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Hot Summer

by Freelybound

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© Copyright 2008 - Freelybound - Used by permission

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Long have been the summer days of late. Hot, with a threat of thunderstorms in the distant. The heat of the day had long gone down by the time that I ventured back home after a long day working. Having parked by the side of our cottage; I sat back in the seat of my car I give myself a moment after the long journey home. My wife had always loved the old country cottage ever since the day’s when she had lived nearby as a little girl. She once said that she had always wished that she could have seen the cottage from the inside. (I say cottage in jest really. In real terms; the building was a big farm cottage that had number of farm buildings attached. We had the buildings converted as part of the house over time)

It was less than a year later from that date in time from when we had that conversation when we were at our wedding reception. We had waited nearly two and a half years to save up enough money for a somewhat modest wedding. It was at our wedding reception we heard that the old lady that had lived at the old cottage for most of all of her life had just died. She had living there for the best part of 92 years. By all accounts her relatives were looking to sell the place. Terry (my newlywed wife) had longed for that house long before I had met her. But we couldn’t even have thought of trying to buy the house. Our finances were poor; it would have been way out of the question. But as luck would have it the house itself was in need of a lot of work to be done on it. And now the owners wanted a quick sale. They lived across the sea, and money wasn’t their biggest issue.

The biggest factor that was in our favour was that they wanted the house sold, and all loose ends tidied up. Terry’s father was financially sound, and in a good position to help with a deposit. Having had a quick discussion with Terry’s father. And managing to have phoned the new owner of the house (He was a nephew of the old lady by all accounts) before we sat down to dinner, I had managed to come up with a verbal deal for the house and adjoining buildings. Terry hadn’t heard one word of the discussions. Or the fact that it was on the table until I told our friends and family of the situation in the after dinner speech. Terry just sat there and looked at me in disbelief for a few seconds, she thought that I was cruelly making the whole thing up. It was then a stranger stood at the back of the reception hall and introduced himself as the present owner. He confirmed that it was indeed his intentions to sell the house as agreed by phone. Terry finally realised that it really was a real possibility that we could soon be living in the house of her dreams. I remember watching her nose and chin screw up and start trembling just before she started to cry with joy. Her eyes were full of tears. The tears ran down her cheeks and dripped off her chin on to her wedding dress. The look on her face was priceless.

And now some years later, having had some good fortune with our health, and our business. Our business was blooming after a shaky start. We had spent a lot of time. Years in fact. Years of work. We had invested loads of money on the house renovations. Not only will we soon be the proud outright owner of the old picture cottage. But when I look at it. It still never fails to remind me of the true values in life. I don’t mean the fact that we sweat blood to raise enough money to renovate the cottage in the first place. Or what it’s value in money is now. In fact; as the previous owner obviously knew; money wasn’t everything. It has more to do with something to do with the very fact that it has all sorts of hidden meanings. They were meanings hidden within its stone walls. Meanings that only Terry and myself could truly appreciate.

To try and explain just what I mean would be like searching for the holy-grail itself. However, to help you try and understand the most important meanings within the walls; a few old bricks mortar. It was nearly twenty years ago when I met Terry in one of the Kent’s well known universities. I was trying to get a coke out of a temperamental vending machine. When Terry came along and simply kicked the vending machine. (The kick seemed to do the trick just fine) we seemed to click straight away. I ended up giving her the coke. It was the last coke in the confounded machine. We arranged to meet up later. We went out on our thirst date that evening. That was the first date of the rest of our lives. We fell in love with each other very quickly. From that first date we shared our secrets, our passions and our souls.

Our favoured meeting-place over looked the cottage of my girls dreams. Over time the cottage seemed to become a part of us. It became a symbol of our hopes. It too became a part of our souls. Since then, we have managed to live the fairy tale ending. We managed to buy the cottage. (All be it thru fate) To own it was Terry’s lifelong dream. It was a dream that Terry thought would never come true. Yes; it has been hard going. Like most families and marriages. There has been their up’s and down’s. There have been times when we had thought that we couldn’t manage to keep up the payments on the mortgage on the cottage, more than once our families have had to bail us out, but we did it. We were fortunate that we had both done well in our work.  Both of us had good jobs that paid us a good wages. We then took the gamble of a life time, and started our own business. That grew steadily after a shaky start. But then took off. Now we have good pensions to look forward to after we retire early. Our kids are doing well in universities. And most importantly, in about a year’s time we will finally have finished paying the mortgage on our cottage.

And so you can see the cottage has far more meaning to us than just a place to live. We can only thank our lucky stars for the way things have finally turned out for us, and the pleasure that the cottage has given both Terry and myself over all of this time. It was definitely money, and a life well spent. I would not hesitate to do it all again. But there again, where Terry is concerned; there has never been much that I wouldn’t have done for her if I could have. Terry is my nearest and dearest.

The sun is now slowly setting over the orchard displaying vibrant colours. I stretch my arms out, sit up straight and then I open the car door, I step out onto the loose gravel feeling it grind under my feet. There is nothing like the smell of summer at its best. It takes only a few steps over the loose gravel to reach the old rustic cobble path leading around the side of the house to the side door of the cottage. The cottage still has the original Oak door. It is set back under a small porch, it’s a porch with a clay-peg tiled roof. This part of the building was originally a stable for the farm. The old stables once housed the work-horses that toiled on the land. Hence the reason the door is made in two parts, one half of the door above the other so a horse could put its head over the door. Now, no longer a stable; the door leads to a fully fitted kitchen. It may be a fully furnished kitchen, but we have managed to keep most of the original character of the building. Like the Arga (the old fossil fueled cooker) is now fired up on natural gas. But still looks the same as when it was stoked up on coal.

I laid my work papers down onto the new work service at the end closest to the fridge. I could see a note perched against the toaster. It read;

“Hi sweetie. Been thinking about what you said last week at Sammy’s party. (You know, the joys of sex and all of that) I think on reflection you're right. (As usual) We should give it a go. (But I still recon that you are barmy I still can’t altogether see the point in it) Anyway I should be home by six (as long as Henry’s sheep aren’t out again!) You have a bite to eat, and go for a good long soak in the bath. Then follow my instructions; to the letter! (It took me some time to work out a plan for the evening) I have left the instructions on the bed.
Love you lots, Terry.”

My heart had jumped a few beats. It was due to the content of the note. I mean, did Terry really mean what I took the note to mean! I read the note once more; slowly. I poured out half of a pint of chilled cider into a glass that was standing close by. My wife's note did in fact indeed indicate she was talking about the conversation we had on sex with a difference! I remembered the conversation well. She finished on the note of “can’t see the point in it. Forget it.”  When Terry says forget it that is normally the last word.

I took one last good long gulp of my cider before putting the empty glass on to the solid oak kitchen table. The cider tasted great. Ice cold as it ran over the tongue, tingling the taste-buds, before sliding down the back of the throat and cooling the bottom of stomach. I took out the salad that Terry had prepared and left for me in the fridge. I laid it down on the table. Shut the fridge door behind me and sat at the table. I read Terry’s note again. I must be reading it wrong I thought perhaps! I stretched back and picked up a fork off of the drainer behind me. I sat one elbow on the table and ate my meal casually with the one fork.

I was somewhat put out by Terry’s note, It bothered me. Not for the fact that she had written it. We would often leave notes for each other, but this was somewhat different. This was out of character for her. Once Terry had made up mind on something; it would be her last word in the subject, there normally there would be no way of changing her mind at all. How-ever. At this point in time; there was hope. Hope for something new. Hope they my dear wife would take part in a long lasting secret fantasy of mine. It was a fantasy that I had kept to myself over the years. Not that I wouldn’t have shared it with Terry had the subject have ever arisen. It was just that I had never had that much time to indulge in my fantasies, work had always come first. Terry did know of my love of bondage, I would indulge when she was at work, and I had time to myself. Terry had always been philosophical. She liked to dress for passion; but that was the limit.

I thought that long soak in the bath was a good idea. I downed the last drop of the chilled cider lingering at the bottom of my glass. I then put my glass, plate and solitary fork into the dishwasher before heading for the bathroom. It was a curious journey, for it was at a journey that I had done hundreds of time during the time we had lived here, but for some reason this time seemed to be different. Different because of a few words left on a small piece of paper. 

After I had run the bath I stripped off, put my toe over the side of the bath into the water in a symbolic attempt to test to see just how hot the water was. We had one of those old heavy cast iron baths with a wide rolled top edge to it, and it had shaped feet underneath of it. One had to stretch their leg up to put their leg over the side of it to climb in. The one good thing about it was that once the bath was run. The water would stay hot. It took a long time before it got cold again, that meant you could stay in it for a long time before the water got cold. And the sheer size of it meant that It could be shared it with someone without being too cramped. I had spent hours in that bath with Terry over the years. In one way or another; we really are soul mates. We really do love each other. We enjoy each other’s company. (That’s more than other married couples can say) The fact that we also like sex together is just a bonus. The icing on the cake.

And that thought in mind brings me back to that conversation we had ended last week at the party. It all started with the fact that I like a bit of Bondage. So what you might be thinking. Well Terry likes and enjoys sex. We both do. And sexually we have had some fantastic times together, so why not combine the two I thought, tell her how I liked the idea of being helpless to my lover. Terry likes to dress up into a variety of things for the pursuit of passion and all manner of sexual pleasures. It doesn’t matter if it is Leather, latex, PVC, corsets, boots. You name it; she will normally give it a go. But, as for bondage; she can’t see any point in being tied up, so you're not to be able to do anything. Terry is a hands on sort of girl. At times you could say that she can be; and is very creative in most of anything she does. But, she still can’t see any point in bondage. I tried to explain to her to the best that I could, as to what I thought we both might get out of it and what others seem to get out of it. I pointed out that I was certainly not the only one in the world that gets excited with the concept of being tied up. Terry doesn’t object to me being tied up, just don’t ask her to join in with pointless games. Hence her last words on the subject. Forget it! Not Interested.

As I lay relaxing in the hot soapy water, the sensual oils that I put in the seemed to have done the trick against relieving the tension of the long tiring day. I finally sat up and leaned forward; pulled out the bath plug. I climbed out of the bath and dried off. I had a quick shave and a pee.  Then I headed to the master bedroom to see just what those instructions of hers were. 

Arriving in the bedroom, I had to admit it looked good so far. Terry had done her home work. Indeed, Terry had left a note of instructions on the bed, along with my wooden box of toys. After I had read the note a couple of times to get it straight in my head, I looked at the last words; it finished with the words, “Be mine, and you will have a night to remember; one way or another. Love you XXX”

Sitting on the bed, my toy box. I lifted the lid to reveal a number of new items. Funnily; I had to think twice as to whether I was going to proceed. I got a cold shiver down my spine. Was I actually going ahead with what Terry had instructed me to do?  Being chained up by her to do whatever she wanted to do to me was what I had always wanted her to do to me. But it was also a long way from the sort of thing we had ever together before. And there was no mention as to what she thought she might actually do to me. It had to be said, Terry did have a mean streak about her. She could use this time for pay back of some sort! But I had to say that I did and had always trusted her in every way. But then again; she wouldn’t see any Real harm come to me.

So, after some time of contemplation, all of at least two seconds. I sat on the edge of the bed, took a deep breath (my heart started to bang a way ten times faster than normal) I picked up the first item out of the box. Ankle cuffs! Terry had got them; from somewhere! (They weren’t from my collection of bits and pieces. They were the proper job) I set to, and made a start to putting them on. (Nice and tight) I locked them on with small padlocks that were in the box with the other bits and pieces. But no keys. She had made a comment in her note that she had put all of the keys in safe place. And if I chose to do as she had asked. I would be her prisoner for the night. I really would be dependent on her for my release. I would have to wait for her to let me go; at her leisure. And she promised that I would have a night to remember.

Terry had already fixed to small chains to the bottom corners of our king size bed, one chain at each corner and another was attached at the top of the bed, in the middle of our heavy wrought iron head-board. Next came a toy that I had often thought of getting myself, but for some reason I had never got around to getting one. A butt plug! I knew the theory of them, I had read a lot of stories on the internet. They seemed to be a favourite for many people, or at least through what I had read about.  But; as for myself, I had never tried one out. Not until now! I got off of the bed, opened a tube of lube (as Instructed) and covered the end of my middle finger. I slowly reached down and with a feeling of apprehension. I started pushing it up my back side. It felt horrible. It took me quite some time to get used to the idea of it. But I carried on. After all it was what I wanted; wasn’t it!

After a considerable time of wriggling and stretching my anus to its outmost limit, the skin around my ass suddenly went over the wide part of it, and it clamped around its neck. For a moment I thought that it had disappeared altogether. At this point in time my ass started having burning sensations, that and I had the feeling that I wanted to have a crap! I could have called it quits right there and then, but Terry had gone to a lot of effort to please me with something I had wished for, and asked her to join in with one of my kinky sexual fantasies. Despite the fact that she really didn’t like the idea of it herself. So, with that in mind, I sat back on to the bed once more and that gave me a bit of a shock in my back side I can tell you, I didn’t expect the butt plug to go shooting further up my ass!

I carefully moved into the middle of the bed as I have done on many of occasions by myself in the past to check the position that I needed to be in whilst preparing for a self bondage experience. And when I had made love to my wife on this bed of passion. But not tonight! Tonight, Terry wasn’t going to be my wife. She was going to be my captor. Or my Mistress! I would have to endure everything, and anything that she wanted to do with me. I leaned forward and locked my ankle cuffs to the two short chains that she had already attached to the bottom of the bed. I was now actually trapped. A prisoner of my own making. I had effectively chained myself to the bottom of the bed, and locked my ankles to it with no way of getting out.

My heart beat raced ten to the dozen, Terry had the only keys that would let me loose. And although I had fantasized about joys of bondage for years, in reality it was a strange, and to a degree scary feeling. To lock oneself up, knowing that I was not going to get out without the help of a second person. Terry’s help in this case. Never the less, I picked up a leather hood, it had no holes for eyes, only small holes for the nose, and a couple of small holes at the mouth to help with breathing. The hood had, in addition to the small holes, a ball fixed on the inside to fill my mouth. It effectively stopped me from speaking or making much of any orderable sound for that matter. Terry had often made jokes as to the benefits of me being gagged in the past on the few occasions when she caught me playing bondage games by myself.

I pulled the hood down over my head; put the ball deep into my mouth, and pushing my ears flat with my fingers up on the inside of the hood. I put my hands over the hood and pulled the hood around slightly to ensure the nose holes line up to my nostrils. The smell of the leather was intoxicating. The back of the hood has one single lace that I have to pull the end of through the eyelet holes to make it tight around my head. It is mostly easy to do, I just have to feel for the corresponding holes to pull the lace around, and around. Slowly the laces pass through all of eyelet holes one hole at a time, pulling the hood tight around my head. Then I loop a bow at the bottom of last hole to stop the hood from coming loose again. I have to admit I do like the felling of a tight fitting hood. It’s scary; but it gives a nice sensation.

Next I feel around and I put my hand down and feel around for the box.  Now for the posture collar! I put it on to a snug fit, not too tight, I don’t wish to strangle myself to death. As instructed; I fitted a small padlock through a hole in the strap that goes through the buckle of the collar at the back of my neck. I lay down and feel the sensation just for a minute or two. Then with one hand I feel around the surface of the bed, I find another small padlock, I now lock my posture collar to the chain at the top of the bed.

And now finally, I feel around for two sets of handcuffs. I clamped one end of one set onto one of my left wrist. And then one end of the other set of handcuffs onto my other wrist, they feel heavy; for they are solid cold steel.  They are the old fashion police type, more like shackles. Heavy! But very effective in their design. Now to complete my instructions, I fix the other ends of the handcuffs to the iron headboard. Not a very easy task when using one hand at a time, while stretching up above your head, but I managed it! What a relief to not be sitting on the butt plug. And thank Christ that it wasn’t a larger one.

My first thought was that I certainly wasn’t about to go anywhere. I was stuck, well and truly. I am chained spread-eagled to a king-size bed with a leather hood locked on, I am padlocked head to toe, I'm wearing a leather hood with a big rubber ball trapped inside of it. I am not about to shout for help at any time soon, no matter just how embarrassing that it would be for me to be found by neighbours or even strangers chained to the bed in this manner. I am certainly not going anywhere, or begin shouting for help. In any case, the nearest public road is nearly half of a mile away and the nearest house is over two miles away. I have no chance of getting any outside help. Not without that help being my wife.

I laid there contemplating my position, not that I had much choice in the matter really. But, as I keep saying to myself, it was something that I had asked for and this time my wife was going to participate in one of my fantasies that I have had for a long time. This is as I had wished for, she had told me to put myself into bondage while she got ready for the rest of the evening.

Oh Christ! I hope she’s not late home! Perhaps I should shut up and just be grateful. But this is also a situation that I have never been in before. I have always until had some sort of control in everything that I have done before. Even in my games of self bondage, I was the one to set the timer, or choose how much ice to use for my key release. Now I realise that I am completely dependent on my wife to let me go! This situation will take some getting used to. And so will that plug up my posterior, I’m not sure how long I can put up with that thing stuck up my ass! I wonder! What the hell gave Terry the incentive to get me a butt-plug? It’s not one of the fantasies I have shared with her.

My imagination ran wild, I slowly drifted into and out of a few fantasies. I imagined the sort of punishment that my captor might impose on her newly acquired victim. Perhaps an old fashioned whipping! Teeth biting on the nipples! Or perhaps hot candle wax dripping all over.

I must have drifted off to sleep, I suddenly I jumped when I felt something someone move on top of me. It took me a second or two to take stock of the situation. I briefly forgot that I was chained to the bed. I had never fallen to sleep in bondage before. And I had never been under someone else’s complete control. My heart was racing once again. I went to say Terry! My mouth was full, I felt like panicking. I feel the person climb over my legs, and sit over my groin. I can feel soft leather thigh-boots rub up against my legs. My prick is way ahead of me. It is going stiff fast. And not for the first time tonight.  Hands go on to my chest. The fingers go down the sides of my rib cage. I am breathing deeply. Long fingernails lightly dig in below my armpits (just level with my tits) I can smell perfume. It is the one that I had bought Terry the last time that we went to France, It is her favourite.

I feel the tight fabric of a corset spread its weight down over my chest. My prick knows exactly where it wants to be, and where to go for it. It tries to force its way up between this person. I hear Terry’s muffled voice, “I am going to have the time of my life”

My heart is racing faster and faster, I am gasping for air. The smell of the leather hood. The thrill of my captivity. The aroma of Terry’s perfume. It is all so intoxicating. The feel of the boned corseted body rubbing up against my body. My leather hood and even that sodding plug up my ass. My head is spinning. My prick is uncontrollably twitching having a mind of its own. I feel what I assume to be Terry’s thigh-boots move up to my hips, she has raised herself up from my body. I can feel what my prick is craving for, It is her soaking wet fanny right over my wanton prick.

Ever so slowly, she lowers herself down. Inch by inch. My prick can just feel the warmth of her hot fanny just above it. My prick jumps as her fanny comes into contact with its head. Gradually my prick is squeezed from the top downwards, slowly engulfing it by her, tight, wet fanny as it descends down. Inch, by inch, by inch. Until her fanny finally reaches the base of my cock. Her fanny cushioned with our pubic hairs now sits hard against my balls. Our pubic hairs entwined. She gyrates her hips. Now, just as slowly as she had slid down to the bottom. She teasingly pulls her clamp-like fanny back up to the very tip of my throbbing prick. Her fanny squeezes my prick with her well toned body muscles all of the way to the very top.

Having left a thin coating of her fanny juices all of the way up my rigged stiff shaft. She hovers at very tip for just a few seconds. I was about to try to thrust up, to try to enter her again maybe a just an inch, anything to get some stimulation. She goes down and up again. She is barely touching the top when I feel her get off. I tried to say something. “What the ff kknnmmmmff” (with out too much susses) I hear nothing. I try to move my head around. Left, then right. Up then down, my collar made that task difficult. I try to shout. A garbled version of what the mmmf yooo doooging. I still heard absolutely, nothing. I pulled on the chains. I scream into my gagged hood.

My breathing is still erratic. Snorting though my nostrils, I’m thrashing hard against myself imposed bonds. I didn’t want this. I really didn’t want this. What the bloody hell is she doing? I wanted her on me. I wanted her on me now, I wanted her riding my stiff prick; and I want her riding on it now! My prick is feeling the cool night air. All be-it a warm summer evening air. But my prick now feels cold, and lonely. I am devastated, I feel like crying. It is a cruel way to treat her husband. It seems to be ages since she was on top. My prick has given up on the matter, it had laid down from disappointment. It has dried off leaving a silk like layer as a reminder of where it was wet and excited. Myself; I have finally calmed down, I am back to the state where I was just before Terry came in and woke me up.

I can’t begin to guess just what the hell Terry is playing at. My mind is all mixed up. That wasn’t my usual self, I am normally cool and collected, even under stress. But having the time to think on the matter in hand. I dwell on my situation. Yes this is after all what I asked her for and after all of the considerations, all said and done, Terry was only doing what I wanted. She has managed to bring me to the edge of ecstasy in just a few seconds. And it felt fantastic for those few seconds. And indeed I had asked her to play a game of this nature. She was the one in control. Just as I wanted it! To do exactly as she chose with me. But what was doing now? I have no idea. I can’t hear her. I can’t feel her on the bed. I was am relaxed once more. I’m enjoying my newly enforced bondage.

The warm summer air drifts in from the bedroom windows, along with the smell of the fresh cut meadows that the farmers make hay from. The farmers have spent all day setting to making and collecting bales of precious hay for their animals in winter. They will have spent the afternoon stacking bails in to their old wooden barns in an effort to beat mid-summer storms that had been forecast for this evening.

I gave a big sigh of contentment, as I lay helpless and defeated on the bed. I can visualise Terry in my mind, she is wearing her long black leather thigh boots. She is also wearing her black leather boned corset with the low cups, the low cups let her tits hang over the top and point out. She has long red sharp painted finger nails, perfectly manicured. She may even have a long pony tail, tied high up on the back of her head. The bed moved! Did it move? Or was it just me imagining it! I jump Yes it did move. I tried to turn my head to say something, again I forgot I still had that damn rubber ball stuffed in to my mouth. I tried to sit up, I was stopped with a jerk by the collar that is firmly attached to the top of the bed. My ass twitched sending me a new sensation through my body, It was a new sensation, a sensation of both pleasure and discomfort. The sensation ran thru my body causing my prick to stand to attention once again.

I hear Terry’s voice, “You’re going to get the fuck of your life!”

‘Yes Please’ I thought. But All I could do was wriggle in my bonds and give a loud groan.

Her lips pull on each of my nipples in turn, she nips them with her teeth before pulling on them and letting them slip from her bite, her lips then moved down over my body leaving a trail of light kisses right down to my ready and wanton prick. Much like her fanny did earlier. Her lips started at the top of my prick, they gradually forced their way around my prick head. They slowly slid down. Inch by inch. Her lips squeezed as they progressively slide down. They keep descending ever so slowly down. And believe me; I didn’t know that she could actually go that far down without choking. My prick had to be somewhere down her throat by now. Her boots rubbed on the top of my legs just under my balls. Her soft polished leather boot caress the calves of my legs and feet at the same time. A chill goes down my spine. My ass clenched sending another wave through my body. Her mouth goes up and down four or five times.

And then, Nothing.

Nothing until I feel a sharp pain to my left Nipple. Ouch; I try to pull my left arm down. And then my right nipple got the same treatment. I try to pull my right arm down. She has attached something on my nipples! Teeth! No! Clamps of some kind. I shake my head in protest, the best that I can. I feel a couple of tugs on the clips. Then again I feel nothing. Just a mild throbbing pain in my nipples. Not a bloody thing. No sound, no movement. Just a slight sense of fear. A stiff prick and an over stretched ass hole. The Bitch! Where the bloody hell is the Bitch now. I strain my ears for any clue as to where she is. Or as to what the hell she is up to. I’m on the point of crying, I really can’t take much more of this. I am beginning to get worried at this point. I can’t put up with these clamps on my nipples for too much longer.

Terry has never shown any interest bondage games before. She has however always had a slight sadistic streak in her nature. It didn’t often show, but when it did she will be playfully devious with it. My arms ache as they have been chained to the bed in this manner for what must be a couple of hours now. I’m glad that we manage to keep ourselves physically fit or I would be in real agony by now.

The bed moved. I feel Terry laying herself down along beside me. My prick wakes up to show an interest again. Fingers slowly and gently wrap around it. The head dribbles a touch of pre-come out of its eye. She slides her hand up and down it a few times. I am back in heaven. I can hear something! Buzzing! The fingers stop what they were doing. The bed starts moving up and down. The Bitch she’s using a Vibrator on herself. Mufff!

This is too much, Terry stopped. I hear her voice. “I am going to have the fuck of my life; what about you?”

I hear the vibrator start again. Terry lay’s back on the bed beside me again. I can tell that she is really getting off with it. She is breathing deeply. She moans out loud. I am thrashing around in sheer frustration. “Trrrrry wrrr mmmf” (Not the best of consultation  I know. But the best that I could do at the time) “Terrrrrrry Pllleess”

For the first time in my life I am begging. I’m out of gasping for breath; and I am begging her to screw me or just anything. I will do much of anything for some attention. The room suddenly lit up all of a sudden, I see beads of light along the tight stitching in my hood, then a louder a clap of thunder echoed around the room. Terry moaned even louder still. I could imagine that she was holding on to one of her tits while pinching the nipple between her finger and thumb while driving the vibrator around her most sensitive area within her vagina. I have watched her bring herself to orgasm countless times in the past.

The vibrator has now been turned on to the high speed. Her body moved more quickly. I hear her panting fast and heavy. I am still furiously tugging at my bonds in a desperate attempt to get free. My heart is hammering within my chest. Another clap of thunder, it shakes the windows and echoes around the room. Terry screams out. “Ow, Ow, God, Yes…… Yes ….YES!!”

I feel her go ridged against the side of my captive body. The bed is at rest once more. Now only I hear the rainwater runoff of the roof and over the gutter onto the ground below, the heavens have opened  and the devil lays completely spent next to me. We both just lay there for a few minutes.

After what must be another ten or fifteen minutes, Terry sits up and said close to my ear, “I have had the fuck of my life. Did you like that; I did!”

What sounds like keys rattle in my ear, she touches my wrist. She fiddles about for a while; then my hand comes away from the headboard. It feels good to be able to lower my arm after all of this time. She tugs on the cuffs. I hear a muffled click! Again I can’t move my arm! I tug on the steel cuffs. No; the bitch.  She has moved the handcuffs, and attached them to something lower down on the side of the bed. My prick is doing a merry dance to itself. I hear the key in my other ear as she undoes and moves the other handcuffs as she did with the first ones. She kisses the end of my stiff prick and says, “Now there is a good boy. Don’t go away. I will see you in the morning!”

Then she gets up off the side of the bed. I hear the muffled footsteps disappearing across the room. I try to get her attention by waving my hands. I sense that she wasn’t even looking back. Leave me here all night! See me in the morning. God I hope not. I said that she has an evil streak about her. She just might do just that! I laid my hand down in defeat. The smell of leather seemed to be just as strong. A chill drifted across me from the light summer breeze that drifted through the bedroom windows.

“Still here! Now there is a good boy!” She said, and proceeded to give my prick another few quick strokes of a hand job. As before, just enough to get him fully excited again. I tugged on the handcuffs, they weren't going to let me go, and neither was Terry At least my arms were more comfortable than before. What the hell had she planned for me now I wonder! I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Something cold dripped over the end of my poor tortured prick. She started to wank me again, my prick has long gone past that point of bursting. “Yes, O yes”.

She stopped. The Bitch stopped! Does she know what she was doing to me. I rise my head up off of the bed and bash it back down into the bed in frustration a couple of times. I can hear her vibrator again. She stuffed it down between my legs, and up towards my ass. It touches my newly tried out butt-plug. My ass jumped off of the bed in shock. Terry held it there for what seemed like forever. My ass was clenched against the undesirable sensation. How long can I possibly hold my ass clenched like that. Not to mention that my tits hurt. My prick was still dribbling a bit, but that was hard to tell whether it was pre-come or just sweat.

The warm fresh air drifted in though the bedroom window. It smelt fantastic. But it always does just after a thunder storm. I lay there concentrating on clenching my ass, and trying not to think about the pain building up in my nipples. After what seemed like half of the night Terry came back. She climbed onto the bed and said, “I have had fuck of my life, but we can do better!”

I could hear keys again. My head got turned to one side, and she unlocks my neck collar, then she unlaced my hood, one lace at a time until the long lace was final removed from all of the eyelet holes that run down the back of the hood. She slowly pulled my hood off of my head. It felt good. My jaw ached like hell, but it still felt good. My eyes took some time to adjust to the light, my eyes had been covered for hours. The first thing my eyes focus on is Terry. There she was, she looked gorgeous, black high heeled leather boots that run all of the way to the top of her legs. A steel boned corset that let her nipple-rings hang over the top. Nipple-rings! “Where did they come from? Mumff yoo noning...”

I shake my head in protest once again as Terry buckles a ball gag into my mouth. She stands up and smiles with one of those mischief type smiles. Her long flowing hair sways around her face. Light flickers from her long red painted finger nails. I look around to see the dim light of candles flickering. I look back at her. Candles reflect in her soft eyes. Candles! There were Candles lit all around the place. They were everywhere. There must have been over a hundred of them lit. Terry still had that evil grin on her face. I went to say something. But she leaned forward, and kissed me passionately over the ball gag. I desperately wanted our tongues to do battle. I want to grab her around her tight restricted waist. My cuffs won’t allow me to do so. She put her finger to my lips and said, “You are going to have the fuck of your life!”

She got herself up on to the bed and positioned herself over my throbbing prick. Terry took the vibrator and repositioned it back between my legs. Then she ever so slowly lowered herself down until she reached the bottom. She took a deep breath with her eyes closed tight. She leans forward and kissed me once more. She digs her long fingernails in to my skin under my arms, and draws down both of my sides until she reaches my hip bones. Terry slides her body up my over-swelled purple headed prick. She clenches her fanny muscles all of the way up;  and then down again. Up and down. Up and down. The tempo picks up. Terry starts to ride my prick like she is a woman possessed. She rides like she hasn’t had a fuck good for four years. I can’t hold her waist. I tug franticly at my cuffs. She rides my prick like a woman possessed by the Devil himself.  I can’t last much longer.

Tears roll down from my eyes with the thought that she might stop again. My whole body tenses up. It’s on the verge of climax.  Terry grabs the nipple clamps and releases them quickly, both at the same time, I scream in agony. My mind goes into overdrive from the sudden  pain as my blood rushes back in to my sore nipples. My eyesight goes black for a moment or two. I am still screaming at the top of my voice. I have now gone over the top. I come with force. A force that I have never known before, my body thrashes around in its bonds. Terry hangs on like she is riding a bucking bronco in a rodeo in the wild-west.

Terry is still riding as her life depended on it. Her body soon gives way to another earth shattering orgasm, her fanny squeezed around my shaft as if it were a vice. She shouts out in extasy while her orgasm takes her body over.  We both lay there breathless and spent. Sweat trickles down the side of our bodies. Both of us unable to move. Tears are still running down my cheeks from the mind blowing experience. Terry holds my sides with her hands while her head rested on my chest. Her hair lays wet and tangled in our sweat. We lay there a not saying a word. We are just content with the company of each other.

The phone rings!

Terry reaches her hand over and picks it up. “Oh hello Sidney. No Sorry, could he ring you back later if it’s not too late. He has been little tied up this evening. Yes; ok then. Bye”

We looked at each other. Finally after what seems like an all night session. Terry got the keys off of the side of the side table. Terry undoes the ball gag, and then undoes the handcuffs to let me free. We hug like we have met for the first time in months.

“I sometimes wonder how the hell you have got enough nerve to say something like on the phone.”  

“Because it is true my dear!”  She gave me another passionate kiss and said, “Did you like your evening dear?  And did you have the fuck of your life?”  

I asked, “so what changed your mind about giving it a go.”

Terry said, “Well to be honest I got nosy and had a look at some of the stories that you keep on the computer. And I took a look at your net history file. I went to have a chat to my best friend Kerry about it when I stayed over with her the other month. She surprised me when she showed me some of her private home movies that she had made with her husband involving all sorts of things; including Bondage games. She said how she had learnt about it. And how and why it excited her. She said that there was a lot more than to bondage games than I could possibly imagine. She had learnt a lot about bondage & discipline. S & M, Sadomasochism with a load more of other related subjects. As I watched the movies, I began to realise that there could be something in it after all. I decided that we might like I give it a try. I have been looking at your toys in the cellar as well as  borrow some from my friend. I don’t know what you think; but after tonight and now the kids have moved out and away from home. We might turn the cellar into a private play room. Or perhaps even a dungeon? What do you think?”

I said, “Do you really mean it”

Terry said, “What are you plans for tomorrow evening?”

“I don’t know! But I know what I would like to be doing!”


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