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Imurstwouse’s Selfbondage

by Imurstwouse

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I've been into self bondage for years. At least I thought I was until I found Gromets Plaza. My bondage was cuffs and weigthed clamps and maybe hobble my ankles and put the key in another room.

You have to sort out what is real and what is possible but I wanted to try real hard bondage and I enjoy the outdoors so here is my story Believe it or not.

I read several stories about how people tied themselves for outdoor bondage. I made my own spreader bar. Then I went to my favorite toy store but they sent me into Dallas where I purchased leather ankle and wrist cuffs that lock. I also had to find a suitable gag that locked and some gator type clamps. I have tried them before and couldn't stand the pain but for what I wanted I couldn't take the chance of the clamps coming off and ruining everything.

My neighbors and I each have 5 acres and only a smalll amount is for our houses the rest is woods. Just right for what I want to do. Saturday morning I gathered my stuff and went close to my neighbors. Which was as far away from my house and keys as I could get. In a clearing I set up my plan. I got on my knees and milked my balls down and put a chain on with the lock in front looking up and then I put another chain on with the lock on the bottom and facing out my back. Then the spreader bar. It can extend out to almost 4 feet but I had it set at only 2 ft. I attached the chain looking forward to the center of the bar.

Then comes the butt plug. I dont know why I was using it but all the other stories they did so I did too. I then put the gag collar on filling my mouth with a O like gag because everyone said you could always breath with them and straightened my back and shoulders and pulled the chain facing my back tight and attached it to my collar. I couldn't move my head forward without pulling my balls off and pushing the plug in deeper.

I then had to put the gator clamps with the weights on. I knew if I I stopped when the pain started I would quit so I forced myself to put them on and while screaming into my gag I put on the cuffs. I locked them behind my back and then I leaned back as far as I could and locked a short chain from them to the back chain as tight as I could. Now I couldn't lean forward, pull up on my hands or look down without pulling my balls. I was ready to go.

When I tried to get up I found out that from a kneeling position to get up you have to lean forward and I couldn't do that. I tried everything I could to get up and was begining to think I was stuck here forever. Finally I walked on my knees over to a tree and leaned against it while pushing up. Well I finally got up but with the chain from the spreader bar I couldn't quite straighten my legs all the way.

Now the walk home and to my release. Sounds easy right? Every time I leaned forward I pulled my balls. Every time I tried to stand up straight I pulled my balls down. Easy. But I started moving towards home and everything went fine till I got to the fence between our property. I had forgotten about that. I couldn't crawl through the way I had done on the way over here so I had to lay or fall down with my clamps pulling my nipples off. I screamed till I was blue in the face. Everyone for miles around could hear me. Wait a minute I was gagged and nobody heard my cries for help. I tried to look down but the chain pulled tight against my balls. All I could do was hope my nipples were still there.

I then had to lay on my back and wiggle under the fence. I found out that its not as easy as you would think. Each time I moved I would pull my balls with the spreader bar and the weights on my nipples were no help. They told me my nipples were still there but not for long. I would move an inch or two then stop. I was thinking it would be ok once I got under the fence. WRONG. I did get under the fence then I had to either get up which I couldn't do or wiggle the half mile home.

I rolled around seems like forever till I saw a fallen tree trunk and thought if I could get over to it maybe just maybe I could roll up it till I could get up. It took me close to an hour get there and roll around making my poor nipples suffer while I screamed thinking just how I thought this would be fun. An hour.

That much closer to my safety. Oh I didn't tell you about my safety. Well its my X wife. She is the only person that know anything about my bondage love but she doesn't go in for it at all. She is supposed to be at the house around 5 to pick up some stuff and I left her a note where to look for me. I also have another friend coming over at 7 and left him a note saying what I was doing and where to look for me. Double safety and I don't want either of them to find me but they are there so now is the time to really hurry.

Well as you know that part of my plan didn't work out either. With a spreader bar you can't walk fast and add to that the fact that you have a chain attached to it to your balls which keeps you from standing up straight and you do good to just walk.

Once on my feet I started towards the house again and again the swinging weights on my nipples told me I was stupid. Like I hadn't already figured that out.

I got to my yard. So close yet so far. Another fence but this time I knew what to do. I wiggled under the fence then when I got to the tool shed I pushed against it until I pushed myself up the side of it. The keys to the house were right inside. Of course silly me. I locked it and put the key to that lock taped to the mail box in front of the house by the road.

Off again with weights just a swinging and me just a screaming through my gag. I had to listen and time it just right to avoid any cars passing by while I got the key. There is a rose bush in front of the house that I used but its small so I didn't tarry any more than I needed to. I rushed to the box and tried to get the tape off but I heard a car so I had to make 2 trips to get the key.

I then went swinging and screaming to the tool shed and unlocked it and got my keys. Problem solved right? Wrong I now had to go to the front of the house and unlock it and get inside before anyone came by or if my timing was off come to my rescue and find me like this. Well I did make it and while I was moving to get loose I swore to never try anything like this again. Well you all know how it is when we are in pain. We make promises we just cant keep. Lets see what else I can do.


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