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How I Met Her 2: How I Trained Her

by Turbo Bruin

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© Copyright 2010 - Turbo Bruin - Used by permission

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continued from How I Met Her - Part 1

About a year and a half ago Emily and I were just getting into a real bondage relationship. I was learning what ever I could about bondage, so I could make Emily happy. I would even study what she would do while bound. Mostly it started with her binding herself up on Fridays before I got home from school and work. I would find her in random positions around the apartment, bound to different objects. She almost always wore a pink collar, and her leather cuffs. One day I realized she always had a vibrator inside of her, also found one of her cuffs or other restraints loose. I wanted to know what was going on so I decided to find out.

Part 2: How I Trained Her

One day I had a break between class and work and came home to set a secret camera. It wasn’t anything complex, or obvious. I had a vision camera for my computer that I always left sitting on my desk in my room. To catch what is going on I hooked it up to my laptop and set it to record what ever it sees onto a CD. Then programed it to start recording an hour before I got home. Once it was done I focused the camera and slid my laptop under my desk where Emily wouldn’t see it.

I went to work and was going to be off around seven at night. It was a dead end job to pay for food and gasoline at college. I worked it full time so that I could pay for our bondage gear, which took some time away from our games. I thought about how to manage time with everything, Fridays off by seven, Saturdays and Sundays I would have off, and work extremely late Monday through Thursday. Also I was lucky my living arrangements worked out. My old roommate moved out to be with his girlfriend, so Emily moved in to get away from her roommates.

Seven finally hit and I headed home for the night. First thing I did was walk in and check all of Emily’s restraints. One of her wrists was a little loose, so I tightened it. I took her gag off and gave her a kiss and said hello. I left it on the bedside as I went to get my laptop and stop the recording.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Nothing just checking on something."

I brought the laptop over to her and started the disc from the beginning. We watched it together, she was shocked I recorded her. About ten minutes in she came in and began to bind herself.

She pulled out our bag of toys and began by putting in a vibrator. She pulled out all of her restraints and got them measured to each bed post to keep her nice and tight. She set up an emergency release, like I told her she must always do. She would play with herself for a minute and got started.

First was her gag, that she pulled as tight as possible behind her teeth. Then came the cuffs on her wrist, ankles, and thighs just above her knees. She got on the bed and did her ankles first, locking them to the footboard of the bed. Then she leaned over the bed and pulled out a small spreader bar, keeping her knees about one and a half feet apart. Next she locked her collar on and to a short chain in the middle of the headboard. Finally she locked each of her wrist in place, this took up about ten more minutes of the disc.

"This makes you look really good."

"What is that for, Blackmail?"

"No, lets keep watching, see what a bored girl does while in bondage."

She got a blank look on her face, almost scared. We kept watching, Emily rubbing against my thigh, trying to get me to play with her. She began to test her binds, all of which kept her in place. I fast forward for a minute then saw something interesting. I played it, she had a hand free and was playing with herself. She already had her vibrator set high, but was now fucking herself with it.

"This is interesting, you seem to be free. Wonder why?" I gave her a second to response, she just tried to hide her head. When she didn’t respond, "I’ve told you a dozen times, save yourself, the longer you wait the better it feels. I think about you all day, that is why it is awesome when I finally ejaculate."

"I can’t help it, it feels way too good."

I shook my head and dropped the subject. We had our fun, and only had sex on Friday since both our weekends were busy with a family picnic. I didn’t bring it up again, but had an idea hit me during the week. While I was at a technology store buying some new batteries for her, I noticed a brand of extra long batteries. I bought them, and saw on the back, last about 48 hours at least. The ones we usually bought lasted around twenty hours, so my idea began.

The very next day I went out to a sex shop and bought a chastity belt. It was special designed to allow daily body functions. Slits in the front to allow urine flow, and an open back to let the person relieve themselves. It was also adjustable and could fix a range of people, I got the petite size. As I paid I got a couple of locks to go with it.

That Friday morning I put the new batteries in her vibrator, setting it back in our bag. I hid the belt, so she wouldn’t know of it in advance. Then went through my day and came home that night finding her bound in the living room. She restrained herself to a very sturdy coffee table. Wrist and knees locked to each of the legs, ankles attached to her thighs, and collar locked to a support. I sat in front of her, taking her gag off to kiss her and put it back on. All of her restraints were tight and she was totally immobile. I checked her vibrator, setting it on high and pushing it back in, leaving the end hang out.

"I got a present for you, let me go and get it." I don’t think she heard me. She was bucking on the table since I turned her vibrator up.

I got out the chastity belt out and held it in front of her face. She stared at it in fear of what I might do with it. "You scare too easily Emily, this is to help you not hurt you." I slid it under her locking the metal band around her waist. Then pulled two more, hanging from the bottom, between her legs. The metal plate in front was pulled tight, pushing her vibrator in deeper. It was just the right length, she wouldn’t be able to remove it. I slapped her rear really quick, "This should help you learn a little self control."

She began to thrash around, yelling into her gag. Even made the table bounce a little bit. I laughed at her and decided to play with her. I began to tickle her and got her to buck even more. Then I kissed her butt cheeks right before I gave her a good spanking. Once I was done I turned her to face the television.

I watched some news and a couple comedies. She was watching and tried to act like she wasn’t bound at all. When she least expected it I pulled out a butt plug that I snuck out of her room. I lubed it up, while an action scene was going on in the movie. Then began to push it in deeper and deeper, until it was held in place. She was screaming in her gag the entire time. The movie had finished and I went to bed.

"I’ll get you in the morning, tonight I’ll let the vibrator do my work for my."

I slept rather soundly, other than the occasional thud of her trying to escape. When morning finally came I went out and released her from the table. She quickly got up and took out her gag.

"Where are the keys I need to use the restroom?"

"Just go in that, it has slits to let you do your business."

"Why you..." she quickly ran to the bathroom. She began to grunt, getting the plug out of her rear. Then spent some time cleaning herself up. I started to make breakfast and waited for her to finish. She finished cooking and set the table. The last thing before we ate, she got dressed, totally forgetting she was almost naked.

While we ate she had stopped twice since she was having an orgasm. When that happened I began to laugh and she would glare at me. "See what I mean, the more you climax the worse it gets. Don’t forget to drink up, can’t have you getting dehydrated."

"Can’t you just take this stupid think off?"


"I hate you right now, but you are the one with the keys, so I can’t leave if I want this stupid thing off."

After we cleaned up we sat down to watch some television again. We would relax, and enjoyed our morning. Then another idea popped into my head. I quickly checked the weather, ‘sunny with light cloud cover, approximately 73̊F.’ I looked over at Emily. "Want to got out to the place we met, it’s a beautiful day?"


"Then no keys."

"Okay let me put on some better clothes then."

She quickly got dressed in a mini skirt and tank top. I put on shorts and a tee-shirt, and we walked out to my car. The ride was short and only had one orgasm in the car. When we got out at the abandoned parking lot, I noticed a small stain had been left. We walked the long path to the field where we met, stopping twice when she had an orgasm.

"I so want to kill you right now, this is beginning to be pure torture."

"You need to learn your lesson. This is the fastest way to help you do that."

We finally reached the field and walked to the center, sitting next to the post she was bound to. I looked around and saw nobody else. I began to remove my clothes and lay in the grass naked. Emily did the same and leaned on me, her breast pressed to my side. We were about to kiss when she lost her composure and had another orgasm. I began to laugh, she slapped my chest.

"That’s not funny! You don’t get any love, because every time I try, I.... oh never mind, jerk."

"Well now that you are getting aggressive why don’t you bind yourself to the post. I want you to look the same as when we first met."

"Fine, it’ll help take my mind off this annoying, overpowered vibe."

She sat, leaning on the pole and went through all the materials I grabbed. She pulled out everything, making sure I had everything needed to recreate the scene. First she drove a camping stake into the ground, taking a couple minutes. She locked on some ankle cuffs and locked them to the stake, just far enough so she could still lean on the post. Next she fed two straps around her chest, to the post, one above and below her breast. She took another strap around her waist and then went back over them and pulled them tight. She put in her gag and locked her wrist behind the post.

As she was now helpless, by her own doing, by my command, I decided to have a little more fun then watching her suffer. I pulled out some sun screen and began to put it on her, playing with each sensitive part as I went along. She moaned when I hit a nerve, I massaged her body until she was safely covered with sun screen. Then I sucked on her nipples, making her moan even more. Before long she had another orgasm, I kept licking and sucking the whole time.

"Now how long should we keep you out here?"

I removed her gag, "please, let me out. I am tired, and want to relax the rest of the time until the batteries die."


I let her go and was picking up all of the straps as she took them off. I was on my knees leaning over the bag when she jumped on me. I went face first into the grass, she grabbed my wrist and locked them before I could respond. Then locked them to the stake in the ground. She pulled off my pants and boxers, my dick now dug into the ground. She then put cuffs on my ankles and my thighs. The whole time my face was pressed into the ground. When she let it up, a gag was forced into my mouth.

"I can’t stand this stupid thing, if you won’t take it out, I might as well get revenge."

She pulled me around and re-situated me. I was now against the post, same position as her, and only my shirt left on. She quickly fixed that and ripped it off of me. She loosened the straps and pulled me up a couple inches, placing a butt plug below me. I resisted to go back down, having only the end touching in me. She pulled on me only getting a little progress. Finally she sat on my lap and pushed me down, fast onto the plug. I screamed in the gag, as she pushed me down.

"Now lets see how much you hate constant pleasure."

She began to do what ever she wished. For multiple hours she masturbated me, sucked on my dick, and even put my dick in her ass. She finally stopped and let me loose. I couldn’t help but love this idea, but every time the idea got worse. The only thing that made it better was she had more orgasms than I did the entire time I was bound. We walked back to the car, both totally exhausted, and drove home.

She survived the night, and I did too, she had me bound again. I was loving the idea of being bound, maybe I have a submissive side too. The next day the batteries died earlier than I thought, so she released me to release her. We relaxed the weekend away, both sexually exhausted.

The very next weekend I decided to explore my submissive side. I got the chastity belt on her again, this time no vibrator. She was pissed, she finally recovered and wanted to play with herself. She bound me again, trying to make me tell her where the keys were. This was all to my plan. I was kept bound almost all weekend, until I told her where I hid the keys. When she got the belt off, we made love with me still bound. Both of us had intense orgasms, she laid down on my body after we were finished.

"Do you see my point on waiting now Emily?"

"Yes! That was awesome, maybe I should listen to you more"

"I will keep using that belt to help make you a new habit, unless we both want to just break loose together."

"I hate that stupid thing, but I guess we can keep working with it."


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