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Hot and Cold

by Aejon

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It’s nearly dark outside, but still very warm. It had been the perfect day, sunny and hot with low humidity, making tonight the perfect night for the predicament bondage I’ve been planning for weeks. I had turned off the air conditioner earlier, and left the windows open while I prepared, so the bedroom is nice and warm. The fans turning slowly at the top of the high, peaked ceiling and a light evening breeze coming through the windows will keep the room from becoming too uncomfortable, and the heat will provide the ideal contrast to the torment I have planned! I drink some more water because I know I will be sweating in a few minutes!

My hands shake a little in anticipation as I fasten padded leather cuffs around my ankles and wrists. Once they are buckled snugly, I secure each of them with a small brass lock. Not absolutely necessary, as I will very shortly be unable to reach the buckles (or anything else!) but I like the way the locks make the cuffs feel that much more secure. Next, I pick up a leather bondage collar with metal rings spaced every couple of inches and buckle it around my neck. Then I slip another one of the little padlocks through the locking buckle and click it shut. As I move my hands, the large metal rings on the cuffs jingle loudly. The sound, together with the feel of the soft leather being locked around my limbs, is enough to start the blood rushing away from my brain and down towards my cock. I quickly turn to face the bed, although the sight of what awaits me there doesn’t actually help calm me down all that much!

Three red nylon straps are tightened around the king-sized bed, with solid metal rings attached in various strategic locations. One strap goes around the foot of the bed where my ankles will be, one around the middle of the bed by my waist, and one near my head. I had made my measurements very carefully, so I know that once my cuffs are clipped to their corresponding rings, my body will be stretched out in a very tight, very wide spread‑eagle with no movement or escape possible. I check that the straps are all tightly cinched around the mattress and box spring to ensure they don’t come loose when I start to struggle.

The bed itself sits centered below two wide beams that run across the width of the room, from the head of the bed, past the foot, to the wall on the opposite side of the room. A 2" thick, round wooden pole rests across the top of the two beams, positioned about halfway between where my head and waist will be on the bed below and lashed to the beams so it can’t move. Attached to the first pole is second one, perpendicular to the first and balanced like a see-saw, such that if one end of the pole goes up the other end goes down and vice versa. One end of this pole is positioned right above where my head will soon be, the other end is more or less centered on the bed, and ropes hang down from each end.

I follow the rope hanging above the head of the bed with my eyes, from the pole balanced high above down towards the bed below, and in the fading light I can just make out the large, phallus­-shaped dildo hanging vertically from the end of the rope, with the tip about a foot and a half above the mattress. I can’t quite make out the black clover clamps that are also hanging from the rope, but I know they are there! I reach out and pull the rope holding the dildo down towards the bed, which causes the other end of the pole, and the rope hanging from it, to move up in the opposite direction.

Suspended from this second rope is a large plastic bag full of ice. The bag is duct taped to a frame made out of 1/2" PVC piping, about a foot square, that holds the plastic of the bag stretched tight. Strings at each of the four corners connect the frame to the rope hanging from the pole above in such a way that the frame and bag hang flat and level. As I pull the dildo down towards the mattress, the PVC frame and the bag of ice lift up off the bed. The whole thing is counter balanced so that it doesn't take too much force to pull it down, although the sheer mass of the ice is definitely noticeable! I move the dildo up and down slowly a few times and my breath catches as I watch the bag of ice move in response. I’m mesmerized by the motion and the idea that I will soon be helplessly trapped beneath this contraption and I have to stop before I get completely distracted. I let go of the rope, and the bag drops back onto the mattress with a distinctly icy sound that raises goosebumps on my body despite the heat in the room!

I already have a soft leather strap buckled tightly around the base of my cock and balls, which keeps my manhood thrust forward in a vulnerable position, so I retrieve the two loose straps that are lying on the bed, each about two feet long and made out of the same red nylon webbing as the straps around the bed. One strap has three D-rings attached to each end, two to form a cinch buckle and the third to serve as an attachment point. The second strap is just a loose strap, with a big squishy cock ring fastened in the middle. I thread one end of the loose strap through two of the D‑rings on the end of the other strap, wrap it around my waist, and then pass the loose end through the D‑rings on the other end so that the straps fit around my waist like a belt, with a cinch buckle and an attachment point on each side just above my hips, and the cock ring mounted front and center. I cinch the belt loosely around my waist, tight enough that it won't fall off my hips but loose enough to leave some slack for the time being. I’ll cinch it tight soon enough!

I’m almost ready to begin my bondage, so I set up my release mechanism. This consists of a smooth metal ring tied to the handle of a gallon jug full of water that sits open on a shelf against the wall by the foot of the bed, with a knee-high stocking to hold the ice cubes that serve as my timer. I put some ice in the stocking, tie the open end in a knot, then pass the knot through the ring and clip it to one end of the string that holds my release keys. The other end runs through another ring, fastened to the top of the bed post nearest where my right hand will be, which leaves the keys hanging about 4 feet above the bed. When the ice melts, the stocking slips through the ring and allows the keys to fall to the bed.

A safety string runs from the keys to the ring to which my wrist cuff will be locked. I can use this string to retrieve the keys if they fall too far away, but I can also use it to pull the keys into my hand at any time in the event of an emergency. Of course, doing so before the ice melts will cause the gallon jug to fall and dump water everywhere, leaving a big mess to clean up and a huge wet spot on the carpet to explain. From experience, I know that it will take a little over two hours for the ice to melt and drop the keys, and about two days for the carpet to dry out if I pull on the string before it does! (Yes, I have gotten myself into trouble to the point that I had to use my safety release…once! It was awful! I had to listen to the water glugging out onto the carpet as I struggled frantically to get myself free. It is not something that I would want to do again, unless it was a real emergency!)

As I stand there staring at my release mechanism in the gathering darkness, completely naked except for my cuffs and collar and the straps around my waist and my balls, I realize I am stalling! I quickly shove the bag of ice over to the far side of the mattress and climb onto the bed, clipping my left ankle to the ring at the foot of the bed as I do. I roll onto my back, spreading my legs wide and shifting my position until my left ankle is pulling against its restraint and I can feel the cold under my ass where the bag of ice was laying a few moments ago. I sit up and stretch my right leg out as far as it will go towards the ring at the far corner of the bed, but I still have to wriggle closer to the edge to reach the ring, spreading my already stretched legs even further apart! I grunt with the strain as I bend almost double trying to reach the far ring. Finally, I lunge towards the ring and manage to grab it with two fingers, then pull myself close enough to snap the clip from my right cuff onto it.

Quickly, before my legs to start to cramp from the awkward position, I lie back and take a couple of long, shaky breaths. Then I shift my hips a little to even out the tension in my legs and make sure I'm centered on the bed. The strap around the middle of the bed is now under my waist, and the one near my head is directly under the collar around my neck. I reach down with both hands and grab my semi-erect cock, pulling the tip up and stuffing it through the soft plastic cock ring attached to the waist strap. I have to stretch the cock ring to fit it over the tip, and then I adjust it so it sits comfortably under my glans and holds my cock in place against my waist.

Using two double-ended clips, I attach the waist belt to the rings on the strap that goes around the bed under my waist, snapping one end of each clip to the extra D-ring at my hips and the other end to rings attached to the strap around the bed. Then I position the waist strap so it sits just above the widest part of my hips and cinch it tight, taking out the slack evenly from both sides until my dick is stretched tight and my hips can barely move. I wiggle my hips as much as the straps will allow, enjoying the sensation of my cock and balls being pulled and stretched as I rock from side to side with my legs held wide apart, and I feel very exposed and vulnerable. I have to force myself to stop and tell myself that I'll have plenty of time to enjoy the feeling over the next few hours!

I grab the two locks that will hold my wrist cuffs to their corresponding rings, making sure I will be able to locate them when I am blindfolded, and then I stuff earbuds into my ears and turn on the music. It's got a loud, heavy beat that blocks out the normally quiet sounds of the house and makes it a just that much harder to focus on any coherent thoughts. Involuntarily, my hips start to move in response to the pounding beat and I can feel my cock growing harder as it starts to throb in time with my pulse. The last thing I see before I pull the padded blindfold down over my eyes is the dildo slowly turning in the dusk, the tip about a foot or so from my face, with the clover clamps hanging just below.

I reach up and clip the rings on each side of my collar to the rings on to the strap beneath my neck with two more double-ended clips. It's not tight like the waist strap, but it holds my head so that I can only move it from side to side a couple of inches in either direction, and when I try to lift my head up more than a few inches, the collar starts to press against my throat, making it difficult to breath! I can taste the excitement in the back of my throat as I reach up and search for the dildo hanging in the air above me. It takes a couple of tries but I finally manage to grab it. As I pull it down towards the mattress, I feel the weight of the ice lift up off the bed and swing over to hang above my crotch!

I slowly pull the dildo towards my mouth and the bag of ice moves a little higher in response. I can actually feel the cold flowing off of the ice and down around my captive cock and balls. My scrotum tightens from the effects of cold, but the strap keeps my balls firmly in place. I put the end of the dildo to my lips and open my mouth, wetting my lips as I do, then run my tongue around the tip to moisten it. I open my mouth wider and let the head slide in and then grab the tip with my mouth and start sucking, trying to maintain enough pressure to keep it from being pulled out of my mouth. I'm surprised at how much force it takes to hold it in place, despite the counter-weight!

Without warning, the tip of the rubber cock, now slick with saliva, slips out of my mouth with a pop and the heavy bag of ice (and water from the ice melting) lands squarely on my naked groin, making me gasp out loud! The frame keeps the bag stretched out flat so the icy plastic, cold and wet with condensation, covers me from hip to hip and from the belt around my waist down past my strapped up balls! I jerk in reaction to the cold and the sudden weight dropping onto my tightly bound ball sack and, without even thinking, I try to sit up. The collar tightens around my throat before I can move more than a couple inches and in my shock and surprise I struggle against it, nearly choking myself in the process! It takes me a moment to realize what I am doing and lie back down. I blindly reach for the dildo somewhere above my face, waving my arms around trying to locate it as the cold seeps into my thighs (and everything in between them!) I finally feel it smack against my flailing hand and I quickly grab it and pull it down to lift the bag back up in the air and off my rapidly chilling skin.

Quickly, before I have time for second thoughts, I shove the dildo into my mouth again, deeper this time so I can hold onto it with my teeth. I feel the clover clamps brush against my face as I move the dildo into place and, clenching the rubber shaft tightly in my mouth, I use both hands to squeeze and roll my nipples until they are hard, then pinch the hardened nubs and some of the skin behind them, and apply the clamps. The clamps don’t hurt much, yet, because the chain connecting them to the rope is slack, but I know that if and when I let go of the rubber dick in my mouth, the weight of the ice will pull the chains tighter and the clamps will grip much harder!

I feel around for the last two locks… between the loud music and the blood rushing away from my brain and down towards my dick, it’s definitely getting hard to think clearly! When my groping hand finally brushes against them, I grab them and put one through each of the rings on the cuffs around my wrists. By holding the locks open and using the shackles like hooks, I can snag the rings attached to the straps that go around the bed and then lock them shut with one hand. I slide my arms up until my hands touch the strap beneath my neck and then stretch out to reach for the rings near the edges of the mattress. I shift to the left as much as possible to make it easier to reach the first ring and click the lock shut around it without too much effort. But I have to really struggle to reach the ring on the other side of the bed. I stretch as far as I can but it still takes several tries before I finally manage to catch the ring with the shackle of the lock. As the song playing in my ears comes to an abrupt end, I lay still in the sudden quiet, panting a little from the exertion and my growing excitement and consider what I’m about to do…

I am going restrain myself in wide spread-eagle, my waist strapped tightly in place so I can’t move out from under ice that is suspended above me, held there by a rope fastened to the dildo in my mouth. With my dick stretched out and exposed, my balls strapped up tight and high, and no way get free I will have to either keep the large rubber cock in my mouth or let the freezing bag of ice drop onto my very exposed groin. If and when the dildo does slip out of my mouth, the bag of ice will drop onto my tightly bound cock and balls, freezing my man parts until I can locate the cock hanging above my head, blindfolded and using only my mouth! I will have to make sure I raise the bag of ice off of my bare skin often enough to keep from getting frostbit anywhere important and, as a friendly reminder, each time the bag drops it will yank painfully on my clamped nipples until I can get the dildo back in my mouth and lift the ice up!

I carefully twist the body of the open lock around in my fingers until it lines up with the shackle that is hooked around the ring. I hold the lock and shackle between my thumb and index finger, squeezing it and then relaxing, teasing myself as if the outcome wasn’t already a forgone conclusion! My breathing speeds up, becoming faster and shallower, until I am nearly hyperventilating and dizzy with anticipation. I squeeze the lock tighter and suddenly I feel it click locked and my fate is sealed! For the next few hours I am completely and helplessly bound, forced to suck on the big rubber cock in my mouth or freeze my cojones off…literally!

I allow myself a moment of panic as the music starts back up with a loud bass line. I pull on my bonds, confirming that they are secure and then I finally have those second thoughts, but I know that it is way too late to change my mind now! With the dildo clenched in my mouth so tightly that my jaws are starting to ache, I struggle against my restraints, testing their effectiveness; a little at first, then harder and harder until I am thrashing around as much as the strict bondage will allow, which is to say not much! I finally acknowledge that I’m not getting loose, at least, not until my keys drop, and in the small part of my mind that is still rational, I’m actually impressed with just how well I have managed to restrain myself!

There is so little slack in my tight spread eagle that I can hardly move at all; a fraction of an inch in any direction is the best I can manage. My limbs are stretched almost to their limits, and my hands are useless since they can’t actually reach anything other than the locks holding them in place. My legs are spread so wide apart that the only thing supporting my balls is the leather strap fastened tightly around them and I can already tell that my hips are going to be very sore by the time I am released! I rock from side to side a little to relieve the strain, which pulls and tugs on my stretched dick in a very pleasant way. Without even thinking, I thrust my hips up off the mattress in response to the pleasurable feeling, only to smack my tightly bound cock and balls up against the cold plastic hanging directly above them!

I must have loosened my grip on the rubber shaft in my mouth, perhaps unconsciously trying to relieve the ache in my jaws, because as I gasp in response to the unexpected impact on my balls and let my hips drop back down onto the mattress, the weight of the ice pulls the dildo right out of my mouth! The frozen bag lands squarely on my groin and, at the same time, the chains attached to the clamps on my nipples – which I had, to be quite honest, completely forgotten about until just now – pull tight and yank my nipples hard!

I groan from the unexpected shock and the pain of the clamps pulling on my tender nipples, but as I start to thrust my hips up and down, I realize that everything actually kind of feels good! My body is covered with a light sheen of perspiration from my struggles and the warmth of the room, and the cold against my skin is a welcome respite from the heat. My cock is hard now, trapped beneath the weight of the ice. As I lift my hips, the tension on the clamps gripping my nipples lessens…then returns as I drop them back down and the chains pull tight again, though more gently than before.

I continue to move my hips up and down, slowly fucking the bag of ice and enjoying the sensation of being completely helpless while the ice and water slosh back and forth with the movement of my hips. Experimenting, I discover that if I lift my hips up (as much as my tight bondage will allow!) the rubber dildo just touches my face near my mouth, and when my hips are on the mattress I can lift my head up just high enough to touch my lips to it. I thrust my hips around for a bit longer because it feels so good and the ice settles more firmly around my strapped and trapped manhood.

In a short time, however, the water mixes with the melting ice from the movement of my hips and the temperature near my skin drops rapidly. My ball sack shrivels, trying to escape from the icy torture, but the strap keeps it stretched tight and my balls exposed and vulnerable. The cold becomes more intense and I start moaning as I thrash my hips around more desperately, bouncing up and down now, trying to dislodge the bag of ice from my groin, but I can barely move in the strict bondage. The weight of ice and the way the frame keeps the bag hanging level succeed in keeping the ice firmly against my crotch and I just end up jerking the clamps on my nipples around until my chest feels like it’s on fire and the ice has grown painfully cold against my skin!

I lift my head up, straining against the collar as it tightens around my throat, trying to locate the dildo, which is swinging wildly back and forth from my struggles. I feel it bounce off my jaw, but I can’t get my mouth around it before it swings away again. I get a sudden vision of myself straining against the tight spread eagle, lifting my head up until the collar nearly chokes me, searching for the wayward shaft with my mouth, and I moan again at the thought of how helpless I must look! As the cold becomes nearly unbearable and my cock starts to shrivel with a growing ache, I realize that I have to get the ice off of my private parts before I get freezer burned! I force myself to calm down and lie still for a moment then lift my hips up until the tip of the rubber cock brushes against my lips. I open my mouth and carefully raise my head up until I manage to get my lips around it and then suck to pull it deeper into my mouth. Finally, I grasp it tightly enough that I can lay my head down and lift the ice off my frozen bits, ending the torture – for the moment!

I lay stretched out on the bed, my chest heaving as I suck air in through my teeth, taking big breaths around the rubber shaft in my mouth, and I wonder just how long I can hold the weight of the ice up with my mouth and keep it off of  my body. I pull against the tight restraints, testing them again, and I know that my torment has truly just begun. I let myself get lost in the music, thrusting my hips to the beat and trying to remember not to mash my balls into the bag of ice again. After only a couple minutes, I feel my jaws starting to get tired, but at the same time I notice that something else is happening. My cock, which is warming up from the heat in the room and my exertion, is starting to get hard again! In fact, as warm blood is pumped towards my cock in response to the icy stimulus, it is actually getting harder than it was before!

I continue to thrust my hips in time to the music, and the cock ring keeps my erect cock trapped, stretching it tight every time I drop my hips to the mattress. I struggle against my restraints, trying to move my hips to the side and out of harm’s way, and shiver with delight at the feeling of being so completely and helplessly restrained! Each moment that I succeed in keeping a grip on the dildo in my mouth allows my cock to grow warmer – and harder – while cold, wet droplets of condensation slide off the bag and drip onto my thighs as a reminder of what awaits my eventual, inevitable failure. By the time I have to let go of the dildo again, my dick has become rock hard and feels hot against my chilled skin.

The strength in my tired jaws finally fails and my grip on the rubber cock relaxes enough to let it slip out of my mouth, but I’m a bit more prepared than the first time. I lift my hips up to the bag and lower it down gently. The chains attached to the clamps grow tighter as I do and I realize that I will have to keep my hips elevated to relieve the strain on my poor nipples. I quickly discover that it’s much more comfortable to move my hips up and down in time with the music than it is to just hold them up, so I am basically forced to continuously thrust my bound balls and raging hard-on into the bag of freezing ice and water to relieve the strain on the chains connected to the clamps! The cold feels good against my hot, engorged cock, (for now) but I know it won’t stay that way for long! I try to work some of the soreness out of my jaw muscles, moving my jaw from side to side, then opening and closing my mouth, and I realize that I’m not going to be able to hold the ice in the air and off my crotch nearly as much as I had thought I would!

A slow song with a strong beat starts up and my hips follow in time with the music. The slower beat means I am lifting my hips higher on the longer up beat, and I feel the tip of the dildo bounce off my face as I do. On the down beat, I lower my hips, grinding them down into the mattress, which makes the chains pull tighter and the clamps bite harder! I lift my hips up on the next beat and the pain lessens…then I lower them and the chains tighten. I groan out loud in response, my mouth open wide and, as I lift my hips back up on the next beat, the rubber cock lowers directly into my mouth!

Without even thinking, I close my mouth around the dildo and start sucking as I lower my hips back down. The bag of ice remains suspended in the air by the rope attached to the cock in my mouth, giving me a brief respite from the freezing cold. I thrust my hips up again until they just touch the cold plastic on the next beat and, keeping the rubber shaft in my mouth on the down beat, I steal another moment of relief. Then, as I lift my hips up, I stop sucking and the cock slides out of my mouth and the ice stays on my lap as I lower my hips back down onto the mattress. This, in turn, pulls the chain on the clamps tighter and makes me groan again…a repeating cycle of torment and relief!

I spend the rest of the song thrusting my hips in time with the slow, steady beat, moaning then groaning as I alternate between sucking on the rubber cock and letting bag of ice freeze my private parts! In the same way that a cold compress stimulates blood flow to an injury, the ice pack increases the blood supply to my erection until it becomes uncomfortably hard! I moan around the dildo sliding in and out of my mouth with the motion of my hips and fight against the restraints holding my wrists in place, trying desperately to free my hands so I can touch my dick and ease the ache there! I grasp air uselessly as I try to move my hips closer to my hands and close the gap, but I am far too securely restrained and I remain stretched in the tight, unyielding spread-eagle, trapped beneath the freezing bag of ice water that is simultaneously torturing and stimulating my cock!

As a new song starts playing in my ears and my hips respond to the change in beat, I realize just how devious my predicament is… I can’t let the ice lay against my skin for too long, at the risk of getting frostbite, but I also do not have sufficient muscle strength in my jaws to hold dildo in my mouth and keep the ice off my lap for very long! I can’t let my hips rest on the mattress without pulling on my already sore nipples, nor can I hold them up in the air indefinitely, so I have to alternately fuck the freezing bag of ice and suck on the rubber cock, while the cock fucks my face in response to the nearly involuntary movement of my hips! The tender skin of my abused manhood has become hypersensitive from the effects of the cold plastic sitting directly against it, and my cock – blotchy and red from the effects of the cold – is literally so hard that it hurts!

My thigh and stomach muscles eventually tire from struggling against the wide spread-eagle and the almost continuous thrusting of my hips. It becomes more and more difficult to keep up the movement, until I am struggling just to lift my hips high enough to get the dildo back in my mouth. Eventually, I lose all track of time in a hazy blur of moaning and groaning and thrusting and sucking, and by the time my keys finally drop and startle me out of my daze, I am sore from my jaw down to my ankles, my dick is chapped and nearly frozen, and my balls ache from being strapped so tightly for so long. I can barely work the keys to release my hands and unclip my collar and waist belt from the straps around the bed, and it is literally all I can do to reach my ankles and free my legs.

I finally unbuckle the leather strap around my cock and balls with a loud groan of relief, and then gingerly roll over onto my side, my throbbing cock still trapped by the belt around my waist. I’ve been teased and tormented for hours and I’m muscle sore and horny as hell, but my dick is so tender that it hurts to even touch it, so teased and tormented I will remain, at least for a while longer! I eventually drift off to sleep, fantasizing about being captured by a beautiful ice princess who bends me over a snow bank and traps me in place on my knees by freezing my aching hard cock in a block of ice then slowly rapes me with a dildo made of crystal clear ice!

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