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In-Tents Bondage

by Sweet Charlene

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© Copyright 2010 - Sweet Charlene - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; outdoors; caught; F/f; D/s; collar; bond; cons; X

During various times in camping out, I thought how the stakes for a tent would be nice for spread-eagle bondage.  In looking at various campgrounds, I found the one I wanted.  During the week, almost everyone camped near the facilities so the fringes were solitary.  I set up my tent with nobody around, with a piece of chain attched to each of the posts.  I relieved myself in the bushes and then came back and put on my long-sleeved, turtleneck unitard for warmth.  (It was still nice out but due to go to 70 that night.)  

I put a hasp cuff on ankles and wrists and then attached the ankles to the chains with padlocks, and finally the left wrist.  The right wrist was last, and for that I used a combination lock a few inches from the wrist so I could open it one-handed.  But only after it got light outside; until dawn, I was helpless.  Click went the lock and then it was to sleep.

Soon I heard a car drive up and voices.  

"Watch where you are going."

"Mistress, it's hard to walk in the dark wearing leg-irons."

Did I hear that right?

Suddenly, a rustling of grass and a body crashed through my tent.  The other woman came over, pulled the "crasher" away, and then asked if I was OK.  I assured her I was, and when she tried to bring the tent to the original position, she happened to see me in the light of her flashlight.

"Did you do this to yourself?"

I had to admit that I did.

"Well, since you like to do that sort of thing, and I love being a dominant, I think we can have a good time together."

She went away and I heard the rattle of chains when she returned.

"I have an extra set of manacles that the girls are wearing.  Where are your keys?  And what is the combination of that one lock?"

I told her and as she released my ankle cuffs, she replaced them with steel.  And the same for my wrists. Then she told me to stand up for inspection. The other two girls came over and I could see that all three of us were pretty much in the same situation, except that the two girls were wearing steel collars.  That was soon recitified as she put one on me.

"Since you could be more of a problem than the girls, I have something extra for you."

She took a long piece of chain and locked it to the center of my ankle chain, then brought it up and locked it to the center of my wrists chain, and finally locked it to the ring at the front of my collar.

"I was going to have the girls get the firewood for our fire pit but that is now your job.  And we will find some other things for you to do besides that."

To be continued.




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