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Hotel Meeting

by Christy

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© Copyright 2006 - Christy - Used by permission

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What a long bus ride, only 3 hours but the anticipation of what was to come drove me mad.  i get off the bus and check into a hotel.  i call you as you ordered me to let you know i have arrived.  i am told to be dressed and bound in some way.  You tell me not to disappoint you or i will be sorry.  i have 2 hours you tell me. 

i shave my entire body,  do my makeup and wig and apply alot of cheap perfume.  i have done this before for you, so i know what you like--what you expect.  Time to get dressed.  First i lube up my asshole for my medium size buttplug--not that big and i wear it alot so it goes in quite easily.  Feels like its home, like it belongs there.  i pull up my gaff and hide my genitals the best i can,  the thong part makes it impossible to expel my plug.  i pull up my stockings and attach them to my garter belt,  making sure they are perfect. 

Next i slip on my 6" pumps strapping them to my ankles making them impossible to kick off.  Next i put on my bra with my built in falsies, they are gigantic and wiegh alot.  Next i lace up my corset whittling my waistline,  this takes some time to get it as tight as possible.  i look in the mirror, shocked at what i see--how much i really look like a female. 

Clock is ticking.  You should be on your way by now,  i throw on my party dress.  Dressing is complete--now to bind myself for you.  i survey the room.  What would my master like.  This is the part i hate.  i know i must be bound when you arrive but i must leave the door unlocked so you may enter.  i must be gagged and blindfolded for you.  i pick my medium ballgag and handcuffs and the blindfold.  i decide to use the closet bar.  i gag myself and snap one of my wrists in the cuffs.  i prepare the blindfold. 

Oops forgot to unlock the door.  Walking in my heels i am used to but it is still not easy.  i lay the handcuff key on the dresser, back to the closet bar i go.  It is a low bar so i decide to lock my wrists to the bar behind my back--in a mild strappado.  i lower my blindfold and hesitate--will he come at all?  Will he be alone?  Will he approve?  Could some stranger wander in on my waiting for him? 

i know this is my fate and my heart races as i struggle to get the cuffs up over the bar behind my back.  No turning back as i snap the other cuff around my wrist.  How tight should i tighten them?  Maybe i should leave a little wiggle room?  in case he doesn't show.  They are tight but i think i could wiggle out of one of them if i need to. 



Waiting for him.  How long has it been?  He should be here by now.  i hear noises from passerbys outside the room. My mind races.  Not a difficult postion--i have been in much worse, but uncomfortable.  These are real cuffs--polce issue so they are hard, and unforgiving.  My feet begin to hurt as my toes are crunched up impossibly inside my heels.  i test the wiggle in my cuffs,  not good enough i know.  2 more clicks and escape is now impossible. 

How stupid am i?  Now i know time has passed--he should be here by now.  My shoulders are aching now?  Why did i do that?  a strappado?  definitly won't dissapoint my master though.  The plug is still inside me reminding my every time i shift my weight.  Not uncomfortable--but i am aware of it.  Damn ballgag,  these things are pretty, and keep you from talking, but are very uncomfortable to wear for very long. 

i hear a faint knock.  Is he here?  Another?  i hear the door open and someone enter. 

No words. 

i mmpphh from under my gag.  nothing.  more mmpphhhgging and no answer.  i can feel someones presence.  i struggle with my cuffs,  useless--i know.  i feel a light touch on my face. 

"mmpphh."  who is it?  A light carress up and down my body.  i am so scared.  i feel someone lean into my ear.  Very good you tell me.  i know that voice, what a relief.  Nice you say.  i am relieved.  i try to greet you but only garbled talk comes from my gag.  You tell me you are sorry for being late-you stopped by the bar on your way here.  i can smell it on you. 

Now i know we are going nowhere for a while and you will be horny!  You admire my work,  not bad for what you can do for yourself--but you tell me i am a disgrace nonetheless.  i am uncuffed from the closet bar and what a relief on my shoulders.  My wrists are quickly recuffed behind my back and i am lowered chest first onto the bed.  These stupid huge breasts--how do women deal with these? 

i hear you rummaging through something and feel you sit down on the bed.  i know you are fumbling with ropes and there is a tight ropebondage in my future.  i feel you carressing my stockings over my freshly shaved legs.  i am overcome with the situation,  this is why i ride up here once a month.  What do you have in store for me?  My ankles are pulled together by rope and quickly circled with coils of rope, you cinch them off and i feel you tying my heels around my ankles (like i could really kick them off as they are strapped to my ankles). My ankles and shoes are so secure,  i am in heaven. 

The same happens to my legs, above and below my knees.  My 2 legs are now one,  moving only together.  You inspect your work,  you know how good you are at this.  You caress my bound legs working your way up and down my thighs, closer each time to the bottom of my dress and ass.  You make me feel like it was the first time i have ever been touched.  You straddle my bound legs and ass and  i can feel your rock hard cock inside your jeans.  You pull up my dress exposing the top of my stockings and garter belt.  You see my ass and the plug poking out from the thong of my panties.  i i feel so vulnerable. 

You lean over grinding yourself into my ass. You tell me how horny you are and how you have alot in store for us.  i feel rope being wrapped around my elbows. Nnot the elbows--not yet at least,  i plead under my gag to no avail as you pull my arms together with yours and tighten the ropes until my elbows are nearly touching.  i feel them being cinched, knowing there is no way i couldnt even cut them loose with my hands free and scissors.  i feel you tying a rope from the cinch around my shoulders back down to my elbows. "Ii dont want that to slip down," you tell me with a snicker. 


You lean back and remove my cuffs and replace them quickly with more rope.  You work quickly and expertly with each rope,  perfectly secure yet not too tight.  Your cock is raging, it feels huge pressed up against my rear.  Your weight straddling me is just right,  pinning my helplessly bound and gagged and blindfolded female form face down on the bed.  Struggle is futile as i have been bound with your ropes before,  you are an artist.  No escape. Totally at your mercy. 

You get off me and pick me up off the bed,  enough fun stuff you tell me.  You pick me upover your shoulder and carry me across the room.  What is next i wonder as i am sightless under my blindfold.  You set me down on the tile floor,  it is hard i can hear as my high heels hit the tile.  i regain my balance  as you let go of me and walk away.  i am wobbly on my heels as i struggle and steady myself.   i feel you in front of me as you pull my dress down exposing my bra and tits.  Wobbly feet. 

You undo my bra and i shudder as i know waht is coming next.  An ice cube hits my nipple as it snaps to hardness and i squirm almost losing my balance.  Damn heels.  The next thing i feel is a rubbery pinch as you release the clamp on my nipple.  mmmppphhh. 

You just laugh as you give the other one the same treatment.  i am really struggling to stand in these heels.  The initial pain subsides.  i feel you tying a rope around my waist and pull it thru my legs.  My cock is so hard and ready to explode.  You thread it thru my wrist rope and back thru my legs and tie it off in the front pinning my arms to my back and my wrists to my butt.  Now everytime i wiggle my wrists or shift my arms i am reminded of my rock hard cock and my plugged ass.  Silence as you admire your work and leave me to struggle to maintain my balance and fight my bonds.  mmmpphh.    mmmmmmppppppphhhh. 

My feet are killing me in these shoes, my legs ache from trying to keep from falling.  My nipples are on fire  and my arms are welded together behind me rendering them useless, except for when i move my upper body my crotchrope reminds me of my hard cock and plugged ass.  i hear you masturbatring.  You have done good work.  mmmpphhing at you to untie me you just laugh as you finish your deed.  You tell me you are going to sleep now fro me not to make alot of noise.  i mmpppgghhh frantically to be untied almost losing my balance. 

Just kidding you tell me as you pick me up and carry me over to a chair.  i am relieved to be off  my feet,  hopefully the night is over.  Dangling the chain on my nipple clamps i am reminded of the misery before me,  they are somewhat numb, relegated to a dull ache.  You pull lightly on the chain sitting them on fire once again.  i feel you touch the clamp and i know this will be insane.  You tease me a little and release the  clamp. mmmmpprrrhhhhgggggggg.  the pain is overwhelming.  i begin to thrash in my chair . It feels like my heart is going to jump out of my chest.  i am breathing heavily. 

Damn you say.  You ask if you should leave the other one on.  Not another one!  dammit,  mmpphhh.  i nod not to leave it on.  Are you sure you ask? i  reluctantly nod up and down.  You grab the clamp and i shudder.  You release it and i am set on fire again.  Not as bad as the first one but excrutiating, as i flail in the chair you laugh.  You ask me if i want to sleep in the chair.  i nod no and plead under my gag for you to untie me. Youre tired you tell me to untie myself.   i kick my feet and pout under my gag,  you are just testing me and i know this but i am exhausted and my whole body aches.  mmpppghghghg. 

You tell me to be quiet and you are going to sleep.  The room is quiet.  i am sure you have passed out. i stand up and begin to find my way around the room in the dark.  i can only move about a half an inch per step.  i try to remember the layout of the room as i hear you begin to snore.  Son of a bitch.  i know he is not going to leave me like this all night.  i wonder what time it is?  it feels like i have been bound forever. 

i follow the sound of my master snoring to the bed.  It takes what feels like an eternity to inch across the room, each step killing my feet and reminding me of the invader in  my ass, my erction has subsided and i am a sweaty mess.  i feel my knees finally reach the bed.  mmpphhh.  

mmmmmpppgggghhhhh.  i plead under my for him to wake up. Exhausted i sit down on the bed. This wakes my master. He is angry. 

uh-oh i think to myself.  i can see nothing.  what is he doing? 

"Dammit Christy, I was asleep."

mmpphh.  mmopphh.  untie me i mumble under my gag. 

"You want untied you stupid slut?"

i nod yes frantically. 

He tells me he has an idea.  He informs me he is hard agiin and will never be able to fall asleep like that.

i mmpphh like i want to tell him something.  He unbuckles my gag and the ball sticks there like its stuck,  my jaw aches so bad i cant even spit it out.  He pops the ball out and asks me what i want. 

"i beg you to untie me, please,  i will do anything.  anything you say,  please untie me, i have to pee, this plug is killing me and i can't feel my arms."

"Ssounds like someone with those problems would do anything.  Tell you what, satisfy me orally and I will release you for the night."

"Not that, please."

"You said anything."

Reluctantly i agree. 

"There's a catch though."

Great.  whats the catch i ask? 

"I add one rope and you have to do it under 3 minutes."

Damn.  What rope? 

"You have to agree." 

How bad could one more rope be i think to myself.  "Whatever,  take off my blindfold so i can see what i am doing at least."

"Stupid slut you don't need to see to suck my dick!"

"Whatever.  just lets do it, get your stupid rope and your stupid cock here and lets get this over."

Laughing he gets a rope from his bag,  not that long of a rope how bad could it be?  i am laid down on my chest on the bed.  i can barely hold my head up.  i feel him messing with my ankles and feel them being drawn up to my butt. Can't hogtie me, mr smartypants you will have to untie my wrists from this stupid crotchrope.  Thats what i get for saying that.  i feel another rope just above my wrist rope,  then he pulls my feet down as far as he can. 

"Not good enough," he says as he leans his weight on my feet crushing them to my hands.  He ties that rope to the heels of my pumps, pinning my shoes to the useless hands. 

"Damn, that hurts!" i tell him. 

"It can get worse!" he tells me.  i dont see how? 

"Ok" he says fumbling with something.

i tell him no more ropes you promised--just one you said. 

"Same rope stupid slut."

i feel him lift my head off the bed as he wraps a rope around my blindfold back to my shoes, straining my head in an upright back position. Another wrap around and he is done.  i just thought i had it bad before, now not only were all my limbs themselves useless, i could not move an inch, my head jerked back in an impossible position tied to my heels and my feet pinned to my legs in an impossible hogtie.  Speech with no gag no is difficult in this postion,  how am i supposed to give you head. 

i feel him plop down infront of me on the bed and feel his cock on my face,  it is hard and huge. The head is enormous.  i feel some precum rubbed on my face.  How degrading,  i have to do this,  this is the only way and i would hate to see what he would do to me next. The rope around my blindfold holding my head back hurts so bad.  i take him in my mouth.  i nearly gag.  i can't move to suck him off.  How am i supposed to do this.  mmpphhh i cant i try to tell him, but it is jarbled with his huge cock in my mouth. 

"Dammit!" he says, "this isn't going to work." 

Frustrated he gets up and next thing i know he picks me up off the bed and lays me on something hard and cold. Must be the table, this will work he tells me as i feel him enter my mouth again. It feels bigger than before. Next he grabs the ropes around my shoulders holding up my elbow ropes and begins to slide me back and forth on the table. My dress is slippery and slides well on the table.  i am not giving him head,  he is using my hogtied body and my mouth to jack him off!!

i think this is more degrading than giving head, but he is getting into it.  i nearly gag everytime he pulls me on to him, but i do my best not to touch him with my teeth.  My entire body aches and every part of my body feels like it is dead to me except for the constant ache of my bonds.  Thank goodness he took of my nipple clamps. 

He is thustting and pulling and pushing faster and faster until i feel him explode in my mouth.  i begin to gag as he fills my throat with his load.

"Don't you spit it out!" he warns me as i swallow with everything i have. He pushes me away and collapses like he just ran a marathon. The taste in my mouth is horrible.  i know if i spit it out he will be angry.  He regains his composure and indeed unties me,  each rope removed is like a weight being lifted from me.  Eventually i am free and retire to the bathroom to undress and pee and remove the plug in my ass.  i start the shower and sit down in the floor and pass out under the water.  



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