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Hypnotically Bound 2

by John Roper

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© Copyright 2003 - John Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; Hypnosis; con/nc; X

Hypnotically Bound - Part 2
by John Roper
Hypnotically Bound by John Roper 

John's disoriented surprise was classic. But it didn't take long to figure out what had happened after hanging up on Joan. 'This game of hers is beginning to get way out of hand.'
The sight of Susan's writhing attempts to escape her undies gave him a 45 second erection, and a will to immediately grind it into the bed. But being the gentleman he was, the man his former captive had chosen to be her first bondage Dom fought off the ever-insisting urge to satisfy himself. All he could do was watch her stare at him hungrily as she tried to get a handle on her panties with the bedroom doorknob. There were no words to speak, only the silent vocabulary of supercharged eye contact and the sensually impossible body language of two, inescapably bound strangers desperately doing their excruciating best to satisfy both of their way-overdue expectations.

John remained on his side for as long as his self-control would allow. Then, without even realizing it, he rolled over onto his stomach and tried to grind his rock hard cock into the bed. Alas, because of the way his legs were bound, the attempt only got him half the satisfaction he rolled over for. Susan went nuts when she saw the move, figuring her captive lover would empty himself long before she could remove her panties. "Uh, could you help me with this?" she asked on her way to the bed.
John's answer did much to frustrate Sue's purposeful struggling. "What for?"
"What do you mean, 'what for?'?" Is someone else in the room?"
Being the careful gent he was, John's answer made for some very disappointing contemplation. "What about a condom?"
Susan didn't have any, and even if she did, the thought of putting one on made her twitch and squirm in her ropes. "Don't worry, I'm as clean as a whistle, as I'm sure you are, too. Yes?" She sat down on the bed and posed provocatively to add a bit of a spin to her reasoning.
John gazed up at his damsel's bound and stunning appearance and made a very hard decision. "No. No condom, no sex." He then got back to trying, without success, to get the friction needed to accomplish his outcome. Susan watched and thought for a bit as a power beyond her took over and kicked things into high gear. The drawer knob on her dresser sent her there for another attempt at removing the panties. While she negotiated the difficult maneuver, she watched John on the bed and tried to regain her composure. His back was to her. The sight of his writhing frustration did much to keep Susan at a very high state of readiness. 

Having never seen a man bound as provocatively as he was made the moment crackle with unexpected, sexual excitement. While she worked the panty extrication, she tried, without success, to touch herself. 'This is maddening.'
Meanwhile, John struggled and did the best he could to put Susan back into his field of vision. When he did, she moved over to the next drawer knob, once again robbing him of the pleasure her bound sight inspired. "What are you doing?"
"What you're doing," said Susan, matter-of-factly, "teasing the hell out of you."
By the time John got completely turned around, his ex teasee had managed to drop her panties down around her ankles and short-step back to the left side of the bed, again making her bound body less accessible to his visual awareness. "Now what?"
Susan sat on the mattress and worked the panties free of her heels. While she did, she said, "I can appreciate your concerns, John. How about we compromise. I'll do my best to satisfy your needs if you do the same for mine."
"How do you mean?" asked Susan's captive audience as he wiggled and squirmed his way back to a better view of things.
Susan stood and spread her legs wide apart. "Trust me."

John gazed up at her dripping pussy and said, "Ok. Now what?" He watched as Joan's latest discovery lay down on the bed, with her back to her bondage partner, and her ass cheeks a few inches from his nose. "What?" he asked, in a frenzied state of arousal.
"I want your cock in my hands," said Susan, sexily.
John wasted no time making the position adjustment... When he felt the embrace of his date's sexy grip, he went off in a whole new sensual direction. "Ohooh......"
Susan took full advantage of the distraction, slipping her left, inner thigh under John's neck. Before he could figure out what was happening, his uninhibited damsel lowered her right leg onto the other side of his neck, hooked her feet together, and scissor-locked his head in the tight grip of her thighs. "Gotchy'a."
John's mouth was now forced up against his atypical date's wet and wanting pussy. "Mmuh."
Susan tightened her grip on John's erection and spelled things out. "I'm not letting go until you eat me to an orgasm or two. Got that?" There was no answer. 
"I said, do you have that?" 

Still no answer came forth from her captive toy. It then occurred to Susan that her thighs might be over her listener's ears. She shifted to a lower angle and repeated herself...
"Muh." said John before his cock straightened to full extension and his tongue came out to get on with the feast at hand, or at mouth, depending on one's point of view.
"If you don't satisfy me completely, I'm going to call Joan, have her come over here and free me, and get what I want, one way or another." 
Of course, she had no intention of calling Joan, no matter what happened. But John didn't know that.

He started pumping his erection into Susan's grip, while making a serious effort to do whatever had to be done on his end of things to keep their bizarre ball rolling. 
Both writhed crazily in their bondage, heightening the experience to an altitude neither had ever been on before. Every so often, John would attempt to escape Susan's scissor-lock, only to feel the pressure on his neck and head increase to a more demanding level. Susan did her best to gauge her captive's boiling point, making sure he didn't come too close to the light at the end of his tunnel before she got to wherever it was she wanted to go. The minutes passed quickly in the tight embrace of their first love knot...

The phone rang... The machine picked it up... "Anyone there?" asked Joan in a tone of voice as wickedly suggestive as any her captives had ever heard escape her vocal chords.

"Not now!" snapped Susan as her countdown came within a minute of closure, and her thighs readjusted to soundproof her man's audio awareness before Joan could say one of her magic words.
"Welcome to the world of hypnotic submission, my kinky friends," announced Joan. "Am I interrupting anything crucial to the success of your date?"
Susan's passion inspired a rare comment or two, "Fuck you, Joan. I'll get you for this." 
The absurdity of the situation added just the right tweak to the matter at hand, propelling she and her helpless consort into a frenzy of post-orgasmic activity.
"Zorro," said Joan, to trigger yet another layer of posthypnotic suggestion into the outrageous mix she could only wonder about on her end of the phone.
But thanks to Susan's thighs, John could not hear the command word.
"Not this time, bitch," whispered Susan as the last 10 seconds of countdown turned both she and her bound and bothered date into an out-of-control tangle of wildly undulating passion. 

John sensed the event in the making was reaching a point of no return and didn't want to be left out of things. Susan picked up on the simultaneous possibilities at hand and squeezed her slave's rock hard extension as hard as she could. A sense of power overtook her as the first spasm took control of her helplessness. 
A 9.1 earthquake of orgasmic activity rocked the bed and catapulted the newly realized couple into a state of extreme, unrelenting catharsis. One explosion after another overtook Susan's sensual awareness. She could feel the heat of John's ejaculations impacting her lower back as the dance through their final minute of uncommon satisfaction whirled and spun into the textbook of Sue and John's unparalleled experience...

Seven Minutes Later

They were still bound, and resting from their passionate exchange of kinky abandon. Susan was still a bit concerned about receiving another hypnotic phone call from Joan.
"John? Wake up, John. We have a little payback to serve up," she said in an hypnotic tone of voice, while her fingers worked the knots on his right leg bind. 
John's eyes popped open. "What's happening?"
"I'll have your legs free in a minute."

20 Minutes Later

Joan's tone was decidedly precocious. "Yes?"
"It's me."
"Listen, I know you're just toying with us, but I'm at the end of my rope with this game." Susan play-acted the damsel in distress to the hilt. "I need your help."
"I know that. Good thing I have your key, right?"
"I'll bet making this call was a stretch."
"You have no idea... Well?.. How soon can you be here?"

Joan shifted into a more commanding persona, and pushed the game to outer limits of her plaything's envelope. "That's not necessary. Hang up now. I'll call back on the machine and give John another trigger word."
"...I can't. The hogtie won't let me. Please come over. The ropes- they're really starting to smart."
Joan smiled. "I'll bet they are. Tell me, what was happening when I gave John the word?"
"....We were arguing about who should untie who."
"I could wake him up right now. Are you sure you can't put the phone back on the hook?
Susan's comeback was Academy Award material. "OK-OK! So I can hang up the phone. I just don't want to get into another argument with him about who gets free first."
Joan could not have been more sympathetic. "I understand, perfectly," she smiled as she glanced over her shoulder at her bound and gagged boyfriend on the bed. "Be there in 15 minutes."

When Joan arrived at Susan's apartment door, she pulled her cellular from out of her bag and punched in her own number... The machine picked it up. "Zorro" was all she said before ending the call. Boyfriend Bob had been hypnotically sleeping since she left. 'Zorro' woke him up to the second awareness of his bondage predicament: a spread-eagled fix, with bound balls and cock and a bondage video of his last bondage ordeal running on the TV in front of the bed. 
He was tied to a chair in that one, arms behind, legs spread, ankles up on either side, and his binder in his lap, straddling his torso, and taking full advantage of the situation.
John and Susan had rebound themselves on the bed. The sight of their 'obvious' dilemma brought a sexy smile to Joan's awareness. 
"Please hurry," begged Susan, who'd done the ropes particularly tight to convince Joan of her 'apparent' discomfort.
Her rescuer got right to the task at hand. "Having fun, I hope?"
Susan glanced at the clock on the dresser and said, "Hurry," for an important call was due any second, and she wanted to be free when it came. Joan worked quickly... 
"Thanks," she said as she massaged her wrists. "I hope I can do the same for you sometime."
"Not if I can help it," said Joan.

The phone rang. The machine picked it up. The message was a one-worder from Thai Moon, the dry cleaner owner who introduced our two damsels in the first place. "Tranquility."
Joan's composure went generic before she stripped down to her underwear and heels and started gathering up the ropes on and around the bed. While she did, Susan watched carefully and said, "John, you can wake up now."
He had been feigning sleep since the tumblers in the apartment door lock alerted them to Joan's arrival. He said nothing, but wondered what was going to happen next. The sight of Susan putting on her underwear gave him reason to believe her plans did not include either him or Joan, who was busily tying herself up with the ropes she'd just undone on her latest victim's body. "What are you doing?"

Susan was all business as she chose a low cut, skin-tight dress from out of the closet and spelled things out. "I have a favor to return. Thai Moon's call cost me, big time. I'll be back in a few hours. Till then, I'm sure you two have some serious catching up to do."
John's incredulity demonstrated itself with two clenched fists and a deeper understanding of his current dilemma. "You're not just going to leave us here like this?"
Susan didn't answer. She just put on her highest heels and watched her new friend finish up her own bondage situation... When the hogtie was complete, and Joan fell over to catch her 5 second nap, Susan stuffed her mouth with face cloth and was wrapping things with an Ace bandage when Thai Moon's favorite hypnotism student woke up to reality.
"Be back in about 7 or 8 hours," 'informed' Susan as she tied off the gag, grabbed her bag, and headed for the bathroom to do her makeup.
The reality of the situation soon impacted Joan's stupefied consciousness. "MMuhuh!"
"Same to you, bitch." said Susan before slamming the bedroom door.

The sight of Joan's spectacular figure in tight bondage brought John's appreciation to strict attention.  Her struggling made the moment bristle with diametric intent. The tables had obviously been turned, and there was nothing either one could do about it, unless John had a mind to free his latest co-bondagee, which he didn't. It took them both about 5 minutes of intense writhing to realize they were in Susan's hands for as long as she wanted them to be. 

The bedroom door swung open. Our two hapless players watched their keeper walk to the answering machine and play back the evening's messages. When Joan's came up, a chilling sting overtook her bound and bothered countenance, for she knew what would happen when she spoke the magic word on the message. Susan folded her arms under her breasts and waited with them. "Zorro" sent John back into dreamland, and Joan into a rage of kinky communicating. 'Nooooo!'
Susan ignored the demonstration of fiery struggling and gagged outcries, reset the answering machine, walked to the hallway, turned, and said, "Fuck you, Joan," as she slammed the door and left the apartment.

Meanwhile, in the basement of Thai Moon's dry cleaning establishment, the master was busily preparing to bind and videotape his latest hypnotizee into outrageous sensual bondage. 
'At last, the master plan bears fruit.'
And Susan thought, as she walked the two blocks to her next B/D experience, 'Why did he insist on doing this tonight?' She would soon learn the answer to that question, for, without realizing it, she'd unwittingly gotten herself involved with a very kinky circle of subs and doms, whose latest initiate was about to be an unwilling factor in the exponentially expanding universe of Murphy's Law.

John Roper

Continues in Part 3


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