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How to go Clubbing when you’re Single

by WannabeasuB

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© Copyright 2008 - WannabeasuB - Used by permission

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Part 1

I have been separated for some time now, BDSM had been partly responsible for the breakup. I wanted it and she didn’t. We are still friends. In fact not much had changed since the separation and the last year of marriage. Difference between roommates and husband and wife is usually sex. Which we didn't have for about a year. In that time I had expanded my interest in self bondage since I only on rare occasions could get her aid in tying me up and even rarer it was that she played or teased me while tied up. But as I said I was getting pretty good at doing the tying myself. Lately however I had a fantasy that now was developing into a plan.

In my mind BDSM was an aiding factor in the demise of my marriage. So I could either distance myself from it or embrace it. I choose the later and that was why I joined the local club for likeminded people as soon as I moved to the city in which I live in now. A club where the likeminded meet, talk and sometime have a session in the club rooms.

My plan was simple. Over the last period of time I had purchased enough latex garments to cover myself from head to toe. Latex stockings, Bermuda pants with a zip through the crotch to the back. Giving access to cock and ass if unzipped. On the top was a high-necked long-sleeved T-shirt and short latex gloves covered my hands. I really wanted to wear a one piece cat suit but because of my slim, muscular build and over average height I pretty much gave up on finding one with a fit as snug as I wanted.

I spent the afternoon showering, shaving up and down front and back and thoroughly rinsing myself inside and out. When done I found my cockstrap which held one leather strap behind the scrotum and cock and one just around the cock in front of the scrotum. After adding plenty of lube to my ass knowing it would be the last time in quite some time where I had the opportunity to lube up. I then inserted a medium sized plug and stood very still until I got use to it. Fighting the urge I always had to push it out the intruder and jerk off.

When my ass had gotten use to it after a while I started getting dressed in rubber. Stocking and gloves first then Bermudas and finally the long sleeved T-shirt. I could easily see and feel the bulge in my tight fitted pants but nothing to do about it now. All in due time... I hoped.. I added a chain around my waist. Letting a few links hang down one end before I padlocked it together. So tight it couldn’t slip down over my hips.  The extra links dangling down in the crack of my buttocks. I used another padlock to connect the free chain with the zipper of my pants so I was completely unable to access my favorite parts of my body without the key. I folded down the high collar and dressed in normal loose fitted street clothes over the rubber. One glance in the mirror confirmed that I was just another guy in the streets. I lifted my gym bag from the bed and left for the club where my bravest self dare would take place.

I arrived without anyone noticing, thinking more than once about what people would say if the they what I was wearing under my clothes. I entered the code on the keypad next to the door and with a metallic click it unlocked and I entered. A red-haired woman with a nice build and a few years my senior was in the hall changing a light bulb. She nodded and smiled at me before she returned to her place behind the bar. I wanted to go change but at the same time I wanted to chicken out and leave the place again. My cock got hard and before I had time to leave I headed for the locker room.

There I quickly emptied the gym bag onto the bench. Then undressed of all the street wear and put it in the empty bag. With a small padlock I sealed the bag. My heart was pounding as I hoped no one would walk in on me. On the bench was the items I had removed from the bag. One envelope. One note. A pair of earplugs. One posture collar. Four lockable cuffs. One latex hood with snap buttons next to the mouth and around the eyes. A snap on blindfold for the mask and a snap on gag with an external dildo and finally a number of padlocks.

In a preplanned way I started adding the items to my ensemble. First the earplugs and then the latex hood was fitted and adjusted so my airflow was unhindered. Then I added the cuffs to my ankles and wrists locking them in place. Making it if not impossible to take of the gloves and stockings then very difficult. I locked the posture collar on tightly making it difficult for me to turn my head. I added the gag. Draw in a deep breath through my nose and visualized the way out of the locker and to the bar. When I was confident I put all the keys in the envelope to the paper in it and sealed it. I then attached both the envelope and the note to my chest using small pieces of tape.

Here goes nothing, I thought and pressed the blindfold in place. The well lit locker room became dark. I instantly got turned on and at the same time I questioned my own mental health. I felt the bench to get my bearing and with slow steps I exited the locker by memory. 7 steps forward. 90 degrees turn to the right. 5 steps. 90 degrees left. 2 steps. Door. I opened it and stepped one measured step forward into the hall. Knowing I was now in the open I was thankful I didn’t have to negotiate any stair to get to the bar.  Coz of the earplugs and my racing heart I want sure if anyone could see me at this point. But no one approached me on my way to the bar. I aimed for the first barstool and to my luck it was empty. I was amazed that I had maneuvered as well as a seeing person and trying to look casual I placed both hands solid on the bar as I sat down on the stool. Then I spun around facing the room and clasped my hands behind my back crossing my arms and sitting straight-backed hands to elbows. Heart racing so hard it felt like it was going to explode. – At least it won’t make a mess because of all the rubber I thought to myself and smiled behind the gag.

Maybe 2 minutes. Maybe 10 minutes pretty sure no more than 20 minutes passed without anything happening. At least nothing I noticed. Pounding heart, earplugs and latex hood meant that muffled conversations could probably have taken place since I entered room. Suddenly I felt a hand remove one of the pieces of paper. It guessed it was the note since it was the most likely offer of an explanation to the latex covered ”thing” sitting among them in the bar. It didn’t flinch and tried to control my shivers of excitement when I heard a man speak out. Loud enough that I could hear the rhythm but not the words. It wasn’t necessary coz I had written and rewritten the note myself. It read:

Dear club members...
The thing sitting in front of you is my slave and this is his test and punishment. He has been asking me repeatedly for a new experience but since I am very busy I leave him in your hands. I prepped him a bit from home but allowed him to finish the dressing in your locker. He is locked inside a latex outfit and as you can see he is locked in collar and cuffs. What you can’t see is that he is wearing a medium butt plug and a cock strap under the rubber. In the envelope attached there is a number of keys to all locks on him and one for his bag of clothes in the locker room. Also there is a playlist of likes and dislikes filled out by him and a signed statement that he is here of he own free will, What and if you do with him I leave to you. But I have a few requests that I hope you will accept.

The blindfold stays on at all times until you leave him in the locker room to put on his street clothes. The gag stays in unless you have something else to stuff his mouth with. The butt plug stays in unless you have something else to stuff in. He is my bitch and needs a reminder that his ass belongs to me. He is not allowed to cum at any time. Keep the cock strap on but feel free to try CBT. I believe it’s on the list. I would like to have him home by midnight so he should be allowed to change no later than 23.15.

Other than that I can only say: thank you for your help and enjoy.

P.S. You might want to tie him up as soon as possible if you decide to use him. The tighter the better if I remember correctly. He tends to move and squirm a lot.
P.P.S. Since you have to keep him gagged at all times I don’t want you thinking that he is here without a safe word. If you hear him hum ”itsy bitsy spider” please remove whatever is in his mouth and ask if he wants out. If he says yes take him to the locker and give him all keys except the one to his gym bag. Send him home like this and he can have the key the next time he or we come for a visit.

Part 2

I heard muffled laughing at this last part. I then felt the second letter released from my stomach. It was the envelope with the keys and my playlist. Listing every fetish known to me and a rating from 0-5 as to how eager i wanted to try it or enjoyed it. My heart was still pounding and my locked away cock was throbbing painfully as I could imagine the papers being passed around. I couldn’t see or hear but it was like I could feel the crowd leaving and returning to their tables. The chatter started up again but at a distance and I was downcast by the prospect of being locked and plugged with nothing to do but to go home. Then it struck me that the envelope with the keys had not been returned to my chest. - Shit, was all I had time to think before I felt a tug at the ring in my collar.

This was my fantasy but I almost let out a cry of surprise when I realized someone was willing to play my game. Not my imaginary Mistress’ game but mine. I rose to my feet. A foot tapped the inside of my ankles and I took it as a sign to spread my legs. The hand left my collar and a moment later someone pushed against the base of my butt plug as to see if it was really there. The sudden movement in my ass reminded me of the intruder that I had gotten comfortable with in the last few hours. I moaned in my gag and the pressure on the plug disappeared. Then the hand cupped my crotch and the bulge became even more painful under the touch. A woman’s touch.

I wondered as I thought to myself that the hand was too slender for a man, but in reality I didn’t have a clue. Whoever it was, he or she, must have been satisfied because the cupping stopped and I was dragged forward by my collar. Maybe we went to a different room. I hoped so but wasn’t sure since I had only been at the club twice previously, first time for the official introduction and the second time I was mainly focused on measuring distance from the locker to the bar.

She/he stopped me and turned me around. Unclasped my hands and held them out to the side. I kept them there. Felt the tapping at my ankles and quickly spread my legs. I felt a hand reach between my legs and giving my cock a squeeze. At the same time I felt a breast rub against my back. -  So it was a woman, I deducted and felt strangely at ease. Although I had considered that I would risk a male-male experience I had not thought to be so specific in my letters.

The hand vanished and I stood alone and motionless for what seemed like forever. Then I felt a tugging at the chain around my waist and the chain disappeared. – Going straight for the jewels, I smiled behind my latex mask. But I was mistaken. Soft hands slid up the latex T-shirt to my upper body was exposed from the waist to up over my nipples. I felt something cold press against my nipples. First one and then the other. – That’s an odd feeling, I thought as the T-shirt was lowered again. I felt her attached something to the edge of my Bermuda pants and suddenly I noticed a tingling sensation on my nipples. – A TENS-unit, I though with delight since I obviously found one of the creative ones.

My pants were unzipped next and something was strapped around my cock and scrotum. I had an idea as to what it was and the idea was confirmed when I felt the muscles in my cock lightly contract. No attention was paid to my butt plug and I was zipped closed again. Then I felt something around my chest. Wrapping over and under where she had placed the TENS unit. I took a while before I realized that she was tying me up Japanese style and before I knew it my arms was tied securely behind my back. She left me standing for a moment. - Probably to admire her handy work, I thought but suddenly I was pulled upward by the rope harness she had made. Only standing on my toes I was able to keep from falling. But soon after she had applied a crotch rope too and with ease she had tied my legs so within maybe 15 minutes I was completely helpless tied in a hogtied hovering above the ground.

She gave my ass cheeks a playful smack and then she adjusted the TENS units. I have always enjoyed having my nipples licked but this feeling was so much, much better than any licking had ever been and at the same time my cock was throbbing involuntarily. Had it not been for the cock ring I would have cum several times over by now. I moaned into my gag and tried squirming but I was completely unable to move. Suddenly I felt her grab my head and slowly started to swing me back and forth. It wasn’t until I felt resistance I realized that she was fucking herself with the cock attached to my face. Hanging there it struck me that I had been turned into a 144 pound dildo without a will of my own. The thought almost made me cum again.

After a while she plunged her giant dildo deep into her pussy and used her legs to hold me there. The air supply became smaller and the air I could inhale through my nose smelled like her pussy. A very wet pussy. I was almost out of air when I felt her cum through the gag. It stiffened and jerked for the longest time and slowly she released me so I could breathe. As I was gasping for air I felt her hand placed on my forehead and with much like you wave off an annoying fly I was pushed free of her and send spinning around in my bondage. My equilibrium soon was in danger and even the electrically induced throbbing and pulsing in my cock and nipples wasn’t enough to keep me from getting dizzy… and fast.

With limited hearing, no sight except darkness, no taste except the taste of the rubber cock, no smell except the smell of wet pussy and rubber and no feeling except the now straining ache in my shoulders and arms it was impossible for me to guess for how long I was spinning around but I don’t believe it was long. Before a hand griped the cock on my face. It was almost like she was ignoring me and intentionally avoided touching me. The gag was unsnapped and suddenly I was able to breathe freely and speak although I felt it best to avoid the latter. Something big and round was pressed into my open mouth. I explored it with my tongue. It felt like a ring gag and at the same time I realized it the buckle was fastened behind my head.

'Jesus,' I thought. ' Talk about removal of free will.' Tension on the ropes to me that I was being raised a bit up.

" You made me wet and sticky and I want you to clean it up". I heard someone say. It was a female but I couldn’t recognize the voice because of the earplugs. Then I felt her attach something to my collar. It must have been a leash of some sort coz I felt myself being pulled forward. As far as I could tell she was standing with her back to me bend at the hips with my leash running between her legs so when I was pulled my mouth and nose was forced in between her ass cheeks. At first I was stunned that she had 'invited' me, a stranger, so close to her private parts, that I didn’t move and apparently that did not please her.

" Lick me", she must have called out coz the voice was clearly audible through the earplugs. I carefully explored the area with my tongue. I tasted her juices and felt the opening of her pussy. I tried to extend my tongue to enter her wet pussy and when she found out what I was trying she pulled even harder on the rope. Helping my tongue deep inside her but also cutting of all my air only this time my nose was buried in her ass. She held me there so long I started to wonder if she had forgotten that this particular dildo did not run on batteries but on oxygen found in the air surrounding us. I started to panic and tried to back away from her to the best of my abilities, but it wasn’t much. But as a result I felt her cut me some slack and I swung free. I inhaled in deep gasps. I didn’t realize that she had moved to my side before I felt her remove the controls for the TENS units she had previously stuck in the waistline of my shorts. But she didn’t increase or decrease the strength of the current. At least not what I could feel.

Shortly after I was pulled forward again burying my face in her crotch again. As I stuck out my tongue it accidently touched her asshole and she wasn’t slow to exploit the mistake. She pulled me hard and made it very clear that she wanted me to continue to lick her ass. It was degrading being hung from the ceiling and forced to lick the ass of a stranger but it wasn’t all bad. I had often wondered how it would be but in practice it wasn’t much different than licking a pussy. Of course the landscape was different but with a good cleaning like I had, and she obviously also have had, it wasn’t all unpleasant and I had to admit that the degrading factor turned me on immensely. Apparently she liked what I did coz slowly she started to pull me closer. Maybe even unaware of it herself, but not for long because as before it resulted in cutting off my air.  I stopped licking and for a second I waited for her to slack her grip.

Suddenly I felt a shock in my cock and an instant after it hit my nipples. At a low current the TENS units felt good but at this intensity it was very painful and not the least bit pleasant. My cock was throbbing in its bonds making the pain even worse. I gasped, moaned and since the tongue was the only body part I had control over I stuck it out. It found her asshole again and seconds later she turned down the intensity of the TENS-units to a comfortable, even pleasurable level. If I had not been afraid of the consequences I would have started laughing. Do as you’re told and you get rewarded. Misbehave and you get punished. This was the lesson I had just learned the hard way. I was totally under her control. All my options were in my mind limited to licking her or speaking out in protest. Of course I could hum 'itsy bitsy spider' but I had no desire to walk home wearing nothing but latex.

What separates us humans from other species of animals and inanimate object is our free will. Our right to choose for ourselves. There are always options. We sometimes ignore options and pretend they are NOT options because logic tells us that the specific option would be harmful or even dangerous to our health. But I believe that more often we ignore options because we are afraid. And more often than not we are afraid how we are perceived in the eyes of others. My choices had led me here. I had chosen to dress up in Latex. I had chosen to write the letters. I had chosen to surrender myself to strangers. And finally I had chosen to include a punishment for using the safe word that I was terrible afraid of. Namely the embarrassment of walking home dressed in rubber. Therefore I had indirectly chosen to eliminate my alternatives because I already knew that whatever would happen I would be afraid of the embarrassment of walking out in the open dressed in rubber. My only option was therefore to stay and obey unless my current choice changed so it would ultimately result in serious harm or death.

Realizing this I was ready to let go. I could become a thing for this woman to use and abuse any way she wanted to. I got so hard my throbbing cock strained against the strap. I was almost afraid I would burst a vein. I could obey or disobey the woman but since I preferred pleasure I started licking her with renewed energy. Almost like she could feel my defeat she loosened the leash so I was able to open-mouthed lick both her pussy and ass, which I was grateful for coz licking in the same position was starting to strain my neck. I didn’t feel her cum like I did with the dildo gag. So maybe she did or maybe she didn’t. Either way she soon lost interest in me and when she let go of the leash I swung away from her. Discarded I hung helpless in the air. A thought occurred to me that she had thought of me as a practical way to relieve herself and now she would go join the others in the bar until later when it was time to close up and go home.  I think many men secretly have a desire to experience what it’s like to exist solely for a woman’s pleasure. I think this because I know I had that fantasy for the longest time. But hanging here above the ground inescapably tied up, plugged and mildly electrocuted the fantasy was starting to lose its appeal as my muscles started straining from the tight bounds.

Semi aware that I was driveling all over the place I tried to wiggle into a more comfortable position but to no avail. I was a prisoner whether I liked it or not. Next thing I was being lowered. Looking forward to touch the ground again I was sadly disappointed when I stopped moving before I could feel the floor on my stomach. Something probed my latex mask around my forced open mouth. It found the opening and the rubber cock fucked my mouth without resistance. Slowly at first but as my free flowing saliva lubricated it. She built up speed and depth of the thrust. I almost gagged on it a few times before I heard someone call out. "Inhale on the thrust". A part of me registered the advice and I soon realized that it helped countering the gagging. After a while she started to let the cock pause when she had thrust it into my mouth and throat. Testing my ability to hold my breath and fight the gagging. She pulled out completely and a part of me felt violated and used while another part of me felt empty, wanting more.

There was a silence in my rubber prison for a while. If there were any people around me they were speaking in a whisper if at all. The cock returned suddenly and the surprise almost made me gag. It took 3 long strokes down my throat before I realized something was different. I didn’t feel the smell of rubber and thinking about it I noticed the cock now in my mouth was softer and warmer than before.

'Shit', I thought and started struggling in my bondage, which only resulted in laughter from all around me loud enough for me to hear. The person now fucking me held the ropes that suspended me and all I could do was accept my fate. In minutes of humiliating deep throating the cock held inside me. I couldn’t close my mouth but I manage to tighten my thorax muscle to prevent him from shooting down my throat. I felt him fill up my mouth and when he pulled out I could feel the warm cum drip from my mouth and run down my chin. Suddenly I felt a tongue licking it from my face. It sought into my mouth, played around my tongue and did stop until she had taken every last drop of cum from my mouth.

I was still in shock that they had gone so far when she was done cleaning me. Considering using my safeword for the first time but realized that all that would accomplish was further humiliation since it couldn’t change what had just happened. I was lowered and this time all the way to the floor. Coz I could I feel the ropes ease the grip since they didn’t have to sustain my weight any more. But no one came to untie me. I listened but couldn’t hear anything. I rest my head as much as I could on the hardwood floor and I was very much aware that I was drooling on the floor. Physically I had not moved much the last few hours. But mentally and emotionally I had crossed many lines and come a great distance. I was drained and soon found comfort in my rubber enhanced darkness. I drifted off.

I woke with a jerk when someone straightened out my legs. They ached and I was certain that had I been asked to stand my legs would have buckles under my weight. I lay perfectly still as my arm was untied. I didn’t even move my arms to my side, but waited until whoever was untying me did it for me.

When my bonds were untied she, I was pretty sure it was the same she who had tied me up, rolled me onto my back. I felt a light kiss on my forehead and then she pressed a hand against my stomach. Then nothing. I laid still for a few minutes but nothing happened. I squeezed my eyes shut and felt for the snaps of my blindfold. Undid a few and very carefully undid a few buttons in my right side. I opened my eye letting it get use to the light a bit at the time. It turned out not to be necessary coz the room was already dimly lit. It was maybe 15 by 18 feet and decorated with BDSM in mind. The furniture consisted of a massage table rigged with eyebolts. A cross up against the opposite wall and at the far end a spanking bench. In the ceiling above me there was the crane that had hoisted me in the air.- The only decorations was maybe 50 candles in different sizes placed in holders all over the room.

I felt my chest and noticed that there had been put an envelope. I held it up in front of my face. Opened it and looked inside. There were a number of keys and a note. I unfolded the note. It had been written in a hurry but the writing was neat and readable.

Dear slave…
Thank you for tonight’s entertainment. We should play again one day. Wear the same outfit to the club and I will find you ….
                                                - xoxo

No signature. I put the letter back and concentrated on getting up. It was an effort but I succeeded at last. I left the room and found the bar. Which at this point was empty. With only one eye free I navigated the room and went straight for the locker room. I didn’t have the energy to remove the blindfold completely. I would do that in the locker room when I got dressed. I entered the locker and was surprised to find this room empty as well. At the bench where my gym bag still stood I went through the envelope and found the key for my posture collar. I unlocked it and after removing the ring gag I slowly took of the latex hood and earplugs. I squinted my eyes against the bright overhead light.

Sweat dripped down my face in no small measures from extended periods of time in latex. I went to the toilet, closed the door and got over to the sink and mirror. My face was red from the heat. I leaned over the sink and splashed water in my face. It was cool and wonderful. Suddenly the lights went out.

Part 3

"Perfect", I mumbled. " Someone is locking up and seeing no one in the locker room they decided it’s empty". I found the door and exited. Complete darkness. Arms stretched out in front of me I feel my way to the door. I bump into a bench and a coat hanger.. and a pair of breasts.

"What?" Something was snapped around my right wrist. I was spun around and my left wrist was also locked in the handcuffs.

"Hey. Playtime is over", I said getting a bit irritated but at the same time feeling my body betray me and getting harder by the second. I felt the breasts press against my back as she pulled me back in a chokehold. Her other hand moved down over my still latex covered stomach to my crotch.

" Shut up and I won’t have to hurt you", she whispered in my ear. I tried to turn but she just tightened her grip on my throat.

"Listen", I tried reasoning. "I don’t know what time it is but I’m guessing it’s late and I got to get home".

"To your mistress?" She laughed. " We both know you don’t have a mistress waiting for you at home. You arranged all this to make everyone believe you did, but you and I both know the truth. You’re a single guy and you came here for an adventure that you couldn’t get on your own."

I started to protest but she cut me off.

"Face it slave. You got yourself into this mess and there is probably no one who knows you are here. Let alone anyone who is expecting you back anytime soon. And I got the only key to those handcuffs on your wrists so you better behave or you’ll be sorry!"

There was an ominous tone in her voice so I decided not to push it further. "What do you want from me?"

" Well. I want what all girls want. I want to have fun. Now walk!" She pushed me in front of her to the bar and then to one of the adjacent rooms. It wasn’t the one I had spent the evening in. This one had a tile floor and walls and in the two corners furthest from the door there were drains in the floor. In the middle of the room stood a wooden spanking bench which I guessed wasn’t standard furniture in here. She marched me to the bench and pushed me against it.

" Bend over". She commanded and I dared not disobey.

I expected her to unlock my wrists and cuff them to the bench but instead she produced a roll of cling film which she rolled over my back and handcuffed arms and under the bench. Tighter and tighter till I was unable to move anything above my waist except my head. She then forcefully spread my legs and wrapped them to the legs of the bench from ankles to hips. It would have been uncomfortable if it hadn’t been for the wrap. It held me in place and allowed me to relax. She ripped the film and I heard her high heels on the tile floor. She walked around me and stopped in front of me.

The stilettos were a simple black open toed model with an ankle strap. Above her slender legs she was wearing black silk stockings with a wide lace band leaving only a few inches of flawless skin on her thighs show. The torso was covered in a tight-laced black satin corset, giving her a hourglass waistline and leaving her breasts hang free. Her flaming red hair was pulled tight into a ponytail high on the back of her head. Her makeup was discreet but with effect. Enhancing her cheekbones and the bright blue color of her eyes. She didn’t look anything like she had looked earlier when she had changed a light bulb in the hall or stood in the bar. My eyes returned to her loins where I was sure I would see her dripping wet pussy but instead I was gazing at a pair of latex briefs with an attached cock.

"I have watched them play with you all night you know? I saw how they teased and humiliated you". She walked closer so the cock was only inches from my face. "How you sucked cock without protests at all. Fake and even a real one". She laughed. "You behaved like a little slut. Which gave me the idea that I could experiment a bit on you too. You see, my last boyfriend was a real asshole. Always had to have it his way and never paid attention to what I wanted. So when I one day suggested that I could fuck him for a change he pretended he didn’t hear me. But that didn’t put a stop to my fantasy about fucking a guy. And then you turned up. Letting us do whatever we wanted with you and to me it was like a sign".

"Of course I haven’t tried it before, but if I like it as much as I do in my fantasy. Well", she smiled. "Then you’ll be in for a rough ride. You see this", she pointed at the cock in front of my face. "I rigged it so at different levels of penetration I will receive electrical stimulations inside and around my pussy. It should be like fucking myself. As well as fucking you of course".

She held something up in front of my face. "I’m sorry about this but I don’t want you blabbering and ruining the moment for me. I have been waiting a long time to try this and I want to enjoy it". Before I had time to protest she stuffed the panties in my mouth and with a few wraps of the cling film she made sure I couldn’t spit it out again. I heard her walking behind me and my cock got rock hard. Nothing happened for a while. Then I felt cold air hit my skin as she unzipped my bottom half. She almost ripped the plug out of my ass and I screamed into my gag.

"We don’t need that anymore", she laughed. I caught a glimpse of the plug in the corner of my eye as it flew across the room. But I was much too occupied with the feeling of my now empty ass. I could feel it was gaping open after getting use to the plug. I flushed at the humiliation of having this beautiful woman standing behind me and looking down at my gaping ass.

"My, my, she laughed. – Open and welcoming". Without further warning she placed the cock on the entrance to my ass and slowly started to push forward. I moaned into my gag as I was filled like never before. "Shut up!" She called and smacked my ass hard which just made me moan more. She didn’t hurry but moved determined into me and by the sound of her moaning I guessed the electrical rigging was working just fine.

When I felt her pelvis against my ass she stopped for a while. Maybe out of compassion to let me get use to the feel, but more likely I though, it was because she was enjoying the electrical stimulation. Soon she pulled back out almost to the tip of the cock and back inside. She moved in rhythmical movements and before her third thrust had entered fully we were moaning as one. First I felt the intrusion as a painful invasion, but as soon as my ass had gotten use to the feeling I started to enjoy it. Not only the humiliating thought of being fucked from behind like a slut but also the sensation itself.

To my surprise I felt my cock throb and there after I felt my first orgasm of the evening. Although it wasn’t accompanied by ejaculation It made me lightheaded and I was sure the lights dimmed just for me. I lost track of time as the fucking continued and I was pretty sure I had another orgasm but not as strong as the first one. Suddenly she started jerking and shuttering violently and I knew she had climaxed as well. She leaned over me and for a moment I enjoyed the feel of her cock inside me and the weight of her body on top of me. But again I mistook her thoughtfulness of me for her own selfishness. She got up and pulled out and ignored my muffled screams as she left my ass wide open.

"You see", she said. "You silly man said on your playlist that fantasy rape didn’t apply to your gender. Now you stand corrected coz I had a fantasy to rape a man and I did. So it was completely possible". She giggled and smacked my ass as to punctuate her sentence. I tried to squirm but was unable to move.

"Now I am going to shower and enjoy the sight of your helpless body. And then after I will decide if you are worth fucking again".

I vigorously shock my head no in rejection to her idea.

"Oh. You don’t like that plan?"

I never stopped shaking my head.

"Okay", she said while she started to undress for her shower. "After my shower I will flip a coin. Heads you are released and can do whatever you want. Tails you stay bound and I can do whatever I want. Fair enough?"

I considered it for brief instant and decided that It was the best odds I would get tonight. Then I nodded.

"Perfect", she said as she undid her corset. I saw that her had a beautiful figure even without the corset as she turned and turned on the water and stepped under the shower directly in front of me. Not by accident I decided. I hoped that the coin would come up heads. There was plenty of things I would like to do to that body. Besides… My tails was still sore after the abuse it had just received.


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