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How I became a Chastity Sub

by Christina

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© Copyright 2017 - Christina - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; chastitybelt; padlock; keyholder; tease; torment; switch; control; denial; mast; cons/reluct; X

It was my own fault, I sent the key to an ex-girlfriend, who am still good friends with. She called me up, thanked me for the card and asked what the key was for as I had asked her to call me when it arrived and to hold onto it for a few weeks. I said I didn't want to tell her over the phone but could I come down and show her. She said I have to tell her first, so I said a chastity device. She asked if it was on, I said no I was waiting to confirm she had the key. She said I should have asked first and she was going to throw both keys away. I was glad that I hadn't put it on but sad with her response.

About a month later she called me up, said she still had the keys safe and asked if I still had the device and could she see it. I drove the 3 hours to her place and showed her the device. It's a metal belt device with a anal ring and a solid cock sheath sticking out and down at the front and a cross at the end. She picked it up and turned it over a few times in her hands. She then said, "You are willing to wear this if I say I will be your... your keyholder as you described it?"

"Yes", I said.

"Let me get this straight, I don't have to do anything apart from not giving you the keys back and that means you can't get hard, cum or even touch yourself unless I say so? "

"Yes" I said again.

"Fine do you have the padlock with you?" I showed it to her and she said lock it and hand it to me. I did and she told me to wait.

She then went to her room and 2 minutes later came back with the open padlock. "Now you can see I have the keys so now I want to see this chastity device on you."

I started to strip and she kept asking if I was sure about this and did she need to do anything. I kept assuring her it was fine and no she did not have to do a thing. Once naked she turned to me and asked me, "Do I want to do anything before it goes away?"

My heart was racing and my mind went blank, I just said, "I need to get it on quick before I get too hard or change my mind".

I put the belt around my waist and she passed the underside between my legs to me. Within a few seconds my cock was in the tube and my balls were through the hole just below. I could feel my cock start to harden as I put the left side over the tab for the padlock. I then pulled the right side over and slid it over the tab. While holding it she slipped the padlock through the hole, sat back and said, "Are you sure you want this? Let me look this over."

She then pulled, turned me around and bent me over and said, "So this is where you poop and you have to sit to pee, right?"

" Yes".

"Ok I will ask you one last time if this is what you want?"

"Yes this what I want", I said.

"Right", she said, "stand in front of me, hands behind your back, last chance..."

Before I could open my mouth she snapped the lock shut. "Got you", she smiled, "and I get to say when you get out as you forgot to ask. You see I have been reading up online about this and the best way is to get them locked before a time limit can be set, then it becomes the keyholder's decision, you might regret this before long".

She then grabbed my balls and said, "These are mine also and I expect then to get real full", and she gave them a firm squeeze.

I let out a sharp breath.

She let go and said, "Get dressed we can go for a meal and a movie, your treat to me".

Everything was fine until it was time for me to leave. Work the next day and a 3 hour drive home.

As we kissed goodbye she placed her hand on the device, "All mine!" she said, "I like that idea".

She then placed a sealed envelope in my pocket. "Be sure to call me when you get back, but I know you will".

The drive home was fine but I needed to go to the toilet as soon as I walked in. Then it sunk in, sitting to pee, every time. I cleaned myself up and called her to say I was home. She then showed how into this she was by saying stay on the phone as I bring myself off. An hour later she had finished and had told me to call her tomorrow.

There I was in chastity, with a woman over 3 hours away with the only keys, but then I remembered there was a third key I had held back in an emergency. It was in ice in my freezer, so would defrost in about 2 hours and then I could masturbate myself to sleep. The time seemed to take for ever but I got the key. Time for release, I put the key in but it would not turn. I tried over and over again still it would not turn.

I then remembered the envelope she had given me. I opened it and 2 keys were inside with a card saying, 'I am returning your keys and as you should have found out they don't fit your padlock. I checked online and I found out that type is issued with 3 keys, so I purchased my own so I have all 3 to the one you are wearing. Let this be your first lesson, do not try me. I want to do this for you and you will follow my rules. The first rule is from now on no male underwear ever. You might have to buy pads to help with the leaks. Now call me and say thank you for being such a great keyholder.'

My face dropped, this is it, for real. All I can say is be careful what you wish for.

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