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Hubbies Revenge

by Jan Smith

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© Copyright 2002 - Jan Smith - Used by permission

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Hubbies Revenge
by Jan Smith
Hubbies Revenge

Melissa had her toys and loved to play with them. She had a swing set in her back yard that she had made her husband drag home before it found its way to the garbage. She had spent many a hour tied to the frame, dreaming that she was a slave waiting to be sold. Sometimes she would lock herself to the bars with the key froze in a block of ice. Other times she would tell her 
husband to tie her and leave her until he came home from work. She would never let her husband enjoy her playing as it was her private time. Standing there she would pull on her bonds and wish that she could reach her aching pussy. Sometimes her husband would try to run his hands over her body, but she would snap at him and send him away. She was her own mistress and slave.

One evening she was standing with her arms locked to the overhead cross beam. She stood there swaying in the cool evening breeze waiting for the ice to melt from around the key so she could satisfy herself. Standing there with her eyes closed and her head thrown back she felt a presence. Opening her eyes and turning her head, she saw her husband standing there.

"What do you want?" she snapped " I am busy now and you know it is my private time. You can start dinner and I be in in a while."

Her husband turned and headed for the house. He was a pretty good man and always did her bidding. She liked that. The ice would take about another half hour. She closed her eyes again and thought about the control she had, even when tied. Suddenly her hair was grabbed and her head snapped back. A hand was clamped over her mouth. When it was removed she couldn't move her lips. A piece of tape was effectively sealing her mouth. Looking over her shoulder she saw her husband had returned.

"Quit your fucking around and release me!" she wanted to yell, but with the tape on her mouth not a sound came out.

Without hurry he retied her arms so that they were stretched out further on the top of the swing. Then he tied her ankles to the bottom of the legs. Pulling her legs apart pulled down on her arms, and when he was finished she was stretched so tight that she could not move at all. Because of the shape of the swing set her ankles were tied further back than her wrists causing her to be leaned forward. This caused a real strain on her arms and her head hung forward. Her arms were starting to ache already. What the hell was going on? He had never been so bold before. 

Twisting her head as best she could she found she was alone again. The tightness of her bounds strained her whole body. She tried to struggle, but movement was out of the question. Despite the coolness of the evening her body glistened with sweat. It ran down her breasts and collected on her nipples before dripping to the ground. The pain in her limb was growing by the minute. "Please!" she thought "Come back and let me go!"

Hanging there she thought of the times he had tried to join her little games and she had sent him away. It seemed that she was now part of his game. It seemed as if she hung there for hours, but she knew it had been much less time.

A sound caught her attention, and twisting her head around, there stood her husband. In his hand was a piece of bamboo from one of her planters.She would have loved to scream, but the hiss of air coming out of her nose was the only sound.

"This little switch will be nice and quiet, because we have to think off the neighbors. I am sorry to tell you that it will hurt much worse than my belt, but a belt makes such a loud smacking sound."

She tried to watch what he was up to, but tied as she was it was to much effort to keep her head turned. Her head hung forward as she waited. Her pain wracked body tensed in anticipation. What was he doing? The suspense was worse than the pain in her arms. Lights exploded in her head when the first blow landed. She could hardly breath because off the pain that invaded her ass. She could hear herself scream, but she knew that even 10 feet from her there was no sound. She waited for the next blow that she knew would come. What was he waiting for? 

The next blow was no less than the first. He spaced the blows so she could not brace herself. Two would come quickly and then a pause and then maybe three in a row. The lights danced in her head as she tried to evade the lashes. She bucked and twisted in her bounds. Sweat poured off her body. Again and again the cane fell on her poor ass. 

Slowly she opened her eyes. She had passed out from the thrashing she had received. She lay on the grass under the swing. Every move she made made her wince with pain. Twisting around she got a look at her ass. Ugly red welts criss crossed her white cheeks. Seeing that she was awake her husband came over and stood over her. She tried to speak but the tape was still over her mouth. He grabbed the ropes that were still tied to her wrists. Dragging her he bent her over a low fence and tied her hand so she could not straighten up. He pulled her ankles apart and tied her legs. 

"Please! No more whipping!" she thought. And then she felt the tip of his cock at her cunt. He rubbed it and toyed with her a 
while and then with one motion he rammed it home. He pounded into her pussy and every time his loins slammed against her tortured ass, waves of pain would shoot through her body. She thrashed and tried to protect her ass and stop the pain.
Then she realized that there was another sensation that was even blocking out the pain. It started between her legs and spread. It built and built until she came like never before. Wave after wave consumed her.

Untied and the gag removed she lay exhausted on the ground. Sitting in a chair her husband beckoned to her. Crawling she went to him and knelt at his feet. He stroked her hair and told her that her punishment had been so severe, but her behavior could no longer be tolerated. It would be repeated if she had not learned her lesson.

She lay her head on his knee,smiled to her self and thought " One doesn't quit being a bitch overnight."

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