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Hunting Property

by The Rook

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© Copyright 2015 - The Rook - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; voy; Sbf; outdoors; naked; rope; gag; toys; insert; spreadeagle; caught; hum; cons/reluct; X

This is the first time I have written a story for a website. I have written some for friends but not at this level. I do look forward to feedback both sides good and bad. I do try and write in one of the character’s perspective and I would love to find someone to co-author this with me writing Kate’s perspective, if interested let me know. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

I have some Hunting property about 2 miles from the local college. I have taken some deer during hunting season but in the spring and summer I use it for self bondage and other activities. As such I have it posted NO TRESSPASSING VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED. What happened to me last week surprised me and has changed my life.

I had finished my work early and decided to take a walk in the woods to clear my mind. As I was walking through the brush going towards my blind I heard some movement to my left. I froze looking toward the noise to find a redheaded girl very attractive walking down the trail to the clearing naked with what appeared to be a ball gag in her mouth. I had seen her before at the local bars and knew her name was Kate but that pretty much was the extent of what I knew other then she was a stone fox shoulder length hair with legs that went all the way to her ass, with the most gorgeous set of breasts. I just stood there in the tree line like a buck watching a doe in the field. She was totally unaware that I was standing there. My heart was racing as I watched her walk.

When she got to the clearing she walked over to a bag with I figured she must have placed there before she walked out there. I just stood there in awe at this beauty. I watched as she took ankle and wrist cuffs out of the bag locking them in their perspective places. She walked over to a tree and hung what looked to me to be her release being a block of ice. Being I have used such releases in the past wasn’t that big of a stretch. I couldn’t believe my luck here this beauty was going to do self bondage on my property and she didn’t even know I was standing not 50 feet from her in the tree line.

She then took out a pair of nipple clamps I watched as she attached them hearing that familiar groan through her gag. My heart was pounding I couldn’t understand how she didn’t hear me my heart was pounding so loud. She then took out four stakes with chains on them. I watched as she paced out locations to drive them in, after she checked the location and pulled the string attaching it to her right wrist. She walked over pulled out what appeared to be a vibrator and some rope. I watched as she fashioned a crotch rope and inserted the vibrator and tied it in place. She then went back to where she had placed the stakes. I just stood there frozen as she looked around. I must have been hidden really good she didn’t see me. She then laid down on the ground I couldn’t see how she her position as the brush obscured my vision.

I stood there what seemed like hours thinking what to do. My own excitement was throbbing in my pants. As the sounds of her enjoying her self induced captivity echoed in my ears. It dawned on me that part of the thrill of self bondage was the possibility of getting caught in the act, so I decided on a plan that should prove interesting at the worse I would get some pictures of her anyway.

I decided it was time to act wasn’t sure how long she would be in bondage and I really didn’t want her getting away. I walked out of the tree line making sure to make enough noise so she was aware that someone was around out of her line of sight. As I got closer I could see her struggling to get free her chains rattling as she fought. I walked up to her as she looked up at me, I could see the fear and the rush she was feeling. I just looked down and said. "Hello you seem to be in quite a predicament".

Her eyes showed panic, as her face turned a shade of red to match her hair. I just looked at her and smiled as I walked around her assessing her bondage. I looked at her, "Your name is Kate right?" She just looked at me. I said, "Look it’s not like I won’t find out". She slumped down and nodded.

"Well Kate you are trespassing on private property if you would like I could call the police to come get you. Would you like that?"

Her eyes showed such a glare at that suggestion. I gave her a moment to let it sink in. I looked at her and said, "Well tell you what I will give you a choice." I explained that I was into bondage as well and that I needed a housekeeper/slave. She could agree to be my slave, which would be lot safer than doing bondage on her own. Or I could call the cops and have her arrested for trespassing and whatever else the police may decide to charge her with after all being tied spread eagle with a vibrator and nipple clamps I am sure the trespassing would be the least of it.

I walked over and cut the release from the tree and cut the cord to her wrist. "Don’t want you running off until you decide", I explained. I gave her a evil smile, "Tell you what I will let you think about it for awhile". I looked down between her legs. I had never seen such a river coming out of her before. She was enjoying this more then she let on. "Tell you what I will give you some time to think about it". I reached down and turned her vibe to full. "I will be back later to find out what you decide".

I then walked out of her line of sight to let her ponder her decision. I knew I wasn’t about to call the cops but she didn’t know that besides as soaked as her pussy was I was pretty sure what she would decide.

This is just the beginning hope you enjoyed it. Again please leave feedback.

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