a car drove by. I froze. But the car carried on by with out slowing or stopping. I shuffled around behind the reception desk and felt around underneath until I found the key. I added Key #2 to the carabineer, took one last look out the front windows and shuffled off down the hall heading for the West end stairwell.

I hit the crash bar and opened the door. Somehow the air in this stairwell seemed cooler. I plopped down on my butt and started the trip up to the second floor. Half way up I stopped to retrieve the 3rd key. Standing up and turning my back to the handrail was a bit tricky on a 10” wide step, but I finally clipped key 3 to the carabineer. I sat back down and slowly moved my butt up to the second floor landing. Once on my feet I jockeyed open the door and moved into the hallway. Half way down the hall on the right was the nursing station. What little light there was came from Windows high up at the top of the wall. I make my slow shuffling way down the hall. Between the swinging motion and the banging up the stairs, the weight was doing a number on my testicles. They ached and the stretched skin burned. I wondered if I would be singing soprano by the time this adventure was over. While my balls hurt, my brain still managed feel turned on and my throbbing hard-on proved it.

I reached the nurse's desk and moved behind it to get key #4 and then remembered that it was key 5 that was at the nurse's station on the third floor, not 4 on the second. I leaned my butt against the built in counter/desk to take a breather. Suddenly I was alert. I was sure I had heard voices. I remained still and quiet, listening carefully. Nothing, not a peep. It must have been my imagination. With a sigh I looked down at my cock. I wanted nothing more right now than to reach orgasm, but that would have to wait until I got the key from the fourth floor and made it back to the basement. With that goal in mind I pushed off the desk and headed down the corridor to the east stairwell.

My desire for an orgasm drove me on, but it also made it feel like the halls were getting longer. It seemed to take forever to reach that blasted door. I hit the crash bar and moved into the landing. I had started my backward crab walk up the stairs when my gaze fell upon key #4 still taped to the door. I reversed direction and had to move the weight down the stairs with my feet so I didn't end up sitting on it or pulling my balls backward and crushing them under my butt. Once back on the landing I grabbed the key and added it to the carabineer.

I guess that because of my frustration my cock started to wilt, and was now at half mast. Aching balls and a limp cock, some how this bondage walk was starting to loose it’s appeal. However there was no way now that I could quit. So, I dropped my ass back down on the steps and made my way up to the third floor landing scooting around to the next set of stairs to use them to help me stand. I sat there for a few minutes just to rest. I gazed out the window and the thought of being on display for anyone to see caused a stirring in my loins.

I closed my eyes and imagined that I was forcibly being made to stand in full view of a gathered group of women. I could see them in my mind’s eye pointing at me and making lewd remarks. I pretended that my captor was using a stick to point out my attributes and flaws, making sure to poke and play with my penis every few seconds until it once again stood at attention (well at least as much as it could with the weight hanging off my sac. Aroused once more, and feeling in better spirits, opened my eyes and made my way into the third floor hallway.

The swing of the weight kept right on trying to rip my testes off, but it was also tugging the skin on the underside of my cock to the point I thought it might cause me to cum. I felt I was almost ready to explode when I reached the nurse's station. I debated whether to walk on to a climax or stop and get the key. The key won out. I figured I had to get the key anyway, and this edging would hopefully make my orgasm in the boiler room monumental.

I moved to the shelf and began feeling for the key. I felt all along the shelf and couldn't find it. I stopped for a moment to think through my route. Having already stopped to get a key in the wrong place, was I doing it again? No, this was definitely the right place. I turned around facing the shelf and squatted down to look underneath. The little bit of light made it hard to see but it didn't seem to be there. I scanned the floor to see if it had fallen. I scooted forward for a better look.

“Looking for this?” a feminine voice asked.

I was so startled I banged my head on the bottom of the shelf, lost my balance and ended up sitting on my backside. The sound of several women laughing caused me to look up. There, leaning on the counter peering down at me were three women wearing old style nurse's caps and uniforms.

“Well girls, it looks like one of the patients has escaped the psych Ward.” Said the tall brunette as she fingered my key.

“No, I don't think so.” Replied the shorter blond, “I’ve never seen them use restraints like that.”

The three of them giggled.

The third nurse moved around the desk and squatted down beside me. She reached out and fondled my cock, which had started to droop due to my embarrassment. As mortified as I was, my penis leapt to full throbbing hard-on at the touch of her soft cool teasing fingers. I looked at her pleadingly, hoping both that they would let me go, but at the same thinking this was every man's fantasy.

“I don’t know where he came from, but it would be a shame to let this opportunity pass us by. Help me get him up and we'll put him in a room.”

The other two came around the desk and the three of them hauled me to my feet. I knew I was at their mercy. With a 10” hobble there was no way I could make a run for it.

The blond grabbed the weight dangling between my legs and gave it a tug. “Come on stud, we plan to use and abuse you.”

Being pulled by my already hurting balls, I was lead down the hall and into a room. When the hospital was mothballed, the important equipment and supplies were removed. However the beds, chairs and some outdated equipment were left. I guess it was cheap storage. Because of this the room I was lead into still had an older style hospital bed and a couple of chairs. There was even one of the old style hand pumped blood pressure units mounted on the wall.

The girls led me to the bed and made me sit on the edge. I was then told to scoot my butt back further into the bed. I complied. The blond and the shorter brunette took ahold of my feet and swung them up onto the bed. Then they pushed my feet apart to the limit of the chain and using the belts off their nurse's uniforms secured my legs to the bed. The tall brunette used something to pick the lock on my hand cuffs and managed to release my left hand. But before I could do anything she grabbed my thumb and bent it backward. The other two came to her aid. I was push onto my back and my right hand was quickly fastened to the bed’s side rail using the handcuffs. Once that was done, they used the third uniform belt to tie my left hand to the bed rail on that side. I was now flat on my back, fully restrained and exposed. The three stood back and admired their handy work. I was feeling a mix of emotions: embarrassment, fear, panic and lust. But my cock seemed not at all confused, it was crying out for action.

“I think the first thing we should do is take that thing off his scrotum before it damages the goods.” Said the blond.

The other two nodded their agreement. So she came around, looked the parachute over to see how it was attached, and then unsnapped and removed it. If balls could sigh mine would have right then. The trio went off in a corner and seemed to be have a discussion about my future. A few minutes later the tall brunette came over by the bed and the other two left the room.

“I'm going to take that gag out of your mouth for now, but don't speak unless told you can or you WILL be punished. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head up and down. She undid the buckles and eased the ball gag out of my mouth. That too was a relief. I worked my jaw around to ease the ache.

“What are you planning to do with me?” I asked.

“Well first I'm going to punish you for talking with out permission. So shut up or the punishment will get worse each time.”

With that she reached over and grabbed the blood pressure cuff, she stretched out my cock and balls and wrapped the cuff around them tightly. This in itself was not too uncomfortable, but then she started pumping it up increasing the pressure on my privates until tears came to my eyes and I thought I would pass out.

“I’ve only pumped it up about half way. I'm going to leave it like that for a bit so you'll know I mean business. Are you going to speak again without permission?”

I shook my head, no. Tall brunette looked at me for what seemed an eternity, then finally released the air from the cuff. My balls throbbed. She reached down between my legs and began gently massaging. Even though I was sore, my damn cock still responded.

At that point the other two returned pushing a cart loaded with heavy leather straps and other paraphernalia. I wondered where they were getting all this stuff and was about to ask when I remembered the torturous blood pressure cuff. The leather straps tuned out to padded leg and arm restraints like I had seen in movies like “A Beautiful Mind”. The three very efficiently put the restraints in place, attaching them to the bed and then to me. They removed their belts from my ankles and left wrist. With the psych ward restraints I wasn't going anywhere. Next the three of them stripped. First off came the starched white dresses, then the slips, white shoe s, hose, garter belts, bras and panties. I don't know where they got their old time nurse's costumes, but they sure seemed to be authentic, right down to the under wear..

I was now looking at three “girl next door” naked women wearing nothing but nurse's caps and mischievous grins. The short brunette (about 5’3”) was probably a 36d and curvy. The tall brunette was around 5’8” with a less ample bust line, but still darn sexy. The blond was maybe 5’4” with an athletic build and small perky tits. Looking at them was a major turn on. None had shaved and all had a full bush, no bikini waxers here.

“Well girls, before we do anything else I think the patient needs a sponge bath. After walking around the corridors and sliding his butt up the stairs he's a bit dirty.” Observed the blond.

So for the next 15 minutes I was ‘sponged’ clean. I don't know where they got the water, towels and other stuff, but At that point I didn't care. I was so turned on all I wanted to do was cum. Once I was cleaned to their satisfaction, they decided to humiliate me by shaving off all my body hair so I was bald from the neck down. I guess they liked the look, because they then decided to shave each other. They then ignored my cock and took turns having me eat them out. While one straddled my face and enjoyed the ministrations of my tongue, the others fondled her beasts and sucked her nipples. I was told that if I didn’t satisfy them I would be subjected once again to “ Mr. Cuff”. After the three of them had each enjoyed several orgasms, the blond French kissed me and said, “Thank you”.

“Well ladies it is time for us to go. We'll get an earlier start tomorrow night.” Said tall brunette.

She offered me some water which I drank greedily. Wait a minute, ‘ tomorrow night?’ what did she mean? I was about to ask when I recalled the excruciating pain inflicted by Mr. Cuff. At that point tall brunette told me to open my mouth for the ball gag. At first I refused, until she held up the blood pressure cuff, then I reluctantly complied.

Short brunette comes to the bed with some kind of tube in her hand. “I think we should catheterize him. We wouldn't want him peeing the bed”.

I shook my head in protest, but it did no good. The blond grabbed my now flaccid penis and started massaging it. The traitor responded to her touch and jumped to attention. She then insert the tube and kept shoving it in till I thought it might come out my nose.

“Tomorrow night I want the bad boy to give me a mind blowing orgasm.” Blond said and winked at me.

All I could do was moan.

I looked for the plastic bag that the urine would drain into and saw instead a large glass jar. Man these gals really were into the old style medical thing. Before I realized what they were up to they started an IV in my left arm.

“We don't want you to become dehydrated.” Said short brunette.

Again I noticed that the container for the IV was not a bag, but a glass bottle. I panicked and started thrashing around as Being at their mercy I had no idea what they were dumping into my veins.

“Relax Sweety, it isn't anything bad, it will just keep you in good shape for us to enjoy when we come back”. The blond said soothingly.

The last thing I remembered was tall brunette coming up on my right side with an old style chrome hypodermic syringe and jabbing it in my arm. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Part 2

I slowly started coming to. My head felt muzzy. I must have hit my head against that shelf harder than I thought. But man what a sexy dream. I opened my eyes. It took a few moments to focus and see clearly. Why is the light so bright, it should be night time? My vision finally cleared and I looked around . I wasn't dreaming, I was bound to a bed in a sunny hospital room. The IV bottle and feed tube going to my arm were there, though the bottle was almost empty. I felt bad and dizzy, hungry and thirsty but there was nothing I could do about it. I still felt a bit groggy, maybe if I just close my eyes for a few minutes I'LL feel better.

The second time I woke up I felt better. The grogginess was gone but I was still hungry and thirsty. I tried to see if I could bend my hand enough to reach the restraint straps, but the designers had thought of that possibility and designed the straps in a way to prevent escape. My jaw ached from the ball gag, but being restrained there was nothing I could do about it. From the way the light in the room looked it was likely late afternoon.

I lay there thinking of all the times I had placed myself in bondage. Even though I had to wait for a timer to release the keys to my escape, I guess I always knew I would be getting free. Those times I was bound, but also my own master. While being in inescapable bondage was in some ways a sexy turn on, after a while it became boring, and a bit scary. I tried to go back to sleep, but I guess I had already filled my quota. So I lay there as the hours drug by. I watched the light slowly fade. Then it was dark and the room was lit by the light from the street lights filtering through the window. It seemed like time stood still.

I honestly don't know how much time had passed before I heard some one coming down the hallway. Nor did I know who it was, but by this point I didn't care, I just wanted out of the mess I was in.

“Well, how is our sexy patient tonight?” Asked short brunette as she walked into the room accompanied by the sound of her starched white uniform.

I moaned into the gag and tugged at the restraints.

“Oh my, we seem a little out of sorts. Well I'm sure the girls and I will be able the cheer you up. Kate and Susan will be here in a minute, they're just getting a few supplies that we will need.”

Hmm, Kate and Susan, well at least I had some names now. But I had no idea which was which. I still couldn't figure out where these “supplies” were coming from. As caretaker I have been all over this hospital and I’m sure I would have noticed leather restraints, needles, razors, kidney dishes, and all these other things, that they seem to have come up with, if they were just laying around.

My thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Kate and Susan. Here again they were pushing a hospital cart loaded with stuff. Where did the damn cart come from.

“I think we should get Mr. Stud up and walk him around a bit. He must be stiff after laying still for so long”. Tall brunette said as she came over to the bed. She carefully removed the IV from my arm and then Kate slowly pulled out the catheter.

It was then I noticed that tall brunette was wearing a name tag next to her broach style nurse’s watch. “Susan” was written in white on a black background. So the blond must be Kate. I tried to see if short brunette had a name tag on her uniform, but she was busy taking it off and the other two quickly followed suit. Now naked, the trio came back to the bed.

“I’m going to remove the gag, but the same rules apply as last night. If we ask you a yes or no question answer by nodding or shaking your head. You may speak if it is any other type of question.” Susan said, “Do you understand?”

I nodded my head. Susan reached back, undid the buckles and removed the gag. Kate offered me a drink of water which I greatly appreciated. Short brunette produced a handcuff key and unlocked the cuff fastened to the bed rail.

“We are going to undo the arm restraints and then recuff your wrists in front. I warn you not to try anything, remember that there are three of us and Susan has a hypodermic filled with a sedative. So, are you going to be a good boy?”

I nodded my head, yes.

“Sandra, wait a minute, let me give Stud his present first.” Said Kate.

With that she lifted from the cart a heavy leather dog collar and a chain leash. Kate came over to the bed and fastened the collar around my neck.

“Oh yeah, that's much better.” Kate said with a smile.

Susan then undid the restraint on my right arm and pushed my arm over towards Sandra. Sandra fastened the handcuff around my wrist. Once she had done that, she undid the restraint from my left arm. Then the two of them helped me to sit up. I almost said thank you, but remembered Mr. Cuff's torture just in time. The restraints were quickly removed from my ankles and I was helped to my feet. I felt so weak that I almost collapsed.

“Easy there Stud,” said Sandra, she then suggested to Susan and Kate that perhaps they should let me eat first. They agreed to this. They lead me slowly to one of the chairs and helped me to sit. Kate then produced a bag with a sandwich and chips in it. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until the aroma of the food hit me. I made short work of the meal and drank a glass of water. I was then helped to my feet and lead to the bathroom. I was going to protest that the water was shut off, but before I could say anything, Susan turned the tap on at the sink and water poured forth. Things were going on that made no sense. They stood me in the shower and washed me from head to toe. They then produced towels (I quit trying to figure out were they were getting everything) and dried me off. Susan released the cuff from my right wrist and fastened it to the grab bar by the toilet.

“We'll give you some privacy so you can…., well you know.”

With that they left and closed the door. The resulting darkness made things a bit awkward, but I managed. A few minutes later the trio returned. I was inspected and pronounced ‘clean’ but stubbly and therefore in need of a full body shave. The handcuff was released from the grab bar and my wrists were recuffed behind my back. They stood me back in the shower stall, lathered me up and reshaved everything from my face down.

Satisfied with their work, I was then taken for a walk up and down the hallway to “loosen my joints”. With my ablutions done and exercise time over I was lead back to the bed and quickly put back in restraints.

“There now,” said Susan, “we’re already for some wild and crazy sex.”

With that they started fondling me. It took no time at all to get me aroused and my mind and cock begging for a nice mouth or pussy to finally get me off. Sandra climbed on the bed and straddled my chest, presenting her smoothly shaved womanhood to my mouth. I got right to work licking and sucking and probing. From the moans she was emitting I figured I was doing at least a passable job. Then just as I started to concentrate on her clit, I felt a sting in my scrotum and suddenly my balls felt like they were being crushed. It was a good thing I hadn’t been using my teeth to nibble Sandra's clit or I might have bitten it off. The pain quickly faded away then I felt another sting in my cock. If Sandra's crotch hadn’t been pushed up against my mouth I likely would have screamed. The sting stopped and then I realized that I couldn’t feel my cock and balls.

Kate appears at my left side and said, “We froze you up so that we can all enjoy you for as long as we want with out you cumming and going limp on us.

Sandra climbed off of me and I looked down at my crotch. It was the weirdest thing, I could see my big throbbing hard-on, but couldn’t feel it. Kate leaned over and licked the head of my cock, twirled her tongue around it and then took me into her mouth and started bobbing up and down. Damn it was amazing to watch and it made me as horny as hell, but I couldn’t feel a thing. Over the next few hours all three took their pleasure and got themselves orgasms using my cock as a dildo. I also licked, tongued and sucked breasts and cunts until my tongue ached. But they were right about me neither cuming or going limp. All the visual stimulus and the fondling of the non frozen parts of my body, along with the oral sex kept me hard as a rock. By the time the three of them showed signs of being sated, I wanted the feeling to return to my cock and for one of them to fuck me to orgasm. I felt like I would have an explosive orgasm if only given the stimulus.

It seemed my needs were to be denied, the trio took turns showering and getting dressed. I got my nipples tweaked and my now pins and needles feeling penis and ball sac fondled, but no effort was made to make me cum. Once dressed, the three stood around the bed. Sandra gave me a drink of water and then forced the ball gag into my mouth. Susan once again produced a hypodermic syringe and in spite of me vigorously shaking my head ‘no’, injected its contents into my arm.

“Goodnight Stud.” They said in unison.

My vision became blurry and my head seemed to weigh a ton. Then I must have drifted off to sleep.

Once again I woke up feeling a bit groggy. I was totally disoriented. There was no light and I seemed to be laying on a wooden floor. I dozed off again.

I woke up later feeling better, but still not 100%. I slowly sat up and tried to look around, but it was pitch black. I could tell I was on a wooden floor and the air had an odor that seemed somewhat familiar. Then it hit me, I was in the storage shed at the back of the hospital property. It also dawned on me that my hands were not handcuffed. I moved my feet and discovered they were still shackled. I further found that the ball gag was gone, but there was something on my cock. I felt it and realized it was a male chastity cage.

“What the hell are they playing at?” I said out loud.

I felt around with my hands and felt the lawn mower next to me. That helped me orient myself in the shed. I was sitting facing the door. I slowly got to my feet and shuffled to were I figured the door was. I felt for the latch, hoping that these wild women hadn’t locked me in. I then found the latch and tried it. The door was unlocked. I slowly pushed it open a crack and was almost blinded by the bright sunlight. Oh damn! Here it is the middle of the day and I am stack naked in a garden shed two hundred feet across wide open lawn to the back door of the hospital where my keys and clothes are. Well I was stuck until dark. Even then it was going to be risky getting back with out being seen. With the light from the door I looked around the inside of the shed. There was nothing with which I could make my wait more comfortable. I pulled the door closed and sat down on the floor to wait. I couldn’t even play with myself and relieve the tension with an orgasm.

Periodically I would check outside to see if it was dark yet. The hours drug by. I could hear the sounds of the town. Cars driving past, kids, a dog barking, birds, a lawnmower. The shed grew unbearably hot as the day wore on. I was sweating profusely and felt like I was in a sauna. I guess between the after effects of the sedative and the heat, I fell asleep. I dreamt about the three women who had held me and “used and abused me”. Only in my dream I was the one in control and enjoying massive orgasms. I awoke with discomfort in my crotch. Getting a boner in a cock cage just doesn’t work.

I checked outside again and found that it was dark. I listened intently. I could still hear people out and about, so I closed the door and a waited a while longer. If you ever want to be bored shitless, just trap yourself in a shed with nothing to do. After what seemed like an eternity I checked again. It was quiet, just the natural sounds of the night. I took a deep breath and opened the door, here goes. Of all the times I've done selfbondage, I have never felt so vulnerable. But it also was a huge turn on. The blasted cock cage made life miserable as my damn cock was trying its best to achieve erection. Twice on my way across the lawn I heard cars coming and lay down on the ground. No one stopped and the cops didn't show up. Finally I got to the back door of the hospital and found it unlocked. After I got inside I locked the door behind me and headed for the basement.

With my hands free and no ball stretcher I made it down the stairs much more quickly. In the boiler room on the workbench I found my handcuffs, ball stretcher, all 8 padlocks with their keys and the key to the box attached to the workbench. I picked up the key and opened the box. Inside were my two keyrings and a note on hospital stationary.

Dear Stud, We had a great time playing with you. Now you have a choice to make, you can likely use bolt cutters to cut the padlock and remove the chastity device, or leave it on and continue to be our sex slave. The choice is yours. However, if you are going to play your bondage games in our hospital, then continue wearing the cage or suffer the consequences. Hope to catch you next time. Yours with fondest memories, Susan, Kate and Sandra.

I used the keys to remove the leg shackles then began searching for my clothes. They were no where in the basement. I then went floor by floor and room by room. I didn't find my clothes or anything else I could use to cover up my nakedness. Nor did I find any trace of any of the things the trio had used on me. After sitting out in the shed and sweating profusely I thought a shower would be nice. I went to the room in which I had been held captive, but when I turned the taps not a drop of water came out. I sat down on the bed. What the hell happened to me. I know it wasn’t a dream because I was locked in a cock cage I had never seen before. Who were these women and where had they come from?

Well no time to worry about that now, I needed to somehow get through a town of 6,000 people to my home on the opposite side of town while stark naked. Ever wish you lived closer to work?

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