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In the Closet

by Selfhelp

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© Copyright 2002 - Selfhelp - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; enema; cupboard; toys; cons; X

A dark closet with absolutely no light under the door is a good substitute for a hood. Until the moment of truth a flashlight will do. The closet is upstairs in a room without windows. It is a small one and when just into it I can reach the door handle from behind and the shelf is chin high, a tight fit even when not tied. Preparing it I screw in four metal eyelets, two underneath the shelf towards the back, and the other two on the inside of the door frame about four inches high. All my equipment is laid out except for ice cubes. The penis dildo I attach with tape to a flat box, so that the back of the box is against the wall, and can't move.

Equally important is the mental preparation. First order of business is a quart and half enema, imagining that my dom is administering it, playing with my nipples and cock. As the water fills me his hand is slowly teasing my cock and bringing it to full staff. I lay there reveling in the feeling, even placing some lubricant on my hand in order to bring myself up and up, closer to orgasm, several times, but backing off. Breathing heavy now, I rise to expel the enema. It's raining outside now, and when finished, I remember I have never ever gotten around to walking nude in the rain. Now is the time, so out the back door, down the steps, and I walk down through my secluded large back yard to the creek, feeling the soft, cool summer rain on my skin, imagining while I hold my hands behind me, tied and being lead by my Master through the woods.

Back in the house, out comes the razor, and while I shower I shave my genitals. Hmmm. What a delicious feeling! Done that many times before, but every time I marvel how smooth the balls are and how they feel. I think of when in about an hour the weights will be attached! (shudder).

Fully clean now, inside and out, I am ready. Upstairs I put on my collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, locking the wrist cuffs on with small locks. Next I put on a leather strap around my balls. Now a leather boot lace is threaded from down under the strap and the end brought over my balls and again inserted in the strap 180 degrees opposite the first thread. This way I can pull each end of the strap tight and as a result the area between my balls is compressed and makes them stick out separated in their own separate sacs. Tight, too. The ends of the leather lace are tied together preparatory to attach the weights.

A long chain makes an excellent girdle, circling my waist and allowing the loose end to be pulled through my crotch, locked to the backside of the girdle, then passing again through my crotch up on the other side and locked to the front. Not too tight, but tight enough to hold in the little butt plug which I then insert. It's the T shaped plug turned just upwards at the right place for pressure on the prostate. Hmmm. Feels so good. Another check of equipment being in the right place. Yes.

To the kitchen for the ice cubes. A glass of them will keep the two I want cold until the moment of truth, and provide the right sizes. Another check. Always checking. Yes, all the keys are on the floor just to the left of the closet. I won't be able to get to them until I can open the door and bend down and fall backwards on the floor. And that won't happen until the ice stocking securing my neck collar melts.

It's about 11:15 now. I'm already sweating, the air conditioner is off, and I am upstairs of course where heat rises. Nervous maybe too. But now. it's SHOW TIME!

I bend down and attach the double ended snaps to the eyelets and ankle cuffs. Legs are spread now. Good. Next comes the 2 pound weight attached about six inches below my balls and swinging ever so deliciously, tugging and reminding me of the tension building within me now. Deep breath. Okay...

Next I set up the ice cubes in the stockings through the eyelets. Attached to the one which will secure my nipple clamps is a rather heavy lock, so that when this ice cube (smaller than the other one) melts, the lock will drop and exert downward pressure on my nipples; or it will yank the clamps off in one fell swoop. Owww. But the clamps feel SO good now. Next I pull the other ice stocking end to my collar while maneuvering my mouth around the penis dildo - his penis. As I thread the ice stocking through the loop on my collar and pull it tight, it pulls my head forward and forcing my mouth to take in as much of his cock as I can. Tight fit. Full feeling. Good feeling. Almost time. My legs are spread and secured at ankles; the ball weight is in place and pulling downwards; tit clamps applied and secured by ice stocking which when it melts will drop the lock, I know not when, but before the collar stocking since that cube is larger. Sweating now. I lock my left wrist behind me to the chain. Now I place the shank of the master lock in the D ring of my right wrist cuff and reach up and turn off the flashlight.

Darkness. Total darkness. Sweating profusely now. One last mental check. Yes, everything accounted for and everything in place. It's the proverbial moment of truth. Down goes my right wrist now, behind me, assisting with left hand I find the correct link and insert the shank into it. All that's left is to lock it. Am I sure? Dumb question; of course I'm sure. Click!

I breathe deeply now and somehow with my mouth engulfed with his penis, smile to myself. Heaven; pure heaven. Maybe my Master has locked me in the closet for punishment (no ice stockings in that case). Maybe he has locked me in the closet with ice stockings, with instructions that when I'm free I can come to the bed and wake him up gently with my mouth. Either way, I'm bound for maybe an hour, since I've only used one cube. It's hard to stand for two hours, and besides the closet is now getting warm. Gad, I'm glad it's raining outside and the sun isn't beating down on the slanted roof over the closet! It can get really hot down south in the summertime. Oh, and good thing I did not place that hair dryer I saw downstairs in the closet hanging free and on a timer.

I feel the tit clamps biting now. I moan but my throat is filled and no words come out. Semi hard now, and with hands locked behind me I can't reach it. The butt plug wiggles just a little when I try, as I yank the chain tight between my buns. Wish I had a vibrating plug. Next time. Also next time remember to tighten the two belts around my chest for a more confining feeling. Some of the ice cube has melted and I can move my head back and forth now, sucking the cock in and out, moving my tongue over the tip. This movement seems to transmit to my own cock and I'm getting harder now. Whew!

Wow. Suddenly there is pain as the one ice cube melts and releases my tit clamps which are pulled downwards by the heavy lock. AGGHH! ouch ouch. But it doesn't yank off and I'll have to live with the pain until released. How long? Can I make it? It's HOT now, body all covered with sweat. I reach for the door handle behind me to open it and cool off the closet. My hands are so slippery, I can't turn it. Uh oh.

Time passes ever so slowly. Every now and then when I let the cock slip out of my mouth to rest, I can hear his voice instructing me to take his cock back and continue to suck ever so slowly. And I do. And I love it.

Time passes, how long I have no idea.

Why haven't I realized it before? Seems that there's no pulling pressure on my neck collar now. I scrunch down, trying to bend my knees, and sure enough, the other ice stocking has melted. A sense of relief overwhelms me. I am almost free now. Carefully I again try the door knob, and most of the sweat on my hands has disappeared so it's easy now. I feel the cool, cool air hit my back. Sigh.! Then bending at the knees I can reach with my right hand and undo the double ended clip on my ankle cuffs. It's a short fall now backwards and I'm laying on the floor, able now to reach the clip on my left cuff. But more importantly I can feel for the keys and unlock everything, then reaching up and turning on the light.

Frantically I pull down a spare light mattress from against the wall, laying on it, I start to stroke myself to erection. Grabbing the thick butt plug I insert it quickly, pushing and letting it come out again, and again and again, wondering if I will push it past it's wide point and feel it swoosh up into me. No, it feels too good this way, stretching, invading. A small pillow beneath me helps hold the plug in place and without my pushing downwards it won't disappear within me. My left hand is now clear to again torment my poor hard and sore nipples, while my right hand finds the lube and trying to go slowly, but not succeeding, I hurriedly bring myself to an explosive, hot and messy orgasm.

Was all the planning and preparation worth it? You betcha. Now I'm even planning for next Friday's adventure. Hmmm. What will I do? What WILL I DO?


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