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Ice & Sweat

by Justin Forabit

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© Copyright 2018 - Justin Forabit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; nipple; clamps; sybian; toys; insert; collar; breast; torment; pain; climax; cons; X

I woke up on the first morning of my two week unpaid “vacation” thinking about my long flight beginning the next afternoon and the terrible week at work I had just put behind me. A good portion of the terrible week fell square on my shoulders for missing some key reporting deadlines costing the company several thousand dollars in fines. That combined with my bull headedness and mouth not wanting to fully take the blame for my failure almost cost me my job. The only thing that I am sure saved me from an outright dismissal was the one time while working late the owner and I wound up fucking in the break room. We met up there waiting for our internet to come back online after a temporary outage and were showing each other pictures on our phones. I had forgotten that there were some on there of me getting a spanking at a swingers club in town and he discovered them while swiping. He offered to make my ass as red as my cheeks and I accepted. It made for some uncomfortable meetings for a while but for the last year or so things were ok, that is until this week when I screwed up so bad.

With all that on my mind as I finished my morning coffee I thought I might as well make the upcoming flight a little more uncomfortable with some punishment today as my unpaid vacation would be pretty well on the vanilla side. It was the first of July and I wanted to sweat so I turned off the AC, turned on the heater, and maxed out the thermostat. I chugged two bottles of water and then peeled off my pajamas to set about the self imposed labor I was about to undertake. I got a little nervous as I walked naked down the hall to the play room because of the risk self play like this adds. It is always safer and more fun with a trusted partner but just like my work fuck up this had to be on me. I had dreamed of my own play room for a long time so when I finally bought my own house it became a reality. I chose to put it in the master bedroom because of its size and did not regret it because it got full quicker than I imagined with devices and furniture including a refrigerator/freezer for keeping temperature play toys, drinks, and ice in. Importantly for today’s adventure it also held a critical part of my release mechanism.    

My release mechanism is well tested and pretty fail proof, it consists of a 1/2 inch galvanized eye bolt with the threads cut off approximately 8 inches long that is passed through the eyes of two 1/2 inch eyebolts spaced about 5 inches apart, one atop the other, screwed into a wall stud. In between the two wall eye bolts is a metal ring almost the same size as the eyes with a short length of paracord tied in a loop attached to it for securing the terminal piece of my final restraint. Today that terminal piece is ran through the pulley in the center of the ceiling with two padlocks on chain at the free end. A piece of paracord is tied to the cut off eyebolt and runs through two pulleys hanging from the ceiling, one directly above the eye bolt the other angled at 45 degrees about 3 feet away. From there the other end is tied to a 10 pound kettlebell. The kettlebell has a second piece of paracord tied to it that runs through another eye bolt in the ceiling with the free end loosely looped and frozen in a large water bottle. Once the ice melts sufficiently it will allow the cord to pull out causing the kettle bell to fall and pull the first eyebolt free. A well placed pillow keeps the floor from damage.  

Satisfied with the set of the release I continued with the rest of my setup. My Sybian was already mounted on the carriage I built for it so I wheeled it to the center of the room making sure the key to the two locks was hanging securely on its hook and plugged in the power strip to the wall. Then I placed a tall oscillating fan with a weighted down base about three feet in front of and facing so that it blew away from the Sybian and plugged it into the power strip. I turned on the fan and adjusted it so it would oscillate equally side to side. Next I adjusted the Sybian setting the vibration to about medium and the rotation to slow; it already had the Double attachment on with the stem inserted from my last ride. Satisfied with the placement and setting of the electric hardware I flipped the switch on the power strip killing everything for now. Next I hooked a long bungee cord to each side of the fan shroud and then hooked the other ends onto a small eyebolt on either side the carriage so that I could reach them latter once I was secured on my perch. They had just enough slack in them to sag a bit in the middle

I was already sweating and condensation began to form on the frozen bottle as I began to dress for the occasion. I put a heavy ring gag in my mouth and secured it, then for good measure and added torment my loose tongue got a clothespin applied to it.  I put my wrist restraints on followed by my ankle restraints and just too even things out I put on my leather collar with “Fuck Meat” embossed on it. A bit of drool fell from my mouth as I looked down to find the clover clamps I wanted from the nipple toy drawer. They were black, not connected by a chain but had a large ring on the ends and bit hard as I applied them to my nipples. Nature had given me large, beautiful breasts and today I would insult them further by stretching six heavy rubber bands over each of them snug against my chest making them more orbs like and the clamps bite harder. On each of the nipple clamp rings I turned on and attached a vibrating nipple clamp for extra weight and stimulation. More saliva fell from my mouth as I checked myself out in the mirror finding sweat starting to bead up on my brow.

I gave the Sybian attachment a generous coating of KY warming lube and straddled the machine kneeling on the leather padded rails. After a bit of adjusting I was fully mounted on the device with the attachments firmly inserted in my butthole and vagina. Reaching back I clipped my ankle restraints to the bench and then buckled the thick leather straps over my thighs thus preventing me from rising off the Sybian. Reaching forward I secured the bungee cords and attached them to the rings on the clover clamps having to stretch them a slightly making them pull my nipples a bit. Taking a deep breath I flipped the switch on the power strip bringing the machines to life. As the fan oscillated it would pull on one nipple clamp and ease up on the other in turn while the Sybian began its work on my clit, cunt, and ass. The extra nasty feature of a clover clamp is that they tighten when pulled or weighted I fumbled for the blindfold hanging on the side of the carriage and placed it over my eyes before I reached up and back to close the locks onto my wrist restraints. This not only increased the stretch of the bungees assaulting my nipples it also sealed my fate for the unknown amount of time it would take for the ice to melt and release me.  

The first two orgasms were wonderful and made me forget about the annoying clothespin on my tongue but by the time the fifth one was forced out of me it only made me sweat and spasm more. My nipples were on fire from the relentless pulling and tightening cycle of the fan, the added vibration on them in this case was maddening. All the while the rubber bands bit into my tits making feel so unpleasantly full and tight. I think every muscle in my body was engaged and involuntarily trying to get away from the torment the machines had become. I was leaking fluid from everywhere, sweating, crying, drooling, snot, and at least two squirting orgasms. My wrists hurt and my arms and shoulders ached from trying to pull myself away from the vibrating monster I rode. My thighs, hips, and abdominals were in knots and my lower back and lats were competing for worst cramp in the world. It seemed like an eternity had passed since the vibration on my pussy was orgasm inducing; now it was just pure punishment. Every second it second it felt like a fresh bee sting was hitting my clit while someone snapped a rubber band on my asshole repeatedly.

I was at the point of passing out when the ice finally surrendered to gravity letting the kettlebell do its work pulling free the eyebolt. At the sudden release my arms fell like they were dead, aided by the weight of the chain and padlocks they rudely struck the bungee cords that had been tormenting me and sent a new and fresh jolt of pain into my tits. Broken from my daze I groped for the switch on the power strip with my numb hands and all fumbling further assailed my nipples. I finally just ended up slapping it to the off position. Exhausted I fell forward limply as the Sybian and fan ceased to function simultaneously succumbing to what I can only describe as a painful orgasm. After trembling, sobbing, and spasming for a few minutes in a pool of my own various body fluids I began to regain some of my wits and decided it was time that I set about the rest of undoing my predicament. Everything was still throbbing and tingling as I tried to further shake the fog in my head.

I pushed the blindfold off and let it drop so that I could see and taking a deep breath I took the clamps off of my nipples. It always surprises me and makes me yelp at how painful taking those off is after they have been on for a long time. Taking the clothespin off of my tongue gave a similar feeling before I unlocked my wrist restraints and removed my gag further relieving my aching mouth. Unbuckling the straps securing my thighs revealed reddening marks from my struggle to get away from the relentless machines. Finally I reached back and unclipped my ankle restraints and was free to rise once again. Biting my lip I pushed myself up and felt the attachments pull out of my tender and swelling orifices before gingerly sliding backwards off of my mount. My legs trembled and I was quit unsteady as I leaned against my device for support for a few minutes letting circulation return. I carefully stood and began the stingingly unpleasant task of removing the rubber bands from my no longer milky white tits. A job made more difficult by the mixture of tears, sweat, slobber, and snot covering them now.

On unsteady legs I moved across the room to the dresser that served as the main toy chest to retrieve my cell phone while resisting the urge to wipe myself off. Still wearing my collar and restraints I turned to get a look at myself in the full length mirror finding a delightful mess. My hair was a sopping wet disheveled mop, some of it sticking to my tearstained and red cheeks. My eyes were puffy and I wished I had put on makeup because it would have been deliciously wrecked now.  My tits were blotchy with deep red lines from the rubber bands and my nipples were angry from their abuse. Covering the front of my body from my face to my red, swollen cunt was a slimy mixture of body fluids now making its way down my legs. The rest of my body was bathed in thick sweat. I lifted my phone and snapped a few pictures of my reflection, a couple of “selfies”, and some close-ups of my punished bits with the thought of showing them to my boss after I returned to work should the opportunity present itself. I then turned my efforts to cleaning up the mess I made in the house before I turned on the AC and cleaned up the mess I made of myself. 

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