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by Dana Sauter

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© Copyright 2001 - Dana Sauter - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; hooded; outdoors; toys; cons; X

Two o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep; no noises outside. I think I'll do a little adventure to counter my insomnia.

So I pull off my nightie and panties and get my box of things out from under the bed. Quick, spontaneous, exciting; I grab the handcuff keys and leave one on my bed. Wrapping my robe around me, I take the other key downstairs and go out the back door. Cool night air reaches up under the opening of my robe. It's chilly, dark and quiet. I follow the little path across the backyard to the wooden fence and gate that leads to the alley behind my house. On the other side of the gate is a line of garbage cans and I reach through the gate and set the key on an indentation in the lid of the first can. Then I scurry back up to my room and shed the robe.

High heels first, tied on with small rope so I can't kick them off. Then cuffs on a rope, tied around my waist so the regulation police handcuffs are hanging at the small of my back. And now, the fun stuff - I quickly clip a clothespin on each of my nipples. I shiver, they pinch. Now my favorite ball gag buckled smartly in place. 

I pause now sitting on the edge of my bed. 'This is too easy' I think. 'How about a blindfold? I can find the back gate with my eyes closed!' I chuckle behind the gag at my little joke. I put on the blindfold I have in my box to test the sensation. Darkness, I tremble: 'better,' I think. And, on impulse, I reach behind me and blindly find my pillow, slip off the pillowcase, and put it over my head. Wow, I think, this is isolating. I make a tail with the end of the pillowcase and tie it in a knot behind my neck snugging the pillowcase over my face. With this hood on I really can't see a thing.

And I've really got myself going here now. I'm trembling and I'm warm and wet between my legs. I start to rub myself and that does it. I gotta go. When I'm done with this, I'll bring myself to a delicious orgasm. So I find my way down the stairs to the kitchen and back door and pause to listen for any unusual night sounds. 

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing at all, I convince myself. I reach behind my back and put my one wrist in my handcuffs slowly ratcheting it closed one click, then another, then one more for good measure. OK, I can still find my way back upstairs, so I fit my other wrist into the open cuff. Click, click, click and I'm restrained, arms held behind my back. I feel the pressure of the clothespins and I feel my nakedness outside of my hood, exposed, with my wrists cuffed. And I'm wearing my 'hood of invisibility'- since I can't see, no one can see me. Ha.

I find the back door and back up to it to reach the knob and awkwardly pull it open. 'It's not locked; I can still get back in to my bedroom and the key,' I tell myself. I step outside and the fingers of the night air are all over me, fondling and exposing me to the outside. I shake and my nipple clips shake, and I'm warm and gushy between my legs.

I work my way carefully down the steps to the back yard. I've done this before without the blindfold; piece of cake. Feeling a little more exposed but somewhat disembodied because of the hood I work my way down the path to the back gate. I have to feel for each paving stone with my feet so it takes me a few minutes. Suddenly I bump into the gate, startling myself. I didn’t realize I had come so far; I didn't realize how disoriented to distance I am.

The latch is at breast level so I have to turn and reach up to the limits of the handcuffs to unlatch the gate. And as I swing open the gate I feel a greater awareness of what might be around me. I try to convince myself that it is dark and there's no one in the alley. Not a sound. Not a breeze or even a dog barking. I know I can reach the outer latch on the gate because I've done it before.

I hear the gate pull closed as I step sideways toward the trash can. I feel far from home.

I move gently towards the lid and feel the can with my thigh; my key is inches away. Almost there. But with my last step I put my foot down and feel something soft and giving and I twist on my ankle and lean hard against the can. It slides under my weight and I sit hard on the lid. My feet come up and suddenly the can is skittering away and I'm tumbling backwards. Cans are rattling and flying and I'm ass over boobs out of control through cans and lids and garbage and I come to rest on my back in the dirt. What a commotion. And where am I? I'm shaken. I lay still trying to get my bearings and waiting to see which of the neighbors will come out to find me.

'Oh my god', I think, I suddenly have no idea which way is back to my gate! I roll onto my side and bump another can. I've got to be careful here. I think my gate is to the left but how far? And have I turned myself around? I can't think of any landmarks to get back to: both sides of the alley are lined with fence just like mine. Oh boy am I in trouble. I could end up anywhere up or down the alley and never find my way back. Suddenly I'm scared and I'm trying not to lose it. I can't lose it now.

I work my way to my feet carefully trying not to turn and I inch my way to the left. It seems like a long, long way as I bump and push cans and garbage with my feet. Suddenly I feel the fence. Is this mine? How far now? And when is someone going to spot me? All I can do is inch my way down the fence reaching up to where I hope the gate latch is supposed to be.

And wonder of wonders I find a latch, it opens, and I go through. Now I can determine if I'm in my own back yard, god I hope so. I feel the walkway with my feet and decide to kneel down to feel the paving stones. Yes! They're mine! I'm sure of it! Oh god I'm so relieved. 

So I slowly work my way up to the steps, familiar territory again, and reach the back door. A flood of relief pours over me, I almost orgasm with relief. It's my back door and I open it and enter the safety of my house. I practically run up the stairs blindly to my room and sit on my bed to carefully feel for the other key. 

I uncuff myself and release the clothespins (the sexual thrill is gone for the moment) and I begin to untie the hood. Then the blindfold, then the gag. I'm sweaty and dirty and my hair is stringy and wet but what an incredible relief! 

I'll never try that crazy stunt again. Well, maybe.

I feel drained, spent, but simultaneously I don't want this to end quite yet. Wow, did I really do that? 

I think that a nice soak in the tub sounds appealing right now; maybe with some stimulation. I take my vibrating egg (my favorite toy) with me to the bathroom where I start the tub and contemplate 'egging' myself into that orgasm I promised myself a little while ago.

Then I'm sure I can sleep.



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