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Husband’s Hard End of a Day

by Laura

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© Copyright 2017 - Laura - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; naked; cuffs; toys; insert; tease; ringgag; bfold; nipple; mast; oral; anal; sex; climax; true; cons; X

Hi my name is Laura I am a sub and have been instructed to send some of my reports that incorporate self bondage.

Chapter 1: Husbands hard end of a day

This was at the request of Master Jonas to carry out this task

I had been busy all day catching up with housework and some odd jobs outside in the garden. I had been naked for the whole day. Being inside the house or outside in the back yard naked tends to arouse me, turning me on. I think it may be a sense of vulnerability, the chance of being caught and not being able to do anything about it. Our local postman who is always delivering parcels to our front door has gotten use to the fact that I am usually answering the door naked that he no longer batters an eyelid.

After I finished my household jobs I went and had a shower so that I would be clean and nice smelling for the arrival of my husband from his days work. Whilst waiting for him to arrive home I got out my large ribbed glass dildo and 8” silicone vibrator and laid them both on our bed. I moved my husband’s office chair into our bedroom and placed it facing the bed directly in the middle at the bottom of the bed. Next, I got out a pair of metal police cuffs from our play drawer padlocking a 14” piece of chain to the centre link between the two cuffs. The other end of the chain I padlocked it to the centre of our metal bed head. I got out two leather ankle cuffs and locked them onto my ankles using padlocks. I got out two adjustable straps and attached them to each of the bed posts at the bottom of the bed and loosened them off. This whole process of preparation was getting me horny and excited my pussy was becoming wet. The last things to get out were lambskin blindfold, ear plugs and our new ring gag.

Within 20 mins my husband arrived home I heard him pull into the driveway. I met him at the back door kissed him and handed him a glass of red wine. 5 minutes later I took him by the hand into the bedroom he was quick to notice the cuffs and straps already placed into position not to mention his chair. I went about undressing him, by the time I removed his underpants the last thing he was wearing his cock was already standing to attention. I pushed him back onto his chair whereby I knelt on the floor between his knees and commenced sucking his cock. He lay backwards in the chair, closed his eyes whilst I worked my lips expertly around the head of his cock. I sucked him till he was close to orgasm not letting him cum as yet I wanted to save that for later. His office chair lays back almost horizontal so I pushed it back as far as it would go and stood with one leg over its back so my pussy was close to his face but just out of reach. I then inserted two of my fingers into my pussy and worked them in and out. As he reached up to touch me I pushed his hands back down onto the arm rests I wanted him to be teased and horny for the next phase. I brought myself to orgasm, thrusting my hips into my fingers; I let out a loud moan as my whole body tensed with pleasure.

He remained in the chair, watching me as I prepared myself for him. I put on the ring gag first. I had never used this in play before so was eager to try. Much different from the feeling of wearing a ball gag: the ring making it convenient to poke the tip of my tongue through. I rolled up the earplugs and inserted them deep into my ear canals with all sound fading to nothing as they expanded inside. I put the blindfold around my neck and got onto the bed. I clipped both of the adjustable straps to my ankle cuffs ensuring the loose tails were up by my sides and in reach. I laid back onto the bed and locked my left hand into the metal handcuffs that were attached to the bed head. I reached down and pulled on each of the loose tails, with each pull the corresponding leg would spread wider apart. I kept working the straps until my legs were as wide apart as I could possibly get them. I tossed the loose tails away so they were out of reach. I reached for my glass dildo and inserted it into my pussy.

It was cold and slid in easily as my juices were starting to flow. I looked at my husband sitting in his chair at the base of my bed, his cock was hard as rock as he watched me place myself into bondage. I put the blindfold up over my eyes so it was totally dark the last thing to do was now lock my remaining hand into the metal handcuffs. I used my left hand to lock my right hand in, upon the final click of the handcuff I was now totally helpless and totally vulnerable.

As I moved my hips up and down slightly I could feel the glass dildo moving inside me as it was protruding from my pussy. I laid there not knowing what he was going to do to me. Suddenly I felt the glass dildo move; next it was being thrusted in and out of me. I was thrusting my hips in the opposite direction to the dildo movement slowly by slowly the thrusting speed increased, it wasn’t long before another orgasm flooded my body I let out a moan through the ring gag. He was thrusting long and deep, I could feel the raised ribs my pussy lips trying to grip onto the slippery glass that was lubricated by my own juices.

He stopped for a moment then I felt a nipple clamp being placed on my left nipple then another on my right nipple with the cold chain lying on my chest between my breasts. I could only focus on the pain it was creating. Next, clamps were being placed on my labia, I think I could feel at least four clamps; this was not as painful as the nipples clamps, an almost pleasant type of sensation. He fondled about and I could feel each side of my pussy being opened up and spread apart as he stretched my labia wide and applied some sort of tape to my inner thighs holding them in the spread position. I could feel his body weight come onto the mattress as he positioned himself between my spread legs. He bent down and ever so gently just touched my exposed clit with his tongue. I lifted my hips to meet his tongue, as I did that he applied his body weight to my upper thighs stopping me from moving and concentrated his tongue on my exposed clit. An orgasm flooded my body, my clit was extremely sensitive and he kept on flicking his tongue across my clit. Two more orgasms came in rapid succession. Once I start having orgasms they come rolling one after another, I had become totally oblivious to the clamps on my nipples and labia at this stage only now focussing on the waves of pleasure through my body and a tongue darting around my exposed clit.

When the clamps on my labia were taken off my body jerked with a sting of pain as each were removed from my sensitive pussy. I felt my legs being released from the bottom corners of the bed and now being fixed to the bed head behind me. He lifted my lower back slightly and slid a pillow underneath it, raising my pussy and arse slightly in the air. He adjusted the ankle straps so that my ankles were pulled backwards and my knees slightly bent. I could squirm a bit and move my knees. A rope was then tied around my legs at the knees and also tied to the bed head preventing me from moving. My pussy and arse were lifted up and totally exposed. I was so turned on by the fact that I was exposed and totally vulnerable, even though I had already had numerous orgasms I was close to another just by being tied in this position.

The sting of the leather whip tails as they first hit my pussy lips shocked me making my body jerk with surprise. He was flicking the whip, spinning it around the handle so the tails were flicking my exposed bits in rapid succession. I was caught in euphoria of pleasure and pain, trying to squirm against his binds. The pain had reached a level where I was now almost screaming through the ring gag. As soon as he stopped I could feel him kneeling at my bottom, then without warning his whole mouth was over my pussy and his tongue diving deep between the labia. He worked his tongue full length up and down my slit, going from pain to total pleasure was an incredible feeling. I was close, very close, as soon as he inserted a finger into my arse hole whilst still licking I orgasmed so intensely that I couldn’t help shower his face with a spray of pussy juices. He kept licking and fingering at the same time; the forced orgasms kept coming one after another.

He started to fuck me, long, slow and deeply. Each thrust I feel his cock penetrate me full length pressing against my clit. As he fucked my pussy he would insert a finger into my arse. I felt cold lube being applied my arse then he would withdraw from my pussy and fuck my arse. When he was fucking my arse he would finger my pussy. He alternated like this for ages. Being tied helpless and exposed makes my orgasms so much more intense. In normal situations I usually don’t like anal sex but with the heighten pleasure of being vulnerable and totally helpless I find more pleasure in it.

He fucked and used me for ages; I knew he must be close to cumming as he suddenly increased the speed and the power of the thrusts. He withdrew from my pussy and covered my tummy with a spurt of hot cum; I could feel it spurt over me. He used his fingers and wiped it up then placing it over the ring gag entrance. It was dripping down into my mouth over my tongue making me lick it up and forced to gulp it down especially since he pinched closed my nostrils I had to swallow to breathe.

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