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A Hot Job

by Miss Fortune

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The greenhouse was located at the center of Carla's sprawling property. Incongruously, it was surrounded by a tall fence with angry red 'Keep Out!' signs mounted at regular intervals. Neither the fence nor the signs seemed necessary, since the greenhouse was surrounded by woodland and the only way to get to it was via a narrow trail running from her house. There was a reason, however, for the seemingly unnecessary security measures - the greenhouse was sometimes used for a purpose other than growing things. It was, in fact, being used for that purpose right now.

Carla was in her own world, a world she had, with considerable effort, created for herself. She had just entered this world a few minutes ago and would remain in it for four full hours. She could not leave it until that amount of time had elapsed. She didn't want to anyway, but the knowledge that she couldn't, even if for whatever reason she decided she desperately wanted to, added to its attraction.

Hers was a bizarre setup. Had she tried to explain its attraction to someone (not that she ever would!) she would have found herself unable to. It was something she had developed slowly over time.

Carla was a tall woman, lean and attractive. She was young, only in her mid-twenties. She had dark brown hair and was what is sometimes called "well endowed," for her firm, ample breasts tended to really catch the eyes of interested onlookers. Had there been anyone there to see her, in her current position Carla would have presented a riveting spectacle, one that would have generated gasps of astonishment and lengthy, curious stares.

Carla lay face-down on a long, narrow table, her arms stretched out over her head. Covering her completely from the waist down was a thick, black rubber suit. She was naked from the waist up. There was a gap in the table right at chest level, allowing her breasts to hang down freely below the surface of the table. She was very tightly bound, with many straps holding her in place from her ankles all the way up to her wrists. She could hardly move at all.

One of the things that made her bondage a little unusual was where she was located. Her lower half, the section covered by black rubber, was in the greenhouse. Her upper half, on the other hand, was in a small attached building, a shed-like structure adjacent to the greenhouse. At her waist was a layer of a spongy material, like foam rubber, which filled the gap in the wall between the shed and the greenhouse through which the table was positioned. This effectively separated her lower and upper halves, leaving each in its own distinct environment.

Further enhancing her isolation, her eyes were covered with a leather mask which was securely fastened around her head. There was also a ball gag in her mouth, which, like the mask, was securely fastened into place.

There was one other element to her self-bondage setup... a rather important one: a pair of floggers. These were positioned directly below her breasts, one flogger for each breast. They contained many narrow strands of leather. Every thirty seconds the floggers would strike; their position changed from one strike to the next so she would never know exactly where the tails would fall. Sometimes some of the strands would strike her nipples. With the built-in randomness of the floggers, she would never know when that was going to happen.

With the sun beating down on the black rubber, her lower half got very warm; the heat remained trapped inside the suit. This made her upper half, located in the much cooler shed, really sweat. This was how she would spend the next four hours.

She had made one adjustment to her setup that day. There was a dial which controlled the intensity of the floggers' impacts. The higher the setting, the harder they struck. Normally she set the dial to '2', which was pretty mild. Even so, being struck every 30 seconds at that setting for that length of time would leave her breasts rather tender! She had decided to change the setting for today's session, however... today she had the dial set to '3'. She recalled her thoughts when she had made that change: "I've been such a bad girl, I deserve something a little more severe!"

Why did she think that? It was because of the new job she had just landed. It was a good job, high paying yet not too demanding - an upper position with a good company. That in itself was fine; obtaining a job like that would certainly not be a reason for her to think she was bad. No... it was the WAY she had gotten the job.

When she first heard about the opportunity she knew she had to find a way to reel it in. She was currently unemployed and needed a new position. She knew this position would be perfect - it was a red hot job, as desirable as anything she could ever hope to find. The problem was that there was someone else far more qualified for it than she was.

But she couldn't let a minor detail like that stop her. She arranged to meet the manager who would be making the hiring decision. At the meeting, she took full advantage of her charms - both of them. The guy spent much of the meeting gawking at her chest. Her showmanship was unfortunately not enough to satisfy him, though - she had to go the extra distance to win the job, to pull it away from her more qualified competitor. She had to agree to give the guy as many blowjobs as he wanted for one hour.

It wasn't the first time she had used such tactics to get what she wanted. Men were generally pretty easy to manipulate if she was willing to "work" with them. In this particular instance, however, the work she had to do was a little more than she had expected!

She recalled the experience. The manager was in his fifties. He actually wasn't all that bad-looking; he seemed to be in pretty good shape for his age. He carried himself like an athlete, even. She figured she'd probably have to service him twice - she hoped for just once, but she just had a feeling about him. But she had badly underestimated his prowess.

She remembered what she had thought at the time: "He must be some kind of a fucking caveman mutant!" She had had to service him five times!!! The amount he had shot into her mouth each time was simply incredible, too. "It just shouldn't have been humanly possible," she thought to herself as she lay on the table. She wondered where he had stored it all and how he had remanufactured it so quickly! To make matters worse - much worse - he had wanted her to swallow it. All of it. Every last drop. "What is it with guys and their loads?" she wondered. "Don't they know how disgusting that stuff tastes?" She had wanted to tell the guy that if he was interested in having his cum ingested, he should swallow it himself! But she wanted the job badly enough to just grin and bear it. It felt to her like she had swallowed a gallon of the stuff. At least.

But her efforts were worth it - she got the job and would be starting Monday. "I'll bet Jillian isn't very happy!" she thought. Jillian was the woman who should have gotten the position, having far superior skills in the areas needed for the job. Jillian and Carla knew each other casually, although the two women weren't especially fond of each other. "Oh well, if you got it, use it!!!" Carla smirked.

Carla, relishing her ill-gotten victory, settled into her world.


Amber, Jillian's soulmate, was on a mission. Leaving her crying companion at their apartment, she was on her way to pay Carla a visit. Jillian had been so very upset; she had both deserved and needed that job! Jillian had told her what Carla had done to steal it away. Amber was really going to tell that woman off!

Amber pulled into Carla's driveway and parked, then she get out and marched toward her house. Although the young blond woman's face was red and her eyes gleamed with anger, she had no intention of actually doing anything to Carla. She did, however, plan to give the woman a piece of her mind! Carla had really hurt Amber's lover!

She rang the doorbell several times, but there was no answer. Banging on the door yielded the same results. But Amber wasn't going to give up that easily; she scanned the area and spotted a trail heading into the woods. Amber decided to follow the trail - she didn't want to leave without first having her say!

The trail led to a tall fence surrounding a greenhouse. Amber ignored the 'Keep Out!' signs and approached the fence. There was only one way through it: a sturdy-looking gate. Amber tried the gate. At first she thought it was locked, but when she tried to open it a second time she heard a loud snapping sound and was then able to move it. She didn't realize, nor would have cared anyway, that she had just broken the lock. She went inside.

It was an indication of how angry Amber was that she had never given any thought to the fact that Carla was a good deal taller than her. Even though she hadn't been planning any kind of a physical confrontation, she had no way of knowing how Carla would react to her barging onto her property and yelling at her. The thought that she could end up getting her ass kicked had never even entered her mind. Her wronged companion was what was foremost in her thoughts.

Amber approached the greenhouse and peered inside. She saw something strange, and frowned. She moved further along the outside of the structure to get a better view. She looked inside again, this time closer to the puzzling artifact. She stared, trying to process what she was seeing. It was definitely the lower half of a woman, a tall woman in fact. Was that Carla? What on earth was the woman doing in there?? She decided to investigate further; at this point her curiosity was even greater than her anger.

Amber entered the greenhouse for a closer look. She saw the lower half of a woman wearing a shiny black suit. The woman - Carla, she strongly suspected - was tightly bound by many straps to a table. The table disappeared through a gap in the one wall of the greenhouse - that wall appeared to be made of wood. There was some kind of porous material filling the hole in the wall where the table went through. The material was tight against the woman's waist. "She must be roasting!!" Amber thought, for it was quite warm in the greenhouse and the sun was shining brightly through the glass. Amber noticed a door to the one side of the table.

Amber went through the door and saw an even stranger sight than the one she had just left! The upper half of the woman continued into the small building she had just entered. Like the woman's lower half, her upper half was held down by many straps. Unlike her lower half, however, her upper half was devoid of all clothing. Amber looked at the woman's head and confirmed that it was indeed Carla. She saw that Carla had a leather mask covering her eyes and a gag in her mouth.

Amber heard an odd "thwicking" sound and turned to look. On closer investigation, she gasped. Carla's breasts where hanging free through a gap in the table. She saw a flogger positioned directly under each breast. As she continued to stare in amazement, the floggers struck, then changed their positions, presumably readying themselves for a future strike. Amber had jumped when the floggers struck. They hadn't hit Carla particularly hard, but still...

Amber then noticed one other thing... there was a timer counting down. According to its display there were 3 hours and 45 minutes remaining.

Amber stood there, staring and thinking. It was obvious to her that this was something that Carla had done to herself! "She's crazy!!!" Amber thought. She correctly figured that once the timer counted down to zero Carla would be released. That was a long time!

She noticed that Carla seemed to be struggling, but as tightly bound as she was, the woman could hardly move. She also heard her making noises through her gag, as if she was trying to speak. "She must know someone else is here!" Amber realized silently. "But with her eyes covered, she has no way of knowing who it is!"

As she continued standing there, Amber recalled the original purpose for her visit. Well, under the circumstances telling the woman off would be kind of strange. True, Carla would hear her since her ears were not covered. It would also be rather satisfying having Carla know that Amber had caught her "in the act." But surely there must be a way Amber could take better advantage of her remarkable discovery. She decided to make a closer inspection of Carla's setup.

Before long, Amber had found a dial attached to the mechanism which controlled the two floggers. It was currently set to 3. It was pretty obvious to Amber what she should do - this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! She reached out for the dial and turned it. It clicked once, then a second time. It was now set to 5.

Amber waited until the floggers activated and was rewarded with a louder sound as the strands impacted Carla's naked breasts. "Ouch, I'll bet that hurt!" Amber thought. She smirked as she noticed Carla trying to struggle, and thought: "Nope, you're not getting away! You wanted your breasts whipped? Well, let's give them a REAL whipping!" Until a moment ago, Amber had felt a twinge of envy at the healthy size of Carla's breasts. But after watching the floggers strike them a few times, those feelings of jealousy vanished!

Amber thought about turning the dial to an even higher setting but decided against it. She just wasn't that cruel. That didn't mean she was done with the bound woman, however; she had something else in mind. Amber went through the door, closing it behind her, and reentered the greenhouse.

Seeing Carla's lower half lying face down on the table, Amber decided on her next action. She'd give the woman a good, hard spanking! "Wouldn't want to have her top half getting all the action!" she thought. "Her lower portions would feel neglected!" She smiled at the prospect of further punishing this evil woman, this woman who had hurt her lover so badly by stealing her job.

She wanted to bare Carla's bottom by pulling the black suit down, but there were a couple of straps, one just above her butt and one just below, that she'd have to loosen before she could do that. She started with the upper one; it was hard to work on because it was almost against the wall which separated Carla's two halves. She worked at it, though, and finally got it loose. The lower strap was much easier to manipulate. Now that she had the straps out of the way, she grasped the black rubber suit at the waist and tugged. It took some effort - the suit was on very tight - but she soon succeeded in uncovering Carla's bottom. She looked forward to getting it good and red!

She examined Carla's bare bottom - so smooth and soft. Her cheeks were so pale! Not surprising, though, as they presumably didn't get out much. Amber prepared to give the woman a spanking she'd never forget. "Damn it's hot in here!" Amber thought. The sun was really beating down on her.

Then Amber had an idea, an alternative punishment for Carla. She thought it over a bit and decided she liked it. She'd have to be careful though - she wanted to punish the woman, but she didn't want to actually harm her. Well, she'd be careful not to overdo it.

Leaving the blazing sun shining brightly on Carla's exposed cheeks, Amber left the greenhouse.


Amber walked around Carla's property just to kill some time. First she walked around the greenhouse a couple of times, then she followed the trail through the woods back to Carla's house. She waited there a little while, then walked back to the greenhouse via the trail.

Enough time had gone by now that Amber thought she'd better check on Carla. She entered the greenhouse and took a look, expecting to see some mild redness on the woman's bottom. "Oh!!" she exclaimed, for Carla's cheeks were bright, vivid red with sunburn! "Wow, her skin must really be sensitive! I thought it would take a lot longer than that!"

Amber realized it was fortunate she had checked on Carla when she did. She touched the woman's bottom; it felt really hot! Amber noticed Carla struggling when she felt her skin. "I'll bet that doesn't feel very good!" she thought. She knew she had to get Carla's butt out of the sunlight; she was angry at Carla, but not THAT angry. The severe case of sunburn Carla had was quite enough - making it even worse would have simply been unconscionable.

Amber looked around for a suitable covering. Then she had an idea. A wicked idea. "Oh, I couldn't... No, I just couldn't..."

She debated with herself a little longer. Then, remembering how Carla had hurt Jillian, Amber thought, "Yes, actually I COULD!!"

Amber proceeded to pull the black rubber suit back up over Carla's roasted backside. Then she refastened the straps, making sure they were good and tight. She smirked as she saw Carla's completely ineffectual struggles.

What Carla's bottom really needed was to be in a cool, dark place with no clothing touching it. A gentle breeze would be helpful. A liberal coating of soothing calamine lotion would be simply wonderful.

What her bottom did NOT need was to have rubber pressing tightly against it. Smirking again, Amber thought, "I'll bet that really smarts!!" She was quite correct. Amber realized, too, that it would get even worse. Although the sunburn itself wouldn't worsen since she was no longer exposed to the sun, the sunlight was still bearing down on Carla's black rubber suit. The suit would get very warm and would trap the heat inside.

At that point Amber decided she had done enough to punish Carla. "This'll teach her not to steal people's jobs!" she thought. After a final check on the release timer, which now showed just under three hours remaining, Amber left. Carla would remain just as she was, tightly bound and completely helpless, her naked breasts receiving a thorough whipping and her sunburned bottom trapped inside the tight, hot rubber suit.


It's been said that people who spend a lot of time together start to acquire each other's characteristics. Whether that was the case with Jillian and Amber isn't clear; it's possible that they tended to think and act in a similar manner before they ever met. It's even possible that their similarities are what brought them together in the first place. In any case, it was certainly true that the two often approached things in the same way.

Jillian was finally through crying and wanted to get out of the apartment. She knew she'd need to pick up the pieces and start searching for another position, the one she really wanted and deserved having been so unjustly taken from her, but she had something she wanted to do first. She was going to pay Carla a visit and tell the bitch off!

When she had been informed that the dream job had gone to Carla instead of her, she naturally asked questions. The person she talked to was the manager's personal assistant, the manager himself having no desire to talk to Jillian. The personal assistant was well aware of what had transpired and reported the information to Jillian. Not that that helped - in fact it just made her even more angry and upset.

As Jillian drove to Carla's house, the words which she planned to tell the woman played repeatedly through her mind. They were not nice words. Jillian never stopped to think about one important fact: being short in stature - shorter even than Amber - Carla towered over her. If push came to shove things could get ugly for her very quickly! But all she was thinking about was how she had been wronged and what words she was going to fling at the wrongdoer.

Jillian stopped thinking about Carla for a moment and thought about Amber instead. As Jillian was crying her eyes out, Amber had stormed out of the apartment. Jillian wondered where she had been going; she thought it was odd, and unlike Amber, not to stay and try to comfort her. Well, Amber would let her know later where she had gone - for now it would remain a mystery.

She soon arrived at Carla's home. She rang the bell and then banged on the door. Then when there was no response to her demands for attention, she gazed around the property, seeking her nemesis. Spotting a trail leading into the woods, she decided to see where it led, hoping she'd find Carla at its destination.

At the end of the trail was a greenhouse surrounded by a tall fence. Ignoring the 'Keep Out!' signs, she went through the heavy gate in the fence that she was surprised to discover was unlocked. A few moments later she entered the greenhouse itself.

She stared for a full minute at the amazing sight laid out before her - the lower half of a tall woman, securely bound, clad in a tight, black rubber suit! Curious about the woman's other half, she went through a door into an attached shed.

The sights within were even stranger - Carla (for despite the mask and gag she could clearly see it was her), nude from the waist up and sweating in buckets, was getting her impressive breasts soundly whipped! Jillian watched a few minutes and soon discovered that the pair of floggers tasked with disciplining the woman's mammaries were triggered once every half minute.

"I can't believe she did this to herself! She's insane!!" Jillian silently proclaimed, as she realized that this was something Carla, rather than someone else, had set up.

Jillian examined the self-bondage setup more carefully. She noticed a timer, counting down, that had roughly an hour and a half remaining. She also saw a dial which apparently controlled the two floggers. It was currently set to 5. Jillian suspected the dial controlled how hard the floggers struck. She couldn't believe that Jillian had set them to strike her so hard - her breasts were quite red, as red as Jillian's own flaming red hair, and they still had an hour and a half's worth of whipping remaining!

"Well, to each their own," Jillian silently philosophized. "If that's what she likes, then she should LOVE this!" Jillian turned the dial a couple of clicks to 7. Soon the floggers struck. Jillian, although she had been fully expecting them to activate, still couldn't help but to jump - they had struck hard and with a loud cracking sound! Jillian, remembering that this was the woman who had stolen her job, gave the dial another twist; it now was at 8. She immediately left the room and closed the door behind her, not bothering to wait for the floggers to trigger at their new setting. As luck would have it, when the floggers next struck a number of the strands hit squarely on the nipples of both Carla's breasts. Even through the gag and closed door, Jillian heard Carla's screech. "She'll have to go topless for a week!" Jillian thought to herself with a wicked grin.

Jillian still wasn't satisfied, however. As she looked at Carla's lower half lying face-down on the table, an idea suggested itself. She'd pull her suit down and give her a hard spanking!

Thus far, it had not been one of Carla's better days. But now she finally had a bit of good luck. While Jillian was quite angry with her, there were limits to how far Jillian would go. Once she got Carla's bottom bared, she'd see it had an impressive case of sunburn. She would simply not spank Carla in that state; she knew from experience how unpleasant sunburn could be - it would be inhuman to repeatedly slap the woman's rump when it was in that condition.

Jillian worked to try to loosen a couple of the straps holding Carla down so she could free her bottom from her rubber pants. She struggled and struggled, becoming frustrated. One thing about Jillian was that she was really pretty inept when it came to dealing with anything mechanical. Soon Jillian swore and gave up on the straps - she just couldn't get them loose. She thought about spanking Carla anyway, but didn't think it would hurt enough through her rubber pants. She prepared to leave, thinking she'd just have to be satisfied with Carla getting her breasts whipped hard for nearly an hour and a half yet.

But then Carla had another bit of bad luck to add to her day's collection... Jillian spotted a brush sitting on a table. She picked it up and examined it; apparently it was something Carla used to brush dirt off the tables. It was a little larger than a hairbrush and quite sturdy, being made of wood. Thick wood.

Jillian smiled. This would be perfect! She turned the brush over so the bristles faced upward, then approached Carla. She lined the brush up with Carla's backside, then gave it a swing. The impact of the heavy wooden brush against Carla's rubber-covered cheeks made a tremendous, fleshy, smacking sound. Jillian grinned with satisfaction.

When the brush hit, the sizzling pain in Carla's bottom overrode the considerable anguish she was feeling from having her tender breasts whipped hard. Her bottom had already been causing her major discomfort from the sunburn and the hot rubber suit pressing tightly against it. But having it smacked hard with a heavy brush in that state... had she not been bound tightly down she would have leaped high off the table - probably right into a low earth orbit. Unfortunately, however, she could not get off the table; she had seen to that herself. Nor could she effectively communicate her plight. All she could do was lie there and take whatever Jillian decided to give her.

There was one factor that might seem to work in Carla's favor - Jillian was a small woman and did not seem to be particularly muscular. But perhaps Carla was suffering from an excessive buildup of bad karma, for some additional bad luck was coming into play: Jillian was an avid tennis player - her arms were strong and she had tremendous endurance.

With the bright sunlight gleaming off her red hair, Jillian began smacking Carla's bottom quite hard with a fast, steady rhythm. She decided she'd spank the woman with the heavy brush until her arm wore out. That was going to take quite a while...


On Thursday, Jillian got a surprising phone call. She was offered the job that Carla had taken from her! Apparently Carla had not reported into work three days in a row so the company had rescinded her offer! As Jillian was next in line, the offer went to her.

There was more to it than that, however. The hiring manager's office administrator had had enough of her boss's unscrupulous actions... she reported him to the president of the company. She had covertly accumulated enough evidence to support her claim, leading to quick action: the manager was unceremoniously booted out of the company.

Jillian was overwhelmed with delight, as was Amber. Jillian looked forward to her new position.


For days, Carla had considerable difficulty finding a comfortable position for lying down. If she tried to lie on her stomach her sore breasts pressed against the bed. But if she tried to lie on her back she had the same issue with her even sorer bottom. It was not a pleasant time for her!

It was simply not possible for Carla to report to work to start her new job. Whoever had broken into her greenhouse had really done a number on her! She didn't understand why the perpetrator punished her, then apparently left, but then came back for a second round. The only reason she could think of was that he or she decided they wanted to punish her further after they had gone, so they returned to give her more. In any case, Carla found herself unable to wear anything, either above or below, for days. The only thing she could comfortably wear was footwear, but she was fairly certain that going to work wearing only shoes would be a violation of the company's dress code.

On the fourth day, Thursday, of her not showing up for work, the company called her and told her they regretfully had to cancel her offer and give the position to someone else. She was obviously not happy about that, yet it wasn't unexpected. As the conversation continued, however, the new hiring manager told her that she had reason to believe that the former manager had not been employing ethical practices. For that reason, she was offering Carla another position. While it wasn't quite as good as the one she had just lost, it was still not a bad job, and Carla gave her immediate verbal acceptance. The manager told her she was to start on her new job tomorrow!

That night, as Carla lay on her stomach (her breasts at this point feeling a lot better than her backside) she thought about her new position. Under the circumstances she was actually happy about the offer. She realized she shouldn't have taken the actions she did to try to get a position she didn't deserve. She didn't know if her recent ordeal was related to that or not - Jillian was one of her prime suspects, but there were plenty of other people whom she had wronged in the past that could equally well have been responsible. She realized she'd probably never know who it was. But she was putting all that behind her... she would never again use the unsavory tactics she had employed to get her way. That thought made her feel good.

Carla knew that tomorrow was going to be a trying day; her bottom was still extremely tender and sitting down was quite uncomfortable. Since she'd have to spend much of the day with her bottom pressed down against a chair, it was going to be a long day! She'd get through it though - she'd just have to make it a point not to squirm too much in her seat as that would undoubtedly attract attention. It would only be one day, though, then she'd have the weekend to finish recovering. She'd be in much better shape when Monday rolled around.

Carla set her alarm and got into bed. She felt more relaxed and at peace than she had for quite some time. She fell asleep almost immediately, a smile of contentment on her face.

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