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I Need Help!!

by Tom Smith

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© Copyright 2013 - Tom Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; voy; cuffs; belt; tape; gag; stuck; caught; hum; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X


I live in a nice quiet cul-de-sac where everybody knows their immediate neighbours and carries out little favours now and then. However your personal business is your own business, and it stays like that. Until recently.

My neighbours are fantastic people. Jeff and Debbie, a married and recently retired couple in their 60's, living their retirement dream to the full. They are currently travelling, spending their children's inheritance! My other neighbour is Andrea, a divorced woman in her mid 50's, living on her own as her children are away at university. She works at the local school as a science teacher. Andrea is very friendly and chatty without being nosey. She has blonde hair, cut into a bob and looks and dresses well for her age. As for me, Tom, well I'm a divorced, 40 something, holding down a good job for the local council as an environmental inspector.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday, Andrea caught me just as I was about to enter into my house.

"Tom, could I trouble you for you expertise. There's a strange smell in my house and I just can't get rid off it. Is there any chance you could help?", she said, smiling pleasantly.

"Are you sure you've not been bringing your or your pupils dodgy science experiments home to mutate!! I mean it took me ages to get rid of that T-Rex, not to mention a lot of paperwork!!", I said, laughing.

"Oh Tom!!", she laughed. "Is there any chance you could have a look over the weekend please, as I'm off to visit my daughter tonight and wont be back until Sunday."

"Of course I can. Is it okay if I have a look tomorrow, as I have a report to finish tonight. The hectic life of an environmental inspector! However any strange creatures I find from your experiments, you can submit the paperwork this time!!", I joked.

"Tom!!", Andrea laughed again, lightly tapping my right arm. "You've got my spare key still, just let yourself in. The tea and coffee is in the cupboard. And thank you."

"That's okay, that's what neighbours are for. I'm sure I may require your help one day.", and with that I said goodbye and went into my house.

Saturday came and I went to Andrea's house to find out what the strange smell was. My nose and experience told me that the smell was some food that had gone off. It was a smell that I had smelled on many occasions in various poorly run restaurants and fast food establishments, so I made my way into the kitchen. Passing through her living room, I saw that Andrea had a copy of the 'Fifty Shades...' book on her coffee table. I laughed at the thought of Andrea, the clever science teacher reading such nonsense! I was still smiling when I went into the kitchen. The smell brought me to straight to the area of the fridge. I checked in the fridge, but that was clean and fresh smelling.

So if the smell wasn't inside the fridge, it must be under or around it. I began to pull the fridge out from where it was situated. As I was pulling it out, I heard something fall from the top of the fridge behind it. Having removed the fridge, I could see the offender of the smell. A rotting and mouldy chicken thigh. And a green A4 folder what had fallen from the top of the fridge. I picked up the folder and put it on the dining table. In doing so a few bits of paper came loose from it. I paid no attention and carried on with removing the offensive chicken thigh.

After half an hour or so, I had the mouldy bit of food removed, the area cleaned and the smell neutralised. The fridge was back in its place. I sent a quick text to Andrea: 'offensive smell gone. if you must chop off experiments extra legs then throw it away or eat it :-) it was a rotten chick leg'. I was about to walk out of the kitchen when I remembered I had left the folder on the table. I picked up the folder when some more bits of paper fell out on to the floor. I picked up the paper and was shocked at what I saw.

The paper was printed photographs from the internet. The photographs were of men and women, bound and gagged. I opened the folder. Inside the folder were more photographs of the same nature, and what appeared to be some stories. I took the folder into the living room and began to look through it. The stories were of men and women getting tied up, a few written by the same author, 'Sciteech', and from the same website, ''. Reading one story, I could feel myself becoming strangely aroused. I quickly put the story back in the folder.

I started to put the photographs back. One photograph was of a female, naked, her hands tied behind her back, a ball in her mouth and blindfolded. The photograph was titled, 'Sciteech self bound hogtie'. I looked at the photograph, again becoming aroused. The longer I studied it, the more my cock became harder, and the more I became convinced I recognised the person in the photograph. Then the penny dropped... at the same time my jaw did... 'Sciteech' was ANDREA!!!

I saw Andrea's laptop in the armchair and went over and switched it on. To my surprise, she had no password. I went to her Internet history and saw that it contained sites of self bondage and bondage. Also in the history was two sites which seemed to be frequently visited: '' and ''. It dawned on me that Andrea was into bondage, and as it appeared, self bondage. I shut the computer down and placed the folder back on top of the fridge from where it was placed, away from prying eyes. Who would have thought that my teacher neighbour had a very interesting 'hobby'.

Sunday arrived and Andrea came home. She quickly came to my house and thanked me for sorting the smell out. I laughed and said it wasn't a problem. But I had the image of Andrea, bound, gagged and naked. Throughout the week, I couldn't stop thinking about Andrea all tied up and of bondage. Eventually I succumbed to my curiosity and on my laptop searched for and looked at the sites that Andrea had visited. I was fascinated about the whole form.

I kept on moving between the stories and the images. 'Sciteech' had about 20 photographs, all of her bound and gagged, some naked, some clothed, some of her blindfolded and hooded and some in her bra and panties. Again, the more stories I read and images I viewed, the more aroused I came, until I had to relieve myself. I read more about self bondage, and realised it was the act of tying oneself up for sexual stimulation. I made a decision that I would try this, just to see what the feeling was like.

Featured in a lot of images were people bound with handcuffs. I thought that this would be a good way for an experimental beginner to tie himself up with. However I just couldn't go into town and buy a pair of handcuffs as, a) I didn't know where to buy them from and, b) a 40 something single male would look strange buying them. Ebay came to my rescue, and a pair was purchased. A quick trip to the local DIY store and duct tape was bought.

A week later, the handcuffs were now in my possession. I took them and the duct tape into my bedroom. I thought about the images of Sciteech and the others bound and gagged and wanted to go for the hogtie. Having quickly thought about how to go about doing it, I undressed myself, keeping my black briefs on. I took the belt of my dressing gown and secured my ankles tightly with one of the belt. With the other end of the belt, I fastened it to the chain of the handcuffs, making sure that they were a way down the belt so I could achieve the hogtie look.

I then tore a long piece of duct tape off from the roll and placed it over my mouth, make sure it was pressed fully down so no sound could come from me. The moment I gagged myself, I could feel myself becoming aroused and could see my cock stiffening through my black briefs. Finally I managed to secure my wrists in the handcuffs, with that my ankles were raised to my wrists. I was securely bound, gagged and hogtied.

I started moving around on my bed, trying to moan but no sounds came through the gag. The more I tried to move and squirm and 'mmmpphh' through the gag, the more pleasure I felt, the stiffer my cock became, until an orgasm exploded from me, a dark stain growing in my black briefs. I laid there, bound and gagged, trying to moan with pleasure through the gag, feeling my cock twitching as it cum, the warm juice spreading inside my briefs. I remained still, enjoying the orgasm and waves of untold pleasure sweeping through me.

After 20 minutes I decided to release myself. I went to get the key, which was on my bedside cabinet, but found I had a problem. A serious problem. I couldn't manoeuvre myself to get the key as I had tied myself too tight! I tried to kneel but the belt I used, I had made too short for me to kneel. I tried to call for help but I was firmly gagged.The more I tried to move, the more aroused I became. I started to panicking as I didn't want to be an embarrassing headline in the local and national papers, about a sex game that had gone wrong.

It was then I thought of the one person who would help... and understand. Andrea. I managed to squirm my body to get my phone, which was still, thankfully on my bed. I got my phone and sent Andrea a text - 'I need help!! stuck!'. A few minutes later, I heard my door open, and Andrea call out.

"Tom, Tom, where are you?".

I made a gagged noise which was meant to be 'in the bedroom' but was 'mm mmm mmmpphh'. I could hear Andrea walking up the stairs. I was fully aroused and stiff again, my hardened cock, outlining against my tight cum soaked briefs. This was going to be embarrassing!! My bedroom door opened and in walked Andrea, wearing tight black trousers and a tight black top, which showed off her round breasts, which really didn't help ease my stiff cock. She stopped, her jaw dropped and then she smiled, looking at her pathetic, bound and gagged, cum soaked neighbour. And it was obvious I wasn't the victim of a break in!!

"Tom!! I never knew!!", laughed Andrea, feigning surprise! And with that, she removed my gag.

"Oh thank you, oh thank you!!", I blurted out, taking gulps of air. "When I was sorting your smell out, I knocked your folder off the top of the fridge and when I picked it up I found your pictures of you bound and gagged and the stories you had written, the bondage sites of you and I became well fascinated and wanted to try...".

For a man still tied up, this probably wasn't the best thing to come out with.

"So, you've found out my sexy little secret, went snooping and you wanted to try. Well...", and with that Andrea tore off another long strip of duct tape and gagged me again. She then took her phone and pointed it at me.

"Call it a small insurance policy. Some photos I shall send to the website, calling them, 'Pathetic, nosey, cum soaked neighbour'". And with that, she took five photographs of me bound and gagged. I tried to hide my head and shake it at the same time, saying 'no', which came out as, 'mmmmmmppphhhh'.

After she had taken the photos, Andrea, removed the gag and released me.

"Get yourself cleaned up,", she said looking at my cum soaked briefs. "If you are really interested in bondage, come around to mine at 7pm and I will show you you how to tie properly and safely, and more importantly, how to get free. It will be nice to have someone to share my little hobby with". And with that, she left my bedroom. As she left, I couldn't help stare at her beautiful, pert ass in those tight trousers.

I couldn't wait for 7 o'clock to come!!

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