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If Only

by Gabrielle

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Today was a day off and the house would be empty until late into the evening. Melissa was completely turned on by bondage and she occasionally enjoyed a little self bondage when the opportunity presented itself. Several hours had been spent with the everyday chores and preparing an evening meal. Now her time was all her own.

Everything had to be just right, looking good and feeling feminine to her mind was crucial. She showered long and luxuriously and washed her hair. Back in the bedroom great care was taken to dry her shoulder length hair carefully so that the natural waves lay softly around her face. Just a subtle amount of makeup and perfume and she felt ready.

Opening her 'toy box' she pulled out her ankle and wrist cuffs, and a length of chain with a shorter chain attached midway horizontally. An O ring was fixed to the join and at each of the four ends. Finally she took out a leather blindfold, a ball gag and several small padlocks with one key that opened them all. These she laid out.

Taking a deep breath Melissa lowered herself to sit on the edge of the bed. Picking up one of her black leather cuffs she trembled with anticipation, almost lovingly tightening the buckle to a snug fit around first one wrist and then the other. Bending over she fastened a pair of matching cuffs to her ankles, the 5" chain was only just long enough to step carefully without falling. This minimum amount of self bondage had very quickly and significantly raised her arousal.

Standing she picked up the length of chain, locking the lower O ring to the chain between her ankles with one of the small padlocks. The shorter chain fitted tightly around her waist and locked behind her back, it was cold on her bare skin but that was not what caused the shiver that ran through her.

Melissa had a collar, one that she chosen with particular care, her neck was small and not that long; she loved to wear it any time. The thrill was indescribable as she closed it around her throat, the smooth cold padding hugged the contour of her neck; she pulled the strap tightening it with just enough room to fit two fingers between it and her neck. Beautiful black suede on the outside with brushed metal fittings. The O ring at the front tended to gently chink every time she moved which always added to her excitement. The top of the long chain was locked with another small padlock to the steel O ring at the front.

For just a minute she turned and stared at herself in the mirror. Black collar cuffs and ankle cuffs with a silver chain, slave was the uppermost thought in her mind; she repeated the word softly starting a molten warmth that spread in her core.

Softly, softly was her approach to this session, no need to rush or panic. Idly her nails stroked down the sides of her breasts causing goose bumps. The palms of her hands teased at her nipples and she plucked and pulled them until they pebbled, and stood stiffly to attention. Moving back to the bed she lay down savoring all the sensations that were building. Hardly breathing both cuffed wrists relaxed either side of her head, fingers curled gently towards palms her mind replayed a favorite scene she and Rob, her husband had share occasionally eliciting soft groans and gasps.

After a while she turned her head enjoying the snug fit of her collar which by this time had warmed and if only in her mind, it made her feel owned. The chain rattled just a little as it moved. Flexing one wrist the black leather cuff creaked a bit and the metal buckle chinked. Melissa lifted both wrists thinking how heavy her cuffs felt but deliciously tight warm and comforting.

As if testing the bondage restraints she moved her feet the short distance they would go and felt another surge of arousal as the chain pulled tight. In her minds eye she saw herself differently, not as Melissa the wife or mother or myriad of people she was expected to be, but a warm sensual woman who for a while wanted to leave behind the endless responsibilities and just gloriously and completely let go.

Her thoughts drifted to the burgeoning ache that was beginning to demanding satisfaction. Glancing at her wrists she voiced a question out loud, "So, why have I not put the chain on between my cuffs?" The chuckle that followed suggested she already knew the answer to that question, the simple act of further restraining her wrists and strapping her gag and blindfold on was likely to tip her over the edge and she wanted to hold out a while longer. Instead pulling her feet up the slackened chain dropped between her thighs causing Melissa to arch her back from the bed as the chain settled heavily teasing her already swollen clit, her fingers slid gently between her thighs circling her sensitive swollen nub.

Allowing her fantasies to continue fanning the flames she languidly rolled onto her stomach. Pulling her legs up behind her, the chain tightening into her crotch making her gasp with pleasure as she ground briefly against it feeling the strain on her neck and ankles. Turning back and reaching over she picked up her ball gag and slipped it in behind her teeth pulling the strap just tight enough so that pushing it out with her tongue was not an option. Her stomach fluttered deliciously. The fact that the gag made her drool was humiliating, whilst her mind registered the humiliation, her body was telling a different story. The leather blindfold shifted her excitement up another notch as she fastened it around her head making sure no light leaked in. The heady perfume of leather suffused her senses. Feeling the bed for the chain that joined her cuffs, she snapped her wrists together locking them in front to the chain that circled her waist.

The odd but erotic fluttering in her stomach returned always a precursor to stretch every bound limb as far as was possible to explore the amazing sensations of being completely helpless; there was nothing else quite like it. Her cuffed wrists chained as they were did not prevent her from touching herself. Easily able to imagine it was Rob's versatile fingers that that teased and stroked, that slid inside her.

Her mind was helpfully telling her there was no escape, and the little voice in her head responded that was what she wanted. The thoughts the feelings and fantasy her self imposed bondage were a heady cocktail. All her responsibilities were gone and whilst the restraints took away physical choices; they completely freed her mind to take flight. Melissa tried to slow the pace of her breathing and relax longer but her skin felt heated, the blood suffusing her neck and face whilst her fingers rubbed more energetically across the surface of her clitoris. The euphoria at this moment was such that it almost felt like an exquisite madness.

Hot and trembling as the first strong waves of her orgasm took over she imagined the spanking Rob had threatened causing the sensations to spiral and for a moment absolutely nothing else mattered as wave after wave of intensified pleasure wracked her body. Melissa screamed her pleasure and moaned into her gag thrashing about on the bed as her orgasm climbed to another level. Knowing it would happen but always surprised when her body started shaking, hands arms legs, her back arched as the orgasm took her to a point where she became deliriously incoherent. The screams of pleasure were muted by her gag and that frustration turned inwards taking her to the ultimate exquisite peak, her body still arched and rigid on the bed, her neck wrists and ankles all hurting with the effort; yet aware the hurt only increased the pleasure; until finally she slumped back to lay totally relaxed, sated her muscles continuing to spasm.

Still in a dream like state, making herself take deep breaths, tears of satisfied pleasure dripping from under her blindfold, Melissa turned until she lay on her side, Curling into a fetal ball; content safe and completely fulfilled, she listened to her heart beating. Exhaustion dragged at her eyelids and her breathing slowed. There was no rush to free her self, plenty of time for another orgasm later. The bed was warm and comfortable; sleep beckoned and briefly took over.

An irritating thought prodded through her desire for sleep, what if! The next thought was punctuated by a decidedly impolite expression as she recognized the sound of their car pulling onto the drive. In panic she uncoiled and swung her legs off the bed giving her neck an unnecessary yank, briefly dizzy with the sudden exertion she miscalculated the length of her stride, lost her balance and tripped falling hard to the floor. Shaken she stayed prone for a moment or two. Just as the door to the bedroom opened she dragged herself to her knees.

"I warned you what would happen if you played these games on your own!" Rob her husband stated in very stern tones that much belied the grin on his face. Melissa's vehement "mmmmmph..." into her gag just about summed up her frustration. "Sorry what was that?" Rob questioned well aware that his wife could not see the amusement on his face, neither could she answer.

Melissa wisely stayed still as Rob unbuckled the strap and removed her blindfold. It took a minute of blinking to adjust to the sun filled bedroom. Melissa kept her gaze down uncertain how angry he was. "Look at me", Rob told her in no uncertain terms, she looked up at him, her face full of the contrition she really wasn't feeling. Flushed cheeks and a light sheen of moisture on her body made Rob think how amazing his wife looked. The only thing missing on her ample breasts were nipple clamps.

Still on her knees, reaching down he rolled her nipples between his fingers. Melissa leaned into him her eyes closed his touch making her tremble. Rob took hold of her arms and carefully pulled his wife to her feet. "Let’s get these chains off". Standing quietly as he unlocked the chain from her collar and her waist she knew she was in trouble when the cuffs remained on her wrists. Once her ankles were free, again apart from the cuffs Melissa risked a glance up at Rob. He stood nearly 8 inches taller than her, broad across the shoulders which made him seem a little imposing right now. Still in his dark business suit, his white shirt unbuttoned at the collar; arms folded across his chest he looked commanding. As she looked he ran his fingers distractedly through his hair and shook his head. "What am I going to do with you kitten?" he chuckled. "I think a good hard spanking might help you to recall what I said about playing on your own. What do you think my sweet?"

Melissa's eyes twinkled and one elegant brow rose imperceptibly, Rob's penis was already straining against his pants and his balls felt solid, even without her voice her eyes were eloquent and held the answer. His mind was already made up knowing precisely what the outcome would be but he wanted to hear the words. Reaching behind her head he unbuckled the strap pulling the dripping ball from between her teeth. "I asked you a question". Melissa felt heated, yet a shiver ran through her. Looking into his eyes she appeared to struggle with the words, as her eyes dropped he saw the upward curve of her lips and the whispered, "Yes please Sir".

"Take your collar off!" he ordered. She removed the collar as Rob pulled out another from her toy box. This was a collar he had bought for her. A much stronger leather collar with a padlock, her punishment collar Rob called it no padding and a double thickness of leather with three d rings. Turning her back to him he moved her hair to one side and a moment later he buckled the strap and then locked it in place laying two or three soft kisses up his wife’s neck.

He took hold of her upper arms turning her to face him again, feeling her pulse quicken as his big capable hand took a hold on her throat over the collar, she was watching and he saw uncertainty in her beautiful green gold flecked eyes as she attempted to move in his hold. Using baby wipes Rob carefully cleaned Melissa's face and with his usual care he massaged her jaw guessing it would be aching by now. "Thank you", she whispered stretching up on her toes to plant a grateful kiss on her husbands lips. He cupped his hand holding the back of her head his lips took hers in a searing possessive kiss. Rob controlled her and the kiss taking her breath away and making her whimper. Briefly she struggled as renewed pleasure uncoiled inside her.

"Sit down and behave", he told her locking her hands behind her back. When he did return the jacket was gone and his sleeves were rolled back at the wrists. Her eyes dropped to the leather leash in his hand. This she knew was all about mind games and it turned her insides to mush. Rob didn't miss the look of hunger in his wife’s eyes, pulling her to her feet he slid two fingers in to her pussy finding as he suspected she was slick and wet, her eyes closed and she moaned softly as he stroked her clit bringing her to a point where she struggled to grind against his hand. A resounding couple of smacks on her bare backside distracted her and she glared at him reproachfully.

Their bedroom had a large window to one side with a full length dressing mirror; it was here that Melissa found herself on her knees, hands fastened behind her back with the leash dangling from the collar. Rob slipped into the en-suite bathroom returning to set a plastic bowl full of water down in front of her. "I thought you might need a drink kitten", he laughed catching her eyes as she watched him in the mirror, clearly challenging her to play or suffer a further penalty for disobeying him.

This was new but there were many occasions when he had threatened to treat her like his Pet. Turning to glance back at him just briefly, Melissa carefully eased herself lower and lapped at the water at the same time marveling that her mind knew and accepted this added humiliation that almost edged a second orgasm over the brink. All the time Rob's hands caressed her bottom and teased around her tight little anus. Her body responded with a molten heat settling in her core. Again with care Rob cleaned and dried her face, nipping around her earlobes laying fleeting kisses on her lips, she responded softly opening her lips and gently biting his bottom lip wrapping her tongue around his, for a moment they were both caught in the building passion. Rob pulled away first grabbing at the leash and pulling his wife to her feet, struggling not to take her there and then.

Reaching down he picked up an item from the bed, "Are we going to have a problem with this again?" he questioned. "No", was her whispered reply. The muzzle gag was another of Rob's choices he much preferred it to the ball gag. Melissa put up quite a struggle the first time he attempted to use it, there was no way she was about to submit to having that locked on. Consequently she spent several hours wearing it as a punishment.

"No what?" He prompted using his fingers to slide between her slick wet folds stroking her clit with the palm of his hand. Shuddering she looked into his eyes, "No Sir".

He held the gag to her face and she opened her mouth. The soft leather filled her mouth and held her tongue down, the leather panel fitted from just under her nose down to her chin completely covering her mouth. When the strap was tightened and locked speech was not possible and neither was further coherent thought. Once again Rob slid his fingers gently back and forth inside her. Melissa writhed against his hand looking for release, hot and wet and squirming for his continued touch, knowing without doubt at this point had she been able to speak she would have begged him to let her come.

Drawn slowly upright by the tug on her leash she followed Rob towards the bed. "Lie down on your front". Melissa did as she was asked, knowing she had no choice. Not so easy without her hands. Gently he helped her to her knees putting two pillows beneath her hips raising her tempting backside. Rob bent her top half down securing the leash to the headboard, Melissa whimpered and tried to look at him but he had already moved behind her.

Releasing the lock between her wrist cuffs he took first one arm and carefully massaged it easing the stiffness and drew it toward the left hand corner of the bed fastening the D ring to a strap attached to the corner of the headboard. He repeated this with her other arm locking her cuff to the right hand side. Her ankles were cuffed to a spreader bar leaving her completely wide open and vulnerable. Beside one bound hand he placed a cute plastic duck they had both laughingly named Ducky giving it a squeak. Unable to use a safe word the little toy became her alternative.

Leaning over his wife he whispered in her ear. "I am going to spank you my naughty pet until your bottom feels deliciously warm and more than a little uncomfortable; and then I'm going to spank you some more. Sitting down is going to be quite painful for some time, I want you to remember why your sore, is that quite clear?" Melissa's groan seemed to satisfy her husband. "First I am going to leave you to think about why I am going to punish you". The soft whimpers that escaped past her gag were music to his ears. He loved Melissa and knew what she needed unquestioningly trusting him to look after her.

Left to her own thoughts and aware it would not be for long, Melissa struggled pulling at her bonds knowing the futility of her actions. Without a doubt Rob would do as he had promised and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it but lay there and take it, well she could resort to 'Ducky' but she had no intention of doing so. The thought had crossed her mind more than once that there was such an irony in the acceptance of her complete helplessness, once the choices were no longer hers, the path lay wide open to a freedom not attained any other way. Rob gave her that freedom and in return she gave him her total submission, mind body and soul.

When Rob returned he checked all of Melissa's restraints, to ensure nothing was too tight or causing problems with her circulation. Turning her head a little and carefully as the leash tightened whenever she did so, their eyes met and he chuckled seeing the spark of challenge in her gaze. "Little one you are in real trouble this time", he promised.

With one hands he stroked her beautiful plump creamy coloured cheeks whilst the other slid between her legs, two fingers entered her channel slowly riding in and out, when he added a third finger Melissa soft groans increased. He ceased the soothing stroking and his cupped hand came down with a sharp smack on one quivering cheek, followed by a soothing caress. The next slap was on the opposite side, then one just where the crease of the buttock meets the thigh. The slaps didn't hurt as much as leave her with a hot stinging sensation. To keep Melissa on edge he followed no pattern, repeatedly spanking until her cheeks were a blushing cherry red. Soothing her in between and stimulating her swollen clit. This was just a warm up and Melissa knew it, the spreading heat was causing her hips to buck and rotate as arousal swirled higher; her muscles tightened around Rob’s fingers attempting to draw them further in. The sensory input was becoming too much to handle and her focus began to drift.

Rob's next slap had her hips bouncing and her focus sharply to attention. The muffled growl a clear indication that it hurt but there was no time to think about it as several more hit her red hot backside in quick succession. Now intent on avoiding his punishing hand she struggled to move away but there was hardly any freedom to maneuver, despite the leather that filled her mouth she swore one appropriate expletive after another, it sounded garbled even to her own ears; fingers crossed it had sounded equally garbled to Rob.

The pain felt hot and stung like she'd been bitten a thousand times over. There was no definitive moment that she was aware of when the burning pain became a roiling pleasure that was all heading like a red hot flow of lava between her thighs. Rob chuckled rubbing her abraded backside shooting sparks straight to her clit. Holding her down with a firm hand on her back, he gave her five more well aimed spanks. "Two more!" he declared for the garbled expletives he had interpreted correctly.

Melissa couldn't think straight, her body seethed with the need for this orgasm almost unbearable in it's coiling hot intensity, so close yet she just needed a little more something. Rob was well aware how close he had brought her and cupped his hand aiming two more hard slaps that made Melissa's body jerk, and couple of muted shrieks rent the still air.

Leaning down he pushed the tender cheeks of her backside apart, drawing his tongue through her warm wet labia tasting her juices and the light scent of her shower cream. Circling her swollen clit with his tongue, he nibbled occasionally nipping with bared teeth then sucking until Melissa tipped into an orgasm that pulsated through her body right down into her toes and the end of her fingers. She was trapped in a bubble of heat and exquisite sensation. This time her screams reached his ears despite the mouth filling gag as she thrashed writhed and squirmed about within the limits of her restraints. The musky scent of her sex and the mewls of pleasure were all the fulfillment his dominant instincts needed; Just knowing he had brought her to this point and she had trusted him completely to do so.

Melissa was floating on quite a high and watched in a detached fashion, her eyes dilated and glassy as Rob removed her restraints. It would be a while before the aches set in. That made her smile, remembering how she got her aches and sore bottom was never a bad thing; it being a continuous reminder of the pleasure that came with the pain and who gave it to her.

Still on her front she smiled as Rob stripped his shirt slacks and pants lowering himself to the bed beside her wrapping a soft blanket around the both of them. Melissa turned snuggling into the warmth of his embrace. He searched her face lingering on her beautiful eyes, drowsy and sated. "Thank you Sir", she whispered her voice husky. His thumb traced a ragged path over her lips slipping into her mouth; she sucked it, a teasing sparkle in her eyes regarding him from beneath her lashes. Leaning closer her lips open and inviting she kissed him softly. Now it was Robs turn to groan.

Without a word he lifted her gently and settled himself beneath her. Melissa felt his penis tease the opening of her vagina. Shifting up over him placing her knees either side she took hold of Rob's beautiful erection and gradually lowered herself onto it. Eyes closed and head thrown back he rumbled his satisfaction his hands balling into fists. As sensitive as she still was the feeling of Rob filling her up made her gasp with pleasure. Repeatedly and slowly riding up and equally slowly back down, playfully flexing her vaginal muscles soon had Rob sweating to hold back his release. Her hands moved to her nipples as she cautiously leaned back a little further sinking down until his cock almost hit her cervix, eyes closed and her back arched, aware her husband loved to watch. Melissa's bottom still radiated heat; sitting back on it made her wriggle around as sparks of arousal from the slow burning sting kindled and uncoiled between her legs.

Making a conscious effort to take a deep breath or two in an attempt to hold back his impending orgasm, Rob's need to dominate took over and he put out his hand to stop her movements. Carefully she slid off him. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled over pinning her body to the bed grabbing both her hands in one of his. Holding them above her head he entered her again her legs wrapping tight around his hips allowing him better access. Pounding into her hard and fast the room filled with the sound of their harsh breathing and skin slapping on skin.

Rob paced himself, his breath rasping in his throat his heart pounding he flicked the sweat out of his eyes. Squeaks of pain mixed with pleasure from Melissa as her spanked bottom slid back and forth across the bedding. He pinched one of her nipples hard. Shards of pain traveled from her nipple to her clit, hardly had her gasp died when the other nipple received the same treatment. She stiffened her thighs quivering her orgasm exploding rippling and contracting around Rob’s penis. Unable to hold back his release any longer he felt his seed spurt deep inside her.

He roared his satisfaction and pleasure leaning down to take Melissa's lips in a deep almost brutal kiss. For a while they both lay without moving, caught in the afterglow of their love making. Melissa looked into his face searching every familiar well loved feature. "How was that for you Babe?" he asked.

"I think Sir, I should like you to take me in hand again very soon, please".

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