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Hotel Bound

by Slut Donna

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© Copyright 2004 - Slut Donna - Used by permission

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Hotel Bound by Slut Donna
First let me introduce myself, I am of average build, just finished high school, I have black hair, brownish green eyes and am a heterosexual single male. I have been interested in self bondage for about 5 years or so. I also have a fetish to dress up in women’s clothing, and love self bondage.

Now this story takes place at a hotel on summers day in mid July, the temperature is about 20 degrees out and there is a thunderstorm lurking. I have been preparing for this day for about a month. I did all the shopping through online shops, and raked up a nice little bill. I arrive at the hotel, around 12 in the afternoon.
I first start off by filling up a big jug with water then sticking it in the mini freezer, which should take a few hours. Next I hop into the bathroom to take a nice relaxing shower as well as shave. When I get out I notice it is now just after 2 o’clock, Still need to kill some time I thought, so I get dressed and decide to go to the local porn shop to maybe get something to get me excited.

I get back around 5:30 or so since I decided that I might need some food in me before I go through with my plan. Now it is time to get ready for the fun to begin, I first unpack my suitcase, containing all the essentials for the night ahead. First I pick out my pair of black seamed stockings which I put on slow and sensual up each leg. Then I lube my medium sized butt plug, and drive it on home, it feels awkward at first but I soon relax and let the feeling grab hold of me. I then pull out my black lace thong which I slid up my legs and up to cover my now almost erect cock.

Then it is time for the corset which I cinch very tight making my waist line a few sizes smaller. I next attach the garters from the corset to the stocking tops to secure them. This corset has open cups in it, so I next apply a pair of nipple clamps; they bite as they come in contact with my flesh. Now with that done, I pull up a black leather skirt that barely covers my stocking tops. Then it is a white blouse which I then put on buttoning only to the top of the corset. The final piece of the wardrobe is a pair of black 6 inch spiked heels with a locking strap on them. I slip them on my feet and then lock the straps on leaving me stuck in them until I can retrieve the keys from the ice along with the handcuff keys.

I get up and take a few short steps realizing that walking is almost impossible in these heels as they are so high! But I have to make a trip over to the freezer where I noticed it had been 2 ½ hours since I put them in the freezer, plenty of time I say. So I take out the block of ice and place it in the far corner of the room. I then return to the bed furthest from the ice. I then grabbed my 2 pairs of cuffs, a ball gag and a blindfold.

I then get down on the floor, first placing the head harness ball gag on, then pulled all the straps extra tight. Next comes a pair of cuffs around my ankles. Finally I place my left wrist in the wrist cuffs, apply the blindfold and lay down on my stomach. I feed the cuffs through the link on the ankle chain and then click on the right cuff to my right wrist, there done…

I was now hogtied on my hotel room floor with the only keys to my escape on the other side of the room, I try to shuffle forward on my stomach but I forgot about the nipple clamps, which by now are killing me, which then dig in even more and force me to stop for a second to relax. I stopped for about 5 minutes to try and gather myself and get ready for the long travel across the floor.

Just then I heard a noise, which sounded like the door opening…

”Oh shit!” I realized I had forgotten to lock the door with the chain lock, it was my friend coming back from out of town, I thought he was not due back until tomorrow night…

”Hey, you in here?”

“Holy shit, what happened to you?”

He then bent down and took off my blindfold and ball gag.

“Who did this to you as he looked around the room, then stopped at the corner with the ice block.

“You did this to yourself didn’t you?”

“Yes…I did”


“I am into self bondage; since I have no one to tie me up I do it myself”.

“Well I could have done it to you know, because I have always had a thing for you”

“Well that is nice to know, but I am not gay just so you know.”

“It sure LOOKS like you could be gay dressed as you are, with that butt plug up your ass, maybe I should get some pleasure from you, since you like to dress as a women does maybe you should pleasure the way a woman does.”

I could not believe what I just heard, my friend wants to take advantage of my situation and force me to give him a blowjob.

But then I relaxed and realized maybe this was really a deep down desire for me to be dressed as a female and forced to please a man and swallow his man cream.
So then my friend went over to the corner and found the keys to the locks in the ice, which he then took into the bathroom and unfroze them with hot water.
When he returned he unlocked my ankle cuffs and got me out that hogtie I had placed upon myself.

He then ordered to onto the bed which was no small task as I had to make a few steps with my hands bound behind my back. Then he sat down at the edge and commanded me to kneel and assume the passion. Know I knew how to be pleased since past girlfriends had done such a good job at sucking my dick, but know it was MY turn to give the pleasure, definitely the first time in my life for this sort of thing.

But since he was holding the keys to my freedom I had to go along with it, but secretly I was also aroused to be doing it. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his now erect cock in front of my mouth which I then inserted and begin to service him. I most have been doing a good job because his loud moans where loud enough to wake the dead. It took me about 5 minutes to bring him to the edge of orgasm then he told me to slow down.

“If you want out of those cuffs slut you better swallow my load, if you so much even think of spitting it out I will make you give me another and another until you DO swallow my load."

So I had no other choice but to swallow his cream. It tasted kind of sweet and kind of bitter at the same time. After I finished swallowing his load I thought to my self that giving head is not as bad as I had thought and maybe I was a bisexual at heart and just didn’t know it. So then he told me to put on a blond wig that I had in the suitcase that I decided to not wear, and do your makeup since I plan on taking you to a fetish club tonight where you will be giving pleasure to my entire group of   friend’s.

So I applied some slut lipstick, some eye shadow and some powder. Then the wig and I was worried that I might be looked upon by the others in the hotel, but luckily there was no one else as I took forever to get to the car as I could barely walk in the heels and the VERY tight and short mini skirt, thankfully my friend had allowed me to button up my shirt and take off the clamps and plug so the thong was now riding up my crack.

As I was sitting in the car on the way to the club he asked if I would again indulge him with head in the car, I of course had no choice as he had reapplied the cuffs.
So I leaned over and began to service him in the car, I heard a voice say “nice job man”,

Must have been another car with a passenger, which seen I was giving a Blow Job to my man.

When we got to the club he put the ball gag back in my mouth, extra tight as I felt I truly was goanna GAG on the ball as it was so deep in my mouth. I noticed once I got in that all the 'subs' were cuffed and had gags blindfolds on. We were seated and then I was told to wear a ring gag so I could pleasure the group so then it was placed in making me take in the cocks with out fuss.
I must have swallowed over 25 men’s cum through out the night as I was the main attraction there.
All the While I cursed my self for wanting to be put into bondage.
SO from that night on I was my friends Bondage slut that he would dress up and sucking at all the fetish parties.


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