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If Found

by A Pensive Pen

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© Copyright 2016 - A Pensive Pen - Used by permission

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She had to be crazy. Absolutely crazy to do something like this. It was dangerous. It was foolish and obscene. But the very thought made her heart race. She felt alive and sexy and spontaneous, like she hadn’t felt in years. She had to do it, and quickly, before her better judgment sealed her back into the dungeon of a failed marriage.

All because the roof needed new shingles. That was her chance, perhaps the last she’d have for years. She called and set up a time with him, the man she coveted so dearly, and he came that Friday leading a three-man crew. His was the most handsome face she’d ever seen. He was broad, chiseled from his line of work. He towered as he stood before her, short brown hair matching his eyes. When she got home from work she brought a pitcher of water to them. Even the September sun could beat down, and from the moment he used his shirt to dab sweat from his face, she knew. She knew it was time to resurrect an old fantasy, and she wanted him there with her.

Of course, none of that made it any less crazy.

Some rotted plywood put them behind schedule, and they had to put off installing the new shingles. They had other appointments to keep. He said he’d come by himself on Saturday to finish the job. She said that was perfect. The perfect chance. She resolved to put her fantasy into action.

Claire rose early that morning and ate a full breakfast. She took a long shower, reveling in the hot water as it streamed down her lithe body, washing the soap off her tender skin. She shaved her legs and pussy, save a small strip which ran right up the middle. After patting herself with the towel, she blow-dried her long auburn hair and then strolled, naked, to the sun-drenched kitchen of her home. On the table she placed a sealed envelope in plain sight and then walked over to a door. Opening it into darkness, Claire pressed a small red dot on the wall and the garage began to open, revealing a palate of boxed shingles that the roofer had placed there yesterday. Then she walked into the living room, where she had already placed a large trunk on the floor.

Opening it, Claire revealed a secret collection of sordid items, and placed them on the table. Her heart pounded in her chest as she neatly arranged bundles of rope, straps, chains, and toys, knowing that each and every one might be used before the day was over. Thoughts of them excited and scared her, but none so much as the thought of piling it all back into the trunk, grabbing the envelope, and pretending she’d never thought up this outrageous plan. Angels and demons battled over her will. The demons won.

Briskly, Claire grabbed a bundle of rope and headed upstairs. The living room ceiling opened up to a wooden banister for the second floor den. Claire kneeled before one of the central, stronger posts. After tying a small loop in the rope, too small for her hand to fit through, she fed a carefully measured length of rope over the ledge and tied the rest to the banister.

Back downstairs, a single strand of white rope now dangled above Claire’s head as she gathered the rest of the items she needed. Ankle cuffs soon adorned her feet and she fed the open ends of a pair of handcuffs through the loop of rope above her. She then grabbed the last three items she needed and sat on the floor before the rope.

First was a metal bar about thirty inches long. Claire spread her legs on the white carpet and linked each end of the bar to her ankle cuffs. She then struggled to her feet and, balancing awkwardly, picked up the other two items. First she pressed the large leather blindfold over her eyes. Tying it tight pressed thick foam pads against her eyelids, preventing her from opening them. Her world became pitch black.

Next came a harness gag, black straps with a deep red silicone ball. Nervous exhales fogged the surface as she held it to her lips. Claire refused to hesitate, and pressed the large orb between her teeth. She’d bought this ball precisely because it tested her, because she’d never look forward to wearing it. She wanted something that made her feel helpless, and tugged at the strap behind her neck until the it bit into her cheeks and stretched her lips, fought the chin strap until the ball smothered her tongue, and tightened the other strap over her the top of her head until her jaw gripped it like a vise. Her voice was reduced to incoherent moans, just like she hoped.

Blindly, Claire reached up and found the cuffs dangling above her. She could undo everything up to this point. She could take it all back. But once those cuffs clicked into place, her fate would no longer be her own. The feel of cold steel electrified her, and Claire took the plunge. The handcuffs clicked.

And from the second she pulled at her hands, and found them locked above her, Claire grew nervous. She was alone in her home, bound and naked, with the roofer scheduled to arrive at nine. When was nine, anyway? Why hadn’t she checked the clock?

The seconds ticked by. Claire balanced precariously on the balls of her spread feet. Maybe he’d just work outside and never come in. Had she closed the curtains? The key to the cuffs was on the table, and Claire had no way to reach it and free herself. Why hadn’t she left herself a way out? God, this had to be the most foolish thing she’d ever done! But then why was she so wet?

Adrenaline is a funny thing.

* * *

Rick pulled his truck into the driveway. He was already sweaty; a contract with some self-storage units outside town didn’t need to obey noise ordinances, so he’d been out since 5 AM already. But a residential job was easy in comparison. Rick’s crew were off on other jobs to keep their schedule, and he got to spend the day here alone. It would be like a mini-vacation.

Still, he was thirsty and the water bottle in his truck had grown warm in the sun. Surely Claire wouldn’t mind if he popped in for a glass before starting. As promised yesterday, Claire had opened the garage so he could get at the boxes of shingles. Walking right past them, he gingerly opened the door to the house.

“Anyone home?” Rick called, “just grabbing a glass of water!”

No answer. Rich took a glass to the sink, but then he spotted a lone envelope on the otherwise clear kitchen table. Something was written on the outside in curly letters:

If Found…

Intrigued, Rick picked it up. It wasn’t sealed, but it had been sprayed playfully with perfume. He pulled out a folded piece of paper and immediately forgot about his water. Written on the outer face of the paper:

If you see this, you’ve found a special fantasy of mine. If you’d like to share it with me, join me in the other room. I’m waiting for you.

Rick looked around, but discerning where she wanted him to go wasn’t exactly difficult. Work boots thundering, Rick quickly came upon the living room and found an absolutely stunning woman, wearing nothing but restraints. His eyes widened at the sight. Her naked body swayed slightly. She had clearly heard his approach, but she had been blindfolded and gagged and couldn’t address him. She breathed heavily through her nose. A faint moan broke the silence as she tried to assess a situation she could not control.

Rick looked at her, and at the collection of restraints and sex toys laid out on the coffee table. His first instinct was to rush over and free her, but he remembered the note in his hand. He unfurled the page.

As you can see, I’m already helpless. But I don’t want you to free me. Not until you want to.

My fantasy is to spend all day as a captive plaything for someone else, and I want that person to be you. Tie me, reward me, punish me, use me. Do anything you like with me. I’m yours.

My one and only request: please keep me gagged. I’ve asked you for what I want. There’s nothing else I wish to say. If you have other uses for my lips…well, just put the gag back when you’re done.

Enjoy me,


Rick read the note several times, stunned. He checked the envelope and found a smaller envelope inside, this one sealed. This had a message on it, too: Please open at the end of the day! He put the envelope in his back pocket.

This was… surreal. Slowly he paced around her. Claire strained her ears to hear every crush of the carpet, wondering where he was. He read the note again.

“Claire,” he said at last, drinking in the sound of her name. Claire gasped softly, enraptured by the voice of her keeper. She knew from that instant that he wanted her, that he wouldn’t ignore her note. She quivered.

“Anyone could have found this,” Rick spoke directly. “Anyone could be standing here, and you’d be totally at their mercy.”

Meekly, Claire nodded.

“But I’m here, holding your fantasy in my hand,” Rick was inches away from her now. Claire couldn’t stop trembling.

“I could give it to you,” he said to her, “Everything you’ve asked for here, and more. I know that to tie yourself like this, you had to know a few things about knots. About spreader bars. You had to know,” he examined her face, “to put your blindfold on first so that your gag harness would hold it in place, and not let any light through. You knew not just to strap that ball in, but to tighten the harness to make your jaw clamp down on it. So it wouldn’t budge.”

Claire gave a soft peep, wondering what she’d gotten herself into.

“You see, Claire,” Rick went on, “I know all those things too. I know how to bind you so you’ll never escape. I know how to use each and every toy you’ve set out here. I know how to tease you so that you can can’t orgasm, unless I let you.”

“Mmmph…” Claire betrayed her unease.

“I need you to know these things, Claire,” Rick walked behind her body, “because I need you to know something else too.”

He put his lips beside her ear. “I need you to know that if you trust me, I will never betray that trust. I will take care of you.”

Claire’s shoulders relaxed a little. She gave a soft moan of clear portent.

“Now, I need to know something,” Rick moved to her other ear. “I need to know that you really want this. That you really want me to give you everything you’ve asked for in this note. Because if you don’t, I’ll throw it away, and this will be over.”

Claire exhaled sharply, but after a moment she nodded again. Rick swore he saw an attempt at a smile behind that big red ball. Almost immediately she felt his hands on her hips, slowly caressing their way up her body, and knew she’d made the right decision. He took her breasts into his hands.

“Then you truly are mine,” he said happily, “and I need to decide what I’m going to do with my new toy.”

“Mmmm…” Claire liked the sound of that. She leaned her head back into him as his fingers explored her chest.

“Someone like you, with all these toys, needs something creative. Invigorating.” His hand wandered lower until it slipped between Claire’s legs. She inhaled sharply as he began rubbing her clitoris. Rick surveyed the coffee table.

“So many dildos and vibrators. So many ways to pleasure you. I definitely want to find out what those can make of you…” He stroked harder as Claire writhed.

“But you want more than for me to just stick a vibrator against your pussy, or fuck you. Isn’t that right?” Rick’s hand disappeared and he walked away. Claire shook against her restraints in frustration. She already wanted him.

“There are other things here. Quite a few whips, clamps, gags, spreaders and chains,” Rick ran his hands along a rather ominous chastity belt. “These aren’t very nice things, are they?”

Claire was silent until she felt a crop at the base of her breast, like a leather tongue licking her skin. With a tiny groan, she shuddered as the crop found her defenseless nipple. Claire recoiled but couldn’t dislodge it, and realized how helpless she really was.

“See,” Rick teased, “I’m not going to tie you up and just pleasure you all day. But then, you never really wanted that, did you?”

Placing an arm around her waist, he drew her irresistibly closer. The crop found its way between Claire’s legs, and Rick slid its shaft slowly against her pussy from the handle all the way to the tip. Claire tensed up as it pressed against her, wondering what Rick might have in store for her, knowing she couldn’t stop it…

Rick ground the tip lightly into Claire’s folds. “I’m going to give you what you really want instead. I’m going to make the ropes tight. I’m going to control what you feel and when, and I’m not always going to be nice. You’re going to want to orgasm. You’re going to crave it, need it, beg for it. But you’re never—ever—going to get it until I allow it.”

“Mmph!” Claire moaned anxiously in his arms. She wondered which was worse: that he was planning such intensities for her, or that he seemed to know exactly what she wanted.

“And you should remember,” Rick concluded, “that I have a job to do today, and so sometimes you’re going to be left bound and helpless while I go work.”

Claire could barely contain herself. She already wanted to climax so badly. He ran a hand down her cheek.

“Don’t worry, Claire,” he soothed, “when I’m away, these toys of yours are going to make sure you never get bored.”

That didn’t make Claire very hopeful.

“Let’s get started.”

* * *

The basement steps echoed ominously as Claire descended them. Her wrists had been tied behind her back with rope, and her ankle cuffs removed. Rick followed closely behind. He guided Claire attentively, as she was still blindfolded and gagged. A cloth bag held a number of toys and ropes, but Claire had no idea what Rick had brought with him.

“Stand right there,” Rick positioned her and then disappeared from the room. Claire stood perfectly still. She couldn’t reliably move as she was, but above all else she remembered his promise to keep her safe. She chose trust, even though she knew not everything in that bag would bode well for her.

After hearing some shifting and scraping, Claire was led to straddle something that turned out to be her weight training bench. Rick had maneuvered it to be under the main joist of the house.

Swiftly, Claire felt a rope being looped around her arms, just above the elbow. Her arms quickly acquiesced and drew closer and closer together behind her until they nearly touched. Rick cinched the rope snug so the tie wouldn’t slip. He hadn’t lied about knowing how to properly tie a woman up.

Claire felt more ropes methodically circling her body. Rick wove several coils above and below her breasts as well as around her shoulders, making an intricate harness. Each rope was then tied to a large steel ring that Rick had secured to the joist.

“Lean forward,” Rick ordered after minutes of silence, and Claire obeyed. She leaned until the ropes stiffened and held some of her weight.

“Is anything pinching?” Rick asked. Claire shook her head, all too aware of what this meant for her. Sure enough, Rick was soon looping more ropes around her waist and thighs. This time, when he was finished he fed those ropes through the ring as well, grabbed all their slack at once, and hoisted Claire’s lower body off the bench completely, suspending her in the air. Rick held her parallel to the floor, tied off the rope, and again made sure nothing was pulling where it shouldn’t. Claire’s weight was evenly distributed, with Rick triple checking everything.

Not that he was going easy on her. Moments later a short spreader bar was cuffed between Claire’s knees, holding them wide apart, and each ankle was lashed tightly to its respective thigh so she was bound in a kind of suspended frogtie. For good measure, Rick fed a rope from Claire’s wrists, through the ring, and back to the spreader bar, forcing Claire into a slight, elegant arch and lifting her hands away from anything she might have hoped to loosen.

“Comfortable?” Rick taunted. Claire, essentially immobile, groaned longingly. Her answer was a very welcome hand slithering between her spread knees, massaging her labia. Claire purred appreciatively.

“You’d like it if I stayed here all day, playing with your clit. Wouldn’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” Claire managed.

“I’d like to. You look hot as hell like this, but I need to get to work.” The hand disappeared unkindly. “Luckily I know just how to keep you occupied while I’m gone.”

Claire heard a dull thud as Rick set a 35 lb. hand weight beneath her. She then felt a doubled rope slithering around her waist and looped on her back. Rick fed the rope between her legs, held it against her loins for a moment, and then tied a knot into the rope. Claire only realized it was a crotchrope when the knot burrowed itself into her clit. Tying it off, Rick left the free ends dangling beneath her, leaving Claire to wonder helplessly what he was planning.

When Rick reappeared, it was at her chest. She enjoyed his caresses of her breasts for a moment or two before the first clamp bit down on her tender nipple.

“Mmph! Nmm-mmm!” Claire gasped through her gag as the clamp sent shocks through her body. Rick retorted by clipping the other clamp firmly into place over her protests. But the best was yet to come.

Rick took a loose furniture spring from the basement’s work bench and used a zip tie to fasten one end to the handle of the weight. He then grabbed the free ends from Claire’s crotchrope, fed them through the hook at the spring’s other end, and fastened it to the rope through the chain connecting her clamps. He pulled it taut until it just barely began to extend the spring, knotted it, then used another zip tie to ensure the rope would not become unhooked. Claire winced as acute tension was applied to both her chest and loins. The weight essentially anchored them to the floor and the knot now barely peeked out from her labia.

“Careful,” Rick warned. “those are clover clamps, so they’ll tighten if you pull on them. In fact, you might want to keep perfectly still…”

“Mmmmmmmphmmmm…” Claire immediately agreed with him. She might move, but the weight would not. The rope pulled so tight that any movement—any—caused the clamps to tweak her nipples callously and the knot on her clit to shift about. Of course, she was hanging from the ceiling. The slightest twitch gave her momentum she couldn’t stop. And with the spring below, the rope wouldn’t yank or jerk her, but rather increase the tension on her body, evenly and gradually, and pull her back. The more she deviated from that center, the more savagely they treated her body.

“Now you have something to amuse yourself with while I’m gone. But I think we should make it more interesting, don’t you?” Rick was moving again.

“Mmmph! Nuh-uh!” Claire already felt overwhelmed. She did her best to dissuade him without moving, but a moment later she felt his fingers stroking her pussy lips. Claire had already soaked her crotchrope through.

“Glad you’re already enjoying your little game,” Rick mused while Claire flexed her pelvic muscles despite herself, willing his fingers to probe deeper. Instead she felt a him peel back the crotchrope, which in turn rubbed her clit, so Rick could slide a modest bullet vibrator into her cavity. Claire winced from the movement as Rick tucked the rope back into place, ensuring that she couldn’t work out the bullet. He tucked the bullet’s cord and control box into the ropes on Claire’s thigh.

Claire yelped involuntarily as the scrappy vibe sprang to life and quickly whipped her into a frenzy. Her sole desire became to grind against her crotchrope, but she dared not do anything to further agitate her bondage. She moaned imploringly to Rick for a third option, but he refused. Instead, he took a final rope and connected her elbows to the top of her gag harness. Tightening it yanked her head back, among other things…

Claire faced forward and knew Rick was inches away.

“Think you can behave yourself while I get some work done?”

“MMPH!” Claire gave a clear plea for clemency.

“Tell you what,” Rick said cryptically, “I’ll get you off to a good start.”

Bewildered, Claire sensed Rick moving behind her. Placing a hand on her spreader bar, Rick pressed it lightly. Claire’s eyes widened beneath the blindfold as her body swung irresistibly forward. He kept pushing. Claire squealed impotently as she glided further and further forward, tightening the clamps ferociously as the spring reacted. Rick kept pushing, driving her further and further into the air until at last, he let go. Claire’s body swung backward on the pendulum of her ropes. When she passed her original position and kept going, the spring tugged on her crotchrope instead of her clamps, and Claire discovered a whole new torment. Moaning pitifully, Claire swung back and forth, the tension switching between her nipples and pussy. Claire wrenched in frustration but that only made her sway longer and in unpredictable directions, which of course just made her toys twist and jerk. She could add momentum but was powerless to stop. The spring would take care of it, though. Eventually.

Rick was already gone. She wouldn’t notice for minutes. The bullet buzzed away happily.

* * *

Rick spent about two hours outside. By then the heat of the day was in full swing. That may not seem like much in September but it feels much different from a sun-drenched roof. Rick climbed down the ladder, his shirt slung over his shoulder, and reasoned that a cool basement would feel pretty good right about now.

Claire seemed very glad to hear him coming back down the steps, though less so when it became apparent that he was in no hurry to release her. Instead, he quickly discovered something that Claire had earnestly hoped would go unnoticed.

“I think your little friend ran out of juice,” Rick said, tracing a finger along her crotchrope. “Let me fix that for you.”

“MMMmmMMPH!” Claire shook her head urgently as Rick replaced the batteries in the control box. The bullet immediately sprang back to life and Claire couldn’t help herself. She moaned almost continuously, but the bullet just wasn’t powerful enough and she knew it. Instead of satisfying her, all it did was remind Claire how badly she needed orgasm. Of course, Rick thought that was its best quality.

He sat down before her, setting a glass of water on the floor. Her nostrils filled with the scent of his sweat as she tried to adjust to the insurgent buzzing between her legs. For a time he simply watched her. It was immediately clear that Claire was trying very hard to grind her hips without disturbing her sore chest, with minimal success. Rick placed a hand playfully on the center of Claire’s gag and gave her a nudge. Claire groaned resentfully as she began to sway again.

“You’ve been trying to get yourself off, haven’t you?” Rick asked without any regard for her plight. “You should probably be honest. I can always get back to work.”

Claire reluctantly gave a slight nod, the best she could do at the moment.

“Any luck?”

Claire shook her head slightly, with obvious exasperation.

“Glad to hear it, though I like that you’re trying,” Rick smiled. “So, are you enjoying those fun little clamps?”

“MMPH!” Claire writhed indignantly. Her immediate regret that she’d moved at all gave her answer some gravity.

“I have a theory about that, actually,” Rick said airily. “Because you laid them out for me to find, alongside all your other toys. Seems like you wanted me to use them.”

Claire didn’t seem to share his interpretation. “Oh, I don’t think you like the sensation,” he carried on, “but when you’re tied up and can’t take them off no matter how much you want to—that makes you helpless. And that really… really turns you on. Doesn’t it?”

Rick held her chin in his hand. “I could take them off right now,” he offered, “but just admit one thing: that you’d be just a little bit disappointed if I did.”

Claire moaned, desperate for a change of subject. Rick reached beneath her and placed his fingers on the clips, poised to grant Claire the relief she craved.


Claire groaned heavily, but nodded. Rick grinned. “And that’s why they’re getting left right where they are.”

“MmmmMMMH!” Claire immediately cried out. But instead of giving her what she asked for, Rick moved behind her and gripped the spreader bar again. She implored him to stop every way she could think of, but still found herself gliding forward. The clamps constricted savagely as he pushed, causing Claire to bite down on her gag. She gasped when he let go, and as she tumbled back and the tension mounted on her raw clit, Claire very nearly climaxed. Painful or not, this made her hotter and wetter than the Amazon, and her only real regret was that each successive swing gave her slightly less stimulation and not the little more she needed to achieve release.

She could also tell that Rick was getting flustered too. Teasing and tormenting her like this made Rick hard as hell, and he didn’t give her a moment’s reprieve. He began circling the bound woman with hungry eyes, running his hands along her body while she swayed. For a moment he stood directly behind her. She wished he would just mount her, fuck her hard right then and there. Instead he gripped her leg, bringing her to a merciful halt, and walked back around to her front.

“I believe your note said something about using you…” Rick muttered as he unzipped his fly. Though still blindfolded, Claire felt his stiff cock brush her cheek lightly. She moaned longingly, and Rick began to unbuckle her gag. When the ball finally parted her lips, she used her newfound freedom to lick her lips hungrily.

“Please…” was all she managed before he entered her. She bore down on him eagerly, tongue dancing over the shaft as she moaned her assent. Rick had been working all morning. He needed a shower. But the animal taste only fueled Claire’s lust. This—all of this—was exactly her fantasy. To be tightly bound, made helpless to his whims, to take pleasure in giving herself over to another. His thrusts and gasps of pleasure weren’t using her. They freed her to express the raw pleasure she’d been feeling for hours. If she’d wanted him to ask, and not just take whatever he wanted from her, she’d have never written that note. Her mind filled with possibilities for how she wanted to finish her sentence. Please use me. Please let me. Please fuck me. Please don’t let me go.

She sucked on him passionately for as long as she could but Rick, after hours of watching this bound goddess, couldn’t contain himself forever. Thrusting intently in and out of her, Rick’s own moans soon filled the room, and he erupted into her. Claire purred contently, happy to give pleasure for once and not just receive it. She kept her lips pursed as she slid his cock out of her mouth, relishing his taste. She swallowed, wishing she could see his satisfied face. Measured gasps escaped her slightly parted lips. She was his, truly his, and it felt incredible.

She opened her jaw readily when the gag reappeared. She had nothing she wanted to say. She wanted only to struggle, and moan, and writhe, and somehow knew that he would divine her wish without words. He buckled it as tightly as before and Claire tried to guess what might be in store next. She quickly found out: his hand appeared between her legs. Surgical fingers held her lips apart and she detected a new, rapid sound. A large vibrator, one of her best, pressed into her, resting against the knot on her clit. Within seconds Claire’s already horny body had her crying out in abject pleasure. She sank back into her fantasy as the helpless, reluctant plaything until, at long last, he sent her tumbling over the blissful edge.

Claire’s mind went blank and she seized in her restraints. Carnal moans echoed off the walls as the vibrator sent Claire spinning again and again. All her struggling, all the discomfort, all the teasing instantly became worth it. The ecstasy wrapped around her like a warm blanket. Nothing else mattered.

She had no idea how long he kept her in that heaven, but it felt like an eternity. When he eventually he stopped, Claire writhed on, noticing only when the fading sound of footfalls transformed her back from goddess to toy.

“Mmm. Mmmmm...MMMMMMPH!” she cried. She didn’t want it to end. He was leaving her again. Still bound, still clamped, still with a crotchrope and bullet teasing her raw pussy. Still helpless. The thought had her trying to cum again within minutes.

* * *

Rick wasn’t going back to work. He just needed to set up Claire’s coming adventures. Of course, she didn’t need to know that. It only took him about thirty minutes but when he returned to the basement, Claire acted like he’d been gone for years.

They both seemed to agree that enough was enough, so he removed the clamps first. Not that the shock of bloodflow returning to her nipples didn’t elicit a painful cry. Setting the chain down, Rick massaged Claire’s breasts for several minutes while she recovered.

He took his time detaching Claire from the ceiling, mindful of her sore muscles and tender skin. He removed everything except her gag and blindfold, holding her close while she stretched and flexed for the first time in hours.

“You were wonderful,” Rick whispered into her mollified ear, “but I’m not through with you yet.”

Claire mewed softly for him, both hesitant and feisty at the thought that more remained in store. She let him guide her back upstairs and into the living room. The sun pouring in from the window warmed her skin. Rick led her back to the center of the room and locked her hands back into the handcuffs she’d used before. Lifting her arms, he used an extra padlock to secure the cuffs to the rope still hanging from the banister. Before she knew it, the ankle cuffs and spreader bar returned as well, and she stood before him exactly as she had that morning. Claire couldn’t help but tremble.

Rick visited the toy collection on the coffee table and returned. Claire felt something long and smooth graze her skin, and she realized it came from her collection of dildos. She gasped uncertainly.

“I wanted to give you a little break… so to speak,” Rick said slyly, “but I want it to be a little fun, too.” Lubricating the phallus, he lowered the toy between Claire’s legs and pressed it, gently but firmly, into her pussy. She inhaled sharply as inch after inch slid into her. Once it was in Rick let go for a moment. Claire instinctively tightened her pelvic muscles, worrying that it might slide right out of her again. Swiftly, she felt a thick strap pass around her waist, which she realized was a chastity belt. Rick fed a second strap between her legs and pulled it taut, holding the dildo within head and sealing her pussy off from the world. Claire wondered wildly who Rick was trying to keep out, but only he seemed privy to his plans.

The belt’s buckle allowed it to be locked, and as soon as Rick finished adjusting it he fitted not one but two padlocks onto the belt. Holding Claire from behind, Rick ran his hand over the belt and nudged the thick phallus knowingly into her. Claire enjoyed the feeling of it grinding within her.

“Having a good day?” Rick asked. Claire mumbled her assent. “I’m glad, because after your break I’m thinking you need to be tied up tight again. Something nice and strict that’s going to have you begging to cum.”

This sounded promising, though still a little frightening. Claire shuddered in her bonds as Rick continued running his hands all over her. As good as it felt to be strictly bound, Claire wasn’t sure she could take much more.

“But I’m going to let you get yourself off the hook this time. I need to work some more and while I’m gone you’ll have the opportunity to show me whether you want to spend the rest of your day bound and denied orgasm, or doing something a little less taxing. If you’d rather I play nice with you, just take that toy of yours out of your pussy before I come back.”

Claire groaned apprehensively. She couldn’t do much of anything at present, let along budge her new toy.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a fighting chance.” With a jingle, Rick lifted a string with twenty or thirty keys threaded onto it, clipping it to the rope by Claire’s hands.

“One of those will unlock the padlock,” Rick explained. “The cuffs stay on no matter what, however.”

Claire wouldn’t have expected any less. Rick disappeared around a corner, returning with a folding card table that he set up right in front of Claire. She jumped as she felt its edge brush against her hips, and again at the sudden sound of many more keys being spilled onto it before her. So that’s what it was for.

“These other keys are for the two locks on your chastity belt,” Rick went on. “Once you get your hands free, look for them on the table. If you unlock your belt I’ll take you upstairs and make love to you into the night. No more toys, just me,” Claire cherished the thought. “But if you’d rather be tightly bound for hours and be a toy yourself, leave those keys right where they are. It’s up to you.”

With that, Rick left. Claire heard him walking all over the house and then out to the roof. Moments later the thuds of his nail gun could be heard overhead.

Claire didn’t need long to decide what she wanted. She loved being his to play with but he seemed to be hinting that she’d spend the rest of the day very uncomfortable and very much without release. If she could spend the rest of the day in his loving arms instead, she would in a heartbeat. Her fingers grabbed at the keys dangling above her, isolated one, and spent several minutes trying to test it on her handcuffs before she remembered that she had to use it on the padlock. No luck. Grunting and straining, Claire fought the toying distractions of the dildo and chose another key. After a few more tries she realized she needed to be more methodical or she’d end up blindly picking the same keys over and over. Carefully she felt her way to the end of last key on one side of the string, tried it, and started to work her way down the line.

She had no idea how much time was passing, but then Rick came back for a moment to make sure she was alright.

“Still locked up there? Better hope you find the keys to your belt quickly.” Then he left. He was no help at all.

Her hands began to tingle from being held above her so long, but five or six tries later she felt the padlock click and come loose! Claire squealed with excitement as her hands, though still cuffed, lowered at last. Technically Claire could move around now. She wasn’t tied to anything, but walking in a spreader bar was difficult and besides, her only hope of reprieve was here. As the bloodflow returned to her fingers, Claire whisked her hands over the sea of keys before her. They all felt the same in the darkness.

Claire wasted a moment or two rubbing her hands over the leather chastity belt, shifting the dildo pleasurably around, but then realized she needed to concentrate. Rick surely wouldn’t like her playing with herself and if the basement was any indicator, she did not want him tying her up vindictively.

Like before, Claire knew she needed to be methodical if she was going to be able to sift through these keys, so she hastily tried to push them off to one side so she could put all the rejects on the other side of the table. Keeping fingers on the table to feel where she was, Claire set to business. Try a key on each lock on the chastity belt, and when it didn’t work set it off to her right. Try another, try another. Rick was hammering away above her, and the sounds reminded her constantly that he’d eventually return. She had to find the right keys or face a strange new challenge.

Try another, and another, but still no luck. Claire felt the reject pile, guess there were maybe forty keys there, and wondered where the hell Rick had found all these. Feeling the other side, though, Claire estimated she was more than halfway through trying them all. Only so many possibilities left…

“Well, you’re making progress!” she’d been so busy she hadn’t heard Rick come back.

“I must say I expected you to try a little harder than this,” he said with a hint of disappointment. He ignored the fact that Claire kept frantically trying keys. “I guess you’re not that interested after all. I’ll have to make sure I do a very thorough job tying you, since you seem to want it so badly.”

Claire groaned anxiously, but nearly shrieked when she heard Rick take a handful of keys—keys she still needed to try—and let them tumble all over the table, bouncing everywhere.

“Just came to tell you that I’m halfway done with the roof. I need to pack up some things but in a few minutes I’ll come back and get you all set up for a nice, stimulating afternoon while I finish the rest.”

Rick left Claire to fret. Her system ruined, she grabbed a key at random which, miraculously, opened one of the locks! Claire nearly screamed in relief, but there was still another lock to go. She began trying a key, then chucking it onto the floor when it didn’t open the lock. She cursed herself for not thinking of that earlier. A useless key was a useless key.

She kept trying up until the moment Rick grabbed her wrists and pulled her away from the table. The dildo was still locked inside her. Claire was visibly distraught. Rick had built up the anticipation so much that she now dreaded the specter that awaited her. Yet, just like she’d asked, she was helpless to resist.

Due to her blindfold, she didn’t see that Rick pulled the final key to her belt from his pocket, instead of the table. Rick tied Claire’s wrists behind her back, as well as her ankles. She found herself heaved over his sweaty shoulder. Gruffly, Rick carried her upstairs, and then to the attic.

* * *

The house had two stories and a narrow staircase leading to the attic. It was a little stuffy up there but a small window shed light on the steep slopes of the ceiling. It had an actual floor instead of just crossbeams, and Claire used it for long-term storage.

Rick had cleared some space in the attic’s center, where he’d laid a large square of what looked like plywood. A silver eyebolt had been screwed into each of its outer edges and in the middle lay a blanket and a large, rounded object with padding, like a saddle.

“I decided to rummage through the rest of your trunk. See what you didn’t want me to know about today. I knew the minute I saw your Sybian that I had to put it to use,” Rick announced as he carried Claire into the room. At its mention, Claire immediately moaned in earnest protest. The Sybian was a sex toy, and a potent one at that. Atop the black saddle was a long rubber pad with a ridged ball perched on top. Those connected to powerful motors inside the device that could vibrate at thousands of RPMs. There was simply no resisting it.

Rick didn’t waste any time. Untying her ankles, he set Claire down into a kneeling position on the floor and maneuvered her to straddle the Sybian. Claire’s temporary enjoyment as he spread lube over her pussy preoccupied her until he lowered her slowly onto the ball atop the device. Claire came to rest on the rubber pad of the device, groaning as Rick used ropes to tie each of her ankles to its respective thigh, keeping her fully seated atop the Sybian. Ever the perfectionist, he tied an additional rope around Claire’s waist and then to the eyebolt behind her, preventing her from trying to use her knees as leverage.

Rick turned his attention next to her chest and used a single, very long rope. Placing the center behind Claire’s neck, he fed each strand down over her shoulders, behind her back, back up the other shoulder, around her neck, and finally down between her breasts. From there he crossed the ropes and began wrapping them around her torso both above and below her chest, each successive coil squeezing Claire’s helpless globes a little more. After crossing the cords between her breasts in a distinctive X-shape, Rick finally knotted the harness at her front and tied the remaining ends to the eyebolt just in front of her. Drawing it forced her to lean forward, the ropes further squeezing her chest, and he tied it off. Claire whimpered slightly, knowing that this leaning position would soon be difficult to maintain, but Rick was just getting started.

The next length of rope lashed Claire’s elbows together, this time forcing them to touch behind her. Rick then released her wrists long enough to tie a rope around each one individually, which he then fed through the eyebolts at Claire’s sides and finally tied them tightly to the ropes on her thighs, so that each hand was pulled to the side and suspended helplessly a few inches above the floor. Rick finished the job at last by tying an additional rope to Claire’s elbow tie and feeding it through the eyebolt behind her, then up to the top of her gag harness. Pulling that tight not only held her head back but also prevented her from leaning any further forward. The opposing the tension on her chest made any thought of changing position a foolish fantasy. Claire groaned faintly as she struggled to adjust, finding the inevitability of his ropework both foreboding and wildly exhilarating.

Rick kneeled down so her gagged lips were inches from his. His whispers rang in her ear. “That fun little device is going to keep you company until I finish this roof. I may need the rest of the afternoon, so it’s nice to know you’ll be having some fun.”

Claire quivered involuntarily. An afternoon with a Sybian? She’d melt.

“Don’t worry, Claire,” Rick soothed. “I’ll be just above you, feet away the whole time. I know you’re going to love it. Ready to get started?”

Claire groaned and tried shifting her hips, but couldn’t get up off the machine. Plugging the Sybian in, Rick flipped the switch, turning the control dial to maximum. Claire yelped reflexively, but nothing happened. The device remained still.

“Oops, should have told you,” Rich chuckled. “I’ve attached the cord to one of those fun clapper switches. You know, for lights and stuff. Watch.”

Rick clapped his hands. Claire grunted as the Sybian promptly burst to life. The ball inside her and the rubber pad began vibrating manically against her loins. Contained only by her ropes, Claire jolted and twitched as the toy overwhelmed her senses. After a few seconds, Rick clapped again and the machine silenced.

“Enjoy yourself, Claire.” Rick started down the attic stairs.

“Mmmmmmmh…” Claire implored. That was beyond intense. But Rick left without turning on the machine. Shifting to try and make her position tolerable, Claire couldn’t help but wonder whether she was missing something, or whether he had just taken pity on her. She decided it was best to simply not complain.

* * *

With a grin on his face, Rick climbed the ladder back onto the roof. He was sure Claire could hear his steps from the attic.

He knelt down on the roof and slid a box of shingles closer to himself. He laid a one into place, picked up his nail gun and, checking that the air compressor was properly engaged, drove a nail through the shingle with a loud snap. And in that instant, he heard a faint noise that didn’t come from his tools.

Snap. He drove another nail. This time nothing.

He tried again. Snap. There it was. A faint squeak coming from beneath him. Rick’s smile widened.

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” he said to himself. A few feet away were over a dozen unopened packages.

* * *

Claire tried to breathe steadily. She was alone again, bound so she could barely move. Her gag strained her neck back and her chest harness squeezed her breasts as it held her forward. Still, it felt a lot better than nipple clamps…

Outside, she could hear metal rattling on the side of the house. Rick was climbing the ladder to the roof. Claire listened to his footfalls as he walked across the roof, not far above. She’d have to wait for him. She was absolutely helpless until he decided otherwise.


“MMPH!” Without warning, the Sybian roared to life beneath her. Taken completely by surprise, Claire lurched as the vibrator set her senses aflame. Eyes wide in her imposed darkness, she had no clue what had happened. Had she done something?

Snap. The vibrations stopped as quickly as they came. Panting, only then did Claire realize what the sound must be. Evidently Rick’s nail gun was loud enough to trigger the clapper switch. It was the only explanation.

Snap. It was too intense. It imposed arousal upon her. She couldn’t stop it. “MMMMPH!”

The vibrations made quick work of her. Being helpless was enough to arouse her, but Claire now realized that this damn Sybian would switch on or off every time Rick drove a nail. He was so close. He’d be right above her all afternoon. There must be dozens of shingles to place, maybe hundreds, each one taking who-knows-how many nails.

Claire already wanted to cum, but another snap stopped her tormentor. Three sudden snaps in succession made Claire yelp, but a long pause followed while the vibrations were allowed to assault Claire’s pussy. When it finally stopped, Claire thrashed against her restraints. But whatever she tried, she couldn’t move a muscle. She could only kneel there and endure.

Rick said he’d be working all afternoon.


* * *

“Mmmmm…mmp mmp MMp MMp…” Claire grunted rhythmically, a thin trail of drool hung from her gagged lips. She prayed that this might be her chance.

Snap. The vibrations ceased. “Mmm—uh-huh, Nuh-UH!”

Claire whined desperately to the empty attic as coveted orgasm eluded her yet again. Rick had been at is for ages but the Sybian never turned on for more than a few seconds. Sometimes Rick drove several nails in quickly, giving her pussy maddening jolts while she struggled in vain to cope.

Beads of sweat glistened in the afternoon sun. She’d already tried everything. Flexing, struggling, moaning, fantasizing. It all fell short. Claire had even tried making noises that she hoped would trigger the clapper: snapping her fingers, slapping fingers against her palm, knocking her knees against the panel beneath her. Not even her best gagged scream did the trick. The Sybian responded only to Rick, it seemed. It dominated her totally.


It happened again—about five snaps in rapid succession sent Claire reeling. It wasn’t just the shock anymore. Claire had already been teased for hours, and every twitch on her pussy felt like the start of blissful climax. Yet each burst of ecstasy passed as quickly as it arrived, leaving Claire wanting. Except for the last one. Five nails. An odd number meant that the Sybian remained on. A rare miracle.

“Mmmmmphaaahhmmm,” the trail of saliva finally dripped, landing on a small damp spot in the wood. It felt incredible. Claire soaked in the wonderful stimulation. Her teeth bared around the scarlet ball, like a growl.

This time. This time for sure.

An ominous snap foiled Claire’s big chance. She screamed in frustration, taut arms fighting against ropes that never budged. But she could not calm down, for the snaps kept sounding, and the blissful mirage kept appearing on the horizon. Claire had no choice but to chase it.

After a veritable eternity, the nail gun stopped firing. Claire experienced silence for the first time in hours, including between her legs. At first it was torture, waiting for the next strike, but then Claire heard footfalls, then the ladder.

Claire squealed happily, positively bouncing in place. Rick was coming back to her.

* * *

Rick walked into the bathroom and washed his face and hands. He’d finished the roof a little sooner than expected. It turns out he worked a lot faster when each nail he drove carried special significance. He removed his shirt, tucked a crop and a set of nipple clamps under his arm, and headed for the attic.

At the base of the attic stairs, Rick clapped his hands loudly. A surprised squeak answered him and he climbed the steps to find Claire still bound in place, writhing as she endured the vibrations of her throne. Though clearly fatigued, Rick could tell she was aroused to all hell. She wanted to cum more than anything. He’d made sure of it.

He bent over before her and grasped the rope atop her gag harness. Giving it a slight yank tilted her head back to face him. Even through the blindfold she knew he was looking directly at her.

“Mmmmmph,” she purred seductively for him. All pretense was dead. She’d do anything for him. Anything he wanted, as long as he gave her the release she craved. Nothing else mattered to her anymore.

Letting the rope go, Rick straightened up and clapped again. Claire groaned as the vibrations ceased yet again, but she waited patiently this time. Rick knew what she was thinking. She was expecting him to untie her any second, or at least let the Sybian finally bring her to orgasm.

But he did neither. Instead, Claire felt the tip of the crop drifting casually up her side and realized that Rick had other things in mind.

“Mmph. Uh-uh,” she tried to protest, but he let her stew for a minute or two, tracing the curves of her body with the crop. She waited on baited breath for his next move, but he took his time. When he was ready, Rick flicked his wrist and spanked Claire’s ass with the stiff leather tip. It cracked and the Sybian erupted beneath her. She yelped in surprise and discomfort. Another strike with the crop stopped the vibrations again.

“MMM!” Claire shook her head as best she could, but Rick wasn’t feeling patient. She suddenly winced as, without any warning or ceremony, the first clamp closed its jaws around her defenseless breast. Still sore from their last use, Claire called out in dismal protest as the second clamp found its home. But when she cried out a second time, she discovered that these weren’t clover clamps, which tightened or loosened based on how they were tugged, but rather ­adjustable clamps. A little knob at their base controlled their bite.

“Nuh-uh!” Claire bucked and struggled, so Rick turned the knob on her left tit. She did it again and he turned the knob on her right tit. Claire soon caught on that she would either play nice, or find out just how tight the clamps could go. Rick tested this by taking her full breasts in his hands and squeezing lightly, then not too lightly. A strained gasp escaped from Claire’s gag, but nary a complaint. She and Rick reached an inequitable understanding.

A few more rounds with the crop, and thus her vibrating friend, taught Claire that sounds of her pleasure were permitted, even encouraged. She moaned with abandon for his amusement, though her brief expression of disappointment when he turned down the intensity of the Sybian earned her another turn on each clamp. As harsh as this all sounds, Claire actually found it erotic as hell. He refused to coddle her. He was in control, she was his helpless toy, and he was acting like it. Once she had to stop, all her previous protest seemed like a distraction. Her situation became straightforward and clear: He was going to play, and she was going to be played with. She found it refreshing.

After a particularly sharp smack on her ass, Claire was left to enjoy the sensations of her vibrator for a few minutes while Rick watched. Whenever she grew still, a quick brush with the crop spurred her into action. Before long she danced for him, grinding her hips and voicing her longing.

When he was ready, Rick walked over and took a knee before her. With one hand he reached for the Sybian controls and ramped up the motors a little. When Claire groaned in pleasure she felt a sharp smack on top of her breast. She squealed in surprise and might have toppled forward if not for the ropes, and Rick gave her another. The pain and pleasure swirled in Claire’s brain, which to even her own surprise manifested as a pleasured groan. That earned her another, and by now she was actually growing to like these things. The discomfort, the helplessness, the way it juxtaposed her aching pussy. The sound was not loud enough to silence the Sybian.

“You’re so beautiful, Claire,” he whispered.

“Mmph…” Claire managed weakly. She hadn’t felt like this in so long…

“Cum for me, Claire,” Rick said at last. “I want you to cum.”

As he spoke, he turned the Sybian back to full power. Claire inhaled sharply as it overwhelmed her body once more, and his hands appeared on her breasts. First he caressed them, but as she began writhing in pleasure he groped her chest firmly. Claire cried out into her gag; Rick grew worried and loosened his grip, but Claire stifled pleas begged him to squeeze harder.

“MMMMMmmmmmMMPH!” Claire felt her orgasm swelling within. It felt massive, with hours of pent up pleasure all bursting forth at once. Rick maintained his grip until the very instant her wave crested, and as Claire began to orgasm Rick released both of her nipple clamps at once.

Claire screamed. Screamed and shuddered as every nerve in her body fired at once. It was beautiful. It was excruciating. It was completely beyond her control. Toes curled and endorphins flooded her veins. Teeth bared as she bit down on her gag as hard as she could. Claire came for minutes. It might have been one orgasm, or it might have been many. It felt like all of them at once, building upon each other in a glorious supernova.

* * *

Claire panted heavily. She couldn’t remember how she’d gone from the orgasm of her life to panting, limp in her restraints. But here she was. Rick had turned off the vibrator. He wouldn’t dare turn it on again. Instead he held her in his arms while she discovered the world again. Claire understood now why she needed to be bound. Otherwise she’d probably have fallen apart.

She came out of her stupor when she felt him using a utility knife to cut the ropes holding her down to the plywood. At long last she was able to fully lean back, rolling her neck along her shoulders. But he didn’t release her completely.

Rick found a wooden chair along the wall and dragged it to the center of the room. Returning to Claire, he tenderly lifted her up and off the Sybian, sliding the soaked apparatus off to the side. Claire’s limbs were still securely bound, and her chest harness and gag remained in place. But that didn’t stop him. Taking the surprised Claire in his arms, he lifted her clear off the floor and walked backward with her until he fell back into the chair with her in his lap. She faced him and he held her steady. As her body slid against his, she felt his hard dick beneath her, already freed from his pants. Thighs tumbling over the sides of the chair, Claire gasped as he slipped so easily into her soaked pussy. Neither of them had wanted anything all day more than they wanted this. Claire felt so safe in his arms, and moaned into his ear as he started to thrust into her.

Rick held her body steady against his. His hips worked up and down as he fucked her. His gasping lips found her breast and began sucking and kissing. Claire gripped him with her thighs hungrily, panting as she ground her sex into him. She began climaxing again within moments, filling the room with her cries.

Claire came twice more before Rick, having watched this gorgeous woman from afar all day, finally found his own ecstasy. She tried her utmost to bring him close as he pumped into her, and when he finished he just held her for a time, enjoying her warm body. Finally, she felt him reach up and begin unbuckling the straps of her gag. The dripping ball finally parted her lips, Claire’s voice returned at last.

“Oh God, Rick,” she panted. “I love you so fucking much.”

“I love you too, Claire.”

Daylight was finally leaving the windows, but Claire still blinked heavily as the blindfold slipped off her face at last. After so long, and so much, she finally could gaze into the eyes of her incredible husband.

“You haven’t asked me to tie you up in years, babe,” Rick gazed right back. She was so beautiful.

“I think,” Claire rested her head on his shoulder, “that I forgot how good you are at it. And how much I enjoy it.” She nuzzled into him, feeling totally safe. “Promise me you’ll never let that happen again.”

“I promise.” Rick tightened his arms around her.

“And promise me you’ll never use nipple clamps again.” Claire added sharply.

Rick gave a little smile. “No.”

“Damn right.” Claire closed her eyes, perfectly content.

“Would you like me to untie you now?” Rick asked sweetly.

“Not really.”

“You can’t be comfortable.” Claire’s thighs were still lashed to her ankles, and her elbows bound together behind her.

“I’m not, but I don’t want it to end. I know you’ll take care of me.”

Rick smiled. “Then it won’t. But I’m going to untie you anyway.”

“Why?” Claire looked up and pouted.

“Because we need to eat, and because I’m going to draw you a bath, and because I want to massage your sore muscles,” Rick listed, and added, “and because, after all that, I’m going to tie you down to our bed and lick your pussy until sunrise.”

Claire gave an excited giggle. “Maybe you should let me go after all.”

Rick reached behind Claire and freed her elbows. As she flexed her arms, she gasped, “That reminds me! You have to read the last bit of my note.”

Rick found it in his pocket and pulled out the rather disheveled looking envelope. Ripping it open revealed a final tiny message:

I don’t have any plans for tomorrow.

“Cute,” Rick said. “But I think you’re just asking for trouble now.”

“I asked for trouble today, too. Worked out pretty well,” Claire flashed an impish grin. “Would it help if I said please?”

“It might,” Rick appraised his wife while he untied her leg. “But then you need a break from wearing that gag.”


“Because I’ve just now realized how unhappy my wife is with the color of our new roof, and it’s going to take me all day to tear it off and put on the new one.”

* * *

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